Hawaii disinfects behind cruise ship as second COVID-19 victim tests positive, Lt. Gov. asks White House to stop cruise ships from docking here, Kauai mayor to deliver state of the county speech online, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Workers disinfect handrails at Hilo park PC:Raymond Rowe State official asks White House to stop cruise ships from docking in Hawaii over COVID-19. Should the government stop cruise ships from docking in Hawaii to prevent the spread of coronavirus? Lieutenant Governor Josh Green thinks so. And he said he put a formal request into the White House. KHON2.Hawaii Officials Confirm 2nd Virus Case. Hawaii’s second case of the virus that causes COVID-19 was confirmed after a man who traveled to ...
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Italy is under strict quarantine

Italy is attempting to crack down on the spread of the coronavirus by issuing strict new quarantine procedures for its residents, including a nationwide ban on public gatherings. According to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, people will now only be allowed to travel for work or family emergencies, and sporting events are being canceled nationwide. The goal is to encourage people to stay home and minimize the risk of infection. The new measures will go into effect on Tuesday, March 10, and are s...
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Oil prices rise 4% after biggest one-day fall since 1991 - Reuters

Oil prices rise 4% after biggest one-day fall since 1991 - Reuters:Oil prices rose by more than $1 on Tuesday after a price war by top producers Saudi Arabia and Russia sparked the biggest daily rout since the 1991 Gulf War, but investors saw little chance of a quick price recovery as the coronavirus cuts demand.Saudi Arabia and Russia both said they would raise production at the weekend after a three-year pact between them and other major oil producers to limit supply fell apart on Friday.Brent...
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Calamity Lurks Around the Corner

This morning I was not messing around. In an effort to beat the crowds to the beach I set my alarm for 8am. By 830 I was on my way strolling into Baga. I had already found a shortcut by way of a dirt path taken right after walking across the small bridge
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Famous TV house locations

The running joke with Friends is that no 20-somethings in New York could ever afford that apartment. Of course, we’ve got no way to prove that, since the “apartment” was actually a sound stage, and there’s not exactly a Zillow listing for fictional addresses. But many shows shot their exterior shots at real live homes that you can go drive by and annoy the current occupants today. Many of which are valued at a lot more than their fictional occupants could ever afford. HomeAdvisor did some dig...
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Dublin St. Patrick’s Day canceled

Founded or unfounded , event organizers around the world are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, canceling major festivals, tournaments, conferences, and other large gatherings. Now coronavirus panic is gripping Ireland. All of the country’s St. Patrick’s Day parades, including the one in Dublin, are being canceled to avoid the risk of further spreading the virus. The five-day festival spans the entire country, with parades in many of Ireland’s cities and villag...
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Breathe Easy SILICOSIS Research Fundraiser at Stone & Wood Brewery

Lock in the afternoon of the 26th of March to help a good cause Sera ( Photography Byron Bay – I’m sure you’ve all seen here fantastic images of Byron) & Kyle are holding a fundraiser at Stone and Wood Brewery to raise funds for the terminal lung disease SILICOSIS (which Kyle and many other young men have been diagnosed with – a disease with no treatment and no cure). Breath Easy Fundraiser Stone & Wood Brewery Thursday 26 March, 5.30 – 7.30 Funds raised will be going towards The Common Good ...
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My Mother's Delicious & Easy Chinese Saucy Pork Ribs

Dear Reader, this recipe is a bit of a mic drop. They really are the easiest pork ribs ever. Full of flavour, they don't even need marinating. All you have to do is mix some sauces together and spoon over the ribs and grill. These ribs are also the item that everyone in my family asks for, even Mr NQN (who grew up vegetarian!). And this is most definitely a pushy recipe!
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Yes you should visit Venice

Venice’s overtourism plight has been making headlines over the past years, but rather than avoid the beleaguered city, tourists are encouraged to visit provided they do so in a sustainable and responsible way. Disastrous flooding in November decimated tourist numbers, and the coronavirus outbreak will be another huge blow to Italy’s tourism. But once everything calms down, the city will be determined to entice visitors back. We talked to Valeria Duflot, co-founder of Venezia Autentica, a soc...
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The Sugar Mama – Sugar Daddy Hike near Bragg Creek

The Sugar Mama – Sugar Daddy hike is part of a loop that starts at the Allen Bill parking lot off Highway 66 near Bragg Creek, Alberta. It’s a great shoulder-season or winter hike that delivers a workout because of its length. But I’d give it a pass in the summer (unless you bike it) when you get up into the mountains at higher elevations. The full loop is just under 14 kilometres long and is made up of short sections of the Elbow, Snagmore, Strange Brew, and Bobcat trails along with 4.0 ki...
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Jordan Petra Finally

