Slow state reopening planned, RIMPAC postponed, downsized, Honolulu administrator on leave after child sexual abuse allegations, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Lt. Gov. Josh Green at April 29 press conference, Facebook Live screenshot Governor announces reopening of economy in phases. Gov. David Ige announced Wednesday that the state will slowly begin to reopen the economy in phases, starting essentially Friday with a limited number of businesses suggested by the county mayors. Star-Advertiser.Governor outlines plans to slowly reopen economy as number of new cases decline. The state is taking small steps to reopen more areas of Hawaii’s economy,...
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Press Note 3 of 2020: FDI policy and the expanding sphere of national security

By Sharngan India recently joined the list of countries that have placed restrictions on foreign investment to fend off predatory investments during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. It announced that investors from countries sharing a land border with it would henceforth have to invest only through the government approval route. India’s decision follows on the heels […] ...
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What about remdesivir?

A placeholder post. There are two views, but at the moment I’m not sure whether this cures or is merely a palliative (which can be helpful, of course, but is not a game changer). Making scientific announcements only by press release is not a good idea. Esp when reports in Lancet re study in China […]
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#SaudiArabia Wealth Fund Builds Team to Hunt for Global Bargains - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia Wealth Fund Builds Team to Hunt for Global Bargains - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia’s $320 billion sovereign wealth fund has reassigned some staff to finding quick trading wins in global markets battered by the coronavirus pandemic.The Public Investment Fund, which until five years ago was a holding company for government stakes in domestic businesses, sees this as an opportunity to broaden its global portfolio, according to people familiar with the fund, who asked not to be identified bec...
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Peruvian foods

Peru, and Lima in particular, has one of the great culinary cultures of South America. There’s so much happening in the country gastronomically, from traditional Incan dishes to exciting new fusions inspired by the many peoples and cultures that make up modern Peru. Take, for example, the innovative Nikkei, or Peruvian-Japanese food, that has influenced restaurants across the Americas. Or just look to the many thought leaders who have called Lima a culinary capital for years, even before the ...
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Flamingos descend on Mumbai

The pandemic has proven to be the age of animal takeovers. As if universally coordinated, wild animals all over the world are seizing the opportunity to make themselves at home in our abandoned cities and towns. In Mumbai, it’s not uncommon to see an influx of flamingos between November and May, but now residents are reporting an unprecedented population boom. In the absence of humans, flamingos are flocking to the city by the tens of thousands. A new report from the Bombay Natural History S...
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American Airlines & Delta join JetBlue in requiring facial masks on U.S. flights

Two of the largest U.S. airlines, American Airlines and Delta, said Thursday they will require travelers to wear face masks on U.S. flights, joining JetBlue to address coronavirus. Excerpt: Delta’s new rules start May 4, while Frontier’s start May 8 and American’s requirements begin May 11. The policies exempt young children from wearing masks or other facial coverings. Other airlines like United Airlines (UAL.O) are providing masks to travelers, but not requiring their use. Many U.S. airlin...
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More defunct Japanese vending machines

Back in February, I wrote this to accompany a series of photographs depicting some long-defunct vending machines: “Japan is well known for its vending machines. With good reason too, as despite the ever-increasing number of convenience stores, the vending machine is still ubiquitous. Yet seeing one that’s no longer operational, let alone left to rot, is surprisingly rare.” The ubiquity of such machines, of course, is most definitely still true, but the rarity of busted and forlorn looking exampl...
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Planets of the Humans – where gullible Greenies discover they’ve been taken for a ride by “green” criminals

A placeholder post. I plan to extract and publicise sections of Michael Moore’s documentary which is good in parts but overall a disaster – given its ultra-Nazi/Malthusian stance. I've only seen a few snippets from the Moore documentary yet but fully support Zubrin's opposition to its central anti-population message. Moore is no Julian Simon. He […]
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Finablr Group may owe $1.3bn, investigators find - Arabianbusiness

Finablr Group may owe $1.3bn, investigators find - Arabianbusiness:Embattled payments and foreign exchange platform may owe at much as $1.3 billion, the company said on Thursday.In a statement posted to the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Finablr said that its independent financial advisor, Houlihan Lokey and private investigators Kroll have been working to establish the current indebtedness position of the Finablr Group.“The results of this exercise currently indicate that the total net indebtedne...
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The Best CRISPIEST Roasted Potatoes!

