Designing the Perfect Quick Getaway to Oklahoma City

In recent years I’ve firmed embraced the concept of micro-vacations; quick weekend getaways to new spots. Sure, I also love those weeklong adventures halfway around the planet, but I’ve learned the necessity of leaving home more frequently as a way to decompress and mentally reset myself. Any trip we take has benefits, and most recently I found myself enjoying those benefits in Oklahoma City. I had briefly visited the capital of Oklahoma while driving Route 66, but since spending 12 hours (...
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Travel News: February 19, 2020

United Airlines to Replace Biscoff Cookies With OreosTravel Pulse Brace yourself. United Airlines has made a momentous decision regarding its in-flight snack offerings. The carrier has announced it will replace its Biscoff cookies with something more well-known and more popular. Oreos. Oreo Thins, to be exact. Dream Hotel Group plans Las Vegas property in 2023Travel Weekly Dream Hotel Group plans to debut the Dream Las Vegas casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in 2023. Set to open...
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Does an Income Share Agreement Make Sense for You?

by  Carolyn Ford Income share agreements (ISAs) are gaining traction among students as a means of funding higher education. In this blog post, Carolyn Ford explores the pros and cons of ISAs. She also describes how to compare an ISA to a traditional loan. As students accept offers of admission and prepare to arrive on campus, they usually take stock of their capacity to cover the costs of their degree through personal financial resources, employment, institutional financial aid, private...
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Hawaii former governors worried about future, Honolulu to increase bus fares for seniors and disabled, Kim proposes another TMT delay, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu bus stop  ©2020 All Hawaii News Four Ex-Hawaii Governors Say They Fear For Our Future. Civil Beat interviewed four of Hawaii’s most prominent leaders. They had a lot to say about our growing social and economic problems and the lack of leadership to help resolve them. Civil Beat.Six Feet Above: Where To Draw The Line On Sea Level Rise. Lawmakers are considering how far to set back new developments as well as specific strategies to deal with climate change. Civil Beat.Kealoha case...
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Caffè Florian Celebrates Venice Carnival 2020

Carnival Revelers at Caffè Florian - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) Caffè Florian has always been the place to be and be seen during the Venice Carnival. Thousands of people all over the world expressed their love and concern about the plight of Caffè Florian when images of the flooded cafè spread across social media after the November 12 aqua granda in Venice. The situation seemed bleak.Happily, life goes on: I am glad to report that Carnival revelers have once again flocked to the bel...
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Bangkok Thailand Update Siam Paragon Mall

Bangkok Thailand Update Siam Paragon Mall How is the situation in Bangkok right now? Is it safe to travel to Bangkok? Are the shopping malls empty in Bangkok right now? Like everyone else, we heard rumours of empty malls in Bangkok due to the current situation of the corona virus and hence we travel to Bangkok to check out the real situation. We went to Singha Park Balloon Fiesta last week and did a short trip in Bangkok and visited Siam Paragon Mall. We went to Siam Paragon Mall...
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Into our 2nd week

Tuesday 18th FebruaryWe are now into our 2nd week here in Mauritius continue to enjoy the hospitality of all of the staff here at the hotel. The room maid beach boys reception waiters and bar men greet us each day or at meal time like we are long
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The Architecture of Cybersecurity Institutions in India by CCG at NLU, Delhi

by Gunjan Chawla, CCG at NLU Delhi. This is an edited excerpt of Part IV and Annexure ‘B’ of CCG’s Comments to the National Security Council Secretariat on the National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 (NCSS 2020). The full text of the Comments can be accessed here. This consolidated organogram is a depiction of cyber security institutions […] ...
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The Woman with an Appetite for Teriyaki Chicken.

The woman sitting next to my brother talked and talked on her cell phone to one person than another I could tell this wasn't her first day of chemotherapy but rather one of many. She talked about her plans for her bathroom, "Do you think tiling the bathroom wall is necessary, maybe we could have a free-standing tub and simply paint the walls... I think pale blue would be pretty... well, yes if we had grandchildren tiles would be practical but being practical is so boring..." Later she chatted wi...
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blog 021820 ArtesiaLynne and I left the campground at 10 am and Watson got to come along with us. The day was cool and cloudy so we thought going to discover a town about 40 miles south that was known for it's art and sculptures was a really good i
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20202 Dead Valley California. USA

Dead Valley nam trong tieu bang California va la noi nong nhat dia cau. Ngay 7101913 di duoc nhiet do la 134 F tai Furnace Creek in Dead Valley. Dead Valley tao thanh Dead Valley National Park voi dien tich la 7800km va la noi thatp nhat Bac My voi 282
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20202 Valley of Fire Nevada USA

Valley Of FireValley of Fire nam trong tieu bang nevada rong 186km2 va duoc tao thanh boi Red rock Sand Dunes cach day 150 trieu nam .
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J&K police lodge FIR against people for using social media via VPNs; Our take

