#MyCorona (parody of My Sharona)

Ooh my little sneaky one, my infections one When you gonna let me socialize, Corona! Ohh you make my body ache, my breath shallow Got to isolate myself- thank you Rona!   When’s this gonna stop, give it up, such a sneaky one Gonna take my temp, to see if I’m getting worse My, my, my, aye-aye- cough! M-m-m-my Corona!   Stay six feet away, huh a-will ya, huh? Far enough away to not catch my Corona Keeping it all for me, it’s just for me Running the length of its course- Corona   When’s this gonna ...
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Universities, stores set to reopen, tourists to be welcomed back by July, mass jail releases include violent offenders, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

UH Hilo campus earlier this year ©2020 All Hawaii News University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade to resume in-person instruction for fall semester. Star-Advertiser.UH Plans To Resume In-Person Classes This Fall. The university is still working on what those classes will look like. Civil Beat.UH announces plans to resume in-person instruction in August across its 10 campuses. The University of Hawaii plans to resume in-person classes across its 10-campus system on Augus...
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Our commitment to Asia Pacific’s coronavirus response

The COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across Asia Pacific in January, affecting millions of people directly—and billions more through restrictions on the way we live and work and the impact on the regional economy. Throughout the region, we’ve seen people and businesses adapt with resilience, determination and ingenuity, including adopting and developing new technologies. Today, some parts of Asia Pacific are beginning to ease social distancing measures and restrictions on commerce—but we’re sti...
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How to Negotiate Salary as a Newcomer

by  Tunde Omotoye Tunde Omotoye started his career as a Human Resources Associate in Nigeria. He certainly understood how the hiring process worked! However, he needed to learn an entirely new process when he immigrated to Canada. Here’s something you might not know if you’re new to the workforce in North America: People who negotiate their salaries earn more money than those who do not. That’s because employers do not put their best offers first. In fact, they expect you to negotiate. ...
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Hawaii officials begin easing some COVID-19 restrictions

The coronavirus global pandemic has hit Hawaii’s largely tourism-based economy hard. We’re fortunate here to seemingly have been able to control the spread of the virus. We have some of the lowest confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and fatality rates in the US. We do, however, have the highest unemployment rate in the nation due to the […] The post Hawaii officials begin easing some COVID-19 restrictions appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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5 Perfect Family Vacation Destinations to Create Long-Lasting Memories

Looking to create long-lasting and magical memories with your kids before they grow up? Then discover the best vacation spots for families here. You work hard for family. You want to create lasting... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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4 Fun Things to Do in Sydney That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Start dreaming about your next vacation today. Here are 4 fun things to do in Sydney, Australia, that are worthy of a spot on your bucket list. Are you starting to dream about your next vacation? Are... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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5 Awesome Things to Do in Tokyo on Your Next Vacation

Looking to make memories that will last a lifetime? Click here to learn some of the best things to do in Tokyo that are sure to blow your mind. As the fastest growing travel destination in the world,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Amazing View You Need to See at Tokyo Tower This Holiday

Tokyo tower is one of best attraction sites you shouldn’t miss while visiting Tokyo. Here are some of the best scenery to experience while at Tokyo tower. Tokyo normally receives over one million... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Disappearing Tokyo places, and people

Last month, I posted a series of photos documenting the demise and pre-demolition abandonment of an old Tokyo danchi, or social housing complex. A sight that signalled the ageing nature of the buildings, as well as the generation that first moved into them. Photos that fortunately were taken at just the right time, as the fences are now up, meaning the end of a certain era really is nigh.
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Denver Zoo baby rhino cam

The best part about working from home is that you can spend two hours watching a live baby rhino cam, and no one can call you out on it. The Denver Zoo just released a livestream of a baby rhino, and it’s easily the best excuse to take a suspiciously long lunch break. “You asked and we listened!” said the zoo. “We now have a Baby Rhino Live Cam up and running. You can enjoy our greater one-horned bundle of joy right here.” View this post on Instagram ...
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Global stock markets buoyed as Brent crude tops $30 a barrel | Business | The Guardian

