Hawaii's new tourism brand: 'safest place in the world,' airport arrivals triple, thousands wait hours in Oahu food line, Kauai goes to 4-day workweeks, taxing the rich, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii beach scene ©2020 All Hawaii News Plans in the works to market Hawaii as the ‘safest place in the world’. Most Hawaii businesses remain closed and the stay-home orders have not yet been lifted, but plans are already in the works to begin marketing the state to tourists as the safest place on earth. Star-Advertiser.Senate committee wants passenger quarantine improved and scaled up to accommodate rising visitors. The Senate Special Committee on COVID-19 today criticized loopholes in ...
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Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever' review

Devi Vishwakumar is angry. So angry she throws her geometry textbook through her (closed) bedroom window. And to be fair, she has a right to be frustrated. Her crush doesn’t look her way, and as a horny teenage girl who thinks she’s ready to “bone down,” that’s devastating. Her stunning, accomplished cousin Kamala is living with her family while she finishes her Ph.D. And the fact that she’s still traumatized by the death of her father isn’t helping. She’s still learning to manage her overwhe...
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Botswana evacuates black rhinos

After a sharp increase in rhino poaching in March left at least six rhinos dead in Botswana’s northwest, government workers are trying to evacuate the few black rhinos left in the area to safety. There are only a few black rhinos remaining in the area, but locating them has proven difficult amid the severe flooding making many roads inaccessible. The absence of safari tourists due to the pandemic has spurred on poachers. Derek Joubert and his wife, Beverly, who lead Rhinos Without Borders, ...
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Italy Revisited-Ferrara

It was two years ago this month that we visited Ferrara. Located only about half hour by train from Bologna this city is definitely worth a visit. It reminded me a lot of Bologna, only smaller and without all the tourists. The city has one of Italy’s best preserved Medieval neighborhoods. The quarter is a […]
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Indian billionaire Ambani accelerates debt plan as stake sale to #Saudi drags - Arabianbusiness

Indian billionaire Ambani accelerates debt plan as stake sale to Saudi drags - Arabianbusiness:Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man, accelerated the timeframe for wiping out $21 billion in net debt at his Reliance Industries Ltd., seeking to quash skepticism that emerged as talks to sell a stake in some assets to Saudi Arabian Oil Co. have dragged on.The oil, telecom and retail conglomerate now expects to reach zero net debt ahead of the March 2021 target Ambani had set in August, the Mumbai-based ...
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A 48 Hour Magical Tour of Porto {Part 1}

48 hours in Porto? I know that's not enough to get to know this Northern Portuguese city. But you can still have an incredibly delicious time there in just 2 days. From the Franceshina sandwich that truly has to be eaten to be believed, a hidden away local seafood restaurant to just eating some of Porto's signature dishes there's so much to eat and do!
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Moody's cuts #SaudiArabia's outlook to negative from stable - Reuters

Moody's cuts Saudi Arabia's outlook to negative from stable - Reuters:Moody's Investors Service on Friday cut Saudi Arabia's outlook to "negative" from "stable", saying the oil price crash has raised fiscal risks for the Gulf nation. (, the ratings agency affirmed sovereign credit rating at “A1”, citing Saudi Arabia government’s “still relatively robust, albeit deteriorating” balance sheet, moderate debt level and substantial fiscal and external liquidity buffers. [Autho...
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Oil firms, ends with weekly gain, as OPEC+ begins record cuts - Reuters

Oil firms, ends with weekly gain, as OPEC+ begins record cuts - Reuters:U.S. oil prices were 5% higher while Brent crude rose above $26 per barrel on Friday, with both benchmarks posting their first weekly gain in four weeks as OPEC and its allies embark on record output cuts to tackle a supply glut due to the coronavirus crisis.In April, U.S. crude fell to an all-time low and traded negative for the first time on record while Brent hit a near-21-year low as the pandemic eroded demand and OPEC a...
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International plants you can grow

Spring is well underway, and with it comes the growth of familiar regional flowers and foliage. But beyond the usual seasonal suspects, there’s a huge variety of plants from around the world that can transform your garden and whisk you away to faraway places. Expert plant cultivator or complete novice, the proven therapeutic benefits of being outside, combined with our desire to know where our food comes from, means that gardening is an increasingly popular hobby. Add to it the access we have...
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New Zealand eliminating coronavirus

