laundromats, underground libraries, and criminal charges: a library link round-up

I have so many cool stories about libraries and librarians, scattered through multiple email and social media accounts. Lucky for you, I wanted to gather them all in one place. Thanks to everyone who ever sent me one of these.* * * * *Librarians in laundromats! Community librarians are all about taking literacy to the people. In library jargon, we're trying to reach the non-users. If that sounds a bit drug-dealer-ish, it's not a bad analogy: come get a taste, then come back for more.The puns jus...
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Hostel Raahi, Jodhpur- Review

Tucked away in the residential area of Ajit Colony in Jodhpur, Hostel Raahi might for a moment beguile you as another house around the corner. Apart from its serene location, it is just 4-5 Kms away from Mehrangarh fort, the biggest attraction in Jodhpur, and less than 10 Kms from Mandore gardens. Hostel Raahi which was earlier a house has been converted into a hostel with both mixed dormitories and dormitories solely for women. True to the state’s character, the hostel is a colourful one...
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Inca Land Peru At a Crossroad of Civilization

Another turbulent year is coming to an end. Why do I say its turbulent Didnt we gain much Well I dont know about you all but the volatile situation in the world makes me shudder keeps me awake at night. A polarized United States fuelled by th
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How to Avoid Getting Sick Whether or Not You Are Traveling

In a public washroom inside of a restaurant recently, I spotted a man who simply left without washing his hands. “Urine is sterile” is what some people say; but that is the least of the concern, as flushing the toilet and pulling on the door to leave the washroom are two of the things he touched — and who knows what germs he might have picked up simply by touching those items before returning to his table to eat. The flu season is under way in the northern hemisphere; and yet some people still.....
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A Haussmannian building that houses a café named after Baron Haussmann located along the Boulevard Haussmann. [Author: Jennifer]
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The Day Before the Venice Flood: Joe Tacopina & The Venice Football Club at Palazzo Ducale

High water boots under the table - Joe Tacopina, Paolo Romor, Mariacristina Gribauldi, Matthew Senno - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) On the afternoon of November 12, 2019, an intimate press conference was held in Palazzo Ducale to announce the Agreement between the Venice Civic Museums Foundation (MUVE) and Venezia FC, the Venice Football Club. The conference had been postponed an hour due to seasonal flooding in Piazza San Marco, and we all arrived wearing our acqua alta boots. Little...
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KY eats -Penang style Loh Mee at Do Re Mi, Ara Damansara

Penang hokkien mee, or prawn mee as it is usually called here in Klang Valley, is one of the more iconic dishes from the island known for its good hawker food. While prawn mee is quite available this part of the country, its sister dish – loh mee, is quite a bit trickier to find. Do Re Mi 123 kopitiam and it’s Loh Mee stall Hence, whenever I find a hawker stall offering Penang loh mee, I’d usually give it a try. This same opportunity presented itself when I was at Do Re Mi 123 kopitiam looking ...
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Autumn in Rheinfelden

Living in Amsterdam gives me the privilege to travel around Europe either for a weekend getaway or holiday. Germany is one of the countries that I frequently spend my weekend getaway. I go there at least 3 times a year to pay regular visits to my good old
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World's seven wonders

I have a massive love for Asia and I can't wait to begin my journey there. My upcoming trip will begin from Beijing down to New Delhi then further down to Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from pleasure this trip is also a part of my world's seven wonders col
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How Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture

Emmy-Award winner Lanai Tabura is back from traveling the world as a Hawaii tourism expert, and he and Aloha Bruce talk about How Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture. Lanai had been working with the Hawaii Tourism Authority on promoting Hawaii tourism. Our hosts talk about the amount of work it takes […] The post How Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Festive-Us! A Christmas Tree Pavlova

Celebrate Christmas with this spectacular 7 layer Christmas Tree Pavlova! This pavlova is a soft, fluffy and easy to portion up dessert made up of 7 layers of fluted meringue rings, whipped vanilla cream, raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries and redcurrants!
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Christmas Lights

