Taking a Motorcycle Ride

    Sacha, Yann and the Italian Girlfriend.       A welcomed ride on a glorious day.          Related Stories When You Come to ProvenceBuche de Noel Birthday CakeFinally on my Way Home  [Author: French la Vie]
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#climatestrike vs my brain: i am struggling with pessimism and hopelessness

I started writing this post in September, after the global Climate Strike.It was exciting to see that so many people -- millions around the globe -- understand the urgency and are willing to take to the streets. I thought, This is beautiful! This is amazing! ... and This won't change anything. Both at the same time.I hate writing that. I hate feeling this way.Along with Climate Strike, there are other positive developments -- extinction rebellion, for example, and an increasing number of civil ...
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Gloomy sky, but...

Yes, we have had some grey days…, but Paris is still there. I realised that, on this photo, you can not only see the Sacré Cœur, but also the top of the Opera Garnier, Napoleon on Place Vendôme… and, in the very front, the statue of Thomas Jefferson. I take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year ! [Author: PeterParis]
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Here There Everywhere Tree Strolling

We still have places to go and things to do. Where do you want to start first Hmmmmm.....lets go into Orlando. Remember impaired Sandy and her injuries from her fall at TP Our goal of the day is to find MetroWest Center for Diagnostic Imaging. WAZE plea
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Looking for 2020 Vision

It sounds rather strange to say 2020 as in vision the ABC News show or calendar year. Perhaps we can see clearly now the rain has come It is the start of a new decade. Maybe it will be my last it does not matter. The world has changed s
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My Five Best Burgers

Despite the plethora of specialty cuisines Kaiseki dinners and tasting menus around the world the American hamburger is still near the top of my food choices. Here are my five best. I would be curious to hear about yours. 5. The Kingsburger P
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Craig and Ross in Cambodia

Blog 3 A Singapore postscript.January 4 2020Hello folks. I hope 2020 is being kind to you so far and that you are not fire affected.For the last leg of our trip we traveled from Phnom Penh across to Singapore on Jetstar. Our experience
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The first five days of 2020

Today is the fifth day of the year / decade / whatever you want to call 2020. And I know that these 5 days haven't been the greatest of them all. I have been unwell since the 28th and today it's the 8th day when I've had something or the other affecting me. Its nothing serious (I hope). Just some cold, cough, sore SORE SSOORREE throat, choked nose and general lethargy that the Bombay weather has brought upon us. Oh, I slept in the wrong position and my entire left side is hurting like a bitch. Y...
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Notes on Hindu rashtra

This is a placeholder post. There is too much material on this topic, and I’m not going to be able to highlight it all here, but a few snippets, now and then, to support my research. Whose word should we take? The RSS is a very slippery organisation. It plays with word and hides behind […]
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I Got One Detail Of The Mileage Run Mexican Jail Saga Wrong

A former producer of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette took an end of year mileage run and wound up in a Mexican prison. Many people were calling into questions details of his story but most of it actually checks out. However Kimmel reached out to me and let me know there was one detail of the story I had gotten wrong though. All this wasn't even to renew his Executive Platinum (100,000 mile) status. He was mileage running to make Platinum Pro (75,000 mile status). Continue reading I Got One...
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Wait: Hotel Charges Use of Safe Plus Tax — But Not Responsible For Valuables?!?

You might have noticed that the math did not quite add up when you read this article which I wrote pertaining to being charged $1.50 for use of a safe — with limited warranty — in addition to my room rate and tax when I stayed at the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia. The initial estimated total for the room when I reserved it was... The post Wait: Hotel Charges Use of Safe Plus Tax — But Not Responsible For Valuables?!? appeared first on The Gate.
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Glenlogie Rose Garden Wanganui

This is a small rose garden situated at 97A Anzac Parade. It is opposite Kowhai Park which you will be visiting if you have children with you.I have visited many stunning rose gardens in NZ but this isn't one of them. If you have been to the ones such
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Monkey Business - A Man And His Monkey, Randwick

A Man and His Monkey cafe is located on Clovelly Road in Randwick. They serve up terrific value colourful, fresh and herby Israeli dishes as well as cafe classics and sweet, friendly service.
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Climate Change Once Again

I have a lot of work piled up. I usually deal with piles of work by entertaining myself watching TV and YouTube. It’s more fun than doing serious stuff. However one topic is both serious and fun. It’s the climate change hysteria. It’s fun to watch the Chicken Littles running around clucking “the sky is … Continue reading "Climate Change Once Again"
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Wakehurst Place Botanical Gardens West Sussex

Welcome to 2020 happy New Year and back out into the wild for us This time its a journey out in the Bongo into the South Downs and to Wakehurst the sister gardens of Kew Gardens in London which we went to last year and really enjoye
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Chase Will Ban Third Party Apps That Use Your Password To Screen Scrape Their Site

f you use Award Wallet to check your frequent flyer account balances, you give them the username and password for your accounts and with a single click they check your accounts for you (and you can log in with a single click as well). Award Wallet and other services are going to have to change the way they interact with Chase, and the information they’re able to get may be limited Continue reading Chase Will Ban Third Party Apps That Use Your Password To Screen Scrape Their Site...
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CURIOUS – Curated to Stimulate, Celebrate and Invigorate your 2020 as Cunning Stunts Collaborate!

