Five Ways to Make Sure You Have the Best Tanzania Vacation Ever

Traveling to Tanzania is like traveling to a different world. Even if you’re an experienced traveler, you can quickly find yourself stressed and confused when you travel to this African country. That doesn’t mean you should avoid traveling to Tanzania! It just means you will have to take a little extra time planning your vacation, as well as what you should do when you get there. Here are five tips, that when followed, will ensure you have the very best Tanzania vacation possible. Obtain a Vis...
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Big Cities Halifax Monday 2017 June 26

The first lecture this morning was given by our now friend Peter Sabor on Jane Austen's reputation in the US during the fifty years after her death. I was surprised to learn that her novels were popular and appeared in several editions. The second lectu
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Australia East Coast sojourn AprilMay 2019

Life is short and the World is wide Tannum Sands Where the hell is that would be a very good question. Again I would hazard a guess that many Aussies have never heard of the place. Before finding this dot on the m
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Five Essential Gadgets for the Intrepid Digital Nomad

You finally took the plunge. You quit your job. You bagged a few freelance clients and now you’re ready to hit the road. But you’ve never lived and worked on the road. You feel like you’ll be lost without your wired internet connection, your automatic coffee maker and your house plant named George. How do digital nomads cope with life on the road? Well, today we’re going to tell you about a few essential items you’ll want to take with you. 1. A Reliable Mobile Hotspot You might have planned on j...
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How to get tickets to the Statue of Liberty when they’re sold out

The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s great icons and a must see when you are visiting New York City. There’s a catch though: tickets to Liberty Island sell out really fast, even in the middle of winter. For me, the first time I got lucky and managed to extend my trip three-days to climb to the Crown. The second time I had to find a way to get five tickets to the Statue of Liberty when they appeared sold out, but I did get my hands on five tickets and I want to share how. How to get ticket...
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Stay in an 800-year-old Irish castle

Staying in a castle is the type of experience vacation dreams are made of. Located in Mayo, less than hour from Galway, Ireland’s 800-year-old Ashford Castle Hotel & Country Estate was home to the Guinness family (yes, that Guinness family) for nearly 70 years. Today, sleeping like Irish beer royalty is as easy as making a reservation. The oldest part of the castle dates back to 1228, but thanks to major renovation work, modern touches like heated floors and bathrooms with televisions coexist...
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Home to Three Presidents and the End of the Civil War Charlottesville VA

The 1221mile trip from Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City OK to Charlottesville KOA in Charlottesville VA included overnight stops at Graceland RV Park Campground in Memphis TN and at Southlake RV Park in Knoxville TN. It was long but thankfully
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Blue Water Green Stones

Last time I did this trip in 2014 it would have been nice to see the ruins near the border but it would have been very difficult due to the fact that I had very little cash only credit and debit cards. Fast forward 5 years armed with the experience of the
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Newmarket Holidays appoints CEONewmarket Holidays appoints CEO

Company says appointment is 'important milestone'
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Fuel costs and late Easter hit IAG profitsFuel costs and late Easter hit IAG profits

Foreign exchange headwinds and market capacity also take their toll
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Tourist ban on famous Thai beach has been extendedTourist ban on famous Thai beach has been extended

Officials say ecology needs more time to recove
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China’s giant panda park is massive

China’s new Giant Panda National Park, which will be completed in the fall of this year, will span 10,476 square miles and be nearly triple the area of Yellowstone. The land is mostly situated within the Sichuan Province, which is home to over 80 percent of the world’s wild panda population. It will consist of dozens of already established panda reserves and other protected areas containing thousands of endangered plants and animals. Pandas have been severely threatened by human encroachment,...
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New 70,000 Mile Hawaiian Airlines Offer and New China Southern Business Class Seat

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading New 70,000 Mile Hawaiian Airlines Offer and New China Southern Business Class Seat...
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Senate working group to study water rights, NTSB releases preliminary copter crash report, Maui clears homeless camp, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Pipe brings water down from mountain ©2019 All Hawaii News Senators convene working group to address water use. Sens. Kai Kahele and Jarrett Keohokalole will begin overseeing monthly meetings with officials from the Department of Land and Natural Resources in an effort to ensure ranchers and farmers on the neighbor islands, as well as the electric utilities, don’t lose access to public water after the year’s end. Star-Advertiser.Rod Becker Will Stay At State Budget Agency — But Not In The...
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$473 Round Trip Between New York and Milan With Emirates Airline — But Hurry…

As part of its featured fares from 12 origination airports in the United States, Emirates Airline is offering a sale from New York to Milan for seats in the economy class cabin as low as $473.33 round trip between Monday, May 13, 2019 through Friday, February 28, 2020... ...but you must... The post $473 Round Trip Between New York and Milan With Emirates Airline — But Hurry… appeared first on The Gate.
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Florida Keys sustainability measures