Global stock markets buoyed as Brent crude tops $30 a barrel | Business | The Guardian:Oil prices have jumped more than 13% after reports that China’s stuttering recovery was beginning to make ground.Stock markets also made gains, despite a decision by the German constitutional court that appeared to undermine efforts by the European Central Bank (ECB) to orchestrate a eurozone-wide stimulus plan. The price of Brent crude surged 13.05% to $30.75 a barrel on Tuesday, to continue a week-long incre...
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Virtual tour of Wuhan, China

Few Americans might have been aware that Wuhan, China, is known as “The Chicago of the East” before the first half of 2020. Now it’s the most talked-about city on Earth, and there’s a growing interest in understanding more about Wuhan and how people live there, both before the pandemic hit and now that quarantine restrictions have relaxed. Of course, going there to find out isn’t realistic right now, but a chance to learn about Wuhan — from a local — seemed enticing enough to try out one of ...
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Creamy Curry Chicken Pot Pie {Made Without Cream!}

This chicken pot pie is delicious but also chock full of vegetables with carrot, zucchini, peas and corn which makes it a complete meal with 4 cups of vegetables per pie! It's also creamy but made without any cream at all! The filling has a touch of curry flavour to supercharge it with flavour! This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!
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Travel 4

We have been doing a lot of shopping online as it just feels safer. There are, however, surprises when you do it that way. Maurice thought he was getting a single serving TV Dinner but it turned out to serve two, and once, even four. I thought I was going to get a wedge from a giant orange squash but got the whole enormous one. I had to use an big knife to get it into pieces and almost needed a saw. Then I baked the pieces, made a huge pot of soup and froze the rest. I’m glad we have a large re...
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Oil prices surge as coronavirus lockdowns ease - Reuters

Oil prices surge as coronavirus lockdowns ease - Reuters:Oil prices soared on Tuesday, as some European and Asian countries along with several U.S. states began to ease coronavirus lockdown measures.The rally extended Brent crude’s gains to six straight days, while U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate has now rallied for five consecutive sessions. Fuel demand worldwide was down roughly 30% in April, but demand is rising modestly due to efforts to lift travel restrictions.International benchmar...
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Cox: Brace for America’s version of #Saudi Aramco – Breakingviews Calamity creates opportunity. That has always been true when it comes to corporate consolidation. Recall how a series of mega-mergers and acquisitions transformed the banking industry after the 2008 financial panic. Wells Fargo snagged Wachovia. Bank of America scooped up Merrill Lynch. Lloyds TSB bought HBOS. BNP Paribas grabbed Fortis. JPMorgan got Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns. And so on. Before the cor...

Norwegian Cruise Line bankruptcy

The entire travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the cruise sector has likely received the biggest blow. Several of the first large coronavirus outbreaks occurred on cruise ships, leaving passengers stuck at sea for weeks while they were denied docking at multiple ports — events that may have badly damaged the reputation of the cruise industry. Despite Carnival’s intention to resume cruising operations on August 1, the future of many major cruise lines looks grim. No...
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Underground pit barbecue styles

Barbecue is about the closest thing that humans have to a universal cooking style. In countries around the world, people barbecue meat and vegetables over fire. Each method is slightly different — the Chilean asado has the meat spread upright against a large open fire, for example, while Japanese yakitori uses narrow charcoal grills. And then there’s the style that’s among the oldest and most traditional: barbecue done in an underground pit. Pit barbecue is especially prevalent in countries i...
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Is swimming with whales in Tonga OK?

