Seven Months of Loving you

Seven months old.  in Gabriel’s bedroom is a baby ballerina bar and mirror he loves it.           [Author: French la Vie]
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2020 Hawaii Legislature opens with speeches, rallies; mayors seek congestion pricing, vehicle registration increase; Honolulu councilwoman seeks 4-day workweek; Big Island parks to get corporate sponsors, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

2020 opening day for Hawaii House PC:House Majority Lawmakers open 2020 session with big plans for taxes, preschool, housing. Hawaii lawmakers thumped the gavels to open the 2020 session of the state Legislature Wednesday with an unusually detailed plan for the laws they plan to pass this year, and with a large demonstration by Hawaiian activists rumbling in the background. Star-Advertiser.Can Hawaii’s Elected Leaders Save The State From ‘Drowning?’. Legislators kicked off their 2020 sess...
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Portugal Highlights in 17 Photos

I recently returned from my first visit to Portugal and the trip was so amazing that I know it’ll take me many posts to properly share what the experience was like. Before I start sharing those stories in earnest though, I want to first publish some of my favorite photos from the trip. Even though the weather wasn’t entirely cooperative, I still had an amazing river cruise experience with Viking and I know that my first visit won’t be my last. Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lis...
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Travel is a Privilege

Updated: 1/16/2020 | January 16, 2020 Let’s face it: not everyone is going to able to travel. Whether it’s money, family obligations, or circumstance, travel is out of reach for a large percentage of the world’s population. In the “quit your job to travel the world” cheerleading that happens so often on travel websites (including this one), we often forget that it’s not so easy for everyone. Yes, years on the road have shown me that, for many of us, our inability to travel is partly a mindset i...
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Hoi An

We arrive in Hoi An after a gruelling 16hrs on an overnight train. This doesn't sound so bad in theory 8hrs or so of that you're sleeping then it's only an 8hr journey. The truth is you're confined to an incredibly small bunk bed room with 3 other peopl
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Mendoza Aconcagua og vintur

Mendoza 1217 januarVi trodde vi ville komme fram i mrket og hadde derfor bestilt henting p flyplassen denne gangen ogs. Men nei da her skinte sola og varmen slo mot oss da vi gikk ut av flyet 2332 grader gjennom dgnet. Hotellet U
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Binongko Island Tomia Island Wangi Wangi Island Lambusango Jungle and Buton Island Southeast Sulawesi. December 2019.

I'm sitting in a little coffee shop on a cold and sunny Seattle day about 2 weeks after returning from my trip memories flooding back as I write this. I never know I'm going to have free time until suddenly I do the stars aligned Dec 10th or so. I had pl
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Should we be worried about a possible military draft?

Earlier this month, sabre-rattling and threats of further escalation of the war between the US and Iran led to widespread fear that the reinstatement of military conscription might be imminent. Those fears were reinforced by a wave of fake induction notices sent by text messaging to potential draftees' cellphones. Are fears of a new military draft justified? Was any of this a surprise? What can we learn from this episode? (Posted by Edward, 16 January 2020, 07:04)
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Binongko Island Tomia Island Lambusango Jungle and Buton Island Southeast Sulawesi. December 2019.

I'm sitting in a little coffee shop on a cold and sunny Seattle day about 2 weeks after returning from my trip memories flooding back as I write this. I never know I'm going to have free time until suddenly I do the stars aligned Dec 10th or so. I had pl
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If Baba Ramdev can get Babul Supriyo a BJP ticket in 3 days, what’s the big deal over a Lingayat mutt head demanding cabinet berths for 3 Lingayat MLAs?

  The most touching aspect of a Lingayat mutt head publicly “threatening” Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa to include Lingayat MLAs in his cabinet, failing which he would incur the wrath of the entire Lingayat community, is the faux outrage—first from Yediyurappa himself on stage, and then from the outside world. On social media there has been a welter of criticism at the audacity of the swami to upbraid an elected politician—and grudging appreciation of Yediyurappa’s angry comeback...
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Trucks VC general partner Reilly Brennan is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

The future of transportation industry is bursting at the seams with startups aiming to bring everything from flying cars and autonomous vehicles to delivery bots and even more efficient freight to roads. One investor who is right at the center of this is Reilly Brennan, founding general partner of Trucks VC, a seed-stage venture capital fund for entrepreneurs changing the future of transportation. TechCrunch is excited to announce that Brennan will join us on stage for TC Sessions: Mobility. ...
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Hotel Managers and Owners Be Warned – You are Responsible for Your Hotel’s Data Security | By Robert Braun

