Travel for healthy, local meat and seafood delivered to your home or workplace

Tl;dr version: TruLocal delivers a wide variety of local meat, poultry, and seafood from family farms to your door. They serve Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. And they're great!* * * * When we lived in Ontario, we often ordered meat from Beretta Farms. Beretta distributes products from small, local farms, as well as from their own, located in King City, Ontario. (Here's an old post about them.)Distribution is often the missing link between consumers and healthy, local, non-factory-farme...
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Coronavirus antibody tests starting Thursday, labs improve turnaround time, mayors eye phased reopening, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Testing for coronavirus in Hawaii Coronavirus antibody tests will start Thursday. As Hawaii carefully considers reopening the economy, the first laboratory- based coronavirus antibody tests will begin Thursday to ascertain how many people have actually been infected in the islands. Star-Advertiser.Hawaii Labs Improve COVID-19 Testing Turnaround Times. DOH says results from most diagnostic testing can now come back within 24 hours. But the state’s plan for testing once the economy reopens ...
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Positive international LGBTQ news

It’s been a whacky couple of months. March went in like a lion and out like a Stranger Things Demogorgon, and although April still feels like we’re living in the middle of a dystopian novel, LGBTQuarantine has spawned something worth celebrating — international solidarity. Whether it’s online Pride celebrations replacing canceled parades, the Lady Gaga stan who typed out the forthcoming Chromatica tracklist for the rest of us to enjoy, or the crowds of queer folks figuring out how to get laid...
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Zoom tribute to Dachau survivor

Abba Naor was treated to a special surprise Zoom call by band members of the Israeli Defense Forces and the US Navy today. On the call, the military musicians performed the Israeli national anthem for the 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, who spent four years in Dachau, a camp liberated exactly 75 years ago on April 29, 1945. Naor, who at 17 was the youngest prisoner to be liberated from the camp, stands in honor of the anthem as the band begins to play. The video concludes with a salute to ...
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The 5 C's Cookies - Chewy Chunky Salted Caramel Choc Chip Cookies!

I had a craving that needed to be scratched. I wanted a chewy chocolate chip cookie. But not just any chocolate chip cookie-a chunky one with dark chocolate salted caramel and sesame seeds. Enter these 5C cookies - chewy, chunky, caramel, chocolate chip cookies!
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Coronavirus treatment remdesivir

Since there’s currently no vaccine against COVID-19, our best short-term hope is the development of a treatment. An effective treatment would speed up recovery time and give coronavirus patients a better prognosis for survival. Today, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) released preliminary results from a study testing an antiviral drug called remdesivir, developed by Gilead Sciences, and for once, the news is encouraging. A recent remdesivir study took into account data from over 1,00...
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‘Have A Good Trip' on Netflix

Although Anthony Bourdain and Carrie Fisher have passed, we haven’t seen the last of them. Netflix’s upcoming Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics lists them both as celebrities with stories featured in the May 11 documentary. The film centers on famous comedians, actors, and celebrities who share their stories about, as the name suggests, tripping on psychedelics. The stories will be told in part through reenactments and animated clips that call to mind the funny feelings fostered b...
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Being opportunistic without being a shark | By Frances Kiradjian

Today's climate may present a new opportunity for the hospitality industry for those sitting with cash, or some form of available cash.
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Oil posts double-digit gains after U.S. crude storage build slows - Reuters

Oil posts double-digit gains after U.S. crude storage build slows - Reuters:Oil prices surged more than 10% on Wednesday after U.S. crude stockpiles grew less than expected and gasoline posted a surprise draw, feeding optimism that fuel consumption will recover as some European countries and U.S. state ease coronavirus lockdowns.Crude prices crashed earlier this month, with global fuel tanking roughly 30% due to efforts to slow the spread of the virus. To ease the growing glut, major oil produci...
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Underrated African cities

While Instagram is rife with photos of travelers on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, strolling about Morrocco’s blue city of Chefchaouen, or posing in front of the pyramids at Giza, the African continent is gigantic; there are so many options as far as experiences you can have besides just this small handful of touristy towns. A continent with so many diverse cultures and landscapes, Africa is home to many cities that prospective tourists should keep on their radar. Whether you’ve never co...
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Permit-free camping in the US