At last Petra Egypt Pyramids and Jordan Petra are the reasons why I picked this trip. I am looking forward to Israel as well but right now I'm immersed in Jordan sights.Yesterday when we drove here it seems like we went quickly from the gree
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The best hiking trails in cities

As the weather begins to warm, those hiking boots tucked in the back of your closet may begin to call your name. Hiking season is fast approaching, and after a long winter, a good long walk is in order. In many cases, you don’t even need to leave city limits. These urban hikes offer both exercise and skyline views, without a long commute to the trailhead. 1. Crosstown Trail — San Francisco, California Photo: Margaret.W/Shutterstock San Francisco is a compact city, and you can walk 17 mile...
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This past week I was incredibly happy and excited to receive the first issue of NJP, a new magazine by the creators of the Neojaponisme website. Full disclosure, the two masterminds behind the site (W. David Marx and Ian Lynam) are great friends of mine, and I was — if ever so slightly — involved with the launch of the original Neojaponisme website, but this is truly a thing of beauty, and I can’t recommend enough that you pick up a copy for yourself. As I started reading the issue, as ...
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Colca Canyon

After the days spent in the dusty desert we were excited to arrive in the mountains. A long bus journey obviously but the scenery was amazing seeing the nature changing from desert to mountains passing through a wetland desert llama and alpaca e
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Derbyshire 58 Clay Cross nothing much is happeningA visit to Crystal Peaks Lockdown and Brexit

At the moment we are in a funny old place . Life seems on hold . So many things are going on in our busy old lives. The election back end of last year the leadership election Brexit and now the leaders election for the Labour Party the Transition peri
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Oil plunges 25%, hit by erupting Saudi-Russia oil price war - Reuters

Oil plunges 25%, hit by erupting Saudi-Russia oil price war - Reuters:Crude prices suffered their biggest daily rout since the 1991 Gulf War on Monday as top producers Saudi Arabia and Russia began a price war that threatens to overwhelm global oil markets with supply.A nearly 25% slump in oil prices triggered panic selling and heavy losses on Wall Street’s main stock indexes as the rapid spread of coronavirus amplified fears of a global recession.Saudi Arabia and Russia both said they would rai...
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National park posters of bad reviews

Bad reviews can be depressing but designer and illustrator Amber Share knows how to put a positive spin on even the most negative criticisms out there. Share looks at sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook to find complaints about US national parks, and then combines those negative reviews with beautiful illustrations. She calls the series “Subpar Parks,” and its Instagram account already has over 56,000 followers. The finished product is a humorous and clever way of exposing the ...
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Best Irish bars and pubs in Boston

Saying that Boston has the best Irish pubs in the country might be stating the obvious. But finding a truly exceptional Irish pub experience in Boston is actually a trickier proposition than it sounds. Dim watering holes with mahogany aesthetics and shamrock adornments wait around pretty much every corner, but in a city where Irish pride is more ubiquitous than Red Sox jerseys (and that’s saying a lot), choosing the best pub can prove difficult. Whether you end up at one of the oldest Irish b...
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Oil Collapse: 6 Ways #SaudiArabia's Move Will Hit Global Markets - Bloomberg

Oil Collapse: 6 Ways Saudi Arabia's Move Will Hit Global Markets - Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia will experience lower revenue and may be compelled to make substantive changes to its ambitious government spending plans. Vision 2030, the government’s initiative to remake the Saudi economy, depends on vast amounts of government spending. Even though Saudi Arabia can produce oil at a cost of $2.80 per barrel, persistent prices in the $30 range will mean sacrificing big projects and investments to pay fo...
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The 'London Patient,' Cured of HIV, Reveals His Identity

A year after the "London Patient" was introduced to the world as only the second person to be cured of HIV, he is stepping out of the shadows to reveal his identity: He is Adam Castillejo.Six feet tall and sturdy, with long, dark hair and an easy smile, Castillejo, 40, exudes good health and cheer. But his journey to the cure has been arduous and agonizing, involving nearly a decade of grueling treatments and moments of pure despair. He wrestled with whether and when to go public, given the atte...
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GKSD Investment walks away from offer for NMC Health - Reuters

GKSD Investment walks away from offer for NMC Health - Reuters:GKSD Investment Holding said on Monday it does not intend to make an offer for NMC Health, days after the UAE-based hospital operator was relegated from London’s bluechip index.GKSD, backed by sponsors of Italy’s Gruppo San Donato, in February confirmed that it was in the preliminary stages of considering an offer for NMC. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Second supermoon of 2020 on March 9

