Ige's 7th proclamation reopens some malls, shopping centers; Honolulu and Maui mayors disagree; health experts say it's too soon; Young Bros. curtails shipping, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Gov. David Ige in May 5, 2020, Facebook live press conference Read the full text of Gov. David Ige's 7th Supplemental Emergency Proclamation Ige loosens restrictions with ‘safer-at-home’ proclamation. More Hawaii businesses will be permitted to reopen Thursday as per a new emergency proclamation from Gov. David Ige. Tribune-Herald.Gov. Ige announces phase 1 of re-opening businesses across Hawaii. After another day that saw new positive COVID-19 cases in the single digits, Governor David ...
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Hello, Boy!

I don't know what day of the lockdown is it today. I am guessing 45. But it could very well be 44. Or 46. For all I care. You know, the days seem to be blurring into each other and things seem to be losing their meaning. Most people I know seem to be ok with it. You know, they've made peace with this idea of staying indoors. And why not? At least the circles I move in, these people have relatively comfortable homes (not houses), a steady paycheck, a family to bank on, and limited things that the...
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Llama COVID-19 antibody

Petting zoo animals have been instrumental in providing much-needed companionship for nursing home residents during the coronavirus lockdown, but new research suggests they could also help cure the virus itself. Through studying a llama named Winter, scientists from Belgium’s VIB-UGent center for medical biotechnology and the University of Texas at Austin discovered a small particle that appears to block the coronavirus. The scientists, who published their research in the Cell journal, began...
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INTELITY and JOINGO Partner to Drive Contactless Engagement for Casino-Resorts

INTELITY®, the provider of the travel industry's most comprehensive guest engagement and staff management platform, announced today a new partnership with JOINGO, a leading-edge mobile technology provider for the gaming industry. The integration streamlines and connects every part of the casino-resort experience, empowering properties to future-proof their business by limiting physical contact while still engaging visitors as both a guest and player.
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Patagonia and Columbia on carbon

Patagonia and Columbia , both major retail operators in the outdoor space, are standing up to support a lawsuit brought against the Environmental Protection Agency by the American Lung Association and American Public Health Association in 2019. The two iconic brands oppose a decision by the EPA to overturn the 2015 Clean Power Plan, which regulated greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA replaced the CPP with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule, but an Amicus Brief filed by Patagonia and Columbia say...
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Perfect Buttermilk Scones - Small Batch Recipe Plus Tips & Tricks!

These buttermilk scones are light, tender and flakey and utterly moreish. I'd almost be tempted to give these a money back guarantee if I could! Scones are a classic Mother's Day treat and these lemon and lavender scones are simple but rather special. This recipe for scones produces a small batch of scones - four perfect scones with around 5 minutes prep. I also share my tips for turning out the most amazingly light scones!
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Applying for an Expat Mortgage whilst living in Dubai

The United Nations estimates that international migrants represent 88% of the total United Arab Emirates population, some of whom are Brits residing in Dubai. If this includes you, you may want to keep a property in the UK with the purpose of generating rental income or as a bolthole should you wish to return from […] The post Applying for an Expat Mortgage whilst living in Dubai appeared first on Dubai Expat Blog.
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Selena Gomez cooking show on HBO Max

Former Disney star , certified pop phenomenon, and indie darling actress (she’s worked with Jim Jarmusch and Harmony Korine) is adding another accolade to her IMDB page: cooking show host. Yes, the multi-talented celebrity has officially signed on to host her own quarantine cooking with HBO Max. According to Billboard, the 10-episode series was inspired by Gomez’s adventures in the kitchen while self-isolating. Here’s the twist: She might not actually be that good at cooking? HBO Max wrote in...
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Last supermoon of 2020 on May 7

The last supermoon of the year is happening tomorrow, and hopefully, you’re an early riser. According to NASA, this full moon, also known as the Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon, and Vesak Festival Moon, will peak on the morning of May 7 at 6:45 AM ET. If you decide to sleep in, you can still catch it on Friday morning at around the same time. A supermoon occurs when a new or full moon is at 90 percent of its perigee, which is the closest approach to Earth during its orbit. This mak...
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Rejecting Liberal International as a liberal organisation

For some reason I signed up for a newsletter from this organisation. Due to time constraints I rarely get to read what they write but today I found this – and have unsubscribed. This is NOT what liberals look for in public policy. They need strong proof before considering any “action”. These guys are socialists.  […]
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Banksy piece at Southampton hospital

