Kylie Minogue tries to lure Brexit-weary Britons in new Tourism Australia ad 'Matesong'

Pop star reprises Neighbours character in a song that also includes tennis star Ash Barty, comedian Adam Hills and former cricketer Shane WarneA new $15m tourism campaign featuring Kylie Minogue is aiming to lure Brexit-weary Britons to Australia with the perennial promise of cute marsupials, white-sand beaches and locals who “speak your language”.The three-minute musical advertisement aired on televisions in the UK before the Queen’s message on Christmas Eve, with Minogue and another well-known...
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Its a wrap another great year of travelling seasons greetings from the Philippines

We spent exactly the 60 days in Indonesia that our visa allowed us yet still we feel we have only scratched the surface of this huge country and we could have stayed and travelled to so many other islands for at least another few months. So we will just h
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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. Spirituality in China

Contemporary China has a fascinating relationship with spirituality as a country with historically deeply rooted traditions and practices which spread throughout the region it is also accelerating in modernity at lightning speed. When you are here it is
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A Local Transport Tour in Mumbai

This morning we have a Local Transport Tour with Reality Tours and Travel meeting point was outside Regal Cinema at 8.30am. I knew the cinema was within walking distance from our hotel and I made a point of looking for it yesterday afternoon on our way to
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Merry Christmas Happy New Year Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig 1 Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig 2

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.This special blog will keep you busy for awhile. Warning Warning Plan your time well. May as well snuggle up in your comfy PeeWee Herman chair slurp on you
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Asheville Charm

Asheville has been a city that has grown and had a reputation as a charming place to check out. I wanted to make a weekend trip there to see what the city was all about. The drive was very foggy and rainy on the way until about an hour away when the sun fi
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Friends Romans Countrymen. Lend Me Your Ears.

Christmas is a family time so as with my Dancing on the Edge blog from the Isle of Wight a couple of years ago I find myself on yet more unfamiliar territory. We are 255 miles south from Teesside. There will be no cooling towers steel river or references
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Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2019

Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2019 If you read our previous few posts, we have been blogging about Christmas Illumination in Tokyo for 2019. The Roppongi Hills Christmas Illumination and Mori Christmas Illumination ended on 25th December 2019. However, the Caretta Shiodome Winter Ilumination will be around until 2020. We got to know about the Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2019 from our kkday tour guide after we went to Mount Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo. We...
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What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 11

Judging by the number of views of past articles, readers of The Gate seem to enjoy playing the game of What is Wrong With This Photograph? — which pertains to quite bizarre things that I photograph during my travels — so it is now a series of articles at The Gate which will be posted irregularly... ...and my favorite part of each article is... The post What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 11 appeared first on The Gate.
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The Wizard

I’m sure I watched this back in the day, but I had zero memory of the story — other than it culminates in a tournament, and Super Mario Bros. 3 makes an appearance. Didn’t even remember that Christian Slater is in this! I really don’t get why they wanted to mix a pretty serious drama with the video game backdrop — it’s the dramatic (and downer) content that slows the movie down, and it acts as a weird contrast with the video game stuff. If it was just the video game stuff (kids want to get...
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Amazon Likely To Offer Consumers a Standalone Alternative to UPS and FedEx

Two of the most innovative companies in the world are Google and Amazon. They’re impressive in similar ways. They’ve built capabilities, scaled them, and used their new internal capacity to compete aggressively in adjacent industries. No one can touch what Google has done in artificial intelligence at scale. They built and effectively managed large scale data storage, and branched out to manage web services for other companies (Google Cloud). They used the data storage and search capability to o...
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New California Independent Contractor Rule Means More Transportation Discrimination

I used to get in taxis all the time in New York. But before the driver would let me in he'd (and it was always a he) roll down the window and ask where I was going. He didn't want a ride in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go, and he certainly didn't want to drive into an 'undesirable' (minority) neighborhood. That's illegal, but the practice was commonplace. Uber and other rideshare companies changed all that. You enter where you're going in an app, the driver accepts the ride, b...
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Peter Answers Your Questions From the Hall Arts Hotel in Dallas, Texas

