Online event today: Understanding how Aarogya Setu works from a security and privacy perspective

The Indian government is relying heavily on its contact tracing app, Aarogya Setu, to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation on April 14, urged all citizens to download the app, it has crossed 50 million downloads. With the Aarogya Setu app already crossing 50 […] ...
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Ige says 'drastic actions' such as pay cuts needed to plug $1.5B budget hole, state plans for reopening, high school graduation ceremonies canceled, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Gov. David Ige PC: Media pool photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser With tourism at a standstill, governor says he’s preparing for $1.5B in cuts to state’s budget. The governor says the shutdown of tourism is Hawaii will have a significant impact on the state’s budget — and could lead to up to $1.5 billion in cuts. The entire operating budget for the state is about $8 billion. Hawaii News Now.State lawmakers looking at department cuts and ways to restore local economy. Only ...
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Princess Sofia helping during COVID

You might not be a nurse or doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still lend a hand in the fight against the coronavirus. Princess Sofia of Sweden — the wife of Prince Carl Philip — is leading by example, taking a three-day medical emergency training course that will qualify her to volunteer at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm. She won’t be treating patients but will instead be providing valuable assistance by disinfecting medical equipment, cleaning, performing kitchen work, or supportin...
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Vancouver Aquarium may close forever

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic reach much further than anticipated. Due to its closure on March 17, the Vancouver Aquarium, for example, has lost over $2 million. The loss of income might soon mean the permanent closure of one of Vancouver’s most-visited sites and the relocation of the tens of thousands of animals in its care. “Unlike other institutions,” said the aquarium’s president Lasse Gustavsson, “we can’t just lay off our people, switch off the light and go home. We have 70,...
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Dogs may learn to sniff out COVID-19

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is working to prove that dogs can be trained to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Recently, canines were trained to detect malaria, and now the same team at LSHTM is starting to train dogs to provide a quick, non-invasive coronavirus diagnosis. Researchers believe that dogs could serve as a useful and much-needed supplement to coronavirus testing, becoming familiar with the virus’s scent, and detecting subtle changes in patie...
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Flight Centre asks family to pay $2,100 cancellation fee for $1,600 Disneyland hotel refund

Travel firm attracts widespread anger for its handling of cancelled trips due to the coronavirus pandemicSign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus emailDownload the free Guardian app to get the most important news notificationsThe corporate giant Flight Centre asked a family to pay $2,100 in cancellation fees to process a hotel refund of $1,600 for a Disneyland trip made impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic.Flight Centre has attracted widespread anger for its handling of cancelled...
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Matterhorn illuminations COVID-19

On the border between Switzerland and Italy, the 14,691-foot-tall Matterhorn mountain stands as a giant canvas for a message of support for the nations touched the most by the COVID-19 health crisis. Since March 24, 2020, the iconic mountain peak has been illuminated daily with the work of light artist Gerry Hofstetter. From the projection of messages like “#stayhome” and “#hope” to a gigantic heart and national flags, the iconic Matterhorn stands as a beacon of solidarity during the pandemic...
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A little Tokyo barber shop of horrors

Barber shops are currently deemed essential, and so are still open in Tokyo, but even if this was the last one to close, it’d have to be a particularly bad hair day to actually consider venturing in.
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Dim Sum Chee Cheong Fun Prawn Roll Hack!

Dear Lovelies, I'm so excited to share this recipe hack with you! Although chee cheong fun is fairly straightforward and easy to make from scratch, it takes a drastically easier turn using pre-made Vietnamese rice paper roll sheets! This is a pushy recipe especially if you're missing a dim sum or yum cha fix at the moment!
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Brands Doing Good: Donations, Aid and Innovation During Coronavirus

Just as the coronavirus has spread around the world, its effects have been felt by companies in every industry. Yet even as we're all adjusting to the new normal--both personally and professionally--brands are finding ways to do their part to help. Whether it's easing the burden on frontline and other essential workers, helping struggling businesses...
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NYC to sing ‘New York, New York'

Singing during quarantine is not a new development, but if every New Yorker turns out for this planned singalong tonight, it’ll certainly be a spectacle unlike any other. This evening, New Yorkers plan to come together in song, belting out a number Yankees fans are quite familiar with — Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” The event, which is being dubbed “New York Sings Along” will be led by the Peace of Heart Choir, and everyone’s invited. The singalong will take place promptly at 7:02 P...
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Edgar Allan Poe on Sullivan's Island

On a recent trip to the Isle of Palms, it took less than a day to learn that one of America’s original horror writers, Edgar Allan Poe, is a source of obsession in this small corner of South Carolina. The Uber driver taking me from my hotel 20 minutes southwest to nearby Sullivan’s Island my first day there took it upon himself to educate me. “Did you know Edgar Allen Poe lived on Sullivan’s Island?” He asked. I did not know. “He joined the military under a pseudonym.” I’ll admit I didn’t th...
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Will Cruise Lines Go Bankrupt?

