Guess Who is Walking

                Gabriel is walking.                       [Author: French la Vie]
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Just 1 new COVID-19 case: Hawaii opens more parks, stores, Senate panel mulls tough new tourist rules, Obama building Oahu home, Zuckerberg donates to Kauai community, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Lt. Gov. Josh Green at May 6, 2020 press conference on Facebook Live Ige, Green make case for partial opening of economy. With Hawaii on a two-week roll of single digit cases of COVID-19 per day, Gov. David Ige and Lt. Gov. Josh Green teamed up Wednesday to explain and defend the first phase of reopening the state’s economy, which starts today. Star-Advertiser.=====State parks reopen on a limited basis. Select Hawaii state parks have been reopened for active hiking and beach exercise duri...
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Virtual tour of Studio Ghibli Museum

Right now the days seem to pass by in a blur. Maybe you’re spending your morning staring out the window at the sun shining through the leaves, wishing you could lay in the grass with your friends or walk through your door and seek out an adventure. For now, all our plans for journeys to faraway lands will have to be put on hold — at least physically. Your imagination can still wander fantastical worlds. If you need a little help getting those gears turning, might I recommend taking a tour of ...
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Coronavirus conspiracy theories

The Trump Administration is doing you, me, and the natural world no favors with its coronavirus conspiracy theories. By suggesting the coronavirus was made in a military lab in China, the administration is distracting attention from the real source of this pandemic — and thus failing to prevent the next one. On Wednesday, President Trump said of the coronavirus, “I don’t like how it got here, because it could have been stopped, but no, I view the invisible enemy like a war.” This followed his...
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Top 5 Things to Do in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a place filled with variety and personality everywhere. Never run out of things to do in Osaka, starting with these 5 picks from seasoned travelers! There’s nothing more enjoyable than... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Making Memories Down Under: 5 Fascinating Things to Do In Queenstown, New Zealand

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Your itinerary isn’t complete without these unforgettable things to do in Queenstown. Get inspired here. There’s a reason why Queenstown is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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HEP Five Ferris Wheel: Guide to the HEP Five Osaka Japan

There is a beautiful Ferris wheel in Osaka, Japan. The HEP Five Ferris Wheel is mind blowing. Here is a guide to the HEP Five Osaka Ferris wheel. In 2017, over 11 million tourists visited Osaka. And... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Oil Market: Saudis Raise Crude Price for Global Customers in Tight Market - Bloomberg

Oil Market: Saudis Raise Crude Price for Global Customers in Tight Market - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia is raising crude prices for customers worldwide in a bit to prop up an oil market recovery. Bloomberg’s Javier Blas reports on "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg) [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#Dubai in talks for financing backed by road toll revenue: sources - Reuters

Dubai in talks for financing backed by road toll revenue: sources - Reuters:Dubai is in talks with banks to raise a financing worth billions of dollars which would be backed by road toll revenue, one of the main income generators for the government amid the coronavirus crisis, three sources familiar with the matter said.Dubai’s economy has been hit hard by virus containment measures that have brought to a near standstill crucial sectors such as aviation and tourism, and it lacks the oil wealth o...
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'What's the point of staying?': Gulf faces expatriate exodus - Reuters

'What's the point of staying?': Gulf faces expatriate exodus - Reuters:A popular Saudi talk show host told private businesses this week it was their national duty to lay off foreign rather than local employees, warning that the dominance of Saudi Arabia’s workforce by expatriates was a “real danger”.Khaled al-Oqaily’s comments on his daily TV show encapsulated the dilemma faced by 35 million foreigners who form the Gulf’s economic backbone: as firms shed jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic ...
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Oil slips as demand worries erase early bounce from Saudi price increase - Reuters

