France, Pomport

18h30 Le vignoble près de Pomport Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Save Up to 25 Percent With Hilton May 2019 in India

You can save up to 25 percent off of room rates — plus receive access to the Internet via free Wi-Fi — at 14 participating hotel and resort properties in the Hilton portfolio across India for stays between Sunday, May 5, 2019 and Tuesday, December 31, 2019... ...but you must... The post Save Up to 25 Percent With Hilton May 2019 in India appeared first on The Gate.
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How to Save on Hotels in Europe

Chapter 4: How to Save on Hotels in Europe Whether you’re planning to travel for two days or 20 days, where you stay can have a big impact on both your budget and your trip experience. We’ve spent the past 18 years hunting down the best hotel values in Europe’s priciest cities. While we’ve seen some big changes, good and bad, over the years (finally, free Wi-Fi!), there are certain bits of “Cheapo advice” that remain the same today as in 2001. Before we get started, remember: Don’t panic. H...
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Twice a year the small city of Takayama has a festival where huge floats made of wood are pulled by men through the streets. The floats are works of art and some are on display at a museum. Here’s a look at the display. And art showing how it was done. A shrine in the city had an enormous tree which had this little religious figure tucked into it. Another little god seen. Lantern and cherry trees. Some great landscaping.
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May First, Lily of the Valley

    In France today is a public holiday which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. On May 1st, 1561, King Charles IX of France received a Lily of the Valley (Muguets) as a lucky charm and thereafter decided to offer one each year to the ladies of the court. From the first year, I arrived in France, to this present day French Husband has given me a brin of Lily of the Valley. He is so French and this American Wife appreciates every bit of it, well maybe not all ...
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The Palais de la Porte Dorée

In 1931 there was a “Paris Colonial Exhibition” . It lasted for six months and took place in the Bois-de-Vincennes (see previous posts, e.g. here, here, here and here). France was then the second biggest colonial empire, after the British one. Some territories, like Algeria, were already considered as French departments, but most of them were still real colonies, basically to be found in northern, central and western Africa, south-east Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean… One looked of cours...
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Snorkeling around Ulleungdo Island

Ulleungdo is a volcanic island 75 miles east of South Korea, a dream for any off-the-beaten-track traveler. The island has long attracted South Koreans who appreciate its dramatic volcanic cliffs and rock formations, primeval forests, and crystal clear water. Hiking is very popular, meaning some trails get congested during the peak season. The surrounding ocean, however, is often a lot emptier — making snorkeling a great way to explore parts of the island that the average tourist won’t see. ...
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Chile und Patagonien Wste und Gletscher in einem Land

Reist man von Norwegen nach Marokko legt man ca. 4.000km zurck und durchquert mind. 5 Lnder. Reist man von Punta Arenas im Sden Chiles bis in die Atacama Wste legt man auch ca. 4.000km zurck und ist immer noch im selben Land. Genau diese Dimensio
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Australia East Coast sojourn AprilMay 2019

It is not down in any map true places never are. Herman MelvilleWe were captivated by Cardwell but the open road was beckoning and Cyril duly instructed Brutey to turn left onto the A1 to make a journey of approxima
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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer

He’s a whole new speed of hero. Watch the new live-action Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer, featuring Jim Carrey, in theatres this November. This post is in partnership with Paramount Pictures. All opinions are my own. I might be showing my age here, but I spent many days and late nights playing Sonic the Hedgehog on […] The post Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer appeared first on Mommy Musings®.
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Glamping resort Patagonia, Chile

You don’t get a whole lot of street cred for glamping. Tell your friends you’re going on a mission to Patagonia, and they’ll imagine you hiking up snowy boulders and sleeping in flimsy tents on a mountainside. Real character-building stuff. Post pictures sipping Champagne in a jacuzzi that same night, and now you’re a bougie tourist. But really, who cares? Because when you can enjoy some of the most spectacular wilderness in the world from the warmth of a finely appointed yurt, street cred d...
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Free things to do on a cruise