Will Cruise Lines Go Bankrupt? Will cruise lines go bankrupt?  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t get this question. And let me say from the outset that I have no insider knowledge on the subject. We interact with cruise line executives daily,  but mums the word when it comes to their internal financial discussions. However, just because we don’t have insider knowledge, that doesn’t preclude us from having a cogent opinion. Let’s Consider the Carnival Cruise Line Carnival is the lar...
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Spring Flowers

I miss going out for walks and discovering flowers blooming in Spring. Before we moved from our old place, I walked with a friend early every morning and it was great to find signs of Spring. On the Promenade Plantée I used to see Japanese ladies not only doing Tai Chi but arm movements as they walked and I started doing them too to keep my arms and shoulders flexible so when I was with my friend, we would incorporate them into our walk as well. Since we moved the only walk I had was with Mauri...
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Wineries on Prosecco Road, Australia

A wine-producing region with rolling hills, a lush landscape, and soil rich in nutrients sits only three hours from Melbourne, Australia. It’s called King Valley, and its cool-climate location in the state of Victoria is ideal for some of the finest Italian grape varieties. One portion of King Valley became known for imitating Prosecco, an Italian wine style loved the world over, in the early 2000s. Today, that portion is known as Prosecco Road. The story of Australia’s Prosecco Road starts i...
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36.den madeira

Ranajky opat vybavene vajickami tentoraz aj s fazulou.Ono sa ide dnes cvicit von treba energiu resp neake tie podporne vetry ked budem potrebovat podvihnut.Jasne ze rano zas octavia aj s jej prijebanymi problemami co mavaju deti na zakladnej sko
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Oil Closes Under $20 for Second Day Amid Historic Demand Loss - Bloomberg

Oil Closes Under $20 for Second Day Amid Historic Demand Loss - Bloomberg:Oil closed under $20 a barrel for a second day as projections that demand will fall to a 30-year low outweighed an agreement by the world’s biggest producers to curb supply.Futures in New York ended the day unchanged from the 18-year low set Wednesday. OPEC said it expects demand for its crude to fall to the lowest in three decades as the coronavirus outbreak freezes the global economy, underscoring the urgency of the grou...
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History of camping in the US

Few things define an American summer more than pitching a tent, building a fire, and posting up on a foldable chair with a drink and a story to tell. Camping has defined our relationship with the outdoors like nothing else ever could — allowing us to connect with nature and wake up to her sweet embrace. It’s the quintessential American pastime, revealing the importance of conservation and our bond to the natural world. Though militaries and indigenous peoples have camped for thousands of year...
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Getting refund for canceled flight

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, the US government threw our drowning airlines a $25 billion life preserver. And regardless of your personal views on government money going to private industry, it should at the very least ensure there are still planes to fly once we can all start planning vacations again. To assist the flying public along with the airlines, the government made another bold move this month when it sternly reminded airlines that they are legally required to give pass...
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Medical workers eat free,Jose Andres

The hospitality industry has really come together to make life easier on doctors and nurses amid the coronavirus pandemic. Destination venues in the UK are volunteering to provide free vacations to healthcare workers once travel restrictions are lifted and hotels in the US are offering free lodging to healthcare personnel to make commuting and social distancing easier. Now, a celebrity chef is offering doctors and nurses free meals for the rest of the year at all of his restaurants. In a rece...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 33

The Paulowina trees on the Place d'Italie are in bloom, and they smell AMAZING without all of the cars stinking up the place. Fun fact of the day (which I'm sure residents can already guess): Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), produced mainly by vehicles and thermal power plants, have fallen by 54% in Paris during confinement according to maps published by the European Space Agency. The Latest NewsToday the French news shows are preoccupied with questions of what will happen wh...
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Where the City Lights Are Bright

I wrote this back in 2013. I am reposting in the hopes that you might donate to City Lights Bookstore as they struggle through the quarantine in San Francisco. It is by far the most historic and unusual bookstore I have ever visited. They have been
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Chinese Travel companies turn to live streaming and advance purchase for recovery

The road to recovery for China's travel industry is still littered with uncertainties.
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"We're hoteliers because we naturally have values of welcome, solidarity, conviviality, strong human relations"

Interview between Fabrice Collet, CEO B&B Hotels and Vanguélis Panayotis, CEO MKG Consulting. The time of a confined coffee (Le temps d'un café confiné), return on the Coronavirus crisis and its impact on the B&B Hotels group. Video of the interview in available in French.
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Thermal Imaging and Its Potential Effect on The Travel and Hospitality Sector | By Alan Young

These days, you can't help but notice that virtually every COVID-19 news clip has repeatedly depicted a person being screened for fever using some device that looks like it is from Star Trek. The use of the non-contact handheld infra-red thermometer has become, somewhat disturbingly, commonplace.
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More Worry - The Life of a Hotel Doctor | By Mike Oppenheim

A worried mother phoned, asking me to see her two-year-old with a fever.
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35.den madeira

Po dlhom case na ranajky vajicka.Po jedle trosku surfovania na nete a potom smer mesto a oddych pri mori oproti lanovke co ide na monte.Ludi v meste normalne ruska sa tu furt moc nenosia i ked postupne ich nositelov pribuda. Dnes som videl 5ludi.
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Lake Ohrid 2 Robev Family Museum and Samuel's Fortress

After one of the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time I woke up to find my clothes all dry from the night before. Great start to the day and when I looked out of the window it looked like the rain had stopped whether that would last I wasn't too s
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How to Disinfect Your Bags

At this point, we’re all washing our hands for the allotted 20 seconds (right?) and cleaning the surfaces in our homes—but what about our bags? Although recreational travel may be at a halt, many of us are still traveling to work or the grocery store. The CDC doesn’t consider objects like bags to be a major source of…Read more...
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STR: Canada Hotel Results For Week Ending 11 April

Showing further COVID-19 impact, the Canadian hotel industry recorded steep year-over-year declines in the three key performance metrics during the week of 5-11 April 2020, according to data from STR.
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