Read the full article on at - Peter Answers Your Questions From the Hall Arts Hotel in Dallas, Texas This week, Peter Greenberg answers your questions from the Hall Arts Hotel in Dallas, Texas.   He’ll answer your questions on overstaying with a U.S. visa, redeeming frequent flyer miles (and what airlines are better at letting you redeem them), standby tickets, repositioning cruises and more.   Each week during our CBS Radio Show Eye on... The post Peter Answers Your Questions...
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Economic Freedom and Well-being

Hong Kong is at the top of the class in economic freedom and among the most prosperous in the world. Just note the change between 1980 and 2017: 255 percent increase in GDP per capita on PPP basis. Singapore, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew, did even better: #2 in economic freedom ranking, its GDP pc … Continue reading "Economic Freedom and Well-being"
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Santa Claus Spotted on a Motorcycle in Bristol, Tennessee

Santa Claus — who seems to be very patriotic to the United States — was spotted riding a motorcycle eastbound on State Street in Bristol, Tennessee on Christmas Eve 2019 and apparently giving his reindeer some much-needed time off, foregoing Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer for a large shiny bright headlight. What? You don’t know about Rudolph the Black Lunged Reindeer?!? Perhaps you never heard the first refrain of this now-famous Christmas classic... The post Santa Claus Spotted on a Motorcyc...
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Sites That Help You Measure Your Travel, Environmental Impact

Read the full article on at - Sites That Help You Measure Your Travel, Environmental Impact There’s flight shame, and eco-guilt, almost every time you travel these days. What is your real impact on the environment every time you leave home? But now, there are a few resources to help you determine your level of guilt. is a travel service that claims it will offset the carbon footprint of... The post Sites That Help You Measure Your Travel, Environmental Impact ap...
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Wishing all travelers Merry Christmas 2019

Greeting from Travel Feeder! I would love to wish all travelers around the globe to have a fantastic Christmas holidays this year and a wonderful new year 2020 ahead! I spent my holidays working on something exciting to the blog next year and bet you will love it! Keep watching this blog and I will reveal it very soon! Happy traveling and again Merry Christmas 2019! – Travel Feeder The post Wishing all travelers Merry Christmas 2019 appeared first on Travel Feeder.
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Planned community embraces luxe, eco-conscious design in Bocas del Toro, Panama

More than 12 years in the making, the 457-acre planned community of Casi Cielo has just begun sales for its first phase. Located on Panama’s northern province of Bocas del Toro, the high-end resort will emphasize a sustainable, low carbon footprint with site-specific architecture informed by passive solar principles and the natural environment. Led by developer Circular Strategy Group, the Casi Cielo development was created with help from Mario Lazo & Unidad Diseño, WATG and XOC2 to create a “f...
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Is This Your Last Christmas To Do That?

What is that Christmas or holiday thing that you keep meaning to do, but never quite get around to it? Would you act differently if this year was your last chance? One of the advantages of my military family childhood was moving every two or three years. My parents liked to “do all the local things” wherever we lived. Since we knew we only had awhile in each location, we didn’t...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories How To Savor Winter Holidays: 12 TipsHow Do the Luxembourg Chr...
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How (And When) To Change Your Name On An Airline Ticket

As a general rule airlines don't let you change the name on a ticket. If you could swap names, you could resell tickets, and that would undermine airline pricing strategies that try to charge more for the kind of last minute travel usually purchased by business travelers. That's also why airlines started insisting on ID'ing travelers, to make sure their tickets weren't being resold. However name corrections are often possible. Here's what to do. Continue reading How (And When) To Change Your N...
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Joint #Saudi, Kuwaiti oil field expected to produce 320,000 bpd by end-2020 - Reuters