New Zealand, that country that just seems to be good at everything, looks like it’s won the battle against coronavirus too. Last week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cautiously announced the country had effectively “eliminated” COVID-19, with only one new case and four probable cases reported. The virus isn’t completely stamped out, but it is at a point where the country can easily identify and isolate any new cases, and quash any potential outbreak. So it might be tempting, now, to look to ...
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Visit Yellowstone National Park

Visit Yellowstone National Park in 2020 to Avoid Crowds Visit Yellowstone National Park in 2020, and it just might be the least crowded we’ve seen in decades. Yellowstone gets something north of 4 million visits each year.  Many of these visitors are coming from China, Japan, and Europe. However, with the global shutdown from the COVID-19 coronavirus, I suspect that international visitor numbers might be down significantly from years past. Carol and I first visited Yellowstone in 2013.  And to ...
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Michigan mailing free condoms

Delivery services of all kinds have risen in popularity during the coronavirus lockdowns — from mystery book bags to cocktails, everything is deliverable these days. Given this trend, it makes sense that not only food, but the truly essential goods are also available for delivery — in Michigan, you can now get condoms delivered by mail. The state’s health department is launching a new free condom delivery service to prevent accidental pregnancies and STD transmission during the coronavirus lo...
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Peru Rímac River pollution decline

The natural world is healing and thriving during the pandemic. Air pollution levels have plummeted, animals are claiming back their habitats, and waterways are getting cleaner. Officials are reporting that the Rímac River that runs through Lima, Peru, is noticeably clearer since the country introduced its coronavirus lockdown. According to Luis Enrique Yampufé Morales, a spokesperson for Peru’s National Water Authority (ANA), the river’s increased transparency is a direct result of the decli...
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Create a Passport with Your Kids to Virtually 'Travel' the World

As an inveterate traveler, I find it really hard right now to be stuck at home without any actual place to go or plans for travel in the near future. Still, I’m an adult who understands the reasons we’re not traveling; my son, he just wants to “go”—somewhere, anywhere. Kids who love to travel or are used to getting…Read more...
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Oldest campsites in the US

Lest 2020 seem like it will last forever, let’s remember this: The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. You are not old. The milk in your fridge is not old. The Earth? The Earth is old. And this pandemic? It will not last forever. But for now, let’s forget about 2020. Let’s find places in the world that scream of a different era — one overflowing with lava, ancient shallow seas, glacial lakes, and long-gone mountains. Gas up the Delorean — here’s eight places you can camp that throw it way further...
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France urged to eat more cheese

The French love their cheese, but with markets and cheesemongers closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, people in the country haven’t been buying as much traditional French cheeses as before. The slowdown has put the dairy industry in a tight spot. So much so that Terre de Lait, the dairy industry collective, is asking people to “eat cheese in solidarity” with the traditional cheesemakers of France. In a press release, Terre de Lait announced a campaign for a national “fromagissons.” The phra...
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Aquarium plea to FaceTime eels

As everyone is largely confined to their respective homes, it’s easy to focus on how social distancing is affecting our own relationships and forget that animals are similarly impacted by the sudden absence of humans in their lives. The spotted garden eels at Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium, for example, are used to seeing crowds of humans when they poke their heads out of the sand. Since the aquarium’s closure at the beginning of March, however, the fish see very few, and aquarium staff are concern...
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Vodka pops are perfect for summer

Judging by the 55 percent increase in alcohol sales, drinks have been a helpful therapeutic to get everyone through this pandemic. But as summer approaches, we need to refine our drinking strategy a bit. Summer is the perfect season for boozy frozen treats, and Costco knows how to satisfy your craving. For a refreshing snack that gets you tipsy, and also evokes a sense of nostalgia, and helps you forget your social distancing woes, Costco’s Vodka Martini Slim Chillers check all the boxes. Rem...
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NYC subway overnight closure

As the saying goes, there are only three things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and the NYC subway system. Well, from now on, you can only rely on death and taxes. The NYC subway has only shut down twice in the past decade, both times as a result of hurricanes, but in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, it’s going to close overnight. As of Wednesday, April 29, 2020, the subway system will shut down from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM every night for the purpose of disinfecting the trains, equi...
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Jamaican food experiences

Jamaica’s food flavor profile comes from a fusion of cuisines that evolved over the last three centuries. Millions of tourists who visit the island every year sample the island’s cuisine, and in each dish they’re served food that tells the story of Jamaica’s history and culture. To put it mildly, Jamaicans love food. Some of the island’s most popular dishes include jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, roasted yams, and rice and peas. Most of these dishes come from the slavery period between the ...
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Things to do in Queenstown, NZ