Oil slips as demand worries erase early bounce from Saudi price increase - Reuters:Oil prices slipped on Thursday as global supply and demand worries erased earlier gains seen from an increase in Saudi Arabia’s official crude selling price and a surprise rise in Chinese exports last month.Brent LCOc1 futures fell 26 cents, or 0.9%, to settle at $29.46 a barrel, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude CLc1 lost 44 cents, or 1.8%, to settle at $23.55. Earlier in the day, Brent was up over 5...
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Classic Pasta Alla Norma

With eggplants or aubergines aplenty right now try this comforting eggplant Pasta Alla Norma. This Sicilian pasta dish comes from Catania. It's easy, tasty and vegetarian and I promise you don't have to stand in front of your stovetop for long!
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Progressive transgender rights

In 1973, transgender activist Sylvia Rivera took center stage at a gay pride rally in New York City while a dismayed crowd hissed in her direction. “I have been beaten, I have had my nose broken, I have been thrown in jail,” she shouted at the audience of hecklers. “I have lost my job, I have lost my apartment for gay liberation, and you all treat me this way?” Although trans activists like Rivera played a pivotal role in the 1969 Stonewall Riots that spawned the modern LGBTQ rights movement...
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Tokyo black and white eye contact?

The image itself is black and white, but the young woman’s expression is much more of a grey area.
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Tiger King zoo in Oklahoma reopens

There’s something ironic about Joe Exotic’s zoo opening to the public right now. The show that kept everyone entertained during the lockdown is now indirectly responsible for bringing together hordes of tourists, and potentially leading to more infections. Tiger King Park, the exotic animal zoo featured on Netflix’s mega-popular Tiger King series, reopened this weekend in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The park, previously owned by Joe Exotic, was allowed to open following a weeks-long closure, as lon...
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Greece may open to tourists in July

International holidays might sound like an ill-advised idea right now, but come July, the world could look very different. While many countries are suggesting their borders will remain closed for at least another few months, Greece is giving eager international travelers some hope. The Mediterranean country, which enforced a strict and early lockdown, is considered a coronavirus success story, limiting deaths to around 150. This week Greek businesses are starting to reopen, and if all goes acco...
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History of LA's downtown streets

The most memorable things we come across when we travel often took a long, winding path to get to what they are today. This is Origin Story, a series that looks into the various influences that made the cultural touchstones and local quirks that we know today. If you drive west from Downtown Los Angeles for long enough, you’ll be faced with a decision: Do you want to make a turn at a 45-degree angle or a turn at a 135-degree angle? The majority of the time that decision has to be made on Hoov...
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Sonoma wine country craft cannabis

You know cannabis has officially gone bougie when wine country gets involved. A plant once banished to hidden grow houses in suspect parts of town is now flourishing in the sunny hills of California’s Petaluma Gap. Much like it has for food and wine, the valley’s terroir creates ideal conditions for finely cultivated cannabis, the kind of stuff people will travel here to enjoy with gourmet food and boutique wine. That’s the hope, anyway, at Sonoma Hills, California wine country’s first premiu...
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Hawaii Tourism Ban Update – May 7, 2020

[Author: [email protected] (Bruce Fisher)]
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Thai sanctuaries send elephants home

Thailand’s sudden drop in tourism due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation in the country’s service sector — including its elephant tourism sector. Without travelers paying to visit elephants in the Southeast Asian country, the sanctuaries and camps where they lived close to tourism-dependent cities like Chiang Mai simply can’t afford to feed or house them anymore. As a result, more than 100 of the animals have been sent on a 93-mile jaunt home to the Mae Chaem District in rural...
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Official Swedish data show a minor increase in total deaths that’s reverting to normal

When I shared this I got a request for the original source. Sweden's deaths are now starting to track LOWER THAN IN AN AVERAGE YEAR. See also: — Sanjeev Sabhlok, Pope @Church of Reason & Liberty (@sabhlok) May 5, 2020 Here’s the source of this official Swedish data: This webpage contains a […]
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London’s new skyscraper: The Scalpel