Like a small, bright light in all the darkness, amid the planet’s climate-change-induced death throes, wildlife tourism is taking a turn for the better. Social media has made unethical animal entertainment practices visible to the point of causing mass public outcry, leading to tangible changes in the industry. Theme parks are ending their orca and dolphin shows, circuses are weaning animals out of their lineup, and even zoos are focusing more on rescue and rehabilitation. As awareness of the...
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5 Ways You Can Use CBD to Fight Travel Stress

If you are a frequent traveler, then the term “travel stress” would be familiar to the point of being painful. And if you are not familiar with the term, then the following description would have you stand right along with those who are. Travel stress could arise from frequent traveling, or even through a single flight or road trip. It often causes your mind as well as your body to feel extremely tired. It could also contribute to more serious issues such as anxiety or depression. All in all, s...
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Neglected lions in South Africa

After an anonymous tipster reached out to a journalist, one of the most shocking cases of animal neglect ever recorded has been discovered in South Africa. Over 100 lions and other animals were found diseased, overcrowded, and near death in a captive-breeding facility in the country’s North West province. Following the tip, the National Council for Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals visited the facility, located at Pianika Farm, and found 27 lions afflicted with a severe case...
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5 Travel Necessary Items for Reducing International Flight Stress

Just the thought of being at an international flight for hours is troubling in itself. What can you do while being airborne for so long? What if you get stressed? What if you need help in alleviating your anxiety? What if you are afraid that your existing mental health issues may flare up if you don’t have a calming activity to do? Even if you surrounded by people from your social circle, it doesn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t feel stressed during your flight. As such, you need to make sure tha...
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5 reasons why New Zealand will be triumphant after Christchurch

New Zealand is a country of untold beauty; from the North to the South Island there are an abundance of natural sights that will take your breath away. There are mountain climbs that will elevate your view to more than 12,000 feet and scuba dives that will take you through an underwater paradise. New Zealand […] The post 5 reasons why New Zealand will be triumphant after Christchurch appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Short stay: Hilton at St. George’s Park, Burton-upon-Trent, UK

If you ever feel a touch of nostalgia for England’s 1966 World Cup win, sense the drama when you see that picture of Gazza with a tear in his eye and know that Harry Kane does more than just advertise razors, then a visit to the Hilton at St George’s Park is a must. It […] The post Short stay: Hilton at St. George’s Park, Burton-upon-Trent, UK appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Day 11

Day 11Our last full day in Ireland was spent traveling to see the Rock of Cashel which was a little over an hour away. The Rock is where St. Patrick baptized the King Aengus of Munster around 450. Around 1101 the King gave the Rock to the Church an
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When to Book That International Flight

If you’re planning a trip overseas this year, mark your calendars now.Read more...
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Radio Guest List — Virtuoso in Melbourne, Australia — May 11, 2019

Read the full article on at - Radio Guest List — Virtuoso in Melbourne, Australia — May 11, 2019 Eye on Travel is broadcasting from Melbourne, Australia and the annual Virtuoso Symposium. Joining Peter is Alex Lavelle, Editor at The Age, who talks about how 2,000 people a week are moving to Melbourne. Initially, Melbourne was going to hit 5 million people by 2020, but it hit that number last year from the Virtuoso... The post Radio Guest List — Virtuoso in Melbourne, Australia...
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GitHub gets a package registry

GitHub today announced the launch of a limited beta of the GitHub Package Registry, its new package management service that lets developers publish public and private packages next to their source code. To be clear, GitHub isn’t launching a competitor to tools like npm or RubyGems. What the company is launching, however, is a service that is compatible with these tools and allows developers to find and publish their own packages, using the same GitHub interface they use for their code. The ne...
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State-of-the-Art Small Ship to Cruise Alaska in 2021

I’m not the only one heading north to Alaska lately.  Victory Cruise Lines has released new design details on their upcoming new ship Ocean Victory.  Under construction and set to launch in May 2021, the 200-passenger ship is designed for cruising Alaska. The ship will be equipped with 20 zodiacs and dozens of kayaks.  Guests […] Read more... The post State-of-the-Art Small Ship to Cruise Alaska in 2021 appeared first on .
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Oil steady, ends week lower as trade tensions weigh - Reuters

Oil steady, ends week lower as trade tensions weigh - Reuters:Oil prices were mostly steady on Friday, ending the week slightly lower as trade tensions stoked by a U.S. move to hike tariffs on Chinese goods overshadowed tightened global supplies and expectations of rising U.S. refining demand.Brent crude oil settled 23 cents, or 0.4%, higher at $70.62 a barrel, but posted a weekly loss of 0.3%.U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures ended 4 cents lower at $61.66, with a weekly loss of 0...
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Uber’s first day as a public company didn’t go so well

Ouch. Yikes. Oof. Sigh. Those are some of the friendlier phrases I imagine came out of the mouths of bankers, investors, executives and really anyone who has been paying close attention to Uber’s road to the stock markets today when the company debuted on the New York Stock Exchange below its initial public offering price. The ride-hailing business (NYSE: UBER), previously valued at $72 billion by venture capitalists, priced its stock at $45 apiece for a valuation of $82.4 billion on Thursday...
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