Zwischen tiefblauen Wasserlchern gelben Husern und rosanen Vgeln

Auf dem Weg nach Merida halten wir auf der wunderschnen Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman nur 10 AutoMinuten und eine Schotterpiste von Valladolid entfernt. Die ehemalige Farm ist heute ein exklusives Hotel mit Pool aber auch Gsten von auerhalb ist es erl
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Disney Sweet Collections by Tokyo Banana Store in Japan

Disney Sweet Collections by Tokyo Banana Store in Japan Are you a Disney and Tokyo Banana fan? Forget about the Disney Tokyo Banana that you can buy from DisneySea or Disneyland, there is a Disney Sweet Collections by Tokyo Banana store opened recently in Tokyo. This is the first and one and only Disney Sweet Collections by Tokyo Banana Store in Japan. We took a while to find this Disney Sweet Collections by Tokyo Banana Store inside the JR Tokyo Station. They are located inside ...
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January 2020: Travel Summary and Statistics

I don’t even know how to begin writing about January. It was… a month.  I kicked off 2020 with a panicked phone call to New Zealand’s Healthline service at 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day. I had spontaneously developed nerve pain across my body — tingling and prickling all over, and a sensation that had me feeling like my body had been both set on fire and dipped into a bucket of menthol. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, but things were about to get even scarier.  Because I was soon to le...
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Connecting to American Eagle In Chicago? Expect Wet Bags

According to Department of Transportation statistics American Airlines is number 8 out of 8 airlines in baggage mishandling. They view this as a competitive disadvantage in the Chicago market where they lag United (#4 of 8). So they're working to improve their baggage reliability statistics. Whether the bags make it to you dry seems like it may be another matter. Continue reading Connecting to American Eagle In Chicago? Expect Wet Bags...
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The Long Walk and Longer Canter

Day 13. 1stFeb SaturdayUp at 8 again whilst still dark. Had a boiled egg green black olives bread butter with coffee orange juice. 2 birds come in the restaurant each morning as at Ouarzazate despite no open windows or doors. I
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Winter Sun 1 Antigua arrival

Hi AllSo were off again for some winter sunAn early start a slow but uneventful drive to Gatwick and a half empty Virgin Atlantic flight to Antigua. Cathy and I were both able to take 4 seats and stretch out for bit We picked up a hire ca
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Day 22 New York City

Had an awesome day today Or really the second part was awesome and the first bit was a little stressful. Ill start with the first bit. So weve noticed that when we get to the airports at the recommended time we sit around for ages and ages no
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Travesseiro, Sintra's Light As Air Pillow Pastry!

Visiting Sintra? No visit is complete without trying Travesseiro, their famous pillow shaped pastry (the word literally means pillow). These delicate, light as air pastries are made of puff pastry filled with a sweet, eggy almond cream and dusted with caster sugar on top. They have a pocket of air on top of the almond cream and melt in the mouth, their presence only marked by the sprinkling of sugar and pastry crumbs that fall upon your clothing.
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As Low as 10,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Worldwide: Delta Award Sale February 1 2020

Redeem as few as 10,000 SkyMiles for round-trip flights on Delta Air Lines — plus taxes and fees — for travel seated in the economy class cabin on select routes from the continental United States to destinations around the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean… …but you must... The post As Low as 10,000 SkyMiles Round Trip Worldwide: Delta Award Sale February 1 2020 appeared first on The Gate.
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Byron Writers Festival annual membership drive offers best ever prizes!

Byron Writers Festival kicks off its 2020 Membership Drive on 3 February and invites you to join or renew as a member to support the creative arts in regional Australia, with some incredible prizes on offer. Festival Director Edwina Johnson says “We receive less than twenty percent of our revenue from public funding, so the generous support of those who join our ‘festival family’ is vital to enable us to share so many remarkable stories and ideas with our audiences. ‘Membership numbers continu...
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A Six Month Odyssey

31.01.20ImlilEssaouiraArrived in Essaouira mid afternoon yesterday. We were lucky enough to score an ocean view room at Riad Mimouna. The 180 degree views are spectacular from our corner roomA wander around the medina for the re
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Tag 2 Groer Arber

Am zweiten Tag dieses Wochenendausflugs haben wir gut gefrhstckt und sind dann zum Groen Arber gefahren. Dort sind wir mit der Gondelbahn nach oben gefahren und dort eingekehrt. Viel konnte man dort nicht spazieren gehen weil berall die Skifahre
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7 Things I Love About the Biggest Airline Rewards Card Offer in 5 Years

Five years ago there was a 100,000 mile offer for the premium American Airlines card with $450 annual fee. But we haven't seen a U.S. airline credit card offering 100,000 miles as an initial bonus since then - other than United business cards. This is a fantastic card to have if you live in a city with lots of United service, fly them regularly but not enough for elite status, or you're an elite who wants upgrades on award tickets or help towards the spending requirement for status. Continue re...
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Tag 1 Glashtte und Groer Arbersee

Letzten Samstag bin ich mit meiner Mutter zur nachtrglichen Feier meines 45. Geburtstages vom Raum Nrnberg in den Bayerischen Wald gefahren. Erste Station war die Glashtte in Arnbruck wo wir etwas herum gelaufen sind und Kaffee getrunken haben. Von
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‘Black Swan’ Virus Outbreak Fears Send Oil Short-Selling Soaring - Bloomberg

