LGBTQ+ students added to Hawaii Title IX, high-tech economy boosted by cyber spies, Sensei Farms transforms Lanai agriculture, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Gay pride parade in Hawaii ©2020 All Hawaii News Hawaii's new Title IX law includes protection for LGBTQ+ students. Hawaii's new Title IX law is the first in the nation to include protection for LGBTQ+ students. Activists say this addition is a positive step forward in expanding rights in educational programs. KITV.State senators grill University of Hawaii on salary funding details. University of Hawaii officials Friday were unable to answer pointed questions from state senators about who...
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Samsung’s GEMS exoskeleton is now an ‘immersive workout experience’

Remember the G.E.M.S. (Gait Enhancing and Motivation System) exoskeleton Samsung introduced last year? Plot-twist. It’s a workout device now. One of the weirdest elements of a super weird keynotes was actually a fascinating pivot. I wore a prototype of the device lates year, which offered both walking assistance and resistance. The latter is what’s at play here, with the robotic wearing giving you increasingly difficult workouts. Taking a stroll with Samsung’s robotic exoskeleton That...
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The Way to a Man's Heart

French Husband loves to eat. I was taught that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. It stands to reason that we'd make a good team. Except he eats so fast. His plate is cleared-off before I've taken my first bite. Honestly, he shatters the French image of proper dining etiquette. He borderlines abnormal in this department. I've often wondered why he doesn't enter a food eating contest. To slow down his rapid hand-to-mouth feeding, I ask him simple non-threatening questions. (Non-th...
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Still Alive Tag 97 Ab in den Urwald

Der heutige Tag war nicht allzu spannend eigentlich bestand er fast nur aus einer langen Busfahrt. An Bahnhof wurden wir ein bisschen hin und hergescheucht und schlielich in den falschen Bus gesetzt doch es fiel noch rechtzeitig auf und so kamen wir am
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Still Alive Tag 96 Ich bin ein Lappen

Heute ging ich vormittags wieder zur Italienischen Botschaft. Diesmal hatte sie sogar offen Ich ging zu der Tr vor der ich gestern stand klingelte und wurde vom Securitytypen an eine andere Tr auf der anderen Seite des Gebudes weitergeleitet. Dort
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Homeland Security warns businesses to brace for Iranian cyberattacks

Homeland Security is warning U.S. companies to “consider and assess” the possible impacts and threat of a cyberattack on their businesses following heightened tensions with Iran. It’s the first official guidance published by the government’s dedicated cyber advisory unit, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, just days after the killing of a leading Iranian military commander, Qasem Soleimani. The U.S. government had accused Soleimani of targeting and killing U.S. personnel acros...
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Eargo’s latest hearing aid improves bandwidth and noise cancelation

Bay-area based medical device startup Eargo just announced its fourth gen product at CES. The Neo HiFi builds on past learnings from the six-year-old company. The improvements are mostly around sound quality, including increased bandwidth and improved wind noise reduction and feedback cancelation. Eargo says all of the above should combine to offer, “a more natural listening experience with a more full-bodied sound.” Other new features include to the line’s “Flexi Palm design” — those funny ...
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The Ups and Downs of Visiting Walt Disney World As A Solo Adult

It seems strange for me to think about but, until just a couple of years ago, I had never before visited a Disney Park. After my first trip to Disneyland in Anaheim though I was hooked and it has since become an important part of my travel life. Some will poo-poo it, but that’s their issue not mine. I love visiting Disney Parks for many reasons, but at its core the experience is pure and innocent fun, the likes of which is all too rare to find. Even though I had visited Disneyland several t...
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Comedy at the Brunswick Picture House

This January and February you can catch some of Australia’s most well loved comedians right in Brunswick Heads (20kms north of Byron Bay). Judith Lucy VS Men. Five shows 8-12 January Judith Lucy is single again… and 51. She recently reflected on her entire history with men and concluded that maybe it was time to shut up shop. Frank Woodley — Work in Progress. Five shows 8-12 January Frank is often referred to as a *@#!KING CLOWN — he chooses to take this as a compliment that reflects his mas...
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How Canceling Netflix Saved Me Time & Made Me Happier

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - By now, it’s no surprise that the end of 2019 was a stressful time for me—personally and professionally. But now that we’re in 2020 and I’ve declared it the YEAR OF ME, I’ve committed to spending my time more productively. And on more of the things that make me happier. Netflix is a big part of our lives and has been for a long time. I had a Netflix subscription way back when, when DVDs came in the mail in thos...
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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time to Travel!

