French la Vie visits the Foraged Home by Joanna

    Bravo Joanna your book is lovely.    "A celebration of both sustainability and design, this book presents beautiful interiors filled with salvaged, recycled, and repurposed objects from around the world. Artful home interiors are born from curiosity, creativity, and imagination, yet many of us fail to see a potential curtain rod in a bamboo stick or a kitchen counter in an old carpenter’s bench. Anyone can create a beautiful home without expensive store-bought pieces simply by foraging and ...
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Save Up to 35 Percent in Asia and South Pacific Summer 2019 With IHG Rewards Club

You can save up to 35 percent off of the room rate when you stay a minimum of two consecutive nights at your choice of 125 participating hotel and resort properties in select countries in Asia and the South Pacific between Monday, May 6, 2019 and Friday, July 19, 2019… …but you must book your reservations by Tuesday, May 21, 2019; and the 125 hotel and resort properties which are participating in this promotion include... The post Save Up to 35 Percent in Asia and South Pacific Summer 2019 With ...
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My Africa Diary Video Blog the Masai land

Feeling sad Yes this would be the last video blog of my epic journey across Africa before my unceremonious exit from the continent. Yes I fell in love with the continent that attracts me like a magnet with its rugged but beautiful wilderness its fas
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Road trip

Yesterday was our last long road trip to the 50 states. We have reached 48. Unknowingly we learned from our Pink Jeep tour guide that Arizona was the 48th state to join the union and it was our 48th state to travel. If we flip flopped our last two trips a
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Try the Train Meet Some Fabulous Stations

Many of you know that I have enjoyed rail travel in the past. Whether across our great country or the famous Trans Siberian Railway across Russia I have enjoyed most every trip. And for those of you still working yes train travel is for retirees sin
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Exploring Provence with the French la Vie

                                                  Exploring Provence with the French la Vie, Today we went to the market in Lourmarin (every Friday morning) what a glorious spring day! The beginning of the season is magical with the irises waving and the birds singing. Thank you Monique Alphand , Delphine Decompoix , Nathalie Masset , for opening your homes and shops to us. I am lucky to know you! We went to lunch in Lauris, la Table de Margot (family owne...
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West Africa: An Unconventional Solo Female Travel Destination

What comes to mind when you think of Sierra Leone? How about Liberia, Guinea, or Ivory Coast? If you’ve heard anything at all about these countries, I’d bet my last Guinean Franc it involves civil war, child soldiers, blood diamonds, or Ebola. It’s no surprise then that my decision to travel this region for three months, in all my blatant femaleness, whiteness, and soloness, was questioned deeply by those who care about me. But I’ve traveled enough to understand that things are not always as the...
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Southwest Maui inter-island flights begin, Mainland routes are “up in the air”

Southwest Airlines’ entrance into the Hawaii market has been eventful. It began with the introduction of an Oakland to Honolulu route on March 17, followed by an Oakland to Kahului, Maui route on April 7. A San Jose to Honolulu route begins on May 5. The grounding of Southwest’s fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8 […] The post Southwest Maui inter-island flights begin, Mainland routes are “up in the air” appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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A Rose' Is a Rose' Jose

Some facts about rose' wines and brut rose' sparkling wines France leads global production of ros with over 193 million gallons produced in 2015 according to the Organization of Vine and Wine OIV and the Provence Wine Council CIVP. Franc
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Slow Down

Now this is just crazy What is wrong with us I am guilty of this too Number of minutes each day sixty one that women in the United States spend eating and drinking. American men spend slightly more time. The U.S. was dead last
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Champagne Facts

I have been a sparkling winechampagne drinker for about ten years. I love both have visited both and hope you will try some sparkling on your next occasion.The popular story is that a Benedictine monk named Dom Prignon invented sparkling wine. He wa
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Cherry Pop | Thu 2 May 2019 | Locura – Byron Bay

Join Cherry Pop at Locura Byron Bay on Thursday 2 May 2019 for a night of drag queen performances and dance to funky disco tunes by the talented Vinyl Ritchie. Entry includes one fabulous cocktail or beer on arrival, thanks to our gorgeous friends at Stone & Wood and Tequila Arette + Mezcal Nuestra Soledad. Canapés provided by Locura’s stunning chefs! The evening consists of 2 half hour performances from our four Queens and tunes through the night by Vinyl Richie! It’s your chance to dress to im...
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Honolulu’s Chinatown

The history of Honolulu’s Chinatown is explored on our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura have a lively discussion about how Chinatown came to be, and the history of the Chinese in Hawaii. With his typically vast knowledge of Hawaii’s past, Lanai explains that the first Chinese arrived in Hawaii all […] The post Honolulu’s Chinatown appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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La Letra CH Restaurant

Part of the deal to bribe Rose to come down here was that we would do at least one meal a day out. It has not quite worked out that way but I am doing my best. Today we were headed out to El Mirador a restaurant that is east of our location by roughly 1
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IMPORTANT: The transformation of Chechnya from mostly secular to fanatic Muslim in six years