At $30+ a night , some campgrounds cost about as much as a cheap Airbnb — without the amenities of a warm bed and four non-nylon walls. These sites often run amok with humans, shrinking your hopes of having time well spent in the wild. And while this option totally works in a pinch, it’s probably not what you’ve been dreaming of. But wild camping — or dispersed camping, or primitive camping, or whatever you want to call it — could be. There are plenty of places you can camp legally, permit-fre...
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125,000 birthday cards for WWII vet

British World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore made headlines earlier this month for his impressive fundraising efforts. The 99-year-old walked laps around his garden to raise money for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), raising more than $36 million and garnering global attention and affection in the process. Now, for his 100th birthday, people around the world are thanking Captain Moore with many, many birthday cards. Photo: Bedford School/Facebook Photo: Bedford School/...
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Beach sprayed with bleach in Spain

Any considering heeding President Trump’s advice to inject household disinfectant as a counter-maneuver to the coronavirus need only look to Spain for an example of why one should not pour bleach willy-nilly in ill attempts to fight COVID-19. The country is facing intense backlash after reports that local officials sprayed bleach across 1.2 miles of coastal beach near the town of Zahara de los Atunes on its southern coast. This was done in an attempt to sanitize the area for children and fami...
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Best pizza restaurants in Phoenix

Phoenix is a slice of pizza heaven. Yes, that Phoenix, the one where it’s nearly hot enough in the summer to cook said pizza on the sidewalk. While Chicago and New York were dueling it out for pizza supremacy, Phoenix was quietly building an army of pizza joints that could dethrone Naples. We’re talking true temples of dough, some stylish, some artisan, and some traditional. While there’s no “Phoenix-style” or even “Arizona-style” pizza, you can find places that have perfected just about ever...
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Day 37 of the lockdown

Day 37 of the lockdown.Day 43 otherwise. Day 43. Weird sa din. I don't know if I want to call it a good one. Or a disastrous one. So much happened in the world that is important to me (of course there is this grandness in which I am not even a speck of dust on the infinite timeline that we don't know about). So, lemme try and talk about those. You know, like dear diary.  So, here we are... Since the lockdown started, I have subjected myself to lo-carb food. That means I was eating a lot o...
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This Minimalist Ridesharing Ad Asks You to Visualize Your First Trip After Quarantine

With quarantine restrictions limiting the production of new video footage, one rideshare company is tapping a new type of visual medium: its audience's imaginations. A new campaign from Cabify Argentina and Havas' Buenos Aires-based Hoy agency asks viewers to imagine their first trip to visit a friend or loved one after lockdown measures eventually lift....
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Town in Italy printing its own money

The pandemic has put economies around the world in dire straits, leading to large-scale bailouts and relief programs. One town in Italy, however, is getting creative when it comes to wiggling out of its tough financial situation. Castellino del Biferno, a small town of 550 people, about 160 miles southeast of Rome, has started printing its own “Ducati” bills and distributing them to the town’s most vulnerable residents. Worth one euro each, people can then redeem the Ducati bills for essenti...
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French and Italian bread differences

We live in a world filled with diverse styles of bread. There’s Ethiopian injera and Indian naan, Irish soda bread and Slovakian vanoka. Not to mention the many types in the United States, like the humble loaf of potato bread. Few get as much attention in the US, however, as two generic styles that take their name from European countries: French bread and Italian bread. This classification itself doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — there are many types of French bread and many types of Italia...
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Hong Kong airport disinfection booth

Even after the restrictions of movements are lifted, coronavirus-related hygiene practices are likely to remain throughout many aspects of travel. Airlines and airports are implementing new sanitation measures to keep everyone healthy and Hong Kong International Airport is leading the way by introducing full-body disinfection booths and cleaning robots. Photo: Hong Kong International Airport Cleantech, the full-body disinfection booth, involves people undergoing a temperature check and the...
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47 Interesting Facts About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is much more than what you see from the Trans-Canada Highway. This prairie province is a wonderful destination – primarily from spring to fall when temperatures are pleasant. Before you venture to the province, have a read through these irreverent but interesting facts about Saskatchewan for some perspective on the province. My husband John penned these 47 interesting facts about Saskatchewan. As you’ll see below he has an offbeat sense of humour. Enjoy. Saskatchewan is a destin...
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Retired ambulance driver grants wish

