"59 Rivoli"

“59 Rivoli” stands for what may be considered as an “artistic squat”. It has been there for some 20 years and has finally got some kind of official status, even support from the City of Paris and some other institutions. When it was first squatted, the building, then belonging to a bank, had stood empty for years. As the name of the place indicates, the address is 59, rue de Rivoli. You are welcome to visit the building, six floors full of active artists. The staircase - with its su...
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Oh Sweetheart

           [Author: French la Vie]
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Something Delish: Quinoa

    Quinoa, small grains that look like seed pearls. Saute the quinoa until golden brown, then add boiling water (two parts to one,) cover allowing it time for it to become one. Dice red, green and yellow pepper saute them with olive oil and garlic. When the stiff peppers have surrendered to softness, add chopped almonds and saute until they change color. In a blender blend a clove of garlic, a handful of dried tomatoes and parsley, (or coriander) add small amounts of olive oil to help it beco...
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Happiness Shared

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Happy Halloween

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Autumn Vibes Take Me Home

  Preparing for Autumn. Gathering the abundant harvest at the end of summer. Canning the last of the vegetables and making pomegranate jam. Watching the first leaves dance down to the ground, grabbing from the upper shelf a sweater to wear, taking out the rake, stacking the cord of wood in the shed, smelling the fall aroma in the air.     More than any other season Autumn reminds me of Willows. The decor of my mother's home is an autumn home: Soothing, homey, comfortable, inviting, always some...
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French la Vie Road Trip

    After a wonderful visit with my daughter, son in law and grandson my friend @seeninprovence and I hit the brocantes in Paris. We had to take a taxi van to a rental car as we accumulated so many good finds. An unexpected road trip back to Provence, with a stuffed car, late in the evening we found a very charming manoir to spend the night. Breakfast was delightful, delicious by a roaring fire. Serendipity. Joy. I had to dance!       We stopped which added more time to the several hour journ...
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Autumn Delight in November

    Such incredibly beautiful weather for this time of the year. We had lunch outside today. My mom made her delicious cream puffs I wanted to devour all of them and somehow manage to refrain.            We had chilled pea soup, roasted and fresh vegetable salad, mushroom rice, and dessert.                        Related Stories French la Vie Road TripA Full Day's Worth of Brocante AddictionFavorite Finds during the French la vie  [Author: French la Vie]
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Two Cultures One Turkey

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Thanksgiving celebrates the beginning of life in a new land. The seeds of friendship between two different cultures. The pilgrims and the Indians. The journey of the Mayflower. The need for one another. The helping hands of family and friends. The feast of giving thanks for where we have come from and for what we have. Or my symbolic journey of two cultures.   Thanksgiving is the dining room table. Family gathered. The blessing. The smell of turkey, stuff...
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Four Generations

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Weaving with Golden Thread

  Gold threads, the real deal, on wooden bobbins. Most likely from the 1800s. Found at the brocante. I know how to sew but don't. Never could I sew as beautifully as I have seen on altar cloth that I have seen at brocantes the work of steadfast creative hands. Delicate, nimble and certainly quick, mostly meditative. Though holding these in hand I can weave a path back to a day where such art was made, cherished and used with care. Amongst people who brought beauty to the everyday. Who created a...
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Playing in the Dirt

         [Author: French la Vie]
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A Few Random Snapshots

    My oldest brother Marty and his wife Suzy.       My cousin Joan's grandson Hank holding Gabriel. Hank gathered a bunch of his old "baby" toys for his younger cousin.         My niece Molly and nephew Warren.       Sacha's Budda-Mere meets Gabriel.     My cousin Judy invited me to her home for lunch.     My mom's sister, my Aunt Louie.       My brother Mark with Penny.     Yann in Vietnam     Under the golden leaves is where we crack walnuts.       A rare moment, a first, Gab...
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Teething Baby

Late at night, during the day, someone is teething. Rosy cheeks, glassy eyes, uncomfortable... poor little guy. Soon though we are going to see a pearly white. Hopefully by next Saturday when we return he will feel better xx          [Author: French la Vie]
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Where is French Husband?

