Tucson AZ

February 17 2020 we continued east to Tucson. This was our longest drive for quite awhile 250 miles. It was pretty straight and flat though across I8 to I10. The landscape was a mix of mountains cattle lands and desert. We passed through the Sonoran D
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Should You Come to Venice? Report from the Ground: Venice & the COVIT-19 Coronavirus

Venice Carnival 2020 - Costumed revelers from France - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) The word "quarantine" is a Venetian word, and means "forty days." In medieval times, Venice was on the cutting edge of healthcare for its citizens by confronting how to prevent the plague from entering the city. Venice was a major commercial center for international trade, and much of the world's goods passed through its waters.In 1423, Venice established the first plague hospital on Lazzaretto Vecchio...
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Saturday Feb 29 at Sea

Today is bonus day at least as far as counting the days in the year. There is one extra day today. Unfortunately that does not convert into a bonus day of the cruise. Today is still the last full day of the cruise and as usual it is disappointin
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Hawai'i our first week on Maui

We were very happy that our trip hadn't been delayed any longer as on our first morning in Maui the resort put on a breakfast out on the main patio. Lots of fruit cornbread muffins cinnamon buns and great fun. The resort manager is a native Hawaiian and
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Not just games - Riyadh Bureau ht @ahmed

Not just games - Riyadh Bureau:I was barely six months old when Saudi Arabia’s national football team won the Asian Cup for the first time in 1984 after defeating China in the final that was played in Singapore. Four years later, Saudi Arabia retained the title in Doha as they overcame South Korea in a penalty shootout.Even though I was too young to remember myself, I have such fond memories of these victories because my late father kept a cassette video tape by famous Kuwaiti commentator Khalid...
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Equateur 1 la selva

Presque un mois en Equateur riche en aventures et dcouvertesArrivs le 29 janvier a Quito une ville normetentaculairequi stend sur environ 87 km plusieurs millions d'habitants sur plusieurs collines bruyante pollue et pleine de pic
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Petes nosh blog and nearly losing my wife

First things first the food.I tend to remember people and places by the nosh I consumed at the time so heres some of my Ecuadorian experiencesWe like to venture into the gastronomic unknown. Sometimes one gets a semblance of what a menu item
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On Top Of The World

Our ship left Bergen last night at 9.30pm and we sailed through the night stopping at several small ports along the way including Floro Maloy and Torvik these were just 10minute stops to drop offpick up supplies.Waking up this morning there was
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Going East At East Phoenix, Zetland

""Blythe wants to eat lamb chops at East Phoenix," came the message from my mother. My sister was flying to Singapore the next day and she's somewhat obsessed with eating lamb cutlets at the Chinese restaurant East Phoenix.
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20202 Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio 2212020 Rio BrazilHom nay la ngay dau tien toi den Rio nen toi danh ngay nay de di den noi quan trong nhat la Christ the Redeemer buoi sang de buoi toi toi xem Carnival. Christ of the Redemer Duoc xay nam 1922. Cao 98ft tay vang ra
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20202 Carnival Rio Brazil

Rio2212020 Rio BrazilHom nay la ngay dau tien toi den Rio nen toi danh ngay nay de di den noi quan trong nhat la Christ the Redeemer buoi sang de buoi toi toi xem Carnival.Christ of the Redemer Duoc xay nam 1922. Cao 98ft tay vang ra 92ft.
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20202 Lima Peru

Peru Toi den Lima luc 6am ngay 2262020. O day 5 tieng nen toi ra ben ngoai di pho gan phi truong. Vi nuoi sang nen duong pho nhon nhip. Den 1pm toi bay ve Los Angeles va den noi luc 6PM.
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Paracas and Arequipa

We left Lima for the coastal village of Paracas. I had seen photos that it was both a seaside town and also in the middle of the desert but I was not expecting to see so much desert as we did. We seemed to enter the arid dry and deserted landscape within
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787 Lancaster

When I was in upstate New York for my aunt's funeral a few weeks ago, I stayed in her apartment. It's the apartment that she and my grandmother moved to when they sold the family house in Albany. This drawing of that house hung in my grandmother's room, where I stayed. My grandmother passed away in 2011 and my aunt, her daughter, continued to live in the apartment. My aunt lived with her parents all her life, and in this house (middle) from the early 1950s until 2008. During my stay, my aunt's...
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20202 Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo20202 Chuyen di BrazilToi du dinh di Brazil tu lau nhung chua di duoc vi Brazil doi hoi US citizen co visa de di Brasil nen toi kho di duoc vi toi travel moi thang va neu toi xin visa thi toi bi giu lai passport khong did au duoc. Cho den
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Bad roads and worse roads

We knew today would be tough roads but it was certainly that and the good new is Nelly survived.We got up early to head to the border at Rusumu Falls to get to Tanzania. It would be polite to say it took us 2 hours to get through but there was a lot of
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Escape from New York City and I dont mean the movie

This year for my birthday we decided to spend the weekend in Vermont specifically Manchester VT. This city itself is nothing special but it is just close enough that it doesnt take all day to get there and there is a Kimpton hotel which means Tarragon
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Need The To Hire A Hacker❓ Then contact PYTHONAX✅ ...

