Overland Track Tasmania

After the splendours of the Himalayas I decided to go to what is considered by many to be another one of the Worlds Best Treks the Overland Track in Tasmania. I again booked through World Expeditions Tasmanian Expedition and set off for Launceston in
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A fun week in Belize

Hello everyoneAfter a long time 7 months so be exact I'm writing another travelblogentry. With the Covid19 Corona issue worldwide most of us are at home so I do have time to write again. I'm still behind with my blogs but it doesn't matter I'l
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streaming follow-up: we need a universal watchlist app

On my recent post about streaming -- five reasons streaming is still better than cable and etc. -- I alluded to something towards the end of the post that I want to spotlight here.We need a universal watchlist app. Perhaps several universal watchlist apps, so we can choose the one that suits us best.This app would combine all your watchlists, from all the different streaming services you use, into one list. I wouldn't have to look through Netflix, Crave, Prime, and Britbox - not to mention some ...
Tags: Travel, Netflix, Canada, Starz, Streaming, HBO Showtime, Laura K, What I'm Watching, BritBox, Reelgood, Cinetrack Seriesguide

Never Say Never

I Swore to God and said we would NEVER stay in Florida again in the month of May.....NEVERNEVER NEVER NEVER Why you inquire I hear your shouts of Tell us Ill tell you why in one word Lovebugs Yep....Lovebugs Horrible
Tags: Travel, Florida

Monument Valley

I didn't find any Peyote. Pretty disappointed at the fact the this area was nothing like how Carlos Castanedas had described in his books. It was beautiful though.
Tags: Travel, Monument Valley, Carlos Castanedas

Grand Canyon Arizona

For this year's birthday I decided to go to Arizona. I originally wanted to head out to Monument Valley and look for Peyote along the way but then I figure I might as well check out The Grand Canyon while I'm there.
Tags: Travel, Monument Valley, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Arizona

Tokyo concrete and cigarettes

Some cigarette breaks are considerably bleaker than other cigarette breaks.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Yosemite with Kevin and Olivia

Kevin and Olivia had an annual year pass to Yosemite National Park. It was my first visit to the park. We got a cabin more like a hotel room and checked out the park from there. It was a memorable trip indeed.
Tags: Travel, Olivia, Kevin, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

Fall Foliage in Burlington Vermont

John had told me about the fall foliage in Vermont. I had to see it for myself. Marlyn tagged along for the trip. It was nice traveling with someone. Along the way we stopped for some ice cream at the Ben n' Jerry's facility.
Tags: Travel, John, Vermont, Jerry, Burlington Vermont, Marlyn

Further notes on CBA for pandemic options

Apart from the outline info I provided here, I’m going to make note of further thoughts here – this is a placeholder post. If readers have any thoughts, please add. INDIRECT COSTS Fewer resources for other emergency surgery (e.g. cancer) – leading to additional deaths Reduced productivity from people working at home/ reduced agglomeration effects […]
Tags: Travel, Economics, Swarna Bharat Party

Oh, the COVID conspiracies. Can all be true? Can any?

Okay, the COVID-19 conspiracy industry, if it had a stock symbol, would now officially be the hottest stock on the market.They can’t all be true. There’s considerable evidence that none of them is.5G stratagemThere are radiation-phobes who are using COVID-19 to advance their anti-5G agendas. (5G is a high-speed cellular data network.)It is painful to have to repeat this, but clearly 5G doesn’t cause viral disease. If nothing else doesn’t debunk this bizarre position, keep in mind that 5G still d...
Tags: Travel, Government, China, University of Bristol, Genetic Engineering, Trump, Greenie, John Cook, Health/Medical, Stephan Lewandowsky

London’s Ritz Sold to Wife of Former Qatari Emir, Mail Reports - Bloomberg

London’s Ritz Sold to Wife of Former Qatari Emir, Mail Reports - Bloomberg:A wife of the former Emir of Qatar bought London’s Ritz Hotel, Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper reported, citing industry insiders without naming them.The hotel was acquired by a money manager acting for Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, consort to Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, according to the report. Qatar’s royal al-Thani family own more than 100 luxury hotels worldwide through various investment entities, the newspaper said. ...
Tags: Travel, London, Qatar, Bloomberg, St James, Ritz, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Thani, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Government Communications Office, Frederick Barclay, Ritz Sold, Ritz Hotel Britain

Portland Maine

The best lobster and clams I've ever had.
Tags: Travel, Portland Maine

Nantucket MA

I have a lot to say about Nantucket but I just don't have the words for it. So I'll just let these pictures talk. One of my favorite places to visit.
Tags: Travel, Nantucket

25.den vystup na penha de aguia

Konecne dnes vypadnem z ubytka. Na severe ma byt pekne pocasie.Po rychlo ranajkach odchytavam bus c.103 uz na zastavke artistas. Stacilo zamavat a zastavil. Opat idem gratis.Cesta uplne bombova i ked na zaciatku bol vykynozeny cely les avsak nove
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Oil prices under pressure from #Saudi-Russia dispute, but tariffs provide support - Reuters

Oil prices under pressure from Saudi-Russia dispute, but tariffs provide support - Reuters:Global benchmark oil prices are expected to open lower on Monday, but the decline may be muted as the market maintains hope that top crude exporters Saudi Arabia and Russia will strike a deal to curb production at a meeting that was delayed until Thursday.Prices may decline more gradually after Saudi Arabia sent a signal that a production cut deal may be ahead, and the U.S. has said it will put pressure on...
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The Chosen Bun - Carrot Cake Hot Cross Buns!

