Three counties impose nighttime curfews, face masks to be required at Foodland, inmate release to be case-by-case, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Waikiki at night ©2020 All Hawaii News all rights reserved Oahu, Maui to enforce stay-at-home order with nighttime curfew over Easter weekend. Both the City and County of Honolulu along with Maui County have announced a nighttime curfew for the three-day Easter weekend, saying the order is aimed at keeping people in their homes and off the roads. Hawaii News Now.Honolulu police will enforce a nighttime curfew this weekend in a move intended to stem the spread of the coronavirus epidemi...
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Foreign workers in these 10 occupations can now be hired faster.

Canada has expedited the process for employers to hire foreign workers in agriculture, food processing, and trucking occupations. By  Shelby Thevenot Employers hiring foreign workers in 10 agriculture, food processing, and trucking occupations can now skip past a time-consuming step in the work permit process. Canada is now waiving the advertising requirement for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in certain high priority occupations. In order to get an LMIA, in most cases, emplo...
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Ethiopia The Land Beyond

Epic beauty beyond the dusty roads. True riches beyond the hardhitting poverty. Genuine warmth and welcome beyond the touristic trappings of souvenir shops and birr begging children. Spiritual authenticity beyond the physical structures of chiseled ancien
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“Stay Home” and Live-stream Hawaii artists during COVID-19 shutdown

Hawaii musicians are among those deeply affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. But many of Hawaii’s talented artists continue to share their Aloha Spirit through various social media platforms, and they’re doing it for free. As restaurants, bars, nightclubs and live music venues remain shuttered during the global pandemic, Hawaii’s performers, most of whom are self-employed, […] The post “Stay Home” and Live-stream Hawaii artists during COVID-19 shutdown appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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List of scientists in favour of staggered/ managed herd immunity

Politicians are having a great time in popularity polls, as it appears that they are saving lives at very low cost to the economy. But this is a delusion, a bubble, and will come back to haunt such politicians. List of real scientists who recommend (explicitly or implicitly) managed herd immunity: Anders Tegnell Anders Tegnell […]
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Delta Reportedly Tells Flight Attendants Not to Notify Colleagues If They Get Coronavirus

Delta Air Lines has sent instructions to over 25,000 flight attendants saying that in the event they are diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, they should “refrain from notifying” other employees at the company or publicly disclosing their condition online, the Huffington Post reported on Friday.Read more...
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#Saudi-Mexican clash halts record oil cut deal despite Trump pressure - Reuters

Saudi-Mexican clash halts record oil cut deal despite Trump pressure - Reuters:Top oil nations struggled to finalise record output cuts at G20 talks on Friday to boost prices slammed by the coronavirus crisis, as Saudi Arabia clashed with Mexico despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s mediation offer.OPEC led by Saudi Arabia and its allies led by Russia, which together make up the informal OPEC+ group, had forged a pact to curb crude production by 10 million barrels per day (bpd) or 10% of global ...
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Hysterical Journey to Historic Places

DANIEL MORGANDaniel battled his way kicking and biting into the cosmos on July 6 1736. His folks were James Morgan 17021782 and Eleanor Lloyd 17061748 perhaps living at the time of his birth in North Hampton NJ. All four of his grandpa
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#Saudi, Russia press on with oil cut deal at G20 talks, U.S. offers help - Reuters

Saudi, Russia press on with oil cut deal at G20 talks, U.S. offers help - Reuters:Top oil nations pushed to finalise a deal on sweeping oil cuts at G20 talks on Friday to lift prices slammed by the coronavirus crisis with Russia and Saudi Arabia taking the lion’s share and the United States showing unusual willingness to help out.Riyadh, Moscow and its allies, which make up the informal OPEC+ group, had forged a pact to curb crude production by the equivalent of 10% of global supplies in maratho...
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Loafing About - Soft & Light Hot Cross Bun Loaf!

This is a bonus hot cross bun recipe for the Easter long weekend! So many of you joined in on making my soft bakery style hot cross buns but I thought I'd make a recipe for those of you that don't want to shape them. May I present, the epic hot cross bun bread loaf!
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Mashpee Wampanoag land revoked

The Trump administration has revoked the reservation status of land inhabited by a Native American tribe in Massachusetts for over 12,000 years. In March, the US Department of the Interior ordered that 321 acres of land inhabited by the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe be removed from the federal trust and the reservation disestablished. This deprived the tribe of their independent judicial system, police force, and local school, and stripped the tribe of their governance over the land where they had ...
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Best health and wellness in Jordan

Whenever “wellness” and the “Middle East” are mentioned together, it’s almost always related to the salutary effects of the Dead Sea’s mineral-rich water. Aside from that, the region is usually perceived as hot, dusty, and harsh. That impression is quite far from the truth. It’s easy to combine adventure and relaxation in this area of the world. Take Jordan — the country has a number of attractions that make it an ideal destination not just to engage in physical activity but also to recharge....
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What to do on Papeete, Tahiti

