A colourful street

I have already taken some odd pictures from this street, Rue de Retrait , in the 20tharrondissement, but since then, the street has become even more colourful. We can find a lot of street art. Street art is of course often quite short-lived, but in this street I have a feeling that it’s becoming more and more permanent and also much richer.  You reach the street from half the way up Rue Ménilmontant… and even without reaching the top, you have already a wonderful view of Paris. Immediate...
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Kuala Lumpur Style Hokkien Noodle at Malaysian Food Street Sentosa

There is a huge difference between Singapore’s Hokkien Noodle and Kuala Lumpur’s Hokkien Noodle. Singapore’s Hokkien Noodle is soup based and the taste comes with the prawn broth while Kuala Lumpur’s Hokkien Noodle is dry, sweet and flavourful using thick yellow noodles. We have tasted a few Kuala Lumpur style Hokkien Noodle in Singapore and the best so far is from Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa. ( = || []).push({}); As we we...
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Joyful Easter to You and Yours

  Happy Easter!           [Author: French la Vie]
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Free Public Transportation For All to Be Introduced in Luxembourg

At the bottom of page 42 of his report titled Accord de Coalition 2018-2023, Xavier Bettel — who is the current prime minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg — declared the aforementioned paragraph in French, which means in English that free public transportation will be introduced to the small country during the first quarter of 2020 — simultaneously with... The post Free Public Transportation For All to Be Introduced in Luxembourg appeared first on The Gate.
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How to conduct a customer discovery interview?

Often PMs are guilty of shipping technology without deeply understanding customer needs. One of the best ways to avoid this is by conducting what is called “Customer discovery interviews.” Whether you are building an enterprise product for forecasting demand or a consumer product for fitness & health, you should ideally talk to 20-50 (sometimes even more) customers who belong to your target segment to DEEPLY understand the customer need. This should be done before building the solution. H...
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A Trip to Tony's Campestre A Meat Place

I think we both had a case of cabin fever. We have been couped up for a couple of days avoiding the crowds of Tapatios people from Guadalajara. We like to be out and about and my plan for this trip was to eat at least one meal out per day. That is mainl
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Sight Vision

Hello Blog Readers thanks for being here Some of you have been following my blog since I first began in 2006. Thanks Madge for insisting that I keep folks in the loop of my life in Ecuador. Here I am twelve and a half years later with 145 published e
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The Trans Siberian Railway Revisited

The TransSiberian Express Distance 5772 milesDuration More than six days I took about 14 dayslthr styleboxsizing contentbox
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California Bubbly

California bubbly cant be called Champagne because Champagne is a geographic designation its a region in northeast France. But most sparkling wine in California is made in the Champagne method known across the pond as the ltem stylefo
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Cherry Blossom Festival

I was hoping we wouldn’t miss the cherry trees blooming in Japan. I am often too early or too late for things like that but we were lucky to arrive at the height of blooming in Tokyo. We went to Ueno Park and not only found cherry trees in bloom but there was also a Cherry Blossom Festival underway. The park was packed with fellow spectators. A weeping cherry tree. Isn’t this tree pretty with dark pink flowers amongst the lighter pink ones? They look especially good in the sun...
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Tokyo street fighting men

Well, not exactly a fight, more a tense, rather shouty prelude to a potential scuffle.
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British nationals killed in Sri Lanka terror blastsBritish nationals killed in Sri Lanka terror blasts

UPDATED: Five Brits among over 200 fatalities in series of attacks
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Keeping Miles from Expiring With Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

When your miles are expiring there are plenty of ways to extend them, depending on the program. In general programs let you extend your miles by earning miles in an account or by redeeming miles. I frequently use Magazines for Miles to keep family member accounts alive without spending any money. I had forgotten there's a newspaper redemption option, too. And there are some options I'm finding useful on their own merits, not just to deal with expiring miles. Continue reading Keeping Miles from ...
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COLLEEN DaROSA LUMINOUS, Lone Goat Gallery, APRIL 26 – MAY 15 2019

Moments of saturated colour contrast the absence of weight & the presence of light LONE GOAT GALLERY, OPENING 6.00PM – 8.00PM FRIDAY APRIL 26 Luminous celebrates the study of light by Northern Rivers – based artist Colleen DaRosa. Colleen DaRosa is particularly concerned with the impact of what she identifies as slow light on an object… the way natural ambient light is constantly changing its effect on a work. DaRosa’s work in encaustic, Plexiglas and paper offer a palpable experience of light a...
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France, Francheville

13h Route au milieu d’un champs de colza Copyright Jacques Witt / Sipa Press [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Week 20: More Exciting Adventures in Moab, Utah

No matter how many days I spend outside exploring, Mother Earth still surprises me and offers me moments of awe. A life without awe is bleak and empty. He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. Albert Einstein It’s with awe that we can fill up our souls with joy, wonder, love and curiosity. It’s our connection to life. Corona Arch, Moab, Utah When I’m traveling and constantly finding reasons to feel awe, I feel as if I am completely a...
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Where foreigners can buy freehold property in #AbuDhabi - The National

Where foreigners can buy freehold property in Abu Dhabi - The National:Under Abu Dhabi’s new freehold law, foreign investors can buy property for the first time in the emirate within designated investment zones, which include private resort Nurai Island, eco-friendly Masdar City and Al Maryah Island, the location of the capital's future start-up centre Hub71.The National received the full list of the designated zones from the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities. Here is where non-GCC...
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Room Checks: Should Privacy Be Sacrificed For Security at Hotels?

