what i'm reading: the instant pot bible

I've never reviewed a cookbook before, but then I've never been this enthusiastic about a cookbook before: The Instant Pot Bible by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough.Why I love this book Before I bury the lede with a lot of explanation, I'll tell you why I find The Instant Pot Bible so appealing.-- The design. When you're using a book for information, design and layout are very important. Someone (or someones) really nailed it with this one. I find it incredibly clear and easy to use.-- The f...
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Hotel occupancy grows, vacation rentals drop in November, Maui man admits buying 9-year-old girl, Mauna Kea summit road opens, Christmas Day storms wreak havoc on Oahu, Kauai, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Condos along the Ala Wai ©2019 All Hawaii News Vacation rentals throughout the state see a dip in occupancy. Supply and demand for vacation rental units throughout the state were up year-over-year in November, but occupancy was down, according to the latest data from Hawaii Tourism Authority. Pacific Business News.Hawai‘i hotels statewide reported growth last month compared to November 2018. According to the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, Hawai‘i hotel room revenues statewide grew by 7.6% to ...
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On The Road Again

I am now in the States, Arizona in particular, starting with visiting my 94 year old Mother, who is doing remarkably well. The sun setting from my airplane. I was flying from Texas to Arizona and had just nodded off when I heard the flight attendant asking for medical help. I sat up and there was a lady lying in the aisle next to my seat. She had passed out. I told the flight attendant that I was a retired nurse. I was all that there was on the plane and, luckily, not much was needed in the...
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An Experiential Travel Guide to Sri Lanka: 19 Ideas to Get You Started

Thinking of traveling to Sri Lanka, but not sure of where to start? Which places to visit, things to do or how to plan your trip? And how can you best avoid the crowds? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this Sri Lanka Experiential Travel Guide and two-week itinerary. From meeting people on trains, sharing sunrise with pilgrims and travelers alike at the top of Adam’s Peak, wandering through the tea gardens, learning to pop spices and cook Sri Lankan food in clay pots, admiri...
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How to Stay Fit and Healthy on the Road

Updated: 12/26/19 | December 26th, 2019 I’m not a healthy guy. OK, I am a very healthy guy when I am home in my apartment with my juicer, kitchen, and nearby Whole Foods. On the road, it’s another story. Even with the high expectations and goals I set for myself a few years ago, I’ve failed at maintaining a healthier lifestyle on the road. While I make more health-conscious decisions, I still go out too much, never sleep, and stuff my face with pizza because it is convenient. To try to change ...
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Video Preview: My First Stay at a Home2 Suites by Hilton Hotel

I recently booked a reservation for a room at a Home2 Suites hotel property by Hilton — specifically, the Home2 Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Cranberry, PA, which is located 20.7 miles almost due north of Pittsburgh — for $75.20 plus tax, which is a very good room rate for this brand... ...and as I was taking photographs, I realized that... The post Video Preview: My First Stay at a Home2 Suites by Hilton Hotel appeared first on The Gate.
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Historie Park Lepenburg Utrecht Nederland

After a great visit to the Spoorweg Museum on a sunny day I had to see more as my time was limited in Utrecht. It was a very short walk from Spoorweg to the very nice free Lepenburg Park. I interacted with some nice Hollanders and enjoyed my own nature ex
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Tag 5 Fahrt von Ankara nach Konya

Heute bin ich nach dem Frhstck mit der UBahn zum Bahnhof und mit dem Schnellzug nach Konya gefahren. Diese Strecke ist fast vollstndig fr Hochgeschwindigkeiten ausgebaut. In Konya habe ich mir dann ein Taxi zum Hotel genommen und mein Zimmer bezog
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Food coma

We always said we were coming to Vermont to eat us and play in the snow them and so far it hasnt disappointed on either account. Had to haul arse from our hotel in Midtown to Mecca also known as Grand Central Station to those not in the trans
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Well that's it for another year Actually until tomorrow when the Coopers arrive to liven us up from our overeating torpor There were lots of neighbourly visits with cups of tea and mince pies And Alex and I ate with Dad on Christmas eve and Christmas
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Icy Beginnings and Just Ice

