18th Century French Plate Designs...

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Fin des blogs du Monde

Le Monde a décidé de fermer les blogs et de les supprimer. Pour continuer à voir ce blog (les archives) il faut aller sur Pour continuer à me suivre on va sur Instagram jwittparis Merci à tous d’avoir suivi ce blog pendant quelques années Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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"Renoir's Garden"

“Monet’s Garden” in Giverny (see my posts here) is certainly more known than “Renoir’s Garden” in Paris. (... and this garden is definitely less famous for its water lilies … despite the top picture.) What is referred to as “Renoir’s Garden” is actually part of the green space which now surrounds the Montmartre Museum and on which I have posted several times, see e.g. here, here, here and here. We can learn that Renoir lived and worked here for a short time around 1876 (two years...
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Celebrating Mothers with Italian Passion

Italy has been celebrating mothers for more than 2000 years. As the dark, cold winter gave way to the bright rebirth of Spring, the ancient Romans paid tribute to their gods of fertility. One holiday, Matronalia, was dedicated to Juno, the queen of the gods, and children gave gifts to their mothers on this day. Traditionally la festa della mamma in Italy fell on May 8. The current practice of celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May started in 1957. But la mamma italiana is the cent...
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Editorial: My Concern About How Travel, Miles and Points Are Reported

Something which has been on my mind for quite some time has been causing me some concern — and that is the evolution of journalism overall in the day and age of electronic media. Information — real or fake — is easier than ever to disseminate with the use of social media; and the double-edged sword of mixed blessings it has created has eventually led to the increasingly difficulty of the struggle to survive for many traditional media outlets. This, in turn, has led to fewer journalists reporting...
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Top 10 cheap things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

As locals, we don’t always appreciate all that Auckland has to offer. Somehow, we don’t see the attractive architecture of the city centre or the green spaces that appear everywhere you look. We’re blind to the white-sand beaches and the clean air. But a city that has one of the highest standards of living in the world also has a lot to offer the casual tourist – and a lot... Source
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May Stories in the Club: Courage

On Sunday, May 12, please join us for Welcome from Athol Compton and stories of Courage from all male guest tellers with Joseph Raya, Martin Killips and Stu Eadie (Stukelele) plus Jenni. Stuart Eadie (A.K.A. Stukulele) has been running the local Mullumbimby UKE NIGHT for 8 years this July. With partner Amber and their 2 year old son they left Coogee and landed in Coorabell in 2004, the year their daughter was also born. ‘Stu’ has almost had a financially successful career in music for 30 years. ...
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Does Anyone Think Diana Ross is a Terrorist?

Diana Ross let loose on the TSA as she departed New Orleans on Delta Sunday morning after performing at the Jazz and Heritage Festival. It turns out that the singer of Touch Me in the Morning doesn't like it when that actually happens. Continue reading Does Anyone Think Diana Ross is a Terrorist?...
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Modern and traditional Tokyo in two frames

A traditional setting for what seems like the now equally traditional selfie.
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Top 15 dog friendly hotels in Ireland

Rugged, romantic and traditional but still with a huge sense of fun, the Emerald Isle is a place to visit for unspoilt scenic landscapes, a warm welcome and a perfect pint of the black stuff. It’s also an increasingly dog-friendly travel destination. Admittedly it was a little behind in the furry-friend welcoming stakes but now...
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Here we are again travelling in France on a Saturday. The day started well with our trip to the market in Arles see last blog. It got even better as we approached Toulouse on the train and I noticed we didnt have to cross the river it was the Canal
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Breakfast this morning was another chance to meet old crew members our waiter had served us breakfast on our last cruise too. He remembered everything right down to Gary loving eggs Benedict. We decided this morning to take the shorter trip to blanke
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Vores frste hele dag i Valencia

dagen efter vi ankom. gik meget ud p at se Valencia vi var ned i midtbyen og se alle de fine ting vi s blandt andet cathedralen i Valencia og vi s den kmpe park som gik midt igennem Valencia som har vret en flod men som de tmte i 1950 p
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Rejsen herned

vi rejste den 45 fra Aalborg lufthavn. vi mdtes kl 1100 hvorefter vi spiste frokost. vi skulle med flyet til Amsterdam kl 1400. vi ankom til Amsterdam kl 1530 hvorefter vores fly til Valencia var forsinket 1 time s vi flj frst kl 1730 og ank
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Life Without Toys – Minimalist Family Travel

Is our travel life truly toy free? Nope. We’re not purists. But we are traveling with 99.9% fewer toys than we had at home, and our choice of toys has changed significantly. So, we’ve got stuff. It’s just different stuff than you might expect. At first, our paring down of child paraphernalia was an act of necessity – we simply could not carry a bundle of toys around the globe. That meant parting with many beloved staples- the ukulele that Bird got for his second birthday, Spider Monkey’s “fast” ...
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Ronda Spain and onto Marrakech Morocco