Where is French Husband? On a journey on his motorcycle riding along the backroads discovering the countryside of Vietnam.            [Author: French la Vie]
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My Mom

         [Author: French la Vie]
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First Time in America

  We arrived safely. The flight was not difficult. We took turns holding Gabriel for eleven and a half hours. As long as we held him he was happy, and we were happy even if my arms felt like they might fall off. Gabriel slept for about three hours in the twenty-some hours we traveled. He was curious and noticed everything about the plane and travelers. Like I said if he was in our arms he was entertained.  When we arrived at my mom's home my brothers, sisters-in-laws, nieces, and nephews were t...
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Baby Love Love

Chelsea's Nickname for Baby Gabriel "Love Love".  Refraining from eating him in one bite is becoming harder and harder to resist. Though with that said holding him longer and longer is becoming harder too, he is a chunk. All that sweetness. Such a beautiful dream come true.         Related Stories Four MonthsBaby’s New Thing to DoAngel Wings  [Author: French la Vie]
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Homecoming King and Queen

         [Author: French la Vie]
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Sleep Over

  A sleepover. Junkfood. Mattress in the living room. Soda. I am on the couch. The Party Pooper in me says, "I am not staying up all night."                [Author: French la Vie]
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A Moment of Awe at the Brocante

  The way the painting has crackled around the woman’s face it appears as a non threatening spider web, or a touch of mystical wonder? Fascinating to me. The crackling gives the painting a new story a curious perspective and dimension. My friend Gina bought it in Paris this weekend. Later as I was walking around the brocante I heard a familiar laugh it caught me by surprise. I instantly turned around to see who it was but did not recognize anyone in particular, then a French man spoke and even...
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Passing the Time

  Late Autumn days sunshine beckon us to stay outside. We have spent countless hours sitting around the wooden picnic table talking, cracking walnuts, eating pomegranates from my mother’s yard while visiting family and friends. Happy place !          [Author: French la Vie]
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Hand Painted Antique Wallpaper Samples

Yes, I know you can imagine how thrilled I was when I opened this box at a brocante and found these hand-painted antique wallpaper designs. Instead of screaming YAHOO! I simply closed the box and asked, "How much for all of those papers?" I sold them soon after. Thankfully I have these photos to remind me how beautiful they were.       This one shows the design in progress, one part is completed and the other part has yet to be painted.   The color samples on the side indicating the col...
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Cousin Love

My niece Marie hugged me, so my niece Molly joined in and soon thereafter Kate joined in I laughed saying, "Group hug!" Chelsea came over with her hands full of pie-crust-making-crumbs and Patti leaned in with baby Gabriel. My mom chimed in by saying, "Oh what a darling photo of all of you ! I need to take a photo. Someone give me a camera."  Hence a photo was created.  I am hugging Marie, then Molly, Kate, Chelsea, Gabriel, and Patti. Cousin love.             [Author: French la Vie]
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Life with a Baby

         [Author: French la Vie]
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Pumpkin Shell

...put it in a pumpkin shell and there it kept very well... A planter with succulents. Such a clever idea.          [Author: French la Vie]
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Heading Home

Packing my bags as I will be going to visit my family in California with Chelsea and baby Gabriel- Nov 4th to Dec 15th. If you are in my childhood hometown I hope to see you. Please add some good vibes that Baby Gabriel has a sleepful, calm flight and not one that will hurt ears. I cannot wait to see my mom hold Gabriel and see my family gobble him up like a love ball. I will be posting here on my blog so stay tuned for a view of my family in California.   xxxx                [Author: French...
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A Favorite Memory Each Time I Go Back Home

                         Repost from 2007 Yesterday I called home to confirm to my parents our flight information. My little nieces and nephew were there. I had already bought gifts to bring for them, but I thought I'd ask them anyway what they might like me to bring for them. Chelsea shook her head, "Mom, why did you ask them what they wanted? When are you going to find the time to buy these things. What if you don't find what they want? Mom, you do remember we leave tomorrow?" My daughter thi...
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The Endless Road

    Northern California during autumn, golden valley, harvested fields, open spaces, geese in flight. Country roads leading near and far.         Clouds adding texture between the valley and the foothills. A single tree sets the stage.         A barn in the middle of a harvested rice field. I grew up in this valley, under these clouds, surrounded by rice fields, in wide spaces, with long grey paved roads, and barns in the middle of nowhere, but at the center of our lives.       The foothill...
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Beefy King Worker Bees Happy Hours

We can hear you now. Yes sounds good. Your shoutout to go to Beefy King is a perfect choice. None of us have ever been here before. We found out it is an Orlando landmark known for its fabulous roast beef sandwich. Family owned.....and they jus
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