A new piece of Banksy artwork appeared — somewhat mysteriously, as always — outside the Southampton General Hospital in Southampton, England. The painting, in black and white, depicts a young boy kneeling next to a basket in which he has seemingly discarded Spiderman and Batman action figures. Instead, the boy is playing with an action figure of an NHS nurse, who is striking a Superman-esque pose. The nurse is wearing a facemask, cape, and an apron with the Red Cross symbol where Superman’s ...
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Wild Sourdough Project

Many of us who’ve been sheltering at home have all picked up the same hobby: a newfound passion for different ways to get that bread. For the most adventurous, that means creating your own sourdough starter from the native yeasts floating around your place of residence. Now, researchers at North Carolina State University are asking for pieces of starter to help them understand how flour and geography impact wild sourdough. The goal of the Wild Sourdough Project is to understand the bacteria a...
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Oil Snaps 5-Day Rally With Supply Glut Eclipsing Demand Recovery - Bloomberg

Oil Snaps 5-Day Rally With Supply Glut Eclipsing Demand Recovery - Bloomberg:Oil snapped a five-day rally as a persistent supply glut outweighed signs of recovering U.S. fuel demand.Futures in New York fell 2.3% Wednesday, after doubling in value from a week ago. American gasoline consumption on a four-week basis rebounded at its strongest rate on record last week but remained far below the seasonal average, according to the Energy Information Administration. At the same time, crude stockpiles i...
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Climate change study on temperature

Climate change will hit more fiercely and quicker than expected, according to a new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS. More than one billion people, and up to one-third of the world’s total population, could live in “insufferable heat” within 50 years. The study concluded that if emissions continue to worsen, areas where one-third of humanity lives will become as hot as the Sahara Desert. The study approaches climate change from a unique angle. Instead o...
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Frontier Airlines middle seat fee

The prospect of an empty middle seat in the post-pandemic era sounds appealing, but like all good things in life, it won’t come free. On Frontier Airlines, if you want to fly with an empty middle seat — whether for social-distancing purposes or just plain comfort — you’ll have to pay an extra fee. The “More Room” seat assignment can be reserved via Frontier’s website for an extra $39 per passenger. Starting on May 8 and continuing through at least August 31, Frontier flights will have 18 “M...
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Mountain bike trails by Sacramento

Sitting at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, California’s capital city of Sacramento provides access to hundreds of miles of single and doubletrack mountain bike terrain for riders of every ability. Easy trails along the river and canals can be found in the flat Sacramento valley while the foothills offer undulating flow trails for the more experienced mountain bikers. And those who really want to shred the gnar will find hair-raising downhills lined with rocks and roots. The area is ...
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Underrated Latin American food

The countries that make up Latin America have strong gastronomic cultures. Those with culinary curiosity are almost certainly aware of Venezuelan arepas and well versed in Mexican tacos and tortillas. Perhaps a michelada or two have been sipped, but what of the unsung heroes like Guatemala’s 40-ingredient salad? Or the Haitian rebellion delicacy that’s prepared on New Year’s Day? Or what about Guyana’s self-preserving meat stew? These locally celebrated dishes, that more typically fly under ...
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In ‘Normal People,’ Ireland’s sparse landscape is the backdrop for a tumultuous relationship

In the Hulu adaptation of Sally Rooney’s smash hit novel Normal People, many confused, ambivalent emotions are at work between the love-struck Marianne and Connell. The pair are on the cusp of adulthood, navigating first love, college, partying, dating, sex, and each other with only a shaky grasp on how, exactly, they feel. It’s a tricky business, trying to figure out who you are and what you want in your early 20s, and their struggle is, as the title of the series suggests, abmismally normal...
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Jewish gravestones unearthed during construction in Prague

In Prague’s Wenceslas Square, a facelift project resulted in the discovery of dozens of paving stones made from Jewish headstones. Workers found cobblestones whose undersides bore Hebrew lettering, stars of David, and dates marking deaths. The polished surface of the stones indicated that they had been removed from cemeteries or synagogues. The discovery confirmed suspicions that in the 1980s, communist authorities raided synagogues and cemeteries for building materials to use in the groundw...
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Mountainfilm 2020 films

With movie theaters shuttered and large gatherings postponed across the globe, event organizers have been forced to get creative in order to keep on the calendar. Spring and summer film festivals, often very niche operations that depend on small-scale directors and production companies along with repeat clientele earmarking dates on their calendar each year, may sadly struggle this year. The social-distancing measures and travel ban have left them without visiting guests nor the use of theate...
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Portland Naked Bike Ride 2020

