Hawaii Legislature reconvenes Monday to tackle $1B shortfall, new rules coming for tourists, CARES money to provide safety net, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii lawmakers will return to Capitol on Monday to help patch huge state budget hole. Hawaii lawmakers will return to the state Capitol on Monday to get back to work, and their primary mission is to find ways to cope with a looming budget shortfall and prevent furloughs and pay cuts for public workers. Star-Advertiser.Legislature Reconvenes Monday To Deal With $1B Shortfall. House Speaker Scott Saiki and Senate President Ron Kouchi said the session may last from 6 to 10 days. Hawaii Public Ra...
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Rowing My Boat

    We have little control over how life will unfold. We can plan, create, directed our desires, and dreams into a hopeful reality. But in the end, it is life's currents that take us down the stream. It brings new meaning to the children's song "...row, row, row your boat gently down the stream..." Life is graceful, enduring, intense, magical, and tough. And so much more. Nonetheless, with family and friends, with love, courage, and grace which weaves between us creating a space of faith and ho...
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How to help save the bees in the US

Bees are on the mind of the public these days. Scientists have concluded that climate change poses an increasing risk to bee populations worldwide, with a February study published in the journal Science directly linking rising temperatures to declining bumble bee populations on multiple continents. Common pest repellents like Orthene and Sevin, often sprayed on plants in commercial and residential settings, kill the pests that land on plants — and pollinating bees suffer the same fate. Even t...
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Climate change effect on coffee

Coffee is the second most-consumed beverage in the United States. It’s also one of the agricultural products that will feel the greatest impact from climate change in the upcoming decades. In a 2019 study from researchers in the United Kingdom, 75 of the 124 coffee species in the world (60 percent) are classified as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable according to standards set by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The major deciding factors as to whether they su...
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Colombian coffee shortage

For centuries, coffee has been harvested by hand in the hills of Antioquia, Colombia. Yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, laborers may be prevented from working the harvest. It’s another blow to the Colombian coffee industry, which is the third largest in the world. According to an in-depth report from Daily Coffee News, the annual harvest of Colombian coffee beans has already been delayed due to the onslaught of the pandemic, as coffee farmers and their employees adhere to shelter-in-place ord...
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People order airline snacks online

At their best , airplane snacks were a somewhat lackluster way to take the edge off your inflight hunger. At their worst, they were flavorless morsels that only made your mouth drier and your stomach growl even more. Now, as we find ourselves grounded, airplane snacks are coated with a nostalgic glow. A relic of the not-so-distant good old days, airplane snacks are in high demand now as a reminder of what once was, and what might be again. With planes virtually empty these days, millions of p...
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Winner of NASA’s 2020 photo contest

If the view from your windows doesn’t do it for you any longer, this vibrant aerial picture of the Bahamas should transport you to a dreamier place. Photo: NASA/NASA Earth Observatory/Serge Andrefouet “Ocean Sand, Bahamas” is the title of the winning image for NASA Earth Observatory’s 2020 bracket-style photo competition called Tournament Earth. The competition pitted the best-submitted photographs of the Earth against each other in a brack format, and the public voted on which photos advan...
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#Saudi Wealth Fund Is Said to Explore Investment in Reliance Jio - Bloomberg

Saudi Wealth Fund Is Said to Explore Investment in Reliance Jio - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia’s $320 billion sovereign wealth fund is exploring a potential investment in Reliance Industries Ltd.’s digital unit, according to people with knowledge of the matter.The Public Investment Fund is considering purchasing a minority stake in Jio Platforms, said the people, who asked not to be identified as the information is private. Deliberations are ongoing and might not lead to a transaction, the people said...
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S&P affirms #Qatar's rating at 'AA-', outlook at 'stable' - Reuters

S&P affirms Qatar's rating at 'AA-', outlook at 'stable' - Reuters:S&P Global Ratings on Friday affirmed Qatar’s rating at “AA-“, saying it believes the Arab country’s government and external balance sheets will be able to provide sufficient buffers to withstand shocks. The agency said it expects a timely policy response from Qatar’s government to shore up its liquidity, given continued challenges in the international capital markets.Qatar sold $10 billion in bonds in April, the first Gulf state...
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Oil rises 5% in second weekly gain on output cuts, demand hopes - Reuters

Oil rises 5% in second weekly gain on output cuts, demand hopes - Reuters:Oil prices settled 5% higher on Friday in their second consecutive week of gains as U.S. producers cut production with the number of drilling rigs falling to a record low, and as more states moved ahead with plans to relax lockdowns intended to halt the coronavirus pandemic.The number of operating oil and natural gas rigs fell by 34 to an all-time low of 374 this week - reflecting data going back 80 years - as the energy i...
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Commodities trader Phoenix goes into liquidation due to coronavirus: documents - Reuters

Commodities trader Phoenix goes into liquidation due to coronavirus: documents - Reuters:Phoenix Commodities Pvt Ltd, a trader of agricultural products with offices in Dubai and Singapore, is being liquidated after amassing more than $400 million in potential trading losses, according a document prepared by the liquidators seen by Reuters.The business, founded 20 years ago, grew into a company generating $3 billion in revenue in 2019 trading grain, coal, metals and other products but it unravell...
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Top 5 Mothers Day Breakfasts!

