Two-month truce on Mauna Kea, tour helicopter missing off Kauai, new Oahu vacation rental form spurs more complaints, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Mauna Kea scene showing road-blocking tent in July, 2019. ©2019 All Hawaii News Officials reach a truce with Mauna Kea protesters. Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim has struck a deal with the protesters on Mauna Kea, with Kim pledging there will be no construction activity by the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea and no police action to clear out the protesters during January and February provided the protesters move off Mauna Kea Access Road. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii County, TMT Protesters A...
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An Apple Romance

                              Take an apple caress it on your sleeve, until the golden delicious sunshine beams. Core the center (by piercing around the stem) creating a golden bead. Interweave the autumn jewels: Walnuts, dates, cinnamon, raisins... Bathe in maple syrup Overflow the heart. Gently bake the golden gem until the colors fuse. Before serving, add a dollop of creme fraiche and a touch of mint.           [Author: French la Vie]
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Dairy-Free Gajar Halwa (Carrot Pudding)

This post was created in partnership with Hamilton Beach Canada, as one of their brand ambassadors. All opinions, as always, are my own. I only write about and recommend products I use and love myself. Diwali came and went by in... The post Dairy-Free Gajar Halwa (Carrot Pudding) appeared first on Hooked on Heat.
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How Families and Senior Travelers Can Use this Website

Updated: 12/27/19 | December 27th, 2019 I’m 38, single, and I travel solo. These are things that probably won’t change anytime soon (though my mother keeps asking me when that second one will). As such, most of the travel tips on this website tend to be focused on what I, a single traveler, learn about traveling better, cheaper, and longer. But that doesn’t mean my advice is only for solo travelers. My belief is that budget travel tips are universal because when we all touch down in, say, Lond...
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How to Use the Sharing Economy to Travel on a Budget

Updated: 12/27/2019 | December 27th, 2019 In the decade that I’ve been traveling, the Internet has revolutionized travel. While not always for the better, there is no question that it has allowed people to share, connect, and collaborate in ways that haven’t been possible. For budget travelers, this change has led to a plethora of new money-saving and community-building apps and platforms that have made travel even more affordable and accessible. It’s never been easier to connect with locals, g...
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Review: Beyond Meat Burger by TGI Fridays

Both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have been developing alternatives to meat — such as beef — using plants and other ingredients to emulate the texture, taste and overall experience to real meat as closely as possible... ...but could substituting meat with alternative foods whose ingredients are derived from plants help not only satiate the great hunger for beef which Americans have had for centuries — to the point where it has been ingrained in the culture in the United States — but also rep...
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Christmas Eve Bonfire Celebration Nacogdoches County Texas

On Christmas Eve I attended a nice celebration at the home of the founder of the glass recycling CR Kutt Bottle charity. We started with their pot luck dinner where everybody brings one food or drink to share. The food ranged from good to very good.
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On December 7 we boarded the Regent Seven Seas Explorer in Miami for a Western Caribbean cruise. This is the first time we have cruised on the Explorer the first new ship built by Regent since the Voyager was launched in 2003. A lot has changed in ship bu
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The minihero of the minimall. Finally I'm abroad

Day 87 20.06.19. Thursday.A few days ago the small shoppingmall at Lngflon got visited by a man that was stealing and scaring the employees at the restaurant and probably other shops as well. I noticed him at the restaurant the first day he arrive
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Tag 6 Konya

Heute war schneres Wetter ich hatte gut geschlafen und das Frhstck war eine halbe Stunde spter als in Ankara. Also beste Voraussetzungen um Konya in der anderen Richtung zu besichtigen und zwar das Mevlana Museum. Auch dieses konnte ich gut zu Fu
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The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Has Turned Hallways Into 185 Square Foot Rooms

The highlights of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco are its Guinness world record-setting lobby, the largest in the world, and its club lounge which is the hotel’s former revolving top floor restaurant. Less appealing, perhaps, are the new 185 square foot rooms that the hotel has constructed out of hallway space on the east end of each guest room floor. Continue reading The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Has Turned Hallways Into 185 Square Foot Rooms...
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After Aramco’s Record IPO, Traders Now Ask How to Short Shares - Bloomberg

:Shares of Saudi Aramco have shot up 10% since its record-setting $25.6 billion initial public offering earlier this month. That’s got bearish traders wondering whether they can short shares of the Gulf oil giant.The answer: Not easily. Normally, you wouldn’t even need to ask the question. Short sales -- when an investor borrows shares, sells them and then tries to buy them back at a lower price and profit from the difference -- are an established feature of exchanges across the world and practi...
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Remains Of The Day Christmas Leftover Hacks - Roast Potato Bread & Ham Pasta Bean Soup!

