Pregnant and Beautiful

  Chelsea came home for a few days as she is on maternity leave. There is something surreal to see my daughter full and ripe with a baby in her womb. I have felt the baby move, watched her belly roll around, have witnessed the glow of love in her eyes and yet a baby is hard to imagine, a living person, a reincarnation of family cells. Surreal beauty with deeply felt anticipation stirs within us.  Forever life growing amongst us. Tender are these days ahead.     I have one more French la Vie b...
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What to see and do in Rotterdam

Amsterdam — the city famous for its canals, stroopwafel, and, of course, adult entertainment. The Dutch capital has more than earned its reputation for being one of the most interesting cities in the world, but its icon status has also made it incredibly crowded — to the point where the city is ditching the popular tours of its red-light district and some tourist-centric shops are shutting their doors, overwhelmed by over-tourism. The city has been dubbed the “Disneyland of Europe” by contin...
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P2P Lending Policy

Ha! This is as formal and official as I can get with a blog title... You know how life works right?You want things - you look at the money you have, if you find yourself short, you ask around for help. No, not banks. You go and ask for it from friends, family, fools et al. I am no different.I have often asked friends, families, fools and strangers for loans for work. And they've been kind enough to offer the loan and extend an infinite payback period - so that's cool.Plus, I've been on the giv...
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Postcard from the past: the hopital Saint-Jospeh

The best vintage postcards tell two stories. No, the best vintage postcards give a tantalising glimpse of two stories. Like an intriguing book cover and a well presented back page blurb, they spur you to pick up the object and read on. With a book, your desire to know the full story can be satiated, but a postcard will always keep its mystery.  This rather sparse postcard of the Saint-Joseph [Author: Adam]
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Save Up to 35 Percent in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia Summer 2019 With Marriott

You can save up to 35 percent off of retail room rates when you stay at your choice of 49 different hotel and resort properties in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia through Thursday, October 31, 2019… …but you must... The post Save Up to 35 Percent in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia Summer 2019 With Marriott appeared first on The Gate.
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Travel News: May 17, 2019

Taco Bell is Opening a Hotel in Palm Springs This Summer Travel Pulse Today, Taco Bell announced that they’re bringing a “Tacoasis” to one of California’s most popular getaways, Palm Springs. The fast-food giant is launching a limited time property called, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, that will infuse all the things you love about tacos with hospitality.   American Airlines opens Flagship Lounge at DFW Travel Weekly American Airlines’ newest Flagship Lounge is now operating at Dallas...
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Exploring Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks: Photo Series

This week I had the great pleasure of driving across Southern Utah visiting the state’s Mighty Five National Parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion. The trip is done in partnership with Marriott International who asked me to design a great American road trip and I instantly thought of this one. I’ve wanted to see this part of the country for a long time and believe me, the parks have well surpassed my expectations. I have a lot to say about my experiences in these remark...
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Airbnb’s trending summer travel

A good way to know the under-the-radar destinations that are trending this year is to look at Airbnb’s booking data for this summer (between June 1 and September 2). The accommodation-sharing service is so incredibly popular that it’s in a unique position to show which destinations are piquing people’s interest, from China to Puerto Rico. Whether you use the list as a guidepost for where to go, or where not to go to avoid the crowds, is up to you, but understanding travel trends is always a u...
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Lesser-known Hong Kong street food

Hong Kong’s history with street food dates back to when it was just a fishing village, long before it was a financial center. By the early 1900s, quick and affordable meals served from small stalls lined the streets. It thrived through the decades, despite licenses and government regulations in the mid-20th century. Today, there are more laws than ever governing what, where, and how street vendors can operate in Hong Kong. It’s still one of the best cities in the world to gorge on streetside...
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During the American monsoon my speedo gave up it's last breath the bike as well as it's owner is getting a bit long in the teeth.I can use the sat nav but having no odo and no fuel gauge I have to think and who can be arsed to do that after having be
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Dexterity Training

Chengdu China May 17 2019 Sometimes little things amuse me. At breakfast this morning was thinking back to a meal at Stanley Market in Hong Kong where we decided that the dexterity exam for upcoming potential cataract surgeons was eating a plate full o
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Backpacking around New Zealand on a Budget

When you think New Zealand you might immediately think of Hobbits kiwifruit and sheep. But some of the biggest drawcards of the Land of the Long White Cloud include the stunning scenery exciting adventure activities and the hospitality of the peo
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The Shining Big Sea Water Winnie the Pooh and a Mighty Moose

From Sault Sainte Marie to Wawa where we stayed last night proved to be one of the finest scenic drives we have ever experienced. The Lake Superior Provincial Park covers 1600 square kilometres of evergreen forests rivers lakes craggy escarpments ro
Tags: Travel, Moose, Wawa, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Sault Sainte Marie

Proposed Notre Dame roof redesigns

Since French President Emmanuel Macron announced a contest to redesign the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged last month in a fire, entries have been pouring in. Some are more feasible than others, and others are downright far-fetched, but they are all intriguing in their own right. From a massive swimming pool to a greenhouse, here are some of the craziest proposed designs. 1. Massive greenhouse Photo: Studio NAB In perhaps the most ecologically minded design that has been p...
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Southern Thai Heat At Caysorn Thai, Haymarket

Looking for Thai food that's a bit different from the usual offerings? Caysorn Thai on the second floor of the Prince centre on Quay Street Haymarket offers up a Southern Thai menu as well as the regular favourites at unbelievably good prices. You just need to know where to look for it (hint: look up!).
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Dogs welcome at White Sands park