Cruises are excellent for holiday makers that want everything on their doorstep when it comes to entertainment, but this can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario when the cash starts to flow. All of a sudden a last minute cruise deal can become either very expensive or boring if you don’t know where to find the free things to do. The first step on the road to a minimal final bill is to research exactly what is included in the ticket price of your specific cruise. This can save you money in th...
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How to travel with your toddler

Getting ready for a vacation is stressful enough when you’re traveling alone, or with friends, but traveling with a toddler requires a whole new level of preparation. After their daughter Kaiya was born, Brian and Pamela knew they certainly weren’t going to stop traveling but had to contend with the new challenge of vacationing with a toddler. It had become a tradition for Brian and Pamela to take an annual New Year’s trip to a yurt in the mountains of northern Colorado, and bringing Kaiya a...
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JetBlue spring sale with $44 flights

Planning your summer PTO can quickly turn from exciting to daunting as you begin to consider your budgetary restrictions and try to narrow down possible dates. JetBlue is making that process a bit easier, offering one-way flights as low as $44, for travel dates between May 8 and June 20. Flights depart from most major US cities, even bringing you to tropical destinations like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Here are some of our favorite deals. Long Beach to San Jose for $44 New York ...
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Best things to do in Marche, Italy

The stone piazza in Urbisaglia, in the Marche region of central Italy, is like many in the country’s medieval villages. School kids play soccer under the shadow of a 16th-century tower, their abandoned book bags strewn on the church steps. Two older men sit on a bench and talk politics. A woman crosses the piazza, heading home with groceries in-hand. The clothing store shopkeeper steps outside to smoke a cigarette as a pair of travelers watch Italian life unfold, relaxing over aperitivi and s...
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Passenger Found With Moose Droppings in Their Carry On

If your schtick is handing out moose poop to politicians, you'll need to have it with you at all times in case you run into one. And if you want to protest at the state capitol without living there, you're going to have to bring the moose poop with you -- and bring any leftovers home. Continue reading Passenger Found With Moose Droppings in Their Carry On...
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Bear With Me

Hello World I had promised myself that I would blog our adventures in China and I have keeping most of my memories to myself as I have literally destroyed my keyboard and iPad. Thanks TSA So the whole wide world knows Blake and I moved back
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Are You Getting All the Credit Card Perks for Travelers?

Every once in a while I'll be on a tour or staying at a hotel where I can't help but hear the conversations around me. Sometimes I hear something that makes me stop what I'm doing and listen. The latest happened on a trip to Peru recently when one traveler asked, in amazement, "Why would you use a debit card to pay for an $8,000 tour? Are you out of your mind?!" The recipient of this question mumbled something about responsible spending and not going into debt, but the others at the table hit ...
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Spanish museum nazi painting verdict

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid will be allowed to keep a controversial painting after a 14-year legal battle. When Lilly Cassirer tried to flee Germany before World War II, she was forced to trade a valuable Camille Pissarro painting — the “Rue Saint-Honore in the Afternoon. Effects of Rain” — for her freedom. That painting has since ended up in the Spanish museum though the family of Cassirer staked a claim to the painting and hasn’t stopped trying to recover it. Even though it was ...
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Legislature passes vacation rental tax bill, REIT tax; water rights bill dies, Maui mulls property tax hike, pilot in deadly copter crash was a newcomer, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Senators listen to debate PC: Hawaii Senate Majority Vacation rental bill awaits Ige’s signature. A bill that critics say will aid the proliferation of illegal vacation rentals in Hawaii narrowly passed the Senate on Tuesday following an emotional floor debate that centered on whether the state was forsaking good public policy to go after $46 million in potential revenue from unpaid transient accommodation taxes. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii Senate Narrowly Votes To Tax Vacation Rentals. If sig...
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No-selfies woman posts ‘dead' photos