The London skyline is like a plastic surgery patient that just can’t decide what procedure it wants. After The Gherkin, The Shard, and The Cheese Grater, it hung its hopes on the Tulip building — a flower-shaped design ultimately rejected by the mayor for being an eyesore — and now there’s an edgy new skyscraper in town: The Scalpel. Sitting among the City of London’s skyscraper cluster, The Scalpel, designed by Architecture Studio Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF), is a 623-foot-tall, 38-story buildin...
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Andy Serkis to read LOTR for charity

Andy Serkis is forever associated with Gollum, the creature he portrayed (through CGI) in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. Now, he’s using this connection and his talent for voice acting to narrate The Hobbit for charity. For 12 hours, Serkis will give a continuous live reading of the popular Tolkien book to raise money for NHS Charities Together and Best Beginnings. “So many of us are struggling in isolation during the lockdown. While times are tough, I want to take you on one of ...
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Travel Memory

I was reading a website which asked people to post their most memorable vacations. I have many but this was my first major one. My ex husband while a resident (many years ago) had to pick a field of medicine out of his chosen field for a semester. That’s how we ended up in Madagascar at a missionary hospital where we saw all sorts of medical conditions such as syphilis which was so bad men couldn’t pee and needed a “reaming” procedure, and leprosy-a man who cleaned in the hospital didn’t...
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Why restaurants won’t adopt shields

The question of what dining out will look like once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed is a persistent one. It’s debated by chefs and business owners, as well as people around the world who took going out for a meal for granted. As restaurants everywhere shutter for good, those that survive are now faced with the challenge of figuring out how to safely lure cautious diners back into seats. One possible solution has been posited as a way to let customers socially distance while dining out: plast...
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Narwhal population to decline

With everyone single-mindedly focused on the pandemic, it can be easy to forget about our planet’s other, more pressing issue: climate change. Unlike COVID-19, which will eventually be in the rearview mirror, global warming is here to stay, and its effects will impact not only humans, but the entirety of the world’s ecosystem. A recent study published by The Royal Society found that the world’s narwhal population will decline significantly by the end of this century because of the warming sea...
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A guide to the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca

Imagine a long distance hiking trail where you’re never far from sparkling turquoise seas and sheltered coves, that you can walk in a continuous circuit or as individual day walks. Now imagine yourself on the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca where you can take advantage of the spring or autumn sunshine for a gorgeous hiking holiday, with delicious food and comfortable hotels to enjoy at the end of a day’s walk. Walking in Menorca is a great way to explore the island, to dip into its green landsca...
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Most Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couples

Getting away with your sweetheart on a cruise can do a lot to rekindle romance. With so many options, you will have your choice of destinations and cruise lines. These are the most romantic cruise destinations for couples. Boarding a romantic cruise away from life’s most stressful demands is a dream for many couples.  A cruise is a romantic vacation. If you’re looking to really dial up the romance on your next getaway, then it’s ... Read more The post Most Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couple...
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The best breweries in Milwaukee

Affectionately known as Brew City, Ma-waukee, and even sometimes Milwacky, the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is famous for many things. Between the Fiserv Forum, Discovery World, and the famous Milwaukee Art Museum, the city itself has something for people of all ages and walks of life. Nothing beats the popularity of its beer, though. To truly enjoy the city, one must spend time in some of Milwaukee’s many breweries. Milwaukee’s beer industry started in the mid 1800s when Welsh immigrants op...
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Churchill, Manitoba: 3-season guide

A 3-season travel guide to the natural wonders of Churchill, Manitoba Text by Shel Zolkewich | Photo by Scott Sporleder B ucket listers, start packing. Churchill awaits! This tiny Northern Manitoba community on the shoreline of Hudson Bay has a global reputation as the Polar Bear Capital of the World, as it should. Hundreds of the great white bears migrate this way every fall. But there’s plenty beyond the bears. Beluga whales by the...
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