Around the Adriatic Bosnia Mostar Friday 2019 April 5

Rain poured down this morning putting the final kibosh on the boat trip around a nearby island park that was originally on the itinerary but is now closed. I was happy because I didnt want to go on the boat trip anyway. Yesterdays antimotion pill m
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Canada still accepting spousal immigration applications despite coronavirus

By  Kara Crudo If you want to sponsor your partner for Canadian permanent residence you can still start the process amid coronavirus special measures. The Canadian government has announced they will still be accepting and processing spousal and common-law sponsorship applications for partners who are both in Canada and abroad. This is good news for applicants, both inside and outside of Canada, who have not yet had an opportunity to file their applications with the Canadian Immigration au...
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Day 04 Shimonoseki to Mojiko Jun 2019

Wednesday 26th June 2019Dark clouds greeted me this morning as I woke up on my 40th birthday in Japan. Not a great start for me as I had planned to commemorate this special day with a crossisland expedition between Honshu Shimonoseki and Kyu
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Behind the Words

A dear friend sent this interesting story about some of the words I am sending to you. The Professor and the Madman A Tale of Murder Insanity and the Making of the Oxford Englis
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Stranded in a Hotel

Horror stories abound these days due to the corona virus. For example A recent article by The Guardian reve
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My elaboration to a commentator about why the Swedish/SBP approach is the best

EXTRACT FROM AN EMAIL I SENT OUT A MOMENT AGO I do wish to suggest a difference in the way I’m looking at the issue. I’m not so bothered about how bad the virus is (these are debates for the future). The only question of interest is: what is the cheapest way to return to […]
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31.den madeira

Dnes mesiac na ceste a furt prakticky na tom istom mieste ak neratam noc vo viedni a noci v porte.Asi by to chcelo neaky suhrn. Spisem ho zajtra bo ma prsat a tak nebude i tak o com pisat.I ked nevim ci ma aj zmysel este pisat zapisky bo kazdy de
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The Sound of Silence

Although enjoyable the trip to Milford Sound was a little underwhelming given its rank in the pantheon of world travel destinations. Lots of waterfalls but small in size and little else to see on the Sound itself. However the next day went the other wa
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OPEC+ Oil-Price War: Trump Steers Historic Deal - Bloomberg

OPEC+ Oil-Price War: Trump Steers Historic Deal - Bloomberg:The world’s largest oil producers were still grasping for a deal to rescue energy markets from a coronavirus-induced collapse after three days of talks. Mexico remains the last holdout.An unprecedented reduction of about 10% in worldwide crude output was still being negotiated in bilateral talks Saturday. U.S. President Donald Trump has offered a diplomatic solution that could allow everyone to save face, but it remains unclear whether ...
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The Secret Weapon Giving Mexico Power in the Oil Price War - Bloomberg

The Secret Weapon Giving Mexico Power in the Oil Price War - Bloomberg:As Mexico and Saudi Arabia fight over a deal to bring the oil-price war to an end, Mexico has a powerful defense: a massive Wall Street hedge shielding it from low prices.With talks well into their third day, the Mexican sovereign oil hedge, which insures the Latin American country against low prices and is considered a state secret, is a factor that may make the country less inclined to accept the OPEC+ agreement.For the las...
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#Saudi Aramco to release May crude official prices on Sunday - source - Reuters

Saudi Aramco to release May crude official prices on Sunday - source - Reuters:Saudi Arabia plans to announce its crude prices for May on Sunday, a source told Reuters, having delayed the official release until after it finalizes a global oil supply cut deal. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#UAE says OPEC+ output cut decision will have a major impact - Reuters

UAE says OPEC+ output cut decision will have a major impact - Reuters:United Arab Emirates’ energy minister Suhail Al Mazrouei said on Saturday that an OPEC+ decision to cut oil supply will have a major impact on rebalancing the oil market amid the coronavirus outbreak.“The group’s decision to cut supply will be the largest ever cut in the history which will help balancing the oil supply and demand,” Al Mazrouei said on Twitter. The minister thanked Saudi Arabia, which had called for the meeting...
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U.S. senators hold call with #Saudi officials urging them to put oil cut in motion - Reuters

U.S. senators hold call with Saudi officials urging them to put oil cut in motion - Reuters:Republican U.S. senators from oil states who recently introduced legislation to remove American troops from Saudi Arabia said on Saturday they had spoken with three officials from the kingdom and urged them to take concrete action to cut crude output.Saudi Arabia and Russia were close to finalizing a deal with other producers in the informal OPEC+ group to cut crude output by a record 10 million barrels p...
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Fort-itude Galle, Sri Lanka

The southern Sri Lankan city of Galle holds many sights. I'm off to the main area of Galle town today with me and my bags in a tuk tuk and a rather eccentric driver who also acts as a bit of a tour guide. While driving, pointing out sights and answering the phone he steers expertly around pot holes. I make it to Galle Fort or the Dutch Fort. This is what Galle is mostly known for and the ancient city is a walled defence fort made of granite and coral and is a UNESCO heritage site.
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This German study is a game changer – just 0.37% death rate + massive immunity already