‘Black Swan’ Virus Outbreak Fears Send Oil Short-Selling Soaring - Bloomberg: Oil short-selling is surging as hedge funds brace for a catastrophic viral outbreak from China that’s curbing travel and threatening global demand for jet fuel and other petroleum products.They increased wagers against West Texas Intermediate crude by 52% in the week ended Jan. 28, the biggest spike since August 2018, data released Friday show. Panic over the virus that emerged last month pushed crude down 16% in Janua...
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Kazakh President says planning $11bn joint projects with the #UAE - Arabianbusiness

Kazakh President says planning $11bn joint projects with the UAE - Arabianbusiness:The UAE and Kazakhstan plan to implement joint investment projects worth about $11 billion, the country's President has announced during a visit to Abu Dhabi.Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said the two countries have maintained "exemplary relations and cooperation in many respects" in comments published by state news agency WAM.Tokayev made the remarks during a keynote speech at the UAE-Kazakhstan business meeting in Abu D...
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Speed of reforms sweeping through #SaudiArabia divides opinion - Arabianbusiness

Speed of reforms sweeping through Saudi Arabia divides opinion - Arabianbusiness:Social changes sweeping Saudi Arabia have been embraced by many but Ibrahim, a middle-aged teacher, frowns as he rejects the "blistering and shocking" reforms that are breaking long-held taboos.The kingdom's ambitious de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has introduced multiple economic and social innovations in a kingdom where public life was once severely curtailed by uncompromising religious police.U...
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Here's how to plan for a trip to Japan

I've been to Japan at least 8 times, so I feel like I am pretty good at knowing what I need to do before I go. This video, "Must-Do Things Before Flying to Japan" has a number of useful tips, like how to book a good restaurant in advance, how to get a SIM card, how to book tickets to Disneyland, how to get a rail card, how to get a visa (most countries give you 90 days with no visa required), and which medications not to bring with you.
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LATAM to Leave the oneworld Alliance Effective May 1, 2020

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. will no longer be a member of the oneworld airline alliance effective as of Friday, May 1, 2020 — but customers of the airline who have earned elite level status will still enjoy the benefits offered by most airlines of the oneworld airline alliance via their flights and airport lounges through Thursday, April 30, 2020. One notable exception is that... The post LATAM to Leave the oneworld Alliance Effective May 1, 2020 appeared first on The Gate.
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How To Identify Flea Bites And How To Protect Yourself From It

Our relationship with fleas has been tense for centuries. While fleas are a major inconvenience nowadays, they used to be one of the main harbors of the Bubonic Plague, commonly known as the Black Death which caused from 75 to 200 million deaths in about 4 years in 1347. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about the plague anymore, but fleas are known to be resilient and troublesome insects that can wreak a formidable amount of havoc in different environments. Fleas are parasites that can only ...
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What To Look For When Finding An Affordable Hotel

If you are looking to score a great deal on a hotel room for your next trip, there are several tips that you may want to employ to save money. Then, you can enjoy a great stay while having plenty of money left over to do some extra things or to start planning your next destination. Consider Business-class Hotels Particularly in Europe, business-class hotels can be a great deal if you are planning a summer vacation as business travelers tend to take their vacations then, and they travel less o...
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How To Manage Back Pain While Traveling

If you have chronic back pain, that is bad enough. To be faced with the prospect of traveling while experiencing that same back pain is almost too unbearable a thought for many people to even think of. At the same time, travel is a necessary part of life for many people. That is why it is important to learn how to effectively manage back pain while traveling. With a bit of planning, the effects of the pain can be minimized even when you are thousands of miles away from home. Stay as Active as ...
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Despair Not An Option

Ive come from a place where despair is not an option where too much glitter is never a thing. Days when I find myself occupied in the house I have only to step outdoors to be slapped in the face by surprise burros requiring sombreros infants teethin
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28th Jan I have been to Edinburgh several times and it is a place I really really like. I have seen and done quite a few of the major sights in the city so I searched for some new or different to me things to do. Since I would be arriving in the early
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Are Apple Cards Deteriorating After Just Six Months?

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Are Apple Cards Deteriorating After Just Six Months?...
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8 Ways to Create a Peaceful Bedroom to Come Home to From Travel

A peaceful bedroom encourages you to get a great night’s sleep. When that happens, you awake more ready to face the challenges of the new day. Taking from these easy steps can help you make your bedroom a more peaceful environment for sleep. Declutter If you are like most people, your bedroom ends up with a lot of clutter pilling up. Start by creating three areas in another nearby part of your home. One area is for the things that you want to keep, the other area is for the things you want to...
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A Tiny Splash

  We can be delicate and strong, We can be sad and share joy, We can have today and live it by moment by moment and yet yearn for tomorrow and the next day too. We can have nothing to say and yet want to scream and remain silent. We can feel the sun on our faces and feel the rainstorm running down on our cheeks. We can be hungry and not want to eat, and eat and still feel hungry. We can waste so much time on so many unimportant things and yet guard what is important with our lives especially...
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My Top 8 Packing Tips for a Business Trip

Are you planning on going on a business trip? You are definitely super excited but also overwhelmed with all the preparations. Traveling is fun, especially if you are moving abroad, but the most challenging part comes in preparations and packing. You have to ensure that you have carried everything you need and that all the items are safe. You are probably going on business travel to showcase your new business products in a tradeshow. This is a big move, and you must ensure that everything turns...
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Last day in Beijing The Forbidden City

I will limit my texts in this blog and let my photos take you there. I spent my last day in Beijing to check out The Forbidden City which is also called The Palace Museum. My hotel was pretty close to this place so I didn't need to take a train to get he
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