These amazing roasted potatoes are absolute perfection. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside they're highly addictive. They get that wonderful crispy edge from one single household ingredient! You'll never make crispy potatoes any other way again.
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Emirates, Etihad warn air travel recovery could take three years: business council - Reuters

Emirates, Etihad warn air travel recovery could take three years: business council - Reuters:Middle East state carriers Emirates and Etihad Airways believe it could take three years for air travel demand to return to levels seen just before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, according to the U.S. - UAE business council.The business council hosted a video conference with Emirates President Tim Clark and Etihad Chief Executive Tony Douglas on Wednesday, it said.Clark and Douglas both said during the...
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MENA managers to boost Egypt funds, say #SaudiArabia and #UAE most vulnerable: Reuters poll - Reuters

MENA managers to boost Egypt funds, say Saudi Arabia and UAE most vulnerable: Reuters poll - Reuters:Middle Eastern fund managers plan to increase investments in Egypt in the current quarter, according to a Reuters poll, and say Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are most vulnerable to tumbling oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic.The region, which is mostly under lockdown as it deals with the outbreak, is home to many oil producers, who have seen the price of their main resource tumbl...
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Trans-Siberian Railway travel tips

At a whopping 6,152 miles between Moscow and Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest single-journey train ride in the world and is a must for the serious train lover. With connections to China, Mongolia, and Japan, the TSR offers plenty of opportunities for broke college students with overstuffed backpacks to find adventure. While there’s plenty of information available online and in guide books, there’s more to traveling by train than knowing how to buy tickets. Read on for i...
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Travel 2

Can you believe it’s May 1st? April was so long and I think May will be the same as the confinement continues. More travel photos from trips through the years. I loved this church in the old section of Berlin. I loved Berlin too. This was a church in northern Spain when we did the Camino. In Pamploma. A delightful church door with overgrown trees in Stow on the Wold, England. Rousillon in Provence. Mont St Michel in Normandy.
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‘The Big Flower Fight’ is next TGBBO

The British have a special knack for taking seemingly innocuous activities and turning them into stressful, high stakes competitions that are simultaneously soothing and uplifting. The best example is, of course, The Great British Bake Off, the show about cake that actually made everyone who watched it alternately sob and cheer for the contestants. What made the show so good is that even though it was supposed to be a competition, all the contestants were supportive friends who truly cared ab...
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Online international souvenir shops

One of the highlights of travel for many is visiting the local market. Whether a locale is known for its unique produce, a rare spice, or a specific craft, traveling to the source to buy that oh-so-coveted item always feels like a truly singular experience. But whether you’re searching for Peru’s prized textiles or West Africa’s best beauty secrets, you may not have to travel at all to get those desirable goods. Many of the items we assume we’d have to travel around the world for can now be f...
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Oil prices surge on last day of roller-coaster month - Reuters

Oil prices surge on last day of roller-coaster month - Reuters:Oil prices jumped on Thursday, after several producers said they would cut output and as signs the U.S. crude glut was not growing as quickly as many had feared brought an upbeat close to one of the most volatile months for oil trading in history.Fuel demand worldwide slumped about 30% in April. Even after major oil producers led by Saudi Arabia agreed to slash production by nearly 10 million barrels per day (bpd), U.S. crude futures...
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Sformatini di Broccolo Romanesco

The first time I tasted a sformata we were in a trattoria in Acqui Terme in Piemonte. I ordered it not knowing exactly what it was and was pleasantly surprised when I was served a light and creamy vegetable custard. After returning home I searched for recipes and made one with spinach. That was quite some […]
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Beijing flight bookings surge

If China is modeling how the rest of the travel industry will bounce back from the virus, recent travel data is encouraging. Since Beijing relaxed its coronavirus rules yesterday, data from online reservation service Qunar showed that flight bookings out of the Chinese capital have increased by up to 15 times. Previously, Beijing had required incoming visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Now that requirement is being relaxed for travelers coming from low-risk areas of the cou...
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Pets social distancing guidelines