Overwhelmed with a fridge full of leftovers? Try these delicious recipes that will transform your Christmas leftovers into something deliciously simple but ridiculously good too! There is a no knead bread studded richly with golden roast potatoes and rosemary as well as a ham, pasta and bean soup making use of the ham rind, something you'd normally throw away!
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The best locations to visit this summer

Summer holidays are the time of the year we always eagerly wait for. They are the perfect occasion to get away from our daily routines, especially if the place you plan to visit gives you the option of performing activities you would not get to do on a daily basis. Over the last years, two countries have step up on their tourist industries and become great places for your next holidays: Peru and Spain. Discovering Peru Peru has become a really popular tourist destination over the last years. T...
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New aurora borealis spotted by NASA

There’s a new aurora borealis in town, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Jennifer Briggs, a physics student at Pepperdine University and NASA intern, discovered a new type of aurora borealis in video footage of the sky above Arctic Norway from three years ago. With the assistance of NASA scientists and a satellite, she connected the new aurora to a retreat in Earth’s magnetic field, which is the first time scientists have ever seen an aurora caused solely by a change in the Earth’s...
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Underrated attractions in Egypt

Determined calèche drivers , peering out of carriages that have clearly seen better days, call out offering rides for less than a dollar. Cracked sidewalks require attention. Trash, bobbing up to the shores of the river, lines the streets and alleys and often attracts stray cats in search of a meal. The scenery is a somber reminder that Egypt — long a destination for visitors to see historical sites including the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, and the Giza Necropolis — has had a rough decade...
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Best museums to visit in 2020

Far from the clichés of boring and dusty venues displaying nothing but classical paintings that induce lethargy within 20 minutes, today’s museums are fun, interactive, and inclusive. This coming year especially, museums from all over the world are making sure they attract visitors with renovated space, female-focused art, amazing architecture, and modern topics like the history of make-up. So, in 2020, spend less time on the couch watching series and more time walking the galleries of these ...
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Hedge Funds Stay Bullish on Oil Amid Trade Truce, OPEC+ Cuts - Bloomberg

Hedge Funds Stay Bullish on Oil Amid Trade Truce, OPEC+ Cuts - Bloomberg:Hedge funds are approaching the end of the year more optimistic on global oil prices than they’ve been since May.Their net-bullish wagers on Brent crude climbed for the ninth week in 10, reaching a seven-month high, data released Friday show. The U.S.-China trade truce and OPEC’s commitment to deeper cuts have pushed futures to their highest since an attack on Saudi facilities in September. But skepticism is also creeping i...
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Oil hits three-month high on falling oil stocks, investor optimism - Reuters

Oil hits three-month high on falling oil stocks, investor optimism - Reuters:Oil prices rose to the fourth consecutive weekly gain on Friday, steadying at three-month highs after new data showed U.S. crude inventories fell far more than expected, while upbeat economic data and optimism over a U.S.-China trade deal fueled a year-end stock market rally.Brent crude LCOc1 rose 24 cents to settle at $68.16 a barrel, the highest since mid-September. The international benchmark has climbed nearly 27% s...
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US Oil Rig Count Falls In Last Week Of 2019 |

US Oil Rig Count Falls In Last Week Of 2019 | final US oil and gas rig count for the year decreased this week, according to Baker Hughes, reaching 805 rigs after decreasing by 8 for the week, according to Baker Hughes. The total oil and gas rig count is now 278 down from this time last year—a nearly 26% drop. For oil rigs, this week saw an decrease of 8 rigs, according to Baker Hughes data. The total number of active gas rigs in the United States held steady for the week accordi...
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Does This New Law Review Article Sound Like It’s Describing Your Life?