An incredible start to our Antarctic experience penguins on ice flows a tor calving glaciers ice caves porpoising penguins the Polish Arctowski Antarctic station with their supply ship anchored nearby all in Admiralty Bay on King George Island in th
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Dharavi Slum Street Art Tour Mumbai

According to Trip Advisors Travellers Choice Awards one of the largest slums in Asia has became the favourite tourist experience for travellers to India in 2019 beating classic draws like the legendary Taj Mahal. The slum in question is Dhara
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Tag 4 Ankara

Gestern habe ich wieder im Hotel gefrhstckt. Dabei war die Auswahl wohl etwas trkischer als im Hotel in Istanbul. Ich habe u.a. Schafskse und Oliven und Konfitre immerhin aus dem Pckchen gegessen. Dann bin ich mit der UBahn zum Atatrk Mauso
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Putin’s Grand Gas Project Makes Sense Now - Bloomberg

Putin’s Grand Gas Project Makes Sense Now - Bloomberg:In the space of just a few momentous weeks, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most ambitious projects — a Russian natural gas export system to match the new geopolitical reality rather than the Cold War-era one — has taken its final shape. It will probably last, without major change, until the end of Russia’s run as a top energy exporter.  The finishing touches to the project, begun in 2001 with the construction of the Blue Stream pip...
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The Killer

The early films of John Woo (this, as well as Hard Boiled and Bullet in the Head) are what got me obsessed with HK cinema back in the day, and although I’ve barely seen any (HK films that is) in recent years, it’s fun to revisit that particular era. Sure, some bits haven’t aged particularly well — especially the cheesy HK music and the doves, oh the doves — but the energy and over-the-top violence is still there, as well as the charisma of Chow Yun-fat. It does suck that the audio on these...
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'No One Knows' How Much Lebanese Pound (LBP) Could Fall: Official - Bloomberg

'No One Knows' How Much Lebanese Pound (LBP) Could Fall: Official - Bloomberg:Lebanon’s central bank governor has suggested he’s struggling to contain the divergence of the pound from its peg to the dollar as the country faces its worst financial crisis in decades.“No one knows,” Riad Salameh said, when asked how much further the pound would depreciate on the black market. “When I spoke in the past, the dollar hadn’t reached 2,000 pounds,” he said, according to the state-run National News Agency...
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American Dim Sum at State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

State Bird Provisions has a cute concept - yum cha or dim sum style of food that isn't dim sum, rather Asian in style served either a la carte or via trolley. There are two menus, a seasonal menu and a daily specials menu. For a one Michelin starred restaurant, prices are very reasonable.
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‘Last Supper in Pompeii’ restaurant

This fancy London eatery is taking menu creativity to morbid heights. In 2020 Dinner by Heston will begin rolling out new menus with a series of dishes inspired by the probable last suppers of the citizens of Pompeii, the passengers of the Titanic, and Napoleon Bonaparte just before his death. The Pompeii meal was inspired by an exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum entitled “Last Supper in Pompeii.” The meal will feature carbonized bread of Pompeii and Bay of Naples butter (squid-ink infu...
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World record US cross-country drive

If you keep putting off that cross-country road trip because you can’t take three weeks off work, you could always follow in the footsteps of these guys and do it over the course of a weekend instead. Arne Toman, Douglas Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick said they drove from New York City to Los Angeles in just 27 hours and 25 minutes, setting a new world record. View this post on Instagram A post...
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Rate of average #Dubai property price declines slows in 2019 - Arabianbusiness

Rate of average Dubai property price declines slows in 2019 - Arabianbusiness:Average monthly property price declines in Dubai has slowed during 2019 compared to the previous 12 months, according to new research.Consulting firm ValuStrat said in a new report that the average loss in capital values per month slowed marginally to 0.8 percent in 2019 when compared to the average 1 percent drop in 2018.Its VPI – Residential Capital Values for Dubai as of November stood at 75.9 points, dipping 0.9 pe...
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#Saudi banking giants forecast to maintain 'strong profitability' - Arabianbusiness

Saudi banking giants forecast to maintain 'strong profitability' - Arabianbusiness:Saudi Arabia's three largest banks, National Commercial Bank (NCB), Al Rajhi Bank, and Saudi British Bank (SABB), will maintain strong profitability even as interest margins on their lending narrow because of falling interest rates, according to Moody's Investors Service.In a new research note, the ratings agency said the three banks have a combined market share of 47 percent of the country's banking assets."SABB ...
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Oil up 1% at highest since September on trade pact and crude supplies - Reuters

