ETW #44 Where To Go In 2020

This week we chat with Jason Cochran, Editor-in-Chief of about their Where to Go in 2020 list. You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher. Where to go lists are actually slightly controversial, at least for industry insiders. That’s because some publications operate on a pay-to-play basis, which means destinations actually pay to be included on these always-popular lists. That’s not the c...
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The Most Spectacular Temple Towers in South India

Temple towers are generally the large entrance gates of Hindu temples in southern India. Also known as Gopurams, they are probably the most striking attraction of any temple. The taller and more colourful the Gopuram, the more spectacular it looks. Add to that the stunning sculptures and these Gopurams are absolute head turners. Though it is mostly the main entrance gates that take all the attention with its magnificent art works, some temples have multiple entrance gates which have e...
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Hotels With A Past: Rooms With Views

Read the full article on at - Hotels With A Past: Rooms With Views When checking in to your hotel, it’s always nice to request a room with a view. But how about a room with some history too? You can find one — if you know where to look. Belmond Reid’s Palace in Madeira, Portugal has been around since 1891.  One of its presidential suites is named after... The post Hotels With A Past: Rooms With Views appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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        [Author: French la Vie]
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When Rooms For Disabled Persons Are the Lowest Price…

Imagine if you were reserving a room for yourself at a hotel via its Internet web site, when you find that you can reserve a room specifically designated for disabled persons at a less-expensive rate — perhaps potentially saving you greater than $100.00 per night.” In this article from Wednesday, August 30, 2006 — greater than 13 years ago — I asked, “Would you do it?” This topic was then revisited in this article on Saturday, June 18, 2016. I encountered an actual example recently regarding the...
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Goodbye to the Swallow....Hello To Sanur

It is time to say goodbye to the Swallow House but before we leave we get to have another wonderful breakfast on the patio served by Uly. This time it was the fruit with black rice and little minirice cakes. We had time for a last dip in the pool befo
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Food in Shanghai

The food in Shanghai is so incredible it enhances the overall travel experience and can easily be its own memory. That is if someone suggests recommendations for a culinary trip I would hands down recommend Shanghai without a shred of hesitation with t
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A Vegan on Tour

And there I was hugging my mother goodbye at the airport before departing on an adventure for a month by myself with no knowledge of where I was going or even why I was doing it.It wasn't until I got to the other side of security that it dawned on me
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23rd Dec 2019 Tiruchirappalli TRICHY Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangam Ucchi Pillayar Temple Rockfort Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Jambukeswarar TempleThiruvanaikaval Erumbeeswarar Temple

23rd Dec 2019 Tiruchirappalli TRICHYI am staying at Tanjore. Today wanted to visit temples of Trichi. Tanjore to Trichi driving distance by road is 58 Km and expected to take around one and quarter hours.I started my travel today f
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France 152 St Quentin Le Bol the swimming pool the ice rink and the gym I paid too much for the aire on the complicated machine

Gabby the motorhome is currently parked on a paid aire with 12 spaces alongside Le Bol. Le Bol is a huge complex made up of a swimming pool a jacuzzi hot tubs a gym and a skating rink. All waiting to be used at a price . The machine to enter the aire
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Tag 8 Denizli und Pamukkale

Heute habe ich wieder ausgiebig gefrhstckt und bin dann mit dem Taxi nach Pamukkale zu den Kalksteinterassen und der Ruinenanlage Hierapolis gefahren. Beides war sehr sehenswert. Ich htte eigentlich gerne an einer Tour teilgenommen oder einen Gemeins
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A place away from the crowds

For the last 5 month we have been sailing up and down docking at the same 6 to 8 islands in the Caribbean. While the places we go to are beautiful and people at home think I am on a constant holiday working on the ship can get tiring. While I do have t
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Imagine a World of Camping Bowl Season part 1

This was an odd experience since the game itself was fantastic but everything surrounding it was a bit lackluster and even downright frustrating. First off let me say that I was excited I would get to attend a second game involving Notre Dame in which
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Like it’s 1989

It took a while to complete it — and I blame Star Trek V for that — but I’m now done with my latest year-based movie marathon (following 1967, 1968, 1977, 1978, 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988) with the below list of 21 movies released in 1989. Why 21? I do usually like to keep it to a round number (10 or 20), and had planned to stop at 20, but then the day I was going to write this post I read a feature in Empire magazine about the madness that was the making of Tango and Cash, and felt like I ...
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Tango & Cash

I was supposed to be done with my 1989 movie marathon at 20 films (finishing up with Dead Poets Society), but then this morning I read a feature in the latest issue of Empire magazine about the fiasco that was the making of Tango & Cash, and so I just had to watch it. It’s also a movie that came out at the very end of 1989, and so is considered the last blockbuster movie of the 1980s. Was it worth it? Hmmm… Not really, it’s not really good, and that’s the reason I hadn’t included it in my ...
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Entertain Me! Cultured Sour Cream Blinis With Caviar and Chives