After a long day of work or sightseeing, there is nothing like repairing to the tranquility of a hotel room, where you can shower, read, and sleep... ...and when you are traveling for at least a week, sometimes taking one day off and just spending it in your hotel room is exactly the way to recharge yourself for the rest of your trip. Simply hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside of your locked door to create your bastion for uninterrupted peace and quiet in your sanctuary — right?!? Not quite. In...
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Aramco floats downstream in deals flurry | Arab News

Aramco floats downstream in deals flurry | Arab News:Suddenly, Saudi Aramco is a blurred frenzy of corporate activity. In a little under a month, the KSA oil giant has pulled off some of the biggest deals in the business world this year, and enhanced its reputation beyond crude oil into the fields of finance, petrochemicals and refining. Whatever next?Since late last month, when Aramco announced it had agreed terms to clinch the purchase of a majority stake in SABIC — the biggest corporate trans...
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GCC debt market continues to be strong - The Peninsula Qatar

GCC debt market continues to be strong - The Peninsula Qatar:Sovereign bond issuances dominated GCC’s debt market activity in the first quarter of 2019, with notable multi-tranche issuances by the State of Qatar and the Saudi Arabia.The PwC GCC Capital Market Watch for Q1, 2019 noted that Qatar issued $12.0bn worth of sovereign bonds in three tranches: a $6.0bn tranche with a coupon rate of 4.8 percent, maturing in 30 years; a $4.0bn tranche with a coupon rate of 4.0 percent, maturing in 10 year...
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#Dubai's economic growth will accelerate in 2019 and 2020 - Khaleej Times

Dubai's economic growth will accelerate in 2019 and 2020 - Khaleej Times:Dubai's economic growth will accelerate in 2019 and 2020, with tourism, logistics, transport, wholesale and retail sectors replacing the real estate as main growth driver next year, official data showed.Data released by Dubai Economy on Sunday showed that Dubai's GDP grew 1.94 per cent last year but it will pick up to 2.1 per cent this year and 3.8 per cent next year before easing to 2.8 per cent in 2021. The emirate's econ...
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Why Do Card Issuers Put Up With Frequent Flyer Program Devaluation?

Credit card companies are the largest buyer of miles from the big US airlines. By extension they're the largest customer for air travel, too. They're paying billions of dollars and they care what they're getting in return because they need those miles to be valued by cardmembers in order to incentivize spending on their products. So why don't card companies raise a stink when airlines devalue their miles? After all the card companies are getting something worth less for their money. Banks ar...
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in which we discover kai is houdini

A new fence, eh? Not so fast!One minute the dogs are on their side of the fence, barking at a woman walking her dog past the house. The next minute, Kai is playing with the dog, on the street.Of course Kai completely ignored our calls. Her training is going really well, but it would be too much expect her to come back in these circumstances -- training too new, distraction too interesting. So we have to run in the back door, grab her leash, and run out the front door. By the time we got outside,...
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Happy Easter. Yes it is that time of year and we are back on the road again. For those of you we haven't already bored silly with our plans we are exploring Croatia over the next couple of months. We left Manchester two weeks ago and arri
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Abu Dhabi Staycation

It's been a long few months and I'll go into some of my Saudi Arabia travels in a future blog but for the moment I will go into a much needed weekend of fun rest and friends. Fortunately at the last minute our company gave us Sunday off for Easter s
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American Airlines Charcuterie Plate: A Great Pre-Order Option You Should Consider on Your Next Flight

Regular readers know that it's almost always a good idea to pre-order your meal in American Airlines domestic first class, if you're in the cabin at least 24 hours prior to departure. They have special meals you can order in addition to the two choices that'll otherwise be on board. For lunch I'll often take the kosher meal or the muslim meal (I do not like the kosher meal at breakfast). Since launching a partnership with Zoës Kitchen American Airlines has introduced a pre-order charcuterie pl...
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One of our duties at our first house sit is actually optional. The homeowner told us we could either continue feeding the hummingbirds or let them find their own food amongst the thousands of flowers surrounding the house. We had hummers at our house in Al
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Cliffs of Moher Aran islands Shannon and to New Jersey

Well this is it We flew home sort of yesterday. I will just summarize the events of the last two days. Friday we woke up in time to catch a ferrt to the Aran islands. They are beautiful The islands are pretty untouched by the outside world. Peo
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The journey on a local bus from Chefchaouen back down the hill to Ttouan was uneventful save for the kids needing sick bags after just the first couple of twists and turns Luckily it didn't become an epidemic and we were soon jumping into a taxi and on
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Odyssey 2019 We move on to Heidelberg with a greeting by the German police

We ended our short whirlwind stay in Frankfurt yesterday morning when a prearranged car service met us at our hotel at 1000 AM for the 50miledrive to Heidelberg. Although the time in Frankfurt was short we take with us pleasant memories of this city
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