Stepping out of your vehicle onto fine gypsum crystals is the closest thing to walking on the moon that most of us will ever experience. At White Sands National Monument, dunes of white sand ripple across a vast expanse of open desert, ceasing only at the feet of the towering Sierra Blanca mountains. This 224-square-mile protected area of rolling gypsum dunes in southern New Mexico is the truest embodiment of the state’s catchphrase as the “Land of Enchantment.” But any dog owner knows that p...
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Friday at Sunrise

Chengdu China May 17 2019 After a reasonably restful night I got up at sunrise to go for a walk and explore a park near the hotel. The Huanhuaxi Park has beautiful flower lush vegetation a river and large pond with plenty of egrets and ducks. A nice
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Where and when to go to Iceland

If you’ve ever been to Iceland, you’ll know that what you don’t see in all those vibrant Instagram posts are the millions of tourists who visit the country every year. Take a drive around the infamous Golden Circle and you’ll find an anthill of visitors posing with cameras in front of every mountain, geyser, and miniature horse. The recent tourism boom has left many wondering if the Land of Fire and Ice has become too popular a destination. A country once known for its remoteness, Iceland now...
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Queen of England social media job

If you’re sick of your boss and wish you could work for someone else, the Queen of England might be your next employer. Her Majesty is looking for someone to handle her social media presence, and if you thought posting your own Instagram photos was stressful, just wait until you’re responsible for the Queen’s follower count. The Royal Household posted a job opening for a Digital Communications Manager, whose job will be to find “new ways to maintain the Queen’s presence in the public eye and ...
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Swiss Äscher restaurant reopening

The iconic Äscher mountain restaurant is open for business again, after a new team has taken over management of the property. Originally built as a guesthouse in 1884, Äscher has become one of Switzerland’s most widely recognized restaurants as it appears to be clinging to the side of a cliff above the mountain village of Wasserauen. The previous owners left at the end of last season, saying that the building’s old infrastructure was unable to handle the large number of tourists coming to the...
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Rosé All Day needs an influencer

We all know someone who’s obsessed with rosé — someone who would rather be drinking pink wine than actually working. Well, now that person can live out their fantasy. Rosé All Day wine is looking for a new #RoséAllDay influencer to create premium content for their brand. The winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to the Languedoc region of France for a content-creating vacation, which will include art directing, staging, and drinking tons of free rosé. Darren Restivo, Principal of Biagio Cru...
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What’s New in Oklahoma City?

“Since you last visited us, we’ve moved a freeway” is one of my favorite comments from my OKC friend Seth. He said that to me way back in 2013, when I wrote about the city’s exceptional urban planning and how OKC’s faith in apparent “bridges to nowhere” was in reality a sweeping vision of what a city’s downtown could be with a lot of imagination,...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories A Bucket List West Texas Road TripAfternoon Hedonism With Texas BBQ and PieThe Craft Beer Scen...
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US Government Awards 12 New Tokyo Haneda Flights to United, Delta, American and Hawaiian

Based on a new agreement between the US and Japan, the US Department of Transportation gets to allocate 12 day time slot pairs for service between the US and Tokyo’s close-in Haneda airport starting with the 2020 summer travel season. The DOT has issued its preliminary ruling, and here’s what they’ve granted. Continue reading US Government Awards 12 New Tokyo Haneda Flights to United, Delta, American and Hawaiian...
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TripAdvisor Modified Its Approach to Reviews and Sexual Assault. Did It Go Far Enough?

A woman assaulted by a tour guide says the company’s policies discourage reporting and keep travelers from finding out the truth.
Tags: News, Ethiopia, Tripadvisor,, Sexual Harassment, Computers and the Internet, Travel and Vacations, Accidents and Safety, Consumer Reviews,

Industry urged to oppose plans for new Machu Picchu airportIndustry urged to oppose plans for new Machu Picchu airport

Critics warn it could destroy the Inca ruins
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A truly lovely old Tokyo bar owner

The bar below has been in operation for 39 years, and its owner, perhaps unusually for such a back to basics little establishment, is a fully trained French chef. Leaving his native Kyushu at 14, he worked in Tokyo and Sapporo, before packing it all in and opening his own place. And what a place it is. We first drank there almost 5 years ago to the day. Half a decade that has seen several substantial changes. The Master-san is now 83-years-old, plus fairly recent health issues forced him to cl...
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Getting to know HAL before getting to know NukuAlofa

ltem stylemsobidifontstyle normalgt would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it Alexander SattlerThe day after our trip to Hobbiton was spent at a leisurely pace strolling down to the Auckland
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Different types of biryani in India

Of all the culinary classics synonymous with the rich food heritage of India, biryani is in a class of its own. Variations on the simple rice, meat, vegetable, and spice dish can be found in every section of India, though it’s not quite known how it became such a staple. One theory traces the origins to Persia (where berian means “fried before cooking”) and the Mughals, who brought the dish to the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. Another is that it’s an evolution of the plov, or rice ...
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Oil Rallies as Mideast Tensions Flare Over #Saudi Pipeline Attack - Bloomberg

Oil Rallies as Mideast Tensions Flare Over Saudi Pipeline Attack - Bloomberg:Oil soared to a two-week high as Saudi Arabia accused Iran of ordering this week’s attack on its key oil facilities, fueling tensions between two of the world’s oil-producing superpowers.Futures in New York advanced 1.4% on Thursday. Saudi Arabia’s vice-minister of defense and brother of the country’s de facto ruler said on Twitter that Tuesday’s drone attack was ordered by Iran.His comments came as Saudi-led forces lau...
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Busy day in London

There are 10 photos posted. This blog site puts most of the photos way at the bottom after the blog. Since I know most of you only want to look at the pictures I will note the number of photos at the beginning of each blog. Breakfast at our BB st
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