On January 6, 2020, the Director of the FTC's Consumer Protection Bureau published a blog post with changes to the FTC's approach to its orders and settlements of data breach enforcement actions. One of the key elements of the report was a revision to the FTC's routine enforcement practice to ensure that its remedial data security orders include greater specificity about compliance expectations for companies subject to enforcement action and for third-party assessors engaged to conduct FT...
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Ryanair wins court case against SkyscannerRyanair wins court case against Skyscanner

Interim injunctions taken out against flight comparison website
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Ryanair claims Flybe is 'doomed to fail again and again'Ryanair claims Flybe is 'doomed to fail again and again'

It threatens legal action unless 'subsidies' are extended to rival airlines
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Stobart blames merger clearance delay for Flybe's woesStobart blames merger clearance delay for Flybe's woes

It says it took too long to get control of the airline
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Gone But Not Forgotten

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that my phone got stolen on a busy bus. With the strikes still going on, but slowly getting better, buses and trains are crowded. I will clutch my purse to my chest from now on. I had my old phone so we went to get a new sims card and they offered us such a deal on a new iPhone 11 if I turned in my old phone, that we decided to get one. It didn’t take too much to convince me but my old phone leaves a lot to be desired. First world problems as they say....
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The Many Faces of Fes

Leaving the remarkable ruins of Volubilis behind us thoughts about what we had just seen in the historic Roman city still rambled around in our brains but it was time to move on. Driving in an easterly direction our destination was the city of Fes once
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Celebrity Cruises reshuffles senior teamCelebrity Cruises reshuffles senior team

Jo Rzymowska gets new role as regions are switched around
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Motel 6 Expands Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Efforts

Motel 6, a leader in the economy lodging segment in the United States and Canada, today announced partnerships with Truckers Against Trafficking and New Friends New Life as part of the company's ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking. These two partnerships come as the nation recognizes Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January, which highlights the growing problem worldwide.
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Hilton Unveils ‘Tempo by Hilton’

Hilton (NYSE: HLT) today launches Tempo by Hilton, an approachable lifestyle brand curated to serve a growing segment of "modern achievers" who seek a hotel experience that reflects their ambition. By combining thoughtful design and diverse lifestyle partnerships, Tempo by Hilton provides hotel owners and developers with a highly scalable brand that is both uplifting and within reach for future guests - all powered by an efficient service model.
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United Eliminates Contract Lounge Benefit For Star Alliance Customers

United has been inviting its business class customers to contract lounges in about 30 cities, and they’ve extended this option to Star Alliance members are well even though they aren’t required to. Now United has mostly eliminated the practice. Except at two airports United no longer invites Star Alliance Gold members (who aren’t flying business class) to use contract lounges. This move (naturally) follows one made a few years ago by Delta. Continue reading United Eliminates Contract Lounge Bene...
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Bill Munro speaks of 'traumatic' and 'harrowing' tribunalBill Munro speaks of 'traumatic' and 'harrowing' tribunal

And says there could be more legal action to come
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STR: US Hotel Results For Week Ending 11 January

The U.S. hotel industry reported negative year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 5-11 January 2020, according to data from STR.
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STR: Canada Hotel Results For Week Ending 11 January

The Canadian hotel industry recorded mostly negative year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 5-11 January 2020, according to data from STR.
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The shadows and silence of an abandoned Japanese hotel

The light was fading and the building is slowly falling apart, but almost a quarter of a century after closing its doors, this hotel has a silence and atmosphere all its own.
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Day 3 Petra Jordan

Morning Wakeup call today was at 6 am but our alarm was at 530. Breakfast was at 630 and bus pull out was 730 as we were making the long drive to Petra. If you look in a map you would see that there is some distance between Amman and Petra. It will be
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Surf's Up At NoKu Beach House, Bali

Do you ever walk past waterfront homes and wonder who those people are? How did they get there in life? Are they happy? Do they have the same cares and joys as everyone else? Life on the "other side" is entirely possible in Bali. There are villas that give you a taste of the life of the rich and the famous without costing you a small fortune.
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15 Memorable Places to Visit in Andalusia

The southern region of Spain is a lovely fusion of culture, architecture, and natural beauty. Colorful fiestas with loud locals in flamenco dresses dancing and drinking along the streets, pilgrimages where large statues of praised saints are carried for miles followed by decorated horses, tractors, and devoted people. A varied landscape of rolling hills, steep ... Read more 15 Memorable Places to Visit in Andalusia The post 15 Memorable Places to Visit in Andalusia appeared first on Everything...
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Top 5 Adventure Holidays for Your Family Bucket List

When most parents think about their vacation, they usually picture sandy beaches, great cocktails, and a bundle of kid-friendly activities that will keep their youngsters occupied. However, if your family is nothing like this, and you enjoy having action-packed holidays, you have come to the right place. The following list includes a list of destinations that offer different kinds of activities for people of all ages. Whether you enjoy water sports or rock climbing is your thing, go over these ...
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