One of the most beautiful cities in Provence, and maybe even in France, is Aix-en-Provence. It’s full of really beautiful architecture. We went to Aix last Sunday (we were still doing The Cure) and it absolutely poured rain. We later learned that there was some major flooding in this part of Provence, some very close to our village. We saw parts of cliffs and hillsides collapsed. Some house got covered with debris when this happened. This time our trip was dry although we hit a major traffic jam...
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Set 'Custom Shortcuts' in the Lyft App For Addresses You Never Remember

Over the past few months I’ve had to go to a handful of different doctor’s appointments around town. I live in San Francisco and don’t own a car, so going to those appointments always means Lyfting to them. Without fail, before each and every one of them I end up getting ready to head out the door and then realize I…Read more...
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#Saudi unemployment dips to 12% in Q3 - Reuters

Saudi unemployment dips to 12% in Q3 - Reuters:Unemployment among Saudi Arabian citizens fell slightly to 12% in the third quarter of 2019, figures released on Sunday showed.The rate fell from 12.3% recorded in the second quarter and from a record high of 12.9% in 2018. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#Oman sells $1 billion stake in electricity company to Chinese buyer - Reuters

Oman sells $1 billion stake in electricity company to Chinese buyer - Reuters:Oman’s state-owned Electricity Holding Company, also known as Nama, has sold a 49% stake in Oman Electricity Transmission Co. to State Grid Corporation of China, raising around $1 billion, Mansoor Al Hinai, a Nama spokesman, said on Sunday.The deal is one of five privatizations that Nama is planning as Oman seeks to raise cash from asset sales to bolster its coffers, which have been depleted over the past few years by ...
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Jumeirah Group expansion into cruise ships 'a possibility', says CEO - Arabianbusiness

Jumeirah Group expansion into cruise ships 'a possibility', says CEO - Arabianbusiness:Dubai’s Jumeirah Group has considered expanding into the cruise ship industry and the move is “a possibility”, the CEO of the luxury hotelier told Arabian Business. The hotel group currently has 25 projects in its portfolio, including the iconic Burj al Arab, and the expansion into the cruise ship sector would be a natural brand development.“It's a conversation that comes and goes, but, of course, it could be ...
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Talks between #SaudiArabia and #Qatar good for the region: #Iran foreign minister - Reuters

Talks between Saudi Arabia and Qatar good for the region: Iran foreign minister - Reuters:Talks between Saudi Arabia and Qatar to heal their two-year rift are a good development for the whole Gulf region, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday in Doha.Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar in June 2017, accusing it of backing terrorism and aligning itself with Iran.Doha denies their charges and accuses its neighbo...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Aramco gains aid #Saudi; other Gulf bourses quiet - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Aramco gains aid Saudi; other Gulf bourses quiet - Reuters:Oil giant Aramco helped carry the Saudistock market higher on Sunday, as it extended gains for thethird day, while other major Gulf indexes were little changed.    Saudi's benchmark index rebounded 0.6%, with SaudiAramco closing up 1.6% at 37.4 riyals.Aramco will join the Tadawul index and global benchmarkssuch as MSCI and FTSE this week, which analysts said should fuelfurther demand, particularly from "passive" investors ...
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The Middle of Nowhere

Our next destination was what bucket lists were made of. We were excitedly waiting to depart at the Santiago International Airport. We checked in and dumped our food supply box at about 0300 that morning before going through security. Our flight left a few
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Your Flight Attendant Won’t Be Getting Into The Holiday Season At United

Airlines face a challenge around the holidays. Do they insist on a standard image for their frontline employees, or do they allow some festive creativity? And if employees can deviate from standard dress, what guidelines should be applied? United Airlines appears to be taking a conservative stance this holiday season, cracking down on flight attendant holiday dress. Continue reading Your Flight Attendant Won’t Be Getting Into The Holiday Season At United...
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Mozart Dee is Heavenly Reyna!! No More MuzicbyMozart!