Need The To Hire A Hacker❓ Then contact PYTHONAX✅The really amazing deal about contacting PYTHONAX is that the Hack done by us can’t get traced to you, as every Hacking job we do is strongly protected by our Firewall. It’s like saying if anyone tries to trace the Hack, it will lead them to us and we block whatever actions they are doing. We have been Invisible to Authorities for almost a decade now and if you google PYTHONAX, not really about us comes out, you can only see comments made by us or...
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Sweden Uppsala and Gamla Uppsala

Dear AllGreetings again In this blog entry I will write up about my adventures on my second full day in Sweden. After my first incredible day exploring Stockholm I thought it would be hard to beat but it turned out each day was just amazing and so
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Use Miles To Spend Time In A Real Flight Simulator

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Use Miles To Spend Time In A Real Flight Simulator...
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Cranky on the Web: Some Friendly Advice, Coronavirus Service Cutbacks, If Your Flight Cancels

( = || []).push({}); Flight solutions from Cranky Flier – Travel WeeklyWhen I was in New York last month, it was to speak at Wendy Perrin’s Global Travel Summit. You can read Travel Weekly’s summary of the talk here. Keep in mind, this was a session for destination specialists around the globe, so … ( = || []).push({});
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Sri Lanka Kandy and onwards

Thursday 27 February 2020 cont'dDuring the afternoon we started our packing and sorting things out for our departure tomorrow.We had a quiet evening and lights out was 9.20 pm.Friday 28 February 2020Today is our transfer from Kandy to Nil
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Top 5 rainforest holidays

Rainforests are the oldest living ecosystems on Earth, and the most diverse. They cover only 2% of the Earth’s surface but up to 50% of the world’s plants and animals live within them. A quarter of ingredients for modern medicines are found in rainforest plants and rainforests play an essential role in maintaining the Earth’s […] The post Top 5 rainforest holidays appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Steamy scenes at low prices: Bucharest’s affordable luxury spa

No ordinary spa, the Therme Bucharest is a vast temple offering pools, scented saunas and great-value wellness for allDozens of clammy bodies are crammed into the Alhambra sauna, waiting for … I’m not sure what. Then a woman places a ball of crushed ice on the coals, which releases delicious tangerine and grapefruit aromas as it melts. She uses a towel to waft the hot, fruity air around the room and makes “healing sounds” with a rainstick. She repeats the ritual with lemongrass-infused ice, then...
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#Lebanon gives Lazard bankers a brainteaser

Lebanon gives Lazard bankers a brainteaser Here’s a brainteaser for investment-banking job candidates. How can Lebanon – a country with debt running around 150% of its roughly $60 billion GDP, massive deficits and under $30 billion in foreign reserves – achieve financial stability? Lazard, the country’s newly approved adviser, will earn its fees if it can solve this puzzle. Lebanon has characteristics that make it especially hard to restructure debt without imperiling local banks or increa...
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Oil Plummets in Worst Week Since 2008 Amid Coronavirus Panic - Bloomberg

Oil Plummets in Worst Week Since 2008 Amid Coronavirus Panic - Bloomberg:Oil had it worst week since the financial crisis as panic over the coronavirus pandemic battered global markets.Futures in New York fell 16% this week, marking the biggest weekly drop since December 2008. The viral outbeak showed no signs of relenting, with the World Health Organization raising global risk to “very high” from “high.” The collapse of financial markets prompted U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to a...
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Shelby County Courthouse Center Texas USA

Shelby County is one of the original thirteen counties in the Republic of Texas in 1837 named after Isaac Shelby a military hero and he was the Governor of Kentucky. The first County Seat was in Shelbyville just South of what would become Center Texas.
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  .   “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ―  Pablo Neruda          [Author: French la Vie]
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Leaving Ft Myers Beach

Leaving Ft Myers Beach tomorrow morning for Ft Myers. two different places My cousin is riding with me. May have to stay a week because of winds. The gusts will not calm down and I want a nice easy ride back across Lake Okeechobee. Lost a dinghy engine h
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