While Mother's Day might look a bit different this year, these 5 suggestions for Mother's Day breakfasts are simple but deliver in flavour. They will have even the most reluctant cook or kids in the kitchen cooking up a storm for mum. From delicious fruit parfaits, strudels, make ahead breakfast soufflés to cakes your mother will feel loved and appreciated with these recipes!
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Cats in quarantine film festival

I have spent the majority of my time in lockdown cooing, petting, squeezing, and generally gushing over the almost painful cuteness of my three cats, much to their irritation. I mean, what else am I supposed to do during lockdown? Which is why I am thoroughly on board with a film festival dedicated to home movies of cats in quarantining, the proceeds from which will go to independent theaters that have shuttered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This oddball film festival is the brainchi...
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Robodog in Singapore

You might think you’ve stepped into an episode of Black Mirror, but it’s actually just pandemic-era Singapore. A robot dog has been deployed by Singapore authorities to help ensure park-goers are abiding by social distancing measures. The yellow and black remote-controlled robot dog is named SPOT, and on Friday, it was used for the first time in a central park in Singapore. As it patrolled the park, the dog said in a female voice, “Let’s keep Singapore healthy. For your own safety and those a...
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German brewer gives away free beer

The Willinger brewery in the German village of Hesse recently found itself in a bind: Unable to complete its usual beer deliveries to hotels and restaurants, the brewery quickly ran out of space to brew fresh beer. But now that the country is reopening, the brewery had to make room. So instead of throwing it away, the brewery fulfilled the dream of every German villager: It gave away the beer for free. According to Al Jazeera, Willinger decided to offload its extra supply of light and dark b...
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Denmark organizes drive-in concert

Everyone knows about the old-fashioned charms of drive-in movie theaters, but drive-in concerts might raise a few eyebrows. Well, in the era of social distancing, drive-in concerts are better than no concerts. Since large gatherings probably won’t be on the docket for quite some time, Denmark got creative and recently held a drive-in concert, where the audience could enjoy live music from the comfort of their cars. Photo: madslanger/Instagram A stage was constructed on the outskirts of the ...
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Lockdown in Paris: Day 55: One Foot Out the Door

Today is a national holiday in France celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day, or the end of WWII in Europe. But with just three more days until the leash is loosened on the French population from our Coronavirus confinement, Parisians are more distracted by what they’ll be doing on May 11th. As of this morning there have been 25,987 deaths in France from Covid-19, so the government continues to stress the importance of remaining vigilant while the virus is still circulating. But with the...
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Cities open streets to bicycles

Across the world , the coronavirus pandemic is offering city planners a rare opportunity to rethink urban transportation to both accommodate social distancing and be more eco-friendly. Bicycle advocates are jumping at the chance to push for expanded cycling networks. From New York to Denver to Paris, which closed the Rue de Rivoli to cars on April 30, the world is undertaking a massive experiment in pedal power. It’s been a decisive win so far. Expanding a pre-pandemic idea to meet current ne...
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Controlled fluff burning in Spain

If you’re like us, watching this video will leave you with many questions, chief among them: What on earth is going on? The footage, filmed in Spain and posted to Twitter by user Kyle Hill, appears to show the grass of a public park alight and burning at an alarmingly fast rate. The thing is, as the line of fire moves across the green, the grass, picnic tables, and trees remain unharmed. There appears to be a white film atop the grass that is actually doing the burning, and once it’s gone, t...
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Mother’s Day celebrations

Mother’s Day as we know it in the United States traces back to May 10, 1908, and a woman named Anna Jarvis. Jarvis, then living in Philadelphia, had 500 carnations delivered to her hometown church in West Virginia for a memorial service honoring her late mother, thus becoming the holiday’s founder. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, and the rest is flowerful, Hallmark-filled, brunched-up history. This American idea of Mother’s Day has since spread around the world, ...
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Holland America, Princess, Carnival Cancel Alaska, Europe & More

The Alaska cruise season just came to an abrupt, though not entirely unexpected halt.  At least as far as Carnival Corporation cruise lines are concerned.  Five Carnival Corp. cruise lines decided to cancel Alaska cruises for all of 2020; Holland America, Princess Cruises, Seabourn, Cunard Read More The post Holland America, Princess, Carnival Cancel Alaska, Europe & More appeared first on .
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Holland America, Princess, Carnival Cancel Alaska Cruises in 2020

The Alaska cruise season just came to an abrupt, though not entirely unexpected halt.  At least as far as Carnival Corporation cruise lines are concerned.  Three Carnival Corp. cruise lines decided to cancel Alaska cruises for all of 2020; Holland America, Princess Cruises and Carnival Read More The post Holland America, Princess, Carnival Cancel Alaska Cruises in 2020 appeared first on .
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Positive environmental news May

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Biodiversity is essential for a healthy climate. Over the past two months, we’ve covered multiple stories of animals re-populating places both wild and domestic throughout the coronavirus pandemic, as we’re all stuck inside. The question must shift to what happens after humans step outside their self-isolation and limited ventures for necessities. We don’t have the answer. But some recent developments ...
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Exactly How to Change Your Last Name After You Say “I Do!”

What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot of legal documents and visits to the DMV. Thankfully it’s 2020 and there are some ways to make changing your last name a whole lot easier than it used to be.  Full confession, I’ve