Compared to its sister isles, Tahiti gets no respect. But there are plenty of reasons to give the main island a closer look. With neither a grass skirt nor a fragrant frangipani lei to welcome them, most foreigners arrive in French Polynesia via Papeete to find a bland international airport. Sure, there may be a desultory ukulele trio in some far corner of the terminal, but it’s still an unfortunate introduction to the French dependency. Papeete is greatly lacking in tropical charm, despite t...
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Ugandan leader workout video

Worldwide lockdown have spawned an assortment of at-home fitness experts and yoga enthusiasts. Now adding his name to the long list of online fitness trainers is 75-year-old Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda. In a video released on Thursday, dressed more like a boxer-in-training than a head of state, Museveni jogged laps around his office in a gray Nike tracksuit, before banging out a few push-ups. Now this is what am talking about🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻#Museveni — Smil...
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Reasons to host exchange students

As national borders slammed shut in recent weeks, stories of exchange students caught far from home seized our attention. The idea of teenagers scrambling to get to their home countries during a global pandemic is certainly gripping — but it misses the real story that needs to be told. “What I’ve seen in the press is… all these Americans stranded abroad. To be honest, that was not really our challenge. We got the vast majority of our Americans home,” said Tara Hofmann, President and Chief Exe...
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Rolls-Royce car design contest

Around the world , a lot of parents have all of a sudden found themselves with a new job: school teacher. And while none of them really signed up for that role, necessarily, well, nobody signed up for a lot of what’s going on right now. But if you’re looking for creative ways to fill the arts and crafts portion of the day’s lesson, an unexpected source is here to help. Rolls-Royce, the British automaker best known for making cars only the rich and famous can afford, is inviting kids to let the...
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Fort Ord Dunes State Park campground

California is getting a massive new beachside campground for Bay Area residents and visitors from further afield. Along the Pacific coast north of Monterey, 98 campsites along four miles of beachfront are slated to open to overnight guests in 2022 in Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Fort Ord Army Base closed in 1994 after more than 70 years of operation, and California’s Department of Parks and Recreation notes that despite the park opening for day use in 2009, this new project will be the first ti...
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Positive environmental news

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Many of us are searching for something positive to focus on during this incredibly tough time. One place to start is with the notion of being “antifragile.” The word, coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his comprehensive book, refers to one’s ability to thrive in the face of stress, shock, and instability. As the opposite of fragility, the idea is to not merely persevere, but to build something positive...
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Koh Phi Phi islands 18 21.04.19

When I arrived in Krabi ofcourse they didn't bring us to the pier. Instead they offered a mototaxi for a high price so I decided to walk. Along the way I put up my thumb and yes a crazy German guy stopped and brought me to the pier. There I bought my ti
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SF's City Lights bookstore may close

Nationwide lockdowns have been devastating for businesses, particularly smaller independent ones that rely heavily on regular cash flow. One of San Francisco’s most tragic casualties might be the legendary City Lights Booksellers & Publishers. The bookshop, founded in 1953 and a symbol of the Beat Generation, has been a cultural institution for San Francisco’s bohemian community for decades. It was the country’s first bookstore to exclusively sell paperbacks. Now, the store is at high risk of...
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Seismic noise declines

Just as traffic levels are dropping during the coronavirus lockdowns, so are the noise levels in cities around the world and seismometers are noticing. Although seismometers are used to detect ground motions like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and explosions, they are so sensitive that they can also pick up noise patterns caused by daily hustle and bustle. This background noise makes it harder for seismologists to detect smaller seismic or volcanic events. But with over one-third of the wo...
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Animals spotted in empty city street

Lockdowns around the world might mean that humans are hunkering down in their homes, but thankfully, this whole situation does not apply to wildlife. While the streets of many towns and cities are deserted, in some communities animals are filling the void left by humans, taking to the streets themselves. From the United States to the United Kingdom, India, Spain, and more, animals are seizing this rare opportunity to explore our cities and towns. They aren’t wearing our pants or taking our j...
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Adweek Together: The Future of Travel

Only a few industries, services among them, have taken a harder hit from COVID-19 than the travel industry. The U.S. Travel Association predicts 5.9 million jobs will be lost by the end of April due to declining travel. Overall, the travel industry supports 15.8 million American jobs. In a U.S. workforce of approximately 156 million,...
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Cruise industry prospects sink further as CDC extends 'No Sail' orderCruise industry prospects sink further as CDC extends 'No Sail' order

Cruise industry effectively on pause until July
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The best waterproof cameras for 2020

These waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof shooters can go everywhere you do
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Canadian airlines rehire thousands of workers after securing wage subsidiesCanadian airlines rehire thousands of workers after securing wage subsidies

WestJet, Air Canada and Flair pledge to rehire furloughed staff
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