By now, we have a pretty good idea how to interact with other humans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wear a mask, stay six feet apart, don’t shake hands — you know the drill. When it comes to pets, however, it’s been a bit of a gray area. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released official guidelines for how you should interact with household animals, and how they should interact with each other. According to the guidelines, there is no evidence that animals are play...
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Lund drops chicken manure in square

Up until now , Sweden has resisted a large-scale national lockdown, and is largely leaving social distancing up to the common sense of its citizens. But as the country is getting ready to celebrate Walpurgis Night (a traditional holiday celebrated in northern Europe) tonight, officials are concerned about the potential consequences of the festivities on the community’s health. Fearful that residents will try congregating for traditional holiday celebrations, the university town of Lund is tak...
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What is egg coffee

Dalgona coffee might have become a viral TikTok trend, but its origins run much deeper than that. The creamy whipped coffee drink is actually a product of Asia (it’s especially popular in India and South Korea) but only recently gained popularity in the United States after catching the eye of a few influencers and celebrities. Its successor is egg coffee, a mainstay of cafes in Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. There are many variations of egg coffee throughout Asia. In Korea, for instance, a drin...
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Greta Thunberg donates $100,000

The news coverage may be more focused on the pandemic than the climate crisis these days, but that doesn’t mean that young climate activist Great Thunberg has given up the fight. Thunberg is now lending her support to children affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. She’s donating $100,000 to UNICEF, in an effort to protect young people from the dire consequences of the pandemic like loss of education, lack of healthcare, food shortage, and violence. “Like the climate crisis,” Thunberg said in a s...
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Pakistan pays to plant trees

Millions around the world are out of work due to the pandemic and the consequent lockdowns. Pakistan is one country that is thinking on its feet to alleviate the hardship for recently unemployed laborers, introducing a “green stimulus effort.” Since the country’s lockdown began on March 23, unemployed day laborers have been put to work as “jungle workers,” planting billions of trees. The program is part of the 2018 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project, which seeks to combat rising t...
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HOSPA opens up educational courses to help furloughed hospitality colleagues

HOSPA, the Hospitality Professionals Association, has opened up its educational courses, welcoming a fresh intake of learners and waiving the usual twice annual registration process in a move that will enable furloughed colleagues to learn and enhance their hospitality careers during lockdown.
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Best books about Japan traveling

Since the days of antiquity, travel writing has remained one of the great forms of escapism, transporting us to faraway lands using literature as its vehicle. Whether it was Herodotus romancing the mountains of ancient Greece in his Persian Wars chronicle, The Histories, or Bill Bryson struggling to conquer the Appalachian Trail at his self-deprecating best some 2,400 years later. Since opening its borders in the 1800s, Japan has inspired many intrepid gaijin (foreigners) to recount their tra...
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Early stage investor The Fund expands beyond NYC with new partners in LA and London

The Fund, an early-stage investment firm with a memorably straightforward name, is looking beyond New York City as it starts investing its second fund. Founders Jenny Fielding (who’s also managing director at Techstars New York) and Scott Hartley (also co-founder and partner at Two Culture Capital) told me that in the past two years, they’ve already backed 52 New York City startups. “The seed funds in New York have all gone upstream,” Fielding argued, making it harder for founders to get the ...
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Here’s what NASA’s Mars helicopter will look like when it makes history with the first extraterrestrial powered flight

NASA is getting ready to send its next Mars rover to the red planet later this year, and that mission will also carry Ingenuity, a brand new helicopter robot that will attempt to make history by becoming the first vehicle to perform a powered atmospheric flight on another planet. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) created a trailer of sorts to show you approximately what that flight will look like, when it takes place sometime after the targeted February 18, 2021 arrival date for the M...
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla officiellement dévoilé

C'est enfin officiel. Le prochain opus d'Assassin's Creed vient d'être dévoilé par Ubisoft après une longue après-midi de teasing ce mercredi. Comme le prétendaient les rumeurs jusqu'ici, le titre s'appele Assassin's Creed Valhalla et prendra place dans le monde impitoyable des Vikings, faisant face aux Anglais au Xe siècle. En sus d'un magnifique artwork, qui servira probablement de jaquette au jeu, le titre s'est montré dans une bande-annonce intensive. On peut ...
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