This new paper forthcoming in Vanderbilt Law Review sure sounds familiar to me. Continue reading Does This New Law Review Article Sound Like It’s Describing Your Life?...
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12 Best Things to do in Ghent, Belgium

Once one of the wealthiest and most powerful cities in the whole of Europe, Ghent still proudly showcases lots of fabulous medieval architecture. This is, in part, what makes it so delightful to explore. Located at the spot where the Leie and Scheldt rivers join, its gorgeous center is home to a towering belfry with
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As Low as 10,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Within the 48 United States: Delta Award Sale December 27 2019

Redeem as few as 10,000 SkyMiles for round-trip flights on Delta Air Lines — plus taxes and fees — for travel seated in the economy class cabin on select routes within the continental United States… …but you must... The post As Low as 10,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Within the 48 United States: Delta Award Sale December 27 2019 appeared first on The Gate.
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Why you should visit Oahu

To say Hawaii is an anomaly among American states is an understatement. While it’s beautiful, wild, and magically calming, it’s also completely different than anywhere else in the country, feeling more like a far-flung island kingdom than our 50th state. This difference is a huge part of why Hawaii is such a special place to visit. But there’s a huge variety between islands, and you may not always find the infrastructure and amenities you’re accustomed to. That’s not to say anywhere filled wi...
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On mental health...

Sent this email to some co-workers. Publishing it on my blog because I think this deserves a larger audience. Hi! Disclaimers first.You are getting this email because you work with me. And I work with you. In the capacity of a partner, employee, employer, friend, mentor, intern, associate, client et al. This is going to be a long email. Please DO read this. It's important to me that you do. No, you don't have to reply. So, you, of course, know me. And you know that I have always taken pride in p...
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Dead Poets Society

I end my 1989 movie marathon (at twenty movies) with certainly one of the best movies from that year. I was pleased to see that everything still resonates so strongly, thirty years later, and that the lessons from Keating still come off as exciting and inspiring (I was worried that they would now come off as a bit cheesy, considering how much lines from this movie have been quoted through the years). The brutal ending is of course still brutal, and I found it even more frustrating now, as ...
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Europe’s plastic-free ski resort

As we become more and more aware of the sheer volume of microplastics littering our beloved natural environments (from the Rockies to Lake Tahoe and the Pyrenees), efforts to reduce waste and move toward sustainability have thankfully been increasing. One such effort is being undertaken by Pejo 3000, an Italian ski resort in Val di Sole, Trentino. By banning the use of plastic bottles, bags, cutlery, plates, straws, cups, and condiment sachets in early December, the resort is trying to become...
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Airbus Planes Are Now More Popular Than Boeing Worldwide

OAG data shows that something interesting happened over the last decade. Boeing began dominant, with the 737 outpacing Airbus A320 aircraft in scheduled flights and time in the air – and several Boeing planes cracking the top 10. At the end of the decade the A320 family was ahead of the 737, and both the Boeing 757 and MD80 had dropped out of the race for dominance in scheduled flights. The Boeing 777 became more popular, and 787s spend more time in the air than Airbus A350s. However the 767 is ...
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Oldest passengers to be upgraded

In many ways , traveling can get more difficult as you get older, but Virgin Atlantic is doing its best to encourage elderly people to do it comfortably. Until January 1, 2020, the airline is offering the oldest passenger on each of its flights a free upgrade. Virgin Atlantic was inspired by a man named Jack who earlier this month gave away his first-class seat to an 88-year-old woman named Violet. One of the flight attendants on the flight posted the story on Facebook on December 10, 2019: “J...
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December 26, 2019 solar eclipse

If you happened to be traveling in the Middle East and Asia yesterday, you might have been fortunate enough to glimpse a beautiful celestial spectacle. Visible in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, an annular solar eclipse graced the sky, with the sun forming a ring of fire around the moon. Annular solar eclipses occur when the moon covers the sun’s center, but leaves the outer edges exposed, which then appear to form a bright ring. During total solar eclipses, the moon covers...
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