pupdate? in which i worry about traumatizing our dog who has zero recall

Cookie does not, will not, come when called.She is just not interested.At mealtimes, "wanna eat?" will bring her running. And if she's in the backyard or on the deck, the sound of the clicker and the treat jar will usually work.But at the beach, she has no intention of coming back to us.We've done the high-value treats, we've done... everything. The beach is simply too wonderful to leave. I am Cookie, and I answer to no one. Last year, on a wet, cold day, I was waiting outside the lib...
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MisterBnb is the AirBnb Alternative for Gay Travel

MisterBnb is a gay travel site where we can rent without the hassle of bias or rejection. Basically it’s a gay Airbnb. The great thing is that you can now book […]
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How will India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 impact schools?

As the Joint Parliamentary Committee considers the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, MediaNama will publish a series of articles from legal experts focussing on the key aspects of the Bill and how they will affect users and companies. This is the ninth article in the series. Read our extensive coverage of the Bill here. By […] ...
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Happy Groundhog Day

blog 020220 Happy Groundhog DayA lot has happened since my last blog so I will try to give the Readers Digest version.I wrapped up my stay at Thousand Trails with my girlies had a wonderful visit from my Indianapolis cousins Dave and Nancy Mal
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Decorative Glass Art and Architecture Across the Globe: WOW!

... Do click the title to see the full, beautiful article!
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Decorative Glass Art and Architecture from Around the World: WOW!

... Do click the title to see the full, beautiful article!
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Turkish Airlines Sent 3 Americans on Their First Global Journeys for Its Super Bowl Ad

If Americans are the world's only citizens to have visited the moon, surely they can also make time to visit other countries right here on Earth. That's the theme of Turkish Airlines' 2020 Super Bowl spot, "Step on Earth." Airing in the Big Game as a 30-second spot, the ad's expanded version weighs in at...
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J.Lo Is the Action Hero of Hard Rock’s Super Bowl Heist

Hard Rock International's first Super Bowl ad ever was as star-studded as expected. Directed by and (briefly) starring Michael Bay, the ad featured DJ Khaled as a masked bandit who steals Jennifer Lopez's diamond-encrusted reusable cup. Lopez's fianc?, Alex Rodriguez, also made an appearance, alongside Steven Van Zandt and Miami's own Pitbull. The 60-second ad,...
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A Goodbye

There are many people living up in Montmartre that are well known to the locals and are celebrities in this small circle. One of these was Michou who was a very eccentric showman who owned a cabaret that put on shows featuring transvestites. (La Cage aux Folles was based on this) He only drank champagne and only wore blue and was said to be a very kind man. He died recently-he was in his 80’s-and was buried in the small local St Vincent Cemetery in Montmartre where many locals are also buried. I...
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Travel Alert February 2020: Winter Weather to Impact the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States

If the Rocky Mountain region of the United States is in your travel plans over the next few days, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to the weather — due to a winter storm. A winter storm is tracking across the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, as snow is expected from... The post Travel Alert February 2020: Winter Weather to Impact the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States appeared first on T...
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Mint Tea Crawl in Hot Hot Sun

Day 14. 2ndFeb Sunday8am start again. Breakfasted the usual. Packed our bags and left em in reception. Then went out into the oven of a Sunday in Taroudant. It was hot hot hot low 30s I think. We decided to do a bar crawl Moro
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Song in my Heart England London Tuesday 2018 August 21

My big day went even better than planned Not wanting to get lost yet again I took the main roads Euston a few blocks out of my way and Tottenham Court Road which morphed into Charing Cross Road. Magic happens according to the map at Trafalgar Squa
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Special Restaurant Reservations For Chase Cardmembers

A year ago Capital One launched a relationship with dining reservations site Resy, setting aside tables at great restaurants for cardmembers. American Express went and acquired Resy and now American Express has a much weaker Resy partnership. Capital One quickly went out and partnered with OpenTable. Yet somehow I didn’t even realize that before these things happened – a full 19 months ago – Chase launched a partnership with restaurant booking site Tock, which sells tickets to restaurants (top e...
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thiopien 201920

thiopien Die historische Route zu den heiligen Sttten der thiopischorthodoxen Christen am Dach Afrikas Dec. 282019 Addis Abeba Nach der Ankunft am Morgen Rundfahrt in Addis Abeba. Wir besuch
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A Tokyo salaryman’s Monday morning walk to work

Sadly even the weather didn’t seem to brighten up this salaryman’s thoroughly miserable looking Monday morning.
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Sesame Street! Raspberry Tahini Ganache Tart

This tart is a sweet tooth's dream. A crisp layer of cinnamon shortcrust pastry tart is filled with raspberry jam and a creamy tahini white chocolate ganache filling. It's sweet but also incredibly moreish at the same time! And a little tip -this is wonderful frozen too!
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A Coronavirus Treatment May Be Working