Updated: 01/06/2020 | January 6th, 2020 As the sun rises on a new year, we look out on the horizon and determine to be a better version of ourselves. This year we will travel more. We’ll ponder the exotic locations we hope to find ourselves in. We’ll think of the adventures we’ll go on and the people we’ll meet. We’ll begin to formulate plans, research trips, and start saving money. But, as the year progresses, most of us will abandon those dreams, forever pushing them off as life throws u...
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Meet Ballie, Samsung’s rolling personal assistant that does…stuff

This time last year, we asked the question: is Samsung getting serious about robotics. I’m not sure we’re that much closer to an answer, but tonight’s CES keynote pointed to a company that clearly wants to convince us of as much. Though much like the demos shown off last year, tonight’s devices were concepts — indications of what a Samsung could bring to market if it was determined to do so. Is Samsung getting serious about robotics? The headliner is Ballie (pronounced Ball-E). Still ve...
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Netflix and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’ will launch on January 24

“The Goop Show,” an upcoming reality series co-hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and tied to her lifestyle company Goop, now has a launch date and a trailer. Goop has faced many accusations of promoting and selling pseudoscience — most notoriously, perhaps, in selling jade eggs for vaginas — and it seems like the series is embracing the site’s reputation, as it will feature what Netflix calls “boundary-pushing wellness topics.” In fact, the company also released an eyebrow-raising poster today, with ...
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Hyundai is Uber’s newest partner for building flying taxis

A little less than three years after it first announced its vision for adding flying taxi service to its portfolio of offerings, Uber has landed its first auto manufacturing partner on the skyway to making its Air Taxis real. The company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it would be working with Hyundai Motor Company as the first major auto manufacturer to join Uber’s Elevate program. Uber targets 2020 for on-demand VTOL demo flights in Dallas and Dubai The two companies unve...
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New Orleans International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But…

New Orleans International Airport — in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration — now allows the public to access shops and restaurants beyond the security checkpoint of the terminal without requiring the purchase of an airline ticket... ...but at the present time, access is only available... The post New Orleans International Airport Now Open to Public Access — But… appeared first on The Gate.
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RUSSIA Who are you sharing the sunrises with

Wildfires scorch and scour our Australian bushland as I rise to the 2020 New Year.Green can become flaming orange then become ashes and tears.Images of the ever spectacular Sydney NYE fireworks and simultaneous Fire Rescue videos of sparks flying
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Chikmagalur A refreshing Gateway

The last trip of 2019 was to Chikmagalur also known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka. Though travelling to Chikmagalur was not by choice but by chance. While planning for Gokarna and then Varkala finally ended up with Chikmagalur as because train ti
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24 Best Things To Do In Melbourne Alone

Melbourne is not only the most liveable city in the world, but it is also one of the solo travellers' friendliest cities in the world. With so many places to visit, you can easily spend a week in the city without getting bored. I'm lucky to have been several times on my solo trips in […] The post 24 Best Things To Do In Melbourne Alone appeared first on Rocky Travel. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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15 Unforgettable Things to Do in Glacier National Park, Montana

Oh my, Glacier National Park in Montanta is an unforgettable USA travel experience. Jagged snowcapped peaks and glacier blanketed ridges stand guard over green and blue hued lakes, whilst wildflowers and wildlife fill alpine meadows and rivers and waterfalls gush through forested valleys. Avalanch Lake There is an incredible amount of things to do in Glacier National Park including some of the best hikes and scenic drives we have done anywhere in North America, and great wildlife spotting op...
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35 Top Day Hikes in Canada – Personally Tested

I have been very lucky to spend a lot of time doing hikes in Canada – across all provinces and territories. What I look for in a great day hike is superlative scenery – with my preference being coast, lake or mountain views or even something that makes the hike unique. The Mingan with its fantastic eroded rock monoliths would be a great example. I’m not a fan of hiking miles through forests without a view. From decades of hiking I think these are 35 of the greatest day hikes in Canada. ...
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KY eats – Kwong Wah Cendol, PJ Seksyen 17

Like many of you, I love myself a bowl of ice cold dessert on a hot day, and in this part of the world, what’s better than a bowl of ice cold cendol, one of the most popular cold desserts this part of the world. I mean, bingsu & kakigori is nice and all, but they’re not cendol. Kwong Wah Ice Kacang at Happy Mansion Good cendol is easily found in Penang and Melaka, but if you’re in Klang Valley, most options tend to be of the mamak cendol + rojak variety, which is alright to curb addiction, but ...
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Icelolly secures investmentIcelolly secures investment

Company gets andpound;2m to finance growth plans
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British woman convicted of making false rape claim is expected to be pardonedBritish woman convicted of making false rape claim is expected to be pardoned

Sources say president of Cyprus will allow her to return home
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Someone Released Bed Bugs On Purpose, Police Are Investigating

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Someone Released Bed Bugs On Purpose, Police Are Investigating...
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2018 Bucharest to Amsterdam

July 24 2018 Vienna day 1. We were taken on a brief tour on the tram around the Ringstrasse a road encircling the old city built where the medieval wall had been. Simon and I split from the main group and took the subway out to Schnbrunn Palace the h
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Ecuador Awaits...

This coming week I will be returning to EcuadorIt has been six years since my last visit and I could not be more thrilled to return to the land see how it has changed and explore new areas. I will be staying with a host family for the first two we
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