COVID-19 has led to the cancelation or postponement of most of the world’s major events, but one event is still happening right on schedule: the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, Oregon. Although cities like St. Louis, London, and San Francisco canceled the event, Portland, Oregon, is insisting that it still takes place on June 27. But it’ll look a little different this year. Usually, naked bikers gather at a set time and location. This year, however, participants are being encouraged to st...
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Why travelers should revisit places

In January 2018 , I left a job writing travel copy from a 20-person office in San Francisco to try writing about a world I was actually experiencing. The plan was to freelance abroad for a few months. It was an exciting prospect: I could go anywhere in the world, which, at the time, translated to me as anywhere in the world I’d never been before. Up first was Uruguay. I went with a friend, Karin, the type of traveler you can pitch a destination that you picked out of a hat with no questions as...
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MIDEAST DEBT-Gulf debt market shows signs of recovery as issuers line up - Reuters

MIDEAST DEBT-Gulf debt market shows signs of recovery as issuers line up - Reuters:Several Gulf issuers, including Abu Dhabi state fund Mubadala and the Saudi-headquartered Arab Petroleum Investments Corp (APICORP), will likely issue bonds as soon as next week, sources said, signalling a revival in the region’s primary debt market.Public international bond issuances screeched to a halt in late February, with activity only tentatively restarting early last month.Investment-grade sovereigns Qatar,...
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#Qatar Airways to Boost Flights to Half its Network by End-June - Bloomberg

Qatar Airways to Boost Flights to Half its Network by End-June - Bloomberg:Qatar Airways plans to boost flights to about half of its network by the end of June, as governments around the globe start easing travel restrictions following months of lockdown.The state-owned airline aims to have 80 destinations by the end of June, according to the statement sent on Wednesday. Currently, the airline operates flights to more than 30 destinations around the world.The gradual expansion will focus on conn...
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Disneyland to reopen in Shanghai

After being closed for over two months, Shanghai Disneyland is set to partially reopen on May 11, offering a glimpse into what a post-pandemic Disney will look like. The announcement was made on May 6 during a company earnings conference call. This decision comes after the corporation’s successful reopening of Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel in early March. The park, however, will not resume normal practices from next week. It will begin operation at a capacity o...
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #SaudiArabia #Qatar close

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg:Updated stock indexes in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Get an overview of major indexes, current values and stock market data in Europe, UK, Germany, Russia & more. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Oil dives more than 5%, below $30 a barrel as glut grows - Reuters

Oil dives more than 5%, below $30 a barrel as glut grows - Reuters:Oil dropped more than 5%, falling below $30 a barrel on Wednesday as U.S. crude inventories ticked up and gasoline demand remained below normal seasonal levels, offsetting hopes for a recovery in demand as some countries ease coronavirus lockdowns.BaseBrent was down $1.90, or 6.2%, at $29.07 a barrel, reversing course after rising in the past six sessions. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell $1.30, or 5.4%, to $23.26.Brent c...
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NMC Health collapse leaves battle lines drawn | Financial Times

NMC Health collapse leaves battle lines drawn | Financial Times: BR Shetty set up healthcare provider NMC in 1975. It is now at the centre of one of the biggest scandals to engulf a FTSE 100 company © Bloomberg via Getty Images For London’s financial centre, NMC Health had it all.The Abu Dhabi-based hospital operator was an emerging market company with a seductive pitch to investors and a charismatic founder.Entrepreneur BR Shetty, who set up NMC in 1975 after emigrating to the Unite...
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Human Behaviour After COVID-19

There is hope and an expectation that lives will return to normal after the quarantines loosen and "non-essential" businesses are allowed to open in the US and globally. Market participants believe that a $2 trillion dollar aid package is enough to float small and large businesses, as well as the 20%+ who are now unemployed — not to mention freelancers who do not qualify for unemployment and many who are underemployed. In fact, the markets continue to rally on hope and news that the COVID...
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HVS: COVID-19 Impact on Hotels in Asia Pacific | By Hok Yean Chee, Chariss Kok Xin & Peggy Lee

The momentum in visitor arrivals has been lost due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. January 2020 kick off with robust visitor arrivals before registering an average decrease of approximately 35% and 65% across the region (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam) in February and March, respectively. Similarly, the COVID-19 outbreak had cast a shadow over the hotel performance in Asia Pacific. Hotel occupancy decreased...
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