It's almost Easter time and do I have a special treat for you my Dearest Darlingest Reader! Every year you all have loved the special Easter bun recipe which makes the softest bakery style buns using the tangzhong method. And every year I create a new flavour and this year's is Easter Bunny themed...Carrot Cake Hot Cross Buns! These spiced carrot, walnut and pineapple hot cross buns are sandwiched with a layer of cream cheese icing giving it that unmistakeable carrot cake flavour but in a bun!
Tags: Travel, Chosen Bun Carrot Cake Hot Cross Buns

Going Home

I put this post together back in February. What a long time that seems to be now. We are still hunkered down in our apartment where the bright spot of our day is at 8 PM when we join others at our window and cheer for the helpers still at the front lines doing their job. When this first started it was still dark but now with the time change and the move towards Summer, it is still light out. Seen at the end of my day. The covered arcades of the Palais Royal. The tulip trees in the...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Sunset, Palais Royal, Tulip Tree Blooms

6 hrs Layover in New York NY

My first and only time in New York City. I will never forget the bus ride from the airport downtown. Seeing the skyline and approaching it. Eventually being dwarfed by it. I haven't been back since. I would hear my peers talk glowingly about their visits
Tags: Travel, New York City, New York Ny

A Day in Salt Lake City Utah

I wanted to make the most of my AYCFP but I couldn't request a whole month off from work so I squeezed in day trips such as this one to Salt Lake City.
Tags: Travel, Salt Lake City Utah

Virgin flies essential medical supplies from ChinaVirgin flies essential medical supplies from China

Dreamliner brought vital equipment to NHS
Tags: Travel, China, Virgin

Rescue flights from India to start this weekRescue flights from India to start this week

Departures will be available from Goa, Mumbai and Delhi
Tags: Travel, India, Goa Mumbai

Two die of Covid-19 on Coral PrincessTwo die of Covid-19 on Coral Princess

Ship is finally allowed to dock in Miami
Tags: Travel

Oil News, OPEC+ Latest: Negotiations Over Crude Slump - Bloomberg

Oil News, OPEC+ Latest: Negotiations Over Crude Slump - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia, Russia and other oil large producers are racing to negotiate a deal to stem the historic price rout, as diplomats pressed to get the U.S. to join the coalition.“President Putin and the Russian side in general are keen to engage in constructive negotiations, which is the only way to stabilize the international energy market,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a pre-recorded interview aired on state TV on Sunday....
Tags: Travel, Putin, Opec, Bloomberg, Kremlin, Donald Trump, International Energy Agency, Dmitry Peskov, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, Saudi Arabia Russia

Emirates Airline Seeks Billions in Loans After Virus Hit - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - Bloomberg:Emirates is seeking to raise billions of dollars from loans after the coronavirus forced the airline to ground its passenger fleet, according to people with knowledge of the matter.The carrier is reaching out to local and international banks, the people said, asking not to be identified because the information is private.A spokesperson for Dubai-owned Emirates declined to comment.Dubai’s government last week stepped in to shield the airline and said it would receive unspeci...
Tags: Travel, Bloomberg, Emirates, Dubai, Emirates Airline, Bloomberg Bloomberg, Rupert Neil Bumfrey

5 Amman Jordanie Confinement Cinquime Partie Le Retour

31 marsToujours au Marriott Petra Chambre 811 10h00Am.Debout devant ma fentre je tire une gorge de mon ternel Earl Grey en observant des chvres brouter de la brindille dans les collines inertes et recourbes de Petra.
Tags: Travel, Marriott Petra Chambre

Palouse Falls State Park

Tool a side trip and visited Palouse Falls State Park in Washington. The natural falls are almost 200 feet high and an individual recently jumped the falls in a kayak. You can see it on YouTube. Many people die here every year trying to go outside the h
Tags: Travel, Washington, Palouse Falls State Park

Derbyshire 70 Chesterfield ruminating over Palm Sundaya virtual tour of Holland a new Labour leader

Dawn broke and I woke. I lay in bed for a while . It is Sunday after all. Nothing much to get up for . How many days have we been socially distancing for I count 5 days on the fingers of my left hand . I move to the right hand and count another 5. Back t
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COVID19 in Cusco Quarantine Week 3

Sunday 29 March 2020My housemate from Switzerland is leaving today. She got a message last night from her embassy in Lima that she has a spot on a bus leaving Cusco tonight. Its 25 hours on the bus to Lima. Usually the bus is 18 hours but she sho
Tags: Travel, Switzerland, Lima, Cusco, Cusco Quarantine Week

NMC Health, Finablr News: ADCB Exposure Totals $1.16 Billion - Bloomberg

NMC Health, Finablr News: ADCB Exposure Totals $1.16 Billion - Bloomberg:Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC said its combined exposure to troubled NMC Health Plc and Finablr Plc totaled $1.16 billion.The lender’s exposure to payments firm Finablr, including UAE Exchange, was $182 million, according to a statement. The credit was extended by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Al Hilal Bank and Union National Bank prior to their merger in May.The bank said last week that it had about $981 million of exposure ...
Tags: Travel, London, NMC, UAE Exchange, Rupert Neil Bumfrey, ADCB, Union National Bank, NMC Health Plc, Finablr, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC, ADCB Group, Finablr Plc, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Al Hilal Bank

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