Take a peek skyward tonight and you may be treated to the second supermoon of the year. The moon will look its fullest at 1:48 PM ET, but you’ll have to wait until early evening, when the sky darkens, to actually see it. That means looking skyward around 7:01 PM on the East Coast, 6:59 PM in the Midwest, and 7:12 PM on the West Coast. A supermoon is when a new or full moon is within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth, making it appear larger and brighter than usual. Four supermoons ...
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Oil prices plunge, hit by erupting #Saudi-Russia oil price war - Reuters

Oil prices plunge, hit by erupting Saudi-Russia oil price war - Reuters:Oil prices crashed on Monday, suffering their biggest daily rout since the 1991 Gulf War, after the collapse of an OPEC+ supply agreement that now threatens to overwhelm the world with oil, inciting panic throughout the energy sector.After failing to come to an agreement to cut supply, Saudi Arabia and Russia over the weekend pledged instead to ramp up production, which could quickly flood global markets with oil at a time w...
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OPEC countries lose $500 million a day in oil price crash - Reuters

OPEC countries lose $500 million a day in oil price crash - Reuters:With oil erasing over a third of its value overnight after a messy breakup of the OPEC+ alliance, OPEC members are bleeding over half a billion dollars a day in lost revenue, according to Reuters calculations.For the most part, oil is a top income source for members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and such a dramatic fall in prices will put strain on their economies, some of which such as Iran and Venezu...
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States with strange alcohol laws

In an ideal world, we’d be able to show up in a new state, stroll into any establishment with a cash register, and purchase whatever type of alcohol our hearts desire. Happy hour would be at 9:00 PM on Saturdays, last call wouldn’t exist, and no one would look twice at you for throwing back Jell-O shots on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Unfortunately, this is not our reality. There is an abundance of rules governing alcohol consumption, and since this is the United States, these rules differ...
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#Dubai Banks Buy Park Operator’s Debt as Meraas Plans Revamp - Bloomberg

Dubai Banks Buy Park Operator’s Debt as Meraas Plans Revamp - Bloomberg:Two of Dubai’s biggest banks bought loans made to DXB Entertainments PJSC from other regional lenders as part of plans by its majority owner to support the struggling theme park operator, according to people with knowledge of the matter.Emirates NBD PJSC and Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC acquired the debt from mainly non-United Arab Emirates-based lenders at a discount so Meraas Holding LLC can restructure the park operator with a...
Tags: Travel, Qatar, Bloomberg, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Legoland Dubai, Kuwait Investment Authority, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Emirates NBD PJSC, Meraas Holding LLC, DXB Entertainments, Meraas, Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC, DXB Entertainments PJSC, Meraas Plans Revamp Bloomberg, Christopher Pike Bloomberg

#Russia vs #Saudi: How much pain can they take in oil price war? - Reuters

Russia vs Saudi: How much pain can they take in oil price war? - Reuters:Oil titans Russia and Saudi Arabia have accumulated vast financial cushions that will help them weather a lengthy price war. It’s a battle of nerves - so who will blink first?Global oil prices crashed by a third after Riyadh discounted its crude and signalled it would raise output. Shares in national oil champions Saudi Aramco and Rosneft tanked.The world’s top two oil exporters each have war chests of around $500 billion t...
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#SaudiArabia’s Economy Can Ill Afford Oil-Price War It Started - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia’s Economy Can Ill Afford Oil-Price War It Started - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has just started an oil-price war. Winning it will come at a cost he might not be ready to pay for long.If oil prices fail to recover and stay at less than half the level Saudi Arabia needs to balance its budget, the economy -- and the crown prince’s big ambitions to reform it -- may be among the biggest victims. The energy sector accounts for about 80% of the kingdom’s expo...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Middle East's equities dive as oil prices plunge - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Middle East's equities dive as oil prices plunge - Reuters:Equity markets across the Middle East nosedived onMonday, extending their losses from the previous session, as oil prices fellafter Saudi Arabia slashed its official selling price for crude for April andplanned to raise production significantly next month.The Saudi move, which came after Russia refused to support deeper cuts inoil output cope with the outbreak of coronavirus, caused Brent futures to drop22% to $37.05 a bar...
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Jordan Mt. Nebo Madaba and Little Petra Karak cancelled

Unexpected things happen when you travel. Today we were supposed to go to Karak as our 3rd visit but there are demonstrations and GAdventures felt it was too dangerous for us to go. The demonstrations were due to the plan to move the bus station from the
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