Joint Saudi, Kuwaiti oil field expected to produce 320,000 bpd by end-2020 - Reuters:Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said on Wednesday the Khafji oil field which is jointly operated with Kuwait would produce 320,000 oil barrels per day (bpd) at the end of 2020, Saudi-owned al-Arabiya TV reported.Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman made the announcement at Khafji oil field complex in Saudi Arabia, a day after signing a deal with Kuwait that ended a dispute over the partitioned Neutral Zone that is shared ...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Most of Gulf sluggish, blue-chips hurt Egypt - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Most of Gulf sluggish, blue-chips hurt Egypt - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters:Most major Gulf bourses were sluggish inholiday-thinned trade on Wednesday with Saudi Arabia leading thelosses on financials, while Egypt retreated on a blue-chipsell-off.Saudi Arabia's benchmark index declined 0.9%, drivendown by a 1.8% fall in Al Rajhi Bank and a 3% slide inNational Commercial Bank.State-owned Aramco dropped a further 0.6% to 35.2riyals ($9.38) despite Goldman Sachs saying that it ...
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Offer: American Airlines Elite Status For 90 Days

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Offer: American Airlines Elite Status For 90 Days...
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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Travel the Home Exchange Way and Home Base Holidays. We hope you have a fantastic holiday season with friends and family. Holiday home swaps in 2020   Cut the cost of your 2020 getaways by choosing to swap homes rather than book hotels or holiday rentals. By swapping homes you'll enjoy free accommodation plus all the space and convenience of a home from home. Search home swap travel offers ...
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Chris Burkard: Say Yes to What You Want

Today’s guest is one many of you have been asking for oh-so-long. He’s one of the top travel, outdoor, and landscape photographers in the world, bringing us to some of the most untamed and powerful landscapes in the pursuit of powerful stories, hidden surf, and a good adventure. Of course in this episode we get into his new book, At Glacier’s End, but we also get into some meaty topics such as: the power of exploring personal projects and how it can shape new opportunities the sacrifice that com...
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Craig and Ross in Cambodia

Blog 1 Siem Reap Cambodia December 25 2019 Merry ChristmasIt must be very obvious to you by now that Im addicted to travel. Im obsessed with it. Im always dreaming of where to go next. My head says save mo
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Sunrise Hiking on Mt Batur

Our 315a alarm came very early but our guide was meeting us at 330am for our Mt Batur Sunrise hike. We had just enough time to brush our teeth pull on clothes walk up to the reception area and have a quick coffee before being handed flashlights and head
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Perfect Holiday Activity With The Family: Earn Hundreds in Free, Easy Money (For Real)

Spending time with the family for the holiday? Spend it making each other a bunch of money quickly and easily by referring each other to SoFi. It's quick and easy, all online, and they give you money. There are two accounts you can sign up for. Each has a nice sign up bonus. And each one lets you refer friends and family and earn more cash doing so -- they sign up, they earn money, and you earn money when they do it. Rinse, repeat with more friends and more family (and your friends and famil...
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The True Spirit and Meaning of Travel: What We Can Learn From Christmas 2019

The year is 2019; and here we go again: after almost two months of what seems to be non-stop advertisements for endless sales and a continuous onslaught of music in celebration of one of the holiest days for Christians around the world, there are people who believe that the true spirit and meaning of Christmas is lost in a vast sea of commercialism and profit — and I could not help but wonder if a similar sentiment can be analogous to the true spirit and meaning of travel. Although the miles and...
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Best of CH 2019: Editors’ Favorites

From our thousands of stories published this year, meaningful articles selected by our NYC-based staff Browsing the thousands of stories we published on COOL HUNTING this year, in search of personal favorites, would present many problems if the very process of writing didn’t lend itself to favoritism. When asked what we’d recommend reading, we on staff already knew the many answers. That’s because the selections …
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