The bottom of our boat slaps against frothy waves as we head away from the calm waters of the Blue Lagoon Resort and out into the open ocean. I let my hair down out of its messy bun and scoot toward the back of the boat, my fins and mask in hand. Salty wind blurs my vision as we press on further and faster until finally, our guide Uli slows the boat down, points north, and bellows, “Tofua’a – Whale!” Uli shouts in Tongan to his deckhand Tao, who leaps from the boat and plunges into the Pacif...
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Best museums in Africa

For black people across the diaspora, coming to Africa can be much more than a vacation. Many see it as a pilgrimage, one of returning to the home of their ancestors, so the normal trappings of the average holiday may not be enough for their journey. Visitors to the African continent are frequently there to experience the arts, letters, and history in a way that may not be required of other vacations. Museums of all stripes act as collectors and aggregators of heritage, and on the African con...
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Nunavik, Quebec, Arctic north travel

Located just two hours from Montreal by plane, Quebec’s northernmost region is more accessible than you might imagine. But upon arrival, the all-encompassing tundra and Arctic wildlife will have you convinced you’ve traveled much further. Nunavik, which means “great land” in the area’s Inuit language, covers almost 110 million acres in Quebec’s Arctic north but has little more than 13,000 inhabitants. Roads terminate hundreds of miles south of the region, isolating it from the rest of the pro...
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Ways mothers carry their babies

To provide safety , facilitate feeding, and promote mutual bonding, human infants, who are born helpless and defenseless, are traditionally in contact with their mothers day and night. But mothers also contribute at least half of the labor needed to keep their families and communities together, which means that mom needs her hands free. Maybe she’s weaving. Perhaps she’s gathering from the garden or traveling to get water from the village well. It could be that she’s cleaning the house and typ...
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Oil Set for Longest Rally in Nine Months Amid Falling Output - Bloomberg

Oil Set for Longest Rally in Nine Months Amid Falling Output - Bloomberg:Oil is headed for the longest run of daily gains in more than nine months as production cuts start to whittle down a supply glut and more economies ease their coronavirus lockdowns.Futures in New York rose for a fifth day, gaining more than 20%, while Brent topped $30 dollars a barrel for the first time since April 15. As OPEC+ producers begin to cut output as part of an historic supply-curb agreement, U.S. explorers are sh...
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#Qatar Wealth Fund Said to Seek $7.6 Billion Loan Backed by Stock - Bloomberg

Qatar Wealth Fund Said to Seek $7.6 Billion Loan Backed by Stock - Bloomberg: A boat moored in front of the skyline of Doha, Qatar.    Photographer: GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images Qatar’s sovereign fund is borrowing around 7 billion euros ($7.6 billion) against its stock holdings, as the top liquefied natural gas exporter seeks to bolster its cash reserves at a time of plunging energy prices, people with knowledge of the matter said.The Qatar Investment Authority is in disc...
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Emirates' Tim Clark: Coronavirus is a black swan event for the airline industry - The National

Emirates' Tim Clark: Coronavirus is a black swan event for the airline industry - The National: Tim Clark joined Emirates in 1985 as head of planning and rose up the ranks to become company president in 2003. Reuters More airlines could have collapsed or consolidated globally without government intervention amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the aviation industry will see a decline in passenger traffic as well as the number of aircraft used by carriers once the crisis subsides, Emirates ...
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Carnival Plans August Return—4 Days After Congress Initiated Investigations Into the Company

Carnival, the world's largest cruise line, announced that it would begin to "phase in" its service in North America beginning in August, only a week after the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) no sail order lifts for the industry. On Aug. 1, eight of Carnival's 26 ship fleet will begin sailing out of its ports...
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Shaken markets: Foreign investors go low on #UAE stocks with record selloffs | Analysis – Gulf News

Shaken markets: Foreign investors go low on UAE stocks with record selloffs | Analysis – Gulf News:Foreign investors remain squeamish about taking an exposure in UAE stocks, with March seeing a record shortfall in fund inflow.“Even after being granted the MSCI emerging market status in 2013, foreign holding in DFM-listed companies remain much below desired levels,” said Vijay Valecha, Chief Investment Officer at Century Financial.Of the 55 companies where foreign investment is permitted, foreign...
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Virtually Visit a New Historic Spot Every Day This Month

Life during a pandemic doesn’t give us much to look forward to—especially since we don’t really have any idea when it’s ever going to end. But one of the rare positive side effects of our new quarantine lifestyle is our newfound virtual access to various national parks, museums and historical destinations. We’re…Read more...
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