CURIOUS – Stimulate your new year and join us as we Celebrate Cunning Stunts 2020’s inaugural line up: Dj’s PHIL PERRY (Full Circle UK), LUX VELADA, DALE STEPHEN + LORD SUT with SHE J (Tijuana Cartel) – LIVE on percussion as you dance and invigorate in the best sounding shed in the southern hemisphere! Saturday 11th January, 2019, 4:00pm – 11:00pm TICKETED 18+ event at The Billinudgel Hotel CURIOUS – Dj’s and live musicians creating Cosmic Osmosis – An extraordinary night from the team behind ...
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Oh, Hey. I’m 56 Today

Because my birthday is in January, I save the retospectives and resolutions for the morning of. I snap a selfie once I’m awake enough to get one I like, but there’s no pretense, I don’t do my hair or put myself through a bunch of filters that make me look younger than I am. One of the cooler things about being so very middle aged is that I’m all, “Fuck it, this is what you get. This is who I am. Face value, yo.” This morning I am at my friend’s house in rural Virginia. I have a wicked sore thro...
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Woman sues TripAdvisor after falling off runaway camel

A woman is suing TripAdvisor after a runaway camel tossed her to the ground during a tour in Morocco.Breanne Ayala, 24, is accusing Massachusetts-based TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator of negligence and breach of contract for... [Author: [email protected]]
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Jersey Woman Sues TripAdvisor After Being Injured Riding a Camel

(DEDHAM, Mass.) — A woman is suing TripAdvisor after a runaway camel tossed her to the ground during a tour in Morocco. Breanne Ayala, 24, is accusing Massachusetts-based TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator of negligence and breach of contract for failing to ensure the camel tour company was operating safely, The Boston Globe reported on Friday, citing the lawsuit. The suit was filed in Norfolk Superior Court on Monday. Ayala, who is from New Jersey, and her family booked a sunset camel t...
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France 167 Deauville and Honfleur a tale of two aires Overlooking the Pont de Normandy Christmas lights and the rain has arrived

Gabby the motorhome is parked up on a massive aire overlooked by the massive Pont de Normandy and is being blown about like a bit of tumbleweed. The rain is pounding on her roof. We have never heard it bounce off so much . It is falling in Biblical proport
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Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas Price List New 2020

Years ago, and I mean years…a visit to CocoCay (when it was properly pronounced Coco”Key”) forecast a relaxing day at a peaceful beach in the Bahamas.  The only time you waited in line for anything was for a volley ball court.  For $7, you could Read More The post Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas Price List New 2020 appeared first on .
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13 Best Songs About Travel

Following my stab at a list of the 13 best movies about travel, I thought I'd work to come up with the very best songs about travel. That's a very different exercise than the best travel songs, this isn't a 'play list for the road' it's about borrowing someone else's poetry to describe the travel experience. There's no question that George Gershwin didn't write Rhapsody in Blue to be about travel, but it's equally clear that the 1924 composition has become inextricably linked with United Airlin...
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Visit to Relatives in Rakov Potok Hrvatska

Long ago there were two brothers living in a farm at Garasici or Falascak. First was my grandpaw who moved to the Eastern USA. The second stayed in Hrvatska and established a nice family farm in Ratov Potok. The grandson of the second brother was the reti
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Earn 500 Bonus World of Hyatt Points Per Night January 2020 at New Hotel and Resort Properties

You can earn 500 bonus World of Hyatt points per qualifying night for staying at new hotel and resort properties around the world during specified offer periods, which became effective as of Wednesday, May 1, 2019… …and because... The post Earn 500 Bonus World of Hyatt Points Per Night January 2020 at New Hotel and Resort Properties appeared first on The Gate.
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Booking.Com Rebooks a Man in a Womens Dorm After Hotel Reneges on Reservation

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Booking.Com Rebooks a Man in a Womens Dorm After Hotel Reneges on Reservation...
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River ship review: the SS Joie de Vivre

The SS Joie de Vivre, Uniworld’s latest offering, is the first super ship built at 125 metres, as opposed to the standard 135. As such, it’s able to slip through France’s winding channels to dock at moorings that are simply too small for other ships. It can even get right into the heart of Paris […] The post River ship review: the SS Joie de Vivre appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Alaska Cruisetour Day 6

A leisurely morning as the ship was in open waters speeding towards the Hubbard Glacier area. We were supposed to reach the glacier around 4 PM. There is no port to stop here. Captain will stop close to the glacier for sometime for all us to take a look an
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Alaska Cruisetour Day 5

Woke up at leisure this time. All of us worked out that morning before breakfast. Good variety by Fairfield Praveen and I ran around a park near by. It was extremely nice. We got an Uber to Egan convention center. Well organized. We dropped off the bags t
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Central Europe TourDay 09 Salzburg to Frankfurt

Last day full day of trip before getting on the long ride to USA. We had to pay separately for breakfast here. After our morning duties we checked the breakfast spread to see if it is worh paying 15 euros per plate. The spread seemed good. We finised ou
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