April 30th. As our train to Ronda left at 645am it was an early departure from the apartment. Kelly considerately carried his wheelie bag on the 10 minute walk down to Plaza Nueva as it would have been so noisy on the cobblestones otherwise and the res
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pupdate: diego progress report

Diego seems to be doing all right. He's able to hobble around on three legs pretty well. The incision looks good, and so far he's leaving it alone, so we don't have to make him even more uncomfortable by putting a giant cone around his giant head. I say he seems to be all right because he's so quiet and sad. He can stand on three legs to eat his food, and he hobbles around the yard on-leash, but getting from standing up to lying down is a nightmare. It can take him 30 or 45 minutes to figur...
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Tampa International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But…

Tampa International Airport — in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration — now allows the public to access shops and restaurants beyond the security checkpoint of the terminal without requiring the purchase of an airline ticket effective as of yesterday, Saturday, May 4, 2019... ...but at the present time... The post Tampa International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But… appeared first on The Gate.
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Frontier Airlines Flight Delayed.. When Someone Stole an Exit Sign?

Frontier Airlines flight 827 from Trenton, New Jersey to Charleston, South Carolina was delayed for an unusual reason. A passenger on board reports that "someone stole an exit sign" from the exit row so the plane couldn't take off. Continue reading Frontier Airlines Flight Delayed.. When Someone Stole an Exit Sign?...
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best of wmtc, 2018 edition

The "wmtc's greatest hits" page is now updated to include 2018. Somehow Allan continues to find highlights. [Author: laura k]
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Croatia 27 Zaostrog a throw back to a communist eramemories of being here before

Sitting here in Gabby we do what motorhomers do. We change our mind about what to do next. The weather is not brilliant by any means. When it rains it pours and the sound of rain drowns out our voices . It is too loud to hear ourselves think. It is too wet
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Vipassana postcourse

April 27 2019 VipassanaSpoiler alert If youre interested in taking a course you may not want to read about my experience as its different for everyone. The LocationThe course was held at Borok a childrens summer ca
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A Bunch of Fun Facts

We individually consume practically nothing of what we produce No one knows how to make a smartphone or a commercial jetliner Planning mostly does not work Some dictatorships work Poverty will over across the world by 2035 The so-called “natural … Continue reading →
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Equity transcribed: New a16z funds, a $200M round and the latest from WeWork and Slack

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines. This week, Crunchbase News’s Alex Wilhelm and Extra Crunch’s Danny Crichton connected from their respective sides of the States to run through a rash of news about Divvy, Cheddar, SoftBank’s Vision Fund and Andreessen Horowitz. Plus, they got into the WeWork IPO: Alex: We should move on to a business that we’ve never talked about on the show be...
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Mum's The Word: Mother's Day Shortbread Cookie Assortment Box!

Mums deserve something special on Mother's Day and sometimes it's nice to make it a home made gift. This assorted shortbread collection has 7 different flavours all based on the one easy "never-fail" shortbread recipe-make one or make them all! From chai alfajore shortbread that spells out "MUM"; lemon & macadamia shortbread bites; rose petal shortbread; "Yin Yang" black sesame and hojicha white choc dipped cookies; orange and cinnamon stars; double chocolate & ginger shortbread fingers or savou...
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Things to do during Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is one of the holiest months in Islam. Muslims fast during this month and spend the night in congregational prayers called Taraweeh. Ramadan in Dubai has festivity, fun and spiritual fulfillment. Here is what you need to know about observing Ramadan in Dubai. How to observe and enjoy Ramadan in Dubai: How do Muslims [...] The post Things to do during Ramadan in Dubai appeared first on Dubai Expat Blog.
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Croatia 26 Salona with its roman remainsThe Jones' s in the campsite wine and cheese by the waters edge

Gabby the motorhome was parked up in a tiny campsite in Tisno . Miles from anywhere and approached via a white dusty unmade road. I guess many a motorhomer would have looked at the road and made the decision not to bother carrying on. We however did carry
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Bukarest nach Sighisoara 300 km

Die Prachtstrasse vor dem Prsidentenpalast ist wirklich beeindruckend. In der Mitte Springbrunnen die eine hbsche Choreographie haben. Ausfahrt aus B Autobahn nach Ploiesti. Dort riesige Einkaufszentren. Strae 1 a durch Drfer in die Berge
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You Can Sign Up for TSA Pre✓ at Participating Staples Locations

I was walking by a Staples store which is near where I am based and saw a banner which was draped on the front of the building to the left of the logo of the store which announced that you can now sign up for TSA Pre✓ at this location as a matter of convenience instead of having to sign up for the trusted traveler program at an airport. This official press release from... The post You Can Sign Up for TSA Pre✓ at Participating Staples Locations appeared first on The Gate.
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