Oil up 1% at highest since September on trade pact and crude supplies - Reuters:Oil prices were up about 1% to the highest in more than three months on Thursday, boosted by hopes that the China-U.S. trade fight would soon come to an end and by a report showing lower U.S. crude inventories.Brent crude futures LCOc1 settled at $67.92 a barrel, rising 72 cents, or 1.07%. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures CLc1 settled at $61.68 a barrel, up 57 cents, or 0.93%Both benchmarks were their stron...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Most of Gulf falls but petrochemicals boost #Saudi - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Most of Gulf falls but petrochemicals boost Saudi - Reuters:Stock markets in the United Arab Emiratesand Qatar fell on Thursday with banking shares leading the way,but petrochemicals helped Saudi Arabia buck the trend.  Saudi Arabia's benchmark index reversed earlierlosses to close up 0.1%, with Saudi Basic Industriesgaining 1.3% and state-owned Aramco 0.4% higher at35.4 riyals ($9.44).On Tuesday, Aramco said IPO bookrunner Goldman Sachs maymake additional purchases of the oil ...
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Michael Luttig, Once Short-Listed For The Supreme Court, Is Out At Boeing

Former conservative fourth circuit federal appeals court judge Michael Luttig, who resigned from the bench in 2006 to become Boeing’s general counsel, is being retired effective the end of the year. Continue reading Michael Luttig, Once Short-Listed For The Supreme Court, Is Out At Boeing...
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Spell Creative Vision Board Workshop

Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM Set your vision for the year ahead with our Spell Angels (and manifesting queens!) Ang & Lulu. Creating a mood board (and looking at it regularly) can be a powerful practice to create your dream life. This will be a morning of cutting, sticking, drawing, talking and meeting like minded people who are all wanting to approach their goals creatively, with a big picture mindset. Lulu and Ang will guide you and help you ...
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Best rooftop bars and restaurants

Atlanta is one of our favorite food cities in the United States thanks to tea parlors and barbecue spots, lemon icebox pie, and craft breweries. But when you’re eating in restaurants and drinking in bars on the ground level, you miss the glittering skyline of new and historic buildings and the greenery of the BeltLine and other city parks. It’s only from above that you see the perfect mix of green and modern. And the best way to experience it all is by enjoying the view from a rooftop, cockta...
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Which Big Credit Card Bonuses Won’t Last?

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is "how long will this bonus last?" Maybe you don't want to apply today, but you also don't want to miss it. So you're trying to play baby bear and time an application just right. It's always hard to say when a big offer will end, but here's how I tell and the 5 big offers I expect not to stay around. Continue reading Which Big Credit Card Bonuses Won’t Last?...
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Gift Ideas for Those Who Travel

Buying gifts for those travel – either from choice or necessity – can be a challenge. Many travellers prefer experiences over materialistic things, after all. They spend all of their time searching for exotic locales, exploring new and different places or activities. But with that said, whether they are a backcountry backpacker, a social media shutterbug, or a fly-fishing aficionado, there are still some excellent gift ideas for the traveler in your life. These seven gift ideas are sure to hel...
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Winter Storm Threatens Rain, Flooding and Mountain Snow As Millions Prepare to Travel After the Christmas Holiday

A record-breaking 115.6 million people are expected to travel this holiday season between Dec. 21 and Jan. 1, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Now that they’ve made it through Christmas, many are going to prepare to head home. But for some that will be easier said than done. A powerful winter storm in the Southwest of the United States could impact millions who are traveling after the Christmas holiday. Storms in the Southwest of the U.S. Southern California exper...
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Countries where new year isn’t 2020

In many countries around the world, people are gearing up for another iteration of the Roaring Twenties. In these Roaring Twenties, Flappers are just Halloween costumes and speakeasies are little more than novelty bars, but there’s no denying the fervor surrounding the idea of ushering in a new version of the infamous decade. We easily forget, however, that the numbers on this new calendar year aren’t the same for everyone. In Japan, it’s year 2. In Israel, it’s 5,780 (the roaring 5,780s?). W...
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