Albertone 100: Rome Celebrates Alberto Sordi

Actor and life-long Roman Alberto Sordi was born in 1920. His home in Rome will open to the public to mark the centennial of his birth.
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Being a Flâneur in Rennes

            A view from my mother in law's home.                                                 Walking about Rennes under a big unusual blue sky brought to mind the French word Flâneur which is best described, (via The Local) « A flâneur is someone going for a stroll, taking in the sights and sounds of the streets and possibly having some elevated thoughts as they do it. It has a sense of sophistication, possibly even intellectualism, as it originated in the 19th century when onl...
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Uniworld starts legal action against MSC over 'traumatic' Venice collisionUniworld starts legal action against MSC over 'traumatic' Venice collision

It accuses MSC of 'stonewalling' and being 'unprofessional'
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CURIOUS – First of Feb brings the sunset beats as Cunning Stunts soothe the heat!

CURIOUS – Make your February sunset sweet with Cunning Stunts line up designed to bring the beat to your soul and feet, with Dj’s LIPPO, R.I.A., DALE STEPHEN + LORD SUT with GABRIEL OTU – LIVE on African percussion. All guaranteed to soothe the heat as you dance and mingle in the best sounding shed in the southern hemisphere – a monthly feat! Sassy and sweet, our Cunning Stunts resident DJs Lord Sut & Dale Stephen spin the boogie with the beat. Their awesome selections and fantastic tracks s...
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House of Memories in Yangon

It's been little over 4 months for me in mordern day Yangon and to my knowledge I found out that 3540 of the total population of the city are either Indian or Indian Origin and living in Myanmar for a long time and had become a local people only but the
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Comparing Disneyland & Walt Disney World: Honest Thoughts

It was only two years ago when I first visited a Disney theme park. I’d always wanted to go but, for some weird reason, just hadn’t. That changed when I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland in California. Since then I’ve returned four times, visited Walt Disney World in Florida twice and even spent a day at Disneyland Paris. Still, I am nowhere near being a Disney expert, but my experiences in the parks do provide me with an interesting opportunity to step back, appraise them from a pseu...
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India Ancient and Modern

India is one of the world's oldest countries with civilization established in the region approximately 10000 years ago. Both Buddhism and Hinduism have deep roots from India. In modern time with population close to 1.4 billion this world populous democ
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Most people have lost their hard earned money thro...

Most people have lost their hard earned money through this BINARY OPTIONS TRADINGS, yet they would go to meet FAKE HACKERS who are also scammers unknowingly to help them recover their money and they would end up losing more money in the process. I'm  willing to put an end to these unbearable swindle scheme. CONTACT ME - [email protected] Website - [Author: Hack Ethics]
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It actually hurts and bring  tears to my eyes when...

It actually hurts and bring  tears to my eyes when I read comments of scammed victims ripped off by  BINARY OPTIONS AND FAKE HACKERS. I know actually know how it feels and hurts to lose money you have worked half of your life for to invest with the thoughts of getting returns when you are retired. It was all a scam in the end.  STOP BEING SCAMMED BY THESE BINARY OPTIONS AND FAKE HACKERS. I've had enough of complains from clients over the months who has one way or the other being a victim of ...
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Best Places to Visit in Summer

There are some places that are great to visit in the winter. In the same way, there are some places that are just amazing in the summer. Today we will look at those places that will make your summer vacation amazing. Read on to find out the best places to visit in summer. Best Summer Travel Destinations Hawaii Hawaii is one of the best places to visit in the summer. Each of the 6 major islands are more than willing to welcome you and your friends. Make sure to visit Hawaii in the summer to g...
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Austin Rocks: Callahan’s General Store

(Part of the Austin Rocks series of posts by a local about things to do and see in Austin, Texas)   When someone owns chickens, they need chicken feed and chicken wire for fencing repairs and some scratch and maybe to replace a waterer. Growing up, we’d visit my grandmother in East Austin and I’d spend time out in her big, narrow backyard where her chickens ran around. She...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Surprise Yourself in San AntonioAustin Rocks: Dazed and Confused at...
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Duetto's David Woolenberg Promoted to CEO

Duetto, hospitality's innovative software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions, has promoted David Woolenberg from President and Chief Operating Officer to Chief Executive Officer. Woolenberg will continue to lead Duetto's business growth strategy and operations and will join the company's Board of Directors.
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Manquehue Hotels Expands Properties, Personalizes Guest Experiences with Oracle

For 36 years, Manquehue Hotels has been delighting guests with unique properties and top-notch service. When the group looked to expand its footprint in Chile with three new hotels, they turned to Oracle Hospitality to help support this rapid growth. With Oracle, Manquehue was able to efficiently establish internal operations at the new hotels and enhance the overall guest experience for its customers.
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No more emotional-support animals on planes except specially trained dogs if these new FAA rules are approved

• Whither the in-flight emotional support miniatures horses? • “Officials highlighted a few areas where they are most eager to get comments, including whether miniatures horses should continue to qualify as service animals” Proposed new FAA rules would mean no more passengers bringing what are identified as emotional-support animals on airplanes, unless the animals are specially trained dogs that meet requirements. On Wednesday, The U.S. Department of Transportation [DOT] proposed that only s...
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No more emotional-support animals on planes if these new FAA rules are approved