  We need to fully understand the EXTREME DANGERS of the Islamic political ideology. It appears that Chechnya degenerated from state secularism to extreme fanaticism in the course of a mere six years. This transformation in the course of a mere six years sends shivers through my spine. Political Islam is the worst kind of […]
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Citi Account Bundle: Get 25% Bonus on All Your Credit Card Earn

Through June 30 eligible customers opening a new consumer regular or interest checking account and a new Citi Accelerate Savings account ('Citi Priority Account Package') receive a 25% bonus on the points earned with their Citi ThankYou Rewards credit card through Jauary 20201. Continue reading Citi Account Bundle: Get 25% Bonus on All Your Credit Card Earn...
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France, Paris

Affiche déchirée Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Two Passengers Show Us That Love is in the Air

Love is a wonderful thing, and the excitement of a new and budding relationship is a feeling few people can match with their other experiences. Still, my recommendation would be for a discrete trip to the lav if you must and not to do this inflight (or during the boarding process). Continue reading Two Passengers Show Us That Love is in the Air...
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I found my Favourite

What a beautiful city Budapest is my favourite of these Eastern Europe cities . The buildings are lovely .it is really easy to get around the streets are fascinating where.ever I have been and getting lost is a pleasure .Although the people do no
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LKY’s views about India’s PMs and IAS – in his own words!

These are superb extracts about India from LKY’s book, From the Third World to First LKY AND NEHRU As a young student, I admired Nehru and his objective of a secular multiracial society. Like most nationalists from British colonies, I had read his books written during his long years in British jails, especially his letters […]
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Paris Revisited

Friday 26th AprilHappy Birthday to me After the very busy group tour I felt like a holiday from my holiday so I had an easy day doing some chores and errands and a little birthday shopping too. That was after my ten hour sleepIn the morning I
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Is the Best Upgrade Advice an ‘Upgrade Me’ T-Shirt?

First class upgrades are tougher than ever, but there's real advice on how to get them. You can take the Wee Willie Keeler approach which is a very good one. You can hope for an operational upgrade. There are also upgrade tips that make you look like an idiot. Continue reading Is the Best Upgrade Advice an ‘Upgrade Me’ T-Shirt?...
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In A Pickle: Pickled Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms!

Overflowing with saffron milk cap mushrooms and want to make something delicious to preserve them? Then try pickled mushrooms! This super easy (and I mean it is done and dusted in 10 minutes) recipe for pickled mushrooms can be used with all sorts of raw mushrooms. The pickling liquid also makes for a wonderful salad dressing!
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Find Travel Companions to Split Costs With Using This Service

I’m a huge fan of traveling on my own. While traveling with friends can have a few advantages, the more friends you’re traveling with the more opinions there are on how you should spend your time. All those opinions mean you’re probably going to end up spending some, if not a lot of your vacation doing something you…Read more...
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Belgium 9 Peruwelz The journey beginsthe delayed trainholidays are not all they are cracked up to be

Anyone who reads my utterings knows I like eastern philosophy . They also know I have a calendar which offers me pearls of wisdom each morning. Sometimes the words are short and pithy. I understand them easily and they resonate well with me. Other times th
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The Road to Aix

It was time to leave our fivestar accommodations and head to Aix. We had a leisurely breakfast while we waited for the taxi to take us to the airport where we would pick up our car. I did have a horrible shock when we checked out of the hotel somehow I
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Odyssey 2019 No sunny skies in Heidelberg but the spargel shines brightly

Sadly the stretch of glorious weather we've enjoyed so far came to an abrupt end as we awakened yesterday morning to dreary skies intermittent light rain and much cooler temperatures the high today just barely reached 60degrees.On account of the
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Travel Planning and Preparation: Things To Do Before Traveling

Travel Planning and Preparation: Things To Do Before Traveling Travel Planning – Now that you have figured out at least the first part of your itinerary, it’s time to refine your plan and gear up to make it happen. Travel Planning To Do Before Traveling Revise your itinerary Take out the calendar and itinerary you created previously. If you’re on track, you have now done the following: Decided where you want to go. Researched transportation costs and chosen your modes of travel, using Rome2Rio ....
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American Airlines: Bonusing Executives for a Job Well Done

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker explained a year and a half ago that executive bonuses were determined by their ability to hit these profit figures, earning partial bonuses at $3 billion, and more at the $5 billion and $7 billion levels. So what happened to executive bonuses when the airline failed to meet this goal for 2018? No one received bonuses, just as the CEO promised. Executives received bonuses. Continue reading American Airlines: Bonusing Executives for a Job Well Done...
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Rundfahrt ber Meteora 220 km

Heute konnte ich all meine Fahrtrainings gebrauchen....Es fing ging allerdings damit an dass ich in Metsovo keine Tanke fand obwohl es ein groer Ort ist und es Uch eine geben soll.Also verbrachte Paul die Nacht hungrig. Aber ich plante ihn gleich
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