“Now, after searching blood from 500 residents for antibodies to the virus, scientists at a nearby university say they have determined that one in seven have been infected and are therefore “immune.” Some of those people would have had no symptoms at all.” [Source] This is about a town in Germany – 15% herd immunity. […]
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In late May the European Conference of Work and Organizational Psychology took me to Turin in Italy. I arrived there in the evening and met a few acquaintances in the airport. They were of course going to attend the conference as well. We shared a taxi
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Why Does the Easter Bunny Bring Eggs

Here is a previous email that you might enjoy on this special day. But we will celebrate this special day quite differently with family and friends nearby. The Easter bunny may not make an appearance. And the proverbial Easter egg hunt may turn out to
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 28

Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir from the Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterrand This morning I woke early to get in a short run before 10am and had my first police “control” since the lockdown as I was crossing the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir to Parc de Bercy. With the online attestation it was super quick; the officer just scanned my QR code, asked me to confirm my name, and sent me on my way. I also saw that the quays below the bridge are now closed off like the rest of the quays in Pa...
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OPEC Meeting News: The Surprise Holdout to a Global Deal - Bloomberg

OPEC Meeting News: The Surprise Holdout to a Global Deal - Bloomberg:One of the most dramatic global oil production agreements in history has been left hanging on the approval of an unlikely character: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.For weeks Russia and Saudi Arabia, two energy powerhouses, have been sparring over oil, with their dispute sending crude prices tumbling. That drew in U.S. President Donald Trump, with a strong interest in seeing prices stabilize and in supporting Amer...
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30.den madeira

Este k vcerajsku nabehla mi posledna vyplata z amazonu ale kedze som zabudol heslo na vyplatnu pasku neviem ci to je vratane aj danoveho priznania.Ako si tak zacinam robit ranajky zrazu z pod chladnicky vybehla mys a smerovala dalej do domu.Jedl
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TRAI recommends that TV set-top boxes be interoperable

TRAI today announced recommendations for television set-top boxes in India to be interoperable. In effect, this would allow customers with a DTH or cable TV subscription to move to a different provider without having to pay for a new set top box. Interoperable set top boxes would make the TV market significantly more competitive, as […] ...
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#Saudi Aramco Oil Pricing Latest News on OPEC+ Talks - Bloomberg

Saudi Aramco Oil Pricing Latest News on OPEC+ Talks - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia is pushing back a key decision on pricing for its crude exports as the kingdom seeks to commit global producers to a massive coordinated supply cut.State producer Saudi Aramco is set to decide on and announce pricing for May crude exports on Sunday, according to people with knowledge of the situation. The official selling prices, or OSPs, were meant to be released April 5 before twice being delayed to allow producers ti...
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Apple and Google are making an interoperable COVID-19 tracking tool

In an unprecedented move, Apple and Google are joining forces to develop a contact-tracing system based on Bluetooth technology to track the spread of the coronavirus. The companies will initially develop APIs to ensure interoperability between contact-tracing apps developed by public health authorities, and subsequently will embed contact-tracing capability in both iOS and Android. The […] ...
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Day 03 Dazaifu Shrine Yufuin and Beppu Day Trip Jun 2019

Tuesday 25th June 2019I participated in a day tour departing from Hakata Station covering Dazaifu as well as the hot spring towns of Yufuin and Beppu. Earlier on I had my breakfast at the popup Hello Kitty Cafe within the station concourse.
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Derbyshire 76 ChesterfieldSpring flowersfinding new pathsnoticing things you miss when you drive in a car Hello Denmark bacon pigs and more bacon

My virtual trip has taken me to Denmark . Another country added to the list and another magnet purchased for the board in the kitchen . So thoughts on Denmark . I wonder what the roads will be like. Will they resemble the de dum de dum roads of Belgium o
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What the Moomins creator can teach us about small worlds

Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book tells of people on a tiny island off Finland, living together with tact, grace and delightful attention to their surroundingsIn 1972, Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomin characters, wrote her classic of island life, The Summer Book. The Jansson family, who were Swedish-speaking Finns, spent their summers on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland, and the book describes this beloved place. Later in life Tove would move even further out to sea, spending more than 30 s...
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Can we even expect to get immunity from SARS-CoV 2 after recovery from infection?

This is one of the most challenging topics. (This is a placeholder post) In my latest article I’ve said: The second worst-case eventuality we should prepare for is that people will only develop imperfect immunity after recovering from the infection. A number of reports are now showing that people might get re-infected, although that is […]
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Rumah Singgah Tuan Kadi Pekanbaru Mar 2020

Sunday 8th March 2020 We still had sometime to explore the city this morning before our evening flight back to Singapore. After extending our room checkout time to 4pm we headed back to the town centre for breakfast. Porridge became my staple
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RUSSIA...The Golden Ring of Postcode 150000

On our wedding day Denise I exchanged gold rings.I was then told I could kiss my bride.I moved in and picked her up which brought gasps and squeals of delight.We then kissed long and hard.The minister said he had never seen that before.
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