• Whither the in-flight emotional support miniatures horses? • “Officials highlighted a few areas where they are most eager to get comments, including whether miniatures horses should continue to qualify as service animals” Proposed new FAA rules would mean no more passengers bringing what are identified as emotional-support animals on airplanes. On Wednesday, The U.S. Department of Transportation [DOT] proposed that only specially trained dogs qualify as service animals -- which, according t...
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Wild Horses and Bison

blog 011920 Wild horses and bisonThe day started with light rain showers so I took care of some business inside waiting long enough for the clouds to thin then took Watson for a walk. We went to the lake shore to see who was out and found some critte
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What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 14

As I was driving along a highway on a cold but sunny day, I noticed something which caught my attention and immediately pulled my vehicle over to take a photograph with my camera... ...and I immediately found at least one thing which seemed incorrect, as shown in the photograph above. For this... The post What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 14 appeared first on The Gate.
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Stone & Wood Event: Join beer-lovers in the GABS Hottest 100 Countdown at both our Byron and Brissy breweries!

Australia’s biggest craft beer poll, the GABS Hottest 100 is on and the countdown fast approaching! On Saturday 25 January, both Stone & Wood breweries are hosting official countdown events to build the hype and celebrate another epic year of Australian beer and brewing. Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay 100 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 From 12.00pm, our Byron crew will run a tinnie bar in the brewery’s beer garden and keep track of the GABS countdown, with triple j’s beloved Hottest ...
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Den 5. Pralesy s nejstarmi stromy svta Kauri a dlouh psen ple

Zatmco ztoka Bay of Islands je omvan vodami Pacifiku zpadn pobe Tasmanskm moem. Dnen prvn zastvkou byl vhled prv na toto moe kter je lemovno psenmi plemi v nkterch mstech i psenmi dunami k
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Oodles of Noodles at IIKO Mazesoba

Iiko Mazesoba is a new eatery that specialises in mazesoba, a soup-less noodle dish where you mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. There's a eight strong mazesoba menu as well as sides and an adorable dog mascot and merchandise.
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How to ski the Big Sky resort

Wild, untamed, and home to some of the gnarliest lines you can ski from a chairlift. Such is the lore of Montana’s Big Sky Resort, which had piqued my interest — as a big-mountain snowboarder and adventurer — for more than a decade. I came to Montana to find what seems to be rapidly disappearing from many ski areas under corporate conglomeration. I wanted to ride some extreme terrain, yes, but I also wanted to spend time with the people who built their lives around that terrain, the people i...
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Get a One-Way Ticket on Southwest for as Little as $49

If you’re having trouble staying motivated lately, you might just be feeling the symptoms of the post-holiday slump. Fortunately, we have an idea that might help you get through this difficult time.Read more...
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King of Spain signals strong support for UNWTO’s Tourism ambitions

Held to mark the 40th anniversary of FITUR, one of the world's leading tourism trade fair and the first one to be held every year, the dinner also saw Ministers from around the world join public and private sector leaders to celebrate tourism's status as a key pillar of the global sustainable development agenda.
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How to experience Sámi culture

Geographically, Arctic Europe makes up the majority of the land traditionally inhabited by Europe’s only indigenous people: the Sámi. A Finno-Ugric people, the Sámis have historically lived off the land by hunting wild reindeer and fish and later herding reindeer. They have lived in Northern Europe for thousands of years, before it was colonized and referred to as the countries we know today; Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Although Sápmi — the land of the Sámis — stretches south of the ...
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20-year-old WI cheddar for sale

In the wintertime , it’s always a good idea to stock up on emergency food in case of a sudden blizzard. Few foods are more comforting than cheese, and now you can purchase 500 pounds of 20-year-old cheddar. Wisconsin cheesemaker Tony Hook is now ready to sell his 20-year aged cheddar at $209 a pound. Half the proceeds will go toward funding dairy research at the University of Wisconsin, which might just make that high price tag a bit more palatable. Ken Monteleone, owner of Madison cheese-sho...
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Brewing A Better Espresso, With A Shot Of Maths

Mathematicians, physicists and materials experts might not spring to mind as the first people to consult about whether you are brewing your coffee right. But a team of such researchers including Dr. Jamie Foster, a mathematician at the University of Portsmouth, are challenging common espresso wisdom. They have found, that fewer coffee beans, ground more coarsely, are the key to a drink that is cheaper to make, more consistent from shot to shot, and just as strong. The study is published i...
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Uniworld starts legal action against MCS over 'traumatic' Venice collisionUniworld starts legal action against MCS over 'traumatic' Venice collision

It accuses MSC of 'stonewalling' and being 'unprofessional'
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A Six Month Odyssey

22.01.2020FESAfter spending a free day exploring Chefchaouen we moved on to Fes yesterday and we are here for 2 nights.On the way we stopped at the ancient city of Volubilis which covers a 42 hectare area. The then capital was founded i
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New Study Ranks Airline Business And First Class Award Availability

IdeaWorks made 3600 award searches for premium cabin awards across 18 airlines. They always searched for 2 seats at a time for travel between June and October. For each airline they looked at the 10 routes over 2500 miles with the most seats on offer. United, Delta, and Scandinavian are the worst airlines at offering premium cabin award space on their own flights, according to Jay Sorenson's new study. Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore, Emirates and Etihad are the best. Continue reading ...
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Southern India

Think end of January cold icy winds drifting over the banks of snow frozen noses and reddened cheeks from walking driving on icy roads. Had enough Sorry I figure this time of year is a good time to wander off to somewhere warmer now think southern
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