Mozart Dee is Heavenly Reyna!! No More MuzicbyMozart! Goodbye Mozart Dee, Hello Heavenly Reyna! Singer/songwriter & Actress Heavenly Reyna has big news to Goodbye Mozart Dee, hello Heavenly Reyna! Singer, songwriter & actress Heavenly Reyna has big news to start the new year and new decade! Watch her video on her Instagram & hear her explain it in her own words. See her travel life,  growing up as a  global trilingual in 30 seconds, getting ready to change the world with her music and acting. S...
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Heading Off Holiday Pet Problems

With the holiday season bearing down like a runaway sleigh, it’s important to consider how to help our dogs cope with the added excitement and change of routine that the holidays bring. Pet parents know that dogs (and many humans!) are creatures of habit; below in The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber addresses the ... Read More about Heading Off Holiday Pet Problems This post first appeared in Link to original post: Heading Off Holiday Pet Problems
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Where to Stay in Bali With Kids (Adult’s love these places too!)

Bali, known as the island of gods, is a stunning Indonesian Island located in Southeast Asia that has beautiful temples, great surfing beaches and picturesque landscapes. But what makes Bali a must visit destination is the Balinese people. So warm and welcoming, they invite you on to their island with open arms. The mixture of culture, delicious food and family-friendly resorts makes it a great choice for your family holiday to Bali. Choosing where to stay in Bali with kids can be a hard decisio...
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Brunswick Heads Housie Tent

Dancing Queen 17 – That’s right folks 17th December is the opening night for Housie to be hosted this year by the tireless Brunswick Valley Rescue Squad – NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc and Marine Rescue Brunswick . More volunteers are still needed to help these amazing organisations to run Housie – please sign up here and we’ll see y’all at 7pm sharp on the 17th! The post appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.
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Test Your Knowledge of 179 Hotel Brands — December 2019 Edition

Listed in alphabetical order are 179 hotel brands with links to their official Internet web sites — some of which had their parent lodging companies removed from their official names. Can you guess which hotel brands belong to which of the aforementioned lodging companies by matching the numbers of the list below with the letters of the above list? The post Test Your Knowledge of 179 Hotel Brands — December 2019 Edition appeared first on The Gate.
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Weird Wrinkle In The Best Free Money Offer Of The Year ($100 – $10,000)

I've gotten the signup credits from both accounts, and referral credits work well to. There's one interesting twist to the credits you receive on the investment account. It appears they deposit $100 in your account, and then use it to automatically purchase stock. You're still getting the $100, it just works differently than it had been and I originally expected. It even seems I'm getting the $100 in stock commission free, they're not recapturing cash that way, though I haven't verified I'm g...
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Quels sont les gestes d’une femme amoureuse, attirée par vous ?

Pour les hommes, l’amour est souvent très difficile à déchiffrer. Il est vrai que chaque femme est différente, elle peut donc montrer différents signes face à quelqu’un qui lui plait. Mais comment peut-on reconnaitre ces signes ? Existe-t-il des signes particuliers, qui pourraient vous mettre sur la piste, pour savoir qu’elle vous trouve attirant ? … L’article Quels sont les gestes d’une femme amoureuse, attirée par vous ? est apparu en premier sur Nuit Debout.
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Two Nights in Paris

Last week, I visited Paris as a guest of UNESCO’s International Conference on Language Technologies (#LT4All). It was a large gathering of language practitioners — from linguists to teachers to tech gurus and other executives — under one roof to share ideas, discuss obstacles, and showcase current activities in the sphere of language technologies. The […]
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Lichtenstein Besuch des Schlosses

Nachdem die 11. Woche in Stuttgart wieder erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen ist habe ich am heutigen Sonntag einen Ausflug nach Schloss Lichtenstein gemacht. Es kann sein dass dies nach 11 Jahren und ber 160.000 Kilometern die letzte Exkursion mit meinem al
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