The Jammu & Kahsmir police on Monday lodged an FIR against people for using social media platforms via VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), reported the Indian Express. Why was the FIR lodged? The FIR has been lodged taking note of the social media posts by ‘miscreants’ using VPNs, which allegedly ‘spread rumours regarding the current security […] ...
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Lunch and Museums in Roswell

blog 021720 Lunch and Museums in RoswellWe had a nice slow start to the day with the second cup of coffee enjoyed in the sun outside. This is the first time on my southern trip that it was warm and nice enough to be in the open air delightful
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How to Stay Connected With Airalo eSIMs

Airalo eSIMs for anyone who enjoys traveling and spending there time outdoors likely has experience dealing with the hassle and frustration that comes with managing SIM cards. While there are times when this process can be easy and straightforward, it can make for a time-consuming process if the cell phone that you use doesn’t support ... Read more The post How to Stay Connected With Airalo eSIMs appeared first on As We Travel - The World - Travel, Traveling, Travel Videos
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The World’s Top Destinations for Casino Holidays

Whether you’re a beach lover or a city explorer, why not pack some extra excitement into your next getaway, by heading to one of the world’s top destinations for casinos? Casino holidays are becoming increasingly popular with gamblers of all abilities. And though Las Vegas remains the go-to destination for many, it’s certainly not the only place to enjoy a mix of sun, sightseeing and casino thrills. Try your luck in Aruba, also known as the ‘Vegas of the Caribbean’, where you’ll find white-sand...
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Exploring Asia with Responsible Tourism

Exploring Asia with Responsible Tourism Exploring Asia with Responsible Tourism – Traveling in Asia is mesmerizing thanks to the variety of natural beauty, cultures and experiences it provides. With tourism increasing and becoming such a big part of economy in many countries, the pressure on nature is more than ever. Tourist comfort and convenience often scores higher on priority, making the tourism industry turn a blind eye to nature conservation and thus it becomes a responsibility of the tour...
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2020 ideas for solo female travelers

No mere trend: Solo female travel is here to stay. Women around the world are getting out of their comfort zones to discover the challenges and rewards of planning and executing a trip all on their own. Solo travel encourages confidence, allows you the freedom to do exactly what you want on a trip without having to compromise, grants total immersion in a different environment and culture, and gives you the chance to connect with locals and other travelers. Whether you’re looking to make new f...
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Macau casinos permitted to reopenMacau casinos permitted to reopen

Casinos subject to new health regulations
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Two New American Airlines Paint Schemes Fire Back At Delta

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Two New American Airlines Paint Schemes Fire Back At Delta...
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The triumph of Quilotoa....And Jan's new love......

The final push.Today was the day when we were either going to conquer the Quilotoa Loop or it was going to conquer us. Even chances slightly weighted towards victory to the mountain if you were a betting man.We were on our way by 0800hrs with 9
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Uruguay Montevideo La Pedrera Colonia del Sacramento

UruguaySpanjolene kom til til omrdet som i dag heter Uruguay i 1516. Fram til 1828 ret som Uruguay ble en selvstendig stat var det en stadig kiving mellom stort sett portugiserne og spanjolene om herredmmet. Landet er i dag en
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Defunct Japanese vending machines

Japan is well known for its vending machines. With good reason too, as despite the ever-increasing number of convenience stores, the vending machine is still ubiquitous. Yet seeing one that’s no longer operational, let alone left to rot, is surprisingly rare, so below is a selection of the ones I’ve stumbled upon over the years. Some are still there, some may well be long gone, but in their own decaying way, all of them were oddly interesting.
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Veg Out! Spicy Plant Based Black Bean Burritos

Looking for a delicious way to add more veggies to your diet? I pinky swear promise that you will not miss the meat in these plant based burritos! That's because the filling is so tasty and full of creamy textures. There's the seasoned rice, black bean filling, salad and the ingredient that brings it all together, the addictive vegan garlic sauce or toum. This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!
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Wine and Roses

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but I have a few photos from that day and some memories of course. This isn’t from Valentine’s Day but a bottle of rosé I bought for three euros at Lidl. I like the label. Maurice went to our local grocery store, Monoprix to buy some drinks and was gone so long I almost called him. They were having a special in which if you buy two bottles of wine, they will engrave the bottles and you get a bouquet of roses. I’m not sure what I will do with the bott...
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5 luxury things you must do in Phuket

Nestled in a group of islands in Thailand, Phuket is a must-see location that is full of natural beauty, and it is famous for the white sandy beaches. In fact, there are over 30 beaches on this one island, and these range from popular and bustling to more secluded and hidden for those prepared to […] The post 5 luxury things you must do in Phuket appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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New Capital One-Branded Lounge Coming To Washington Dulles Airport

This week the Washington area airports authority will authorize a contract for new lounge space in the old control tower, a project whose possibility I wrote about last April. The lounge will be just past TSA, total 9100 square feet, with branding sponsored by Capital One. Continue reading New Capital One-Branded Lounge Coming To Washington Dulles Airport...
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Why This Amazon Travel Wallet Is One Of The Best Impulse Buys Our Shopping Editor Ever Made

I've never lost a passport, phone or ID at an airport. And now, I never will.
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This $14 Travel Wallet Is One Of The Best Impulse Buys I've Made

I've never lost a passport, phone or ID at an airport. And now, I never will.
Tags: Travel

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