If all you do in Queenstown, New Zealand, is spend a few hours at the airport, you might still feel as if you’ve escaped to an alpine chalet. The mountains overlooking the arrivals terminal alone fulfill Peter Jackson’s promise of a real-world landscape befitting the fantastical world of Tolkien’s creation. And every inch of the drive into town solidifies the suspicion that, perhaps, Middle Earth may have been discovered, not invented. Yet despite the views that reward visitors for simply tou...
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Positive environmental news April

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Happy Friday , Matador readers. The New York Times reported on Thursday that we’re on pace for an 8 percent reduction in global CO2 emissions this year. But it also noted that it’s not actually good news if we simply bounce back to normal levels of polluting in a post-pandemic world. And we all need a bit of good news right now. So here are four environmental developments that really are positive, plus ...
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Sleeping Dog, Pompeii

A stray dog naps in the sun in Pompeii. I write this post on the first of May, a public holiday in Italy. Primo Maggio is also known as Festa del Lavoro, a day to celebrate workers. May Day. While the day is often used as a day for parades or demonstrations in honor of workers, it is also a day of recreation and relaxation, of outdoor concerts and long lunches. There is no May Day this year. Those who have been working hard during the coronavirus crisis — the essential workers, the doctors and ...
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What is a zero gravity flight

The good news is , if you want to experience complete weightlessness, you don’t need to be an astronaut. The bad news is, you still probably have to go to Florida. Because sitting on the tarmac at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is a heavily retrofitted Boeing 727-200 lovingly — if not accurately — nicknamed The Vomit Comet. And it’s as close to zero gravity as you’re getting right now without going into outer space. The plane’s real name is G-Force One, property of the Zero Gr...
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The OOH Billboard Will Become Prime Advertising Real Estate as States Reopen

When the federal government told the country to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, it was inevitable that out-of-home advertising would take it on the chin, as 40% of out-of-home advertisements lost their usual audiences, according to the industry's trade group. As the U.S. begins to slowly open back up and consumers crawl away from...
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"Joe Rhodes, who’s been on the move in his 'Traipsemobile' camper for 10 years, has made a life of eating in restaurants, drinking in local bars and going to gyms, where he uses the shower."

"'But what’s happened is that those spaces where I was living my life have slowly but surely all shut down,' he said. As the crisis worsened, he fled to a friend’s home in Dallas, where he is now parked in the driveway. He has access to the house, a shower, a meal or bed should he desire, but he feels keenly aware of not wanting to impose on his hosts.... Robert Meinhofer, 49, has been living in a one-bedroom trailer with his wife, Jessica, 42, and their two children since 2015... which is maroo...
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Vilnius airport drive-in theater

Movie theaters might be off-limits during the pandemic, but drive-ins are a whole other story. In contrast to traditional theaters, drive-ins allow for adequate social distancing since everyone can enjoy the movie while remaining in their cars. Although an old-fashioned and less prevalent way to enjoy a movie these days, the drive-in theater is not all gone. The Vilnius airport is using the concept by turning its empty tarmac into a makeshift drive-in movie theater. On Thursday night, Vilniu...
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Survey Shows Travelers Are Warming Up to the Idea of Hitting the Road Again

The U.S. Travel Association has partnered with MMGY Travel Intelligence to conduct a biweekly study of U.S. business and leisure travelers. This survey measures current and future traveler sentiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic and will track trends and shifts in travel intentions. The study will poll respondents for both domestic and international travel intent by purpose and type.
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Georgia issuing driver’s licenses

You’ve probably uttered the words, “Drivers here are crazy” at least a few times in your life, probably when visiting other parts of the world. Well, get ready to hear that phrase a lot more often in reference to Georgia. According to a new executive order by Governor Brian Kemp, new Georgia drivers will not be required to take a road test in order to get their license. This means that once teenagers turn 16, they can qualify for a license without ever getting behind the wheel with an instru...
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Encourage cycling and walking after lockdown, UK mayors told

Boris Johnson uses call with regional leaders to stress importance of keeping cars out of city centresCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson has told regional leaders to encourage people to commute on foot or by bike to help avoid a dramatic increase in car use when lockdown restrictions are partially lifted.The prime minister spoke on Friday afternoon to the “M9” – the group of mayors covering areas including Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and North Tynes...
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