Having a New Year's Party or entertaining guests and want to make something simple but delicious? These sour cream blinis have a little pop of sour cream in every bite and are paired with a delicious chive and caviar sour cream!
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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

This was a bad movie then, and it’s still a bad movie. I’d say it’s the worst Star Trek film ever made. I remember seeing this in the theater at the time, and hating it the whole way through. Optimist that I am (or try to be), I was hoping to find a bit more to like this time around, but nope, it was an incredible chore to get through it, and it’s the main reason my 1989 movie marathon went on hiatus for months — I stopped watching midway, and it took that long to gather the courage to fin...
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Black Rain

I remember loving this movie so damn much, thinking that Japan looked so incredibly cool as a place and setting (and this was years before I had any thought of moving there). I was quite worried that it wouldn’t have aged well, but I was pleased to see that it’s still quite enjoyable as a film, and you definitely can tell that it was shot there and that there was a desire to be as genuine as possible with the portrayal of Japan (something that Hollywood, especially then, didn’t really care...
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These 10 Routes Offer More Airline Seats Than Any Others

The top 10 airline routes in the world by how much capacity is scheduled are all generally in the Asia Pacific region. That includes the Mideast (Saudi Arabia's domestic Riyadh - Jeddah) and it includes Australia (Sydney - Melbourne). There's not a single route in the top 10 in the U.S., Canada, or anywhere in Europe. A decade ago South America featured once - Sao Paulo to Rio - but that's no longer in the top 10. Continue reading These 10 Routes Offer More Airline Seats Than Any Others...
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12 Best Things to do in Antwerp, Belgium

A very trendy and fashionable place, Antwerp is full of chic boutiques, intimate art galleries, and fine dining establishments. It’s also the diamond capital of the world! Add in lots of fantastic cocktail bars and a thriving nightlife scene, which has all kinds of music venues and clubs on offer, and it is easy to
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What to Take for a Safe (and Long) Night Out On the Town

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - Besides a cool outfit or a unique lewk, I always make sure to prepare for my nights out to the club as best I can. Who knows where the night might go, so it’s best to have a few necessities in case of any situation, an uncharged phone, or an unfamiliar place. As New Year’s Eve approaches, and so many of us are preparing for end-of-the-decade parties (omg), techno club benders, or big city celebrations with fire...
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Major League

What to say about Major League — it is what it is, a fun and goofy (and in the end, feel good) comedy from the tail end of 80s. It does have a great cast — with Charlie Sheen’s best role? — and I guess it does end up being one of the best sports-related films of the era (comedy or otherwise).
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Patlabor: The Movie

Mamoru Oshii is certainly one of my favorite anime film directors, and although I won’t say that this is better than Ghost in the Shell (or even Innocence), it’s still a great film, and has all the elements of what makes a good Oshii film — which if I was pushed to try and describe, comes down to tone and deep-rooted realism within the confines of a sci-fi setting. Well worth watching even now, especially if you’ve never visited the industrial mech-filled world of Patlabor.
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Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

As I mentioned in my post for Halloween 5, I do prefer the Halloween movies over the Friday the 13th ones, but hey, there’s still fun to be had here. And as silly as this sequel is — and boy is it silly — you gotta (well, you don’t need to, but you want to) give them some credit for trying to do something different by taking Jason out of his homebase and in this crazy setting. Of course, this will get topped with Part X.
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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The best thing about re-watching this was that it was as funny and enjoyable as I remembered it being. I mean, what is there to say other than it’s so fun and goofy, and I still can’t believe we’re getting a new movie in the series next year. I seem to remember that the sequel, Bogus Journey, was a bit of a letdown, but I’m sure I’ll revisit it as well when my marathons hit the year it was released.
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Mystery Train

This is my favorite Jim Jarmusch film (and I love his movies in general) and I was very pleased at how much I still enjoyed it — I don’t think I had seen it since its original release. Yes, the two Japanese actors absolutely steal the show, and I’d say I probably appreciate them even more now, having lived in Japan for so long (after I originally saw the film). It all feels so genuine, and I’m really impressed that Jarmusch was able to capture that, even though I doubt he speaks or underst...
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The Abyss

A great and underrated film at the time, and it’s still great. It’s got the great tech/mech components we expect (and that I love) from James Cameron movies, with a terrific cast (Michael Biehn everyone), and interesting sci-fi/otherworldly happenings. I know we’re about to get a bunch of Avatar movies (which does feel more like fantasy), but I do wish Cameron had produced more movies in this vein (hard sci-fi) during his career.
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