One of the most insidious aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the virus’ ability to deprive dying patients of the chance to say goodbye to the people and places they love. Retired Dutch ambulance driver Kees Veldboer is trying to remedy this unfortunate reality, driving terminally ill coronavirus patients to places they’d like to say goodbye to. Veldboer, the founder of Stichting Ambulance Wens, has fulfilled over 14,000 dying wishes, including several hundred since the pandemic began. Si...
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Vilnius plans to help restaurants

In Vilnius , Lithuania’s capital, the government is implementing a clever plan to help beleaguered restaurants, which have weathered mass shutdowns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: All the public space in the city will be transformed into an open-air cafe. According to a report from The Guardian, the city wants restaurants and cafes affected by shutdowns to move tables and chairs outside so that residents can dine in the open air while still sticking to social distancing regulations. Lit...
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Oil Surges on Biggest Jump in U.S. Gasoline Demand in 11 Months - Bloomberg

Oil Surges on Biggest Jump in U.S. Gasoline Demand in 11 Months - Bloomberg:Oil rose after the U.S. reported the biggest jump in gasoline demand since last year, offering a glimmer of hope that consumption could gradually return as major producers continue to cut output to counter a global glut.West Texas Intermediate futures surged as much as 36% Wednesday. U.S. gasoline stocks fell by 3.67 million barrels compared to an estimated build of 2.49 million, according to the U.S. Energy Information ...
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Experience Interactive Cooking Classes from Chefs Around the Globe —in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

The novel coronavirus may stop us from leaving our houses (temporarily), but it can’t stop us from continuing to build a global community across all borders. This seems like a good time to share a relevant project as the entire travel industry has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to bring to you a special program from The Table Less Traveled, a company with the same mission that we built Oh Hey World and Horizon around: community through travel. I’ve known the founder, Annie Che...
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#Oman tells state companies to replace expats with locals - ONA - Reuters

Oman tells state companies to replace expats with locals - ONA - Reuters:Oman’s finance ministry told state companies on Wednesday to replace foreign workers with locals, as part of efforts to develop the national workforce, state-owned Oman News Agency reported.The move is part of the government’s running so-called “Omanisation” policy, which is aimed at improving the number and quality of jobs available for Omani citizens.Low oil prices and the economic slowdown caused by the new coronavirus o...
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#AbuDhabi’s Etihad delays return of passenger flights to June 16 - Reuters

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad delays return of passenger flights to June 16 - Reuters:Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways on Wednesday said it now plans to start operating regular passenger flights from June 16, delaying the resumption for a second time this month.The airline has opened bookings for flights across its network from June 16, it said in a statement, though cautioned that could change should current restrictions be extended.Etihad on April 25 said it would extend the suspension until at least May 16 du...
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#SaudiArabia Suffers Crisis Flashback But Finds New Ways to Cope - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia Suffers Crisis Flashback But Finds New Ways to Cope - Bloomberg:It’s a different Saudi Arabia that confronts another collapse in oil prices.When the kingdom last stared down the crash in crude, it wielded reserves that peaked at over $735 billion in 2014. The stockpile was down by over a third just three years later, channeled almost entirely toward deficit spending.Saudi Arabia may now be blowing through its reserves at the fastest pace in at least two decades, but the government i...
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Gulf Fiscal Response to Crisis Faulted as ‘Too Small and Narrow’ - Bloomberg

Gulf Fiscal Response to Crisis Faulted as ‘Too Small and Narrow’ - Bloomberg:The extent of fiscal support provided by Gulf Arab economies in response to the global coronavirus pandemic is “too small and narrow” and lags behind similar efforts in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, according to Oxford Economics. “Although some of the lockdown restrictions are being eased” across the six members of the energy-rich Gulf Cooperation Council, “the non-oil economy is not yet out of the woods,” Scott Livermore...
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COVID vaccine optimism in Oxford

We’ve been inundated with news about COVID-19 these past few months, and we’re all wondering when this nightmare will finally be behind us. The reality is, the virus will only truly be in the rearview mirror once a vaccine is developed. While there are many potential COVID-19 vaccines being developed around the world, one offers more hope than the rest due to the promise of a speedier timeline. The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute is developing a vaccine that could be ready as early as...
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