Selfies have taken over social media, but even the most pro-selfie proponents would probably admit that, ultimately, selfies aren’t exactly a good thing. Even with this tacit understanding, many of us will simply go on extending our arms, nailing the perfect smile, and snapping 50 photos of ourselves that we will later scrutinize for hours, before choosing one to post on Instagram. One woman, however, decided that she would rather die than take a selfie, and she’s putting her camera where her...
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One World Everybody Eats

My friend Prakash told me about a movement which runs cafes where the rule is pay-what-you-can. The One World Everybody Eats has “more than 60 pay-what-you-can community cafes operating in America, and over 50 others are in the planning stages … Continue reading →
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Box Jellyfish sting antidote

The world’s most venomous creature just got a little bit less dangerous, thanks to researchers at the University of Sydney who have found an antidote for the sting of the Australian box jellyfish. The jellyfish has enough venom to kill over 60 people with a single sting, causing pain, skin necrosis, and, in serious cases, cardiac arrest and death with just a few minutes. Now, however, researchers have found a molecular antidote that blocks the sting’s symptoms if applied within 15 minutes. T...
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Donald Trump’s tactics put general on track to be next Iranian president | Financial Times

Donald Trump’s tactics put general on track to be next Iranian president | Financial Times:I should know better than to make a prediction about the Middle East. But here I am, making a prediction. The next president of Iran will be Qasem Soleimani, commander of the overseas arm of the hardline Revolutionary Guard and master of Tehran’s influence across the region. And here’s more: if he’s not president in two years, he will be more powerful still — as the kingmaker deciding on the next supreme l...
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Istanbul G... Bulgarien 450 km

Laaaanger Tag. In der Trkei ist ebenfalls der 1. Mai ein Feiertag und daher waren die Strassen im Zentrum von Istanbul ziemlich leer. Aber weiter drauen waren zwei lange Staus und so dauerte die Fahrt aus Istanbul raus ber 2 Stunden. Ich hielt mi
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As Low as 11,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Within the 48 United States: Delta Weekly Award Sale May 1 2019

Redeem as few as 11,000 SkyMiles for round-trip flights seated in the economy class cabin on Delta Air Lines for travel within the 48 contiguous United States… …but you must... The post As Low as 11,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Within the 48 United States: Delta Weekly Award Sale May 1 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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American Airlines Plans Three Key Inflight Improvements

American Airlines is planning to make three changes that involve listening to customers, revisiting past decisions, and fixing pain points. That's great news. The plan is to make changes to their new domestic first class seat to offer greater comfort and more underseat storage. They're going to improve their international wifi, moving towards the quality improvements they've made domestically. And they're going to install working dividers between center seats in business class to provide pass...
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How to find cheap airfare to Europe

Chapter 3: Finding Cheap Flights to Europe Flying to Europe is expensive — in fact, it’s probably the largest expense facing many American travelers heading abroad. How can you actually find great deals on airfare to Europe? Here are some tips to help you fly the cheapo skies. For most of us traveling from North America, the flight to Europe is our biggest budget obstacle. While it can be easy to find great bargains on hotels, it takes a bit of effort and research to uncover cheap flights acr...
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#Dubai considering three-year rent freeze on new contracts

Dubai considering three-year rent freeze on new contracts:The Dubai Land Department is considering a proposal on a no-rental hike provision for three years after the signing of a lease agreement between landlord and tenant.“The Dispute Resolution Committee is studying such a proposal, but no decision has been taken on the ‘if and when’ to roll it out,” a spokesperson said. “Right now, all rental decisions are based on the Dubai Rent Index, and it will continue to be so until the three-year no-hi...
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ADNOC launches second bid round for oil, gas blocks

ADNOC launches second bid round for oil, gas blocks:Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) said on Wednesday that it has launched the second exploration bid round for five new oil and gas blocks.The bidding will be for both conventional and unconventional resources, and the successful bidders will enter into agreements granting them exploration rights, ADNOC said in a statement.The new blocks are three offshore and two onshore. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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