With a ban on non-U.S. citizens and permanent residents entering the country within 14 days of having been in China going into effect, China Eastern has announced a suspension of its U.S. flights. Coronavirus has claimed lives, infected many, and led to worldwide panic and turmoil in markets. If we're looking for a bit of good news, though, Thailand may be seeing some success treating the virus with a mixture of anti-flu and anti-viral drugs. Continue reading A Coronavirus Treatment May Be Wo...
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Luxury travel news this week

Here’s a round-up of luxury travel stories that have caught the eye this week. To make sure you receive these new weekly alerts in your web browser, please click on the red bell icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and click ‘subscribe’ (works on desktop only – for other ways to […] The post Luxury travel news this week appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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20201 Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1242020 Hong KongHong Kong la Special Administration cua China. Rong 1000km2 1300 nho hon Viet Nam voi 7.5 trieu dan hay 112 Vietnam ma moi nguoi trung binh kiem duoc 48000 do lanam. Voi so dan dong nhu vay tren mot lanh tho
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20201 Ha Long Bay Viet Nam

Ha Long Bay 1222020 Halong BayHom nay la ngay 1222020 du thuyen se den Halong Bay . Toi thuc day that som luc 4am de xem du tghuyen tut u tieng den Ha Long Bay toi muon thay hon dao dau tien cua Bay nay. Cung nhu nam 2019 toi den day vain
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20201 Hue Vietnam

Hue 1212020 Da NangDu thuyen den Da Nang luc 9am. Lan nay du khach tu dong len bo khong can phai can tender. Toi di den Hue de vieng Kinh thanh Hue. Toi den Lang Tu Duc voi muc dich thay mo cua vua Duy Tan.Tren duong di toi den To Dinh Tu Hie
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20201 Nha Trang Vietnam

Nha Trang 1202020 Nha TrangSang nay du thuyen den Nha Trang luc 9am. Du khach phai di vao bo bang Tender nen toi vao bo luc 11am vi rat dong du khach khoang 3000 nguoi ma chi co 8 Tender moi chuyen chua 80 nguoi nen su di chuyen rat cham.
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20201 Saigon Vietnam

Saigon 1192020 Saigon VietnamVao the ky thu 2 truoc Tay Lich Viet Nam luc do ten la Nam Viet duoi thoi nha Trieu sau do doi thanh Annam cho den thoi Nguyen Phuc Anh hay vua Gia Long 1802 doi thanh Viet Nam. Tuy nhien ten Annam con dung cho
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20201 Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sihanoukville 1172020 Sihanoukville CambodiaDat nuoc Cambodia co 97 la nguoi Mien va .1 la nguoi Viet Nam tren manh dat rong 181000km2 bang nua Viet Nam va chi co 15 trieu nguoi bang 16 Viet Nam. Duoc doc lap tu Phap nam 1953. Hien tai s
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20201 Singapore

Singapore 2020111 to 25 Chuyen di Singapore Thai Lan Cambodia VietNam va Hong Kong 1122020 SingaporeToi khoi hanh di tu Lax luc 1040am ngay 1112020 va den Tokyo luc 310Pm ngay 1122020 mat 11hrs bay. Toi den Singapore luc 1
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20201 Laem Chanbang Thailand

Laem Chabang 1152020 ThailandThai Lan rong 514000Km2 gan bang 2 Vietnam nhung co so dan it hon voi 66 trieu dan. 86 Dan goc Thai va 14 la Chinese. 95 theo dao Phat. Moi nguoi trung binh kiem duoc khoang 450thang hoi cao hon Vietnam. Th
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The Ultimate Guide to Ramstein Germany

We share our ultimate guide to things to do in Ramstein Germany including the best hotels, museums, activities for kids and the best day trips from Ramstein.  When you think of tourist destinations in Germany, your mind usually goes to cities like Berlin and Munich. While those are certainly exciting destinations, they aren’t always convenient options for those who find themselves in Germany. Instead, many people end up in Ramstein, Germany. The U.S. Air Base in Ramstein (and the surrounding ...
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ETW #48 Taking a Cruise in 2020

What people think about cruise travel varies dramatically and hinges on their own travel experiences. Past cruisers are usually head over heels in love with the travel style, while newbies have a certain level of skepticism that has always baffled me. I’ve had many opportunities to try a variety of cruise styles over the years, and while it’s not how I always choose to travel it is a way of seeing the world that I truly do enjoy. We’re delving a little deeper into the world of cruise travel...
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Will Travel Insurance Help You During Bad Weather?

Read the full article on at - Will Travel Insurance Help You During Bad Weather? Let me set the picture. You paid for your beach vacation. You arrive and a tropical storm shows up. There’s no swimming, and nobody is on the beach. Your vacation is ruined. But you bought insurance. Is that going to help you? The answer is not necessarily. Click on play, and let me explain… The post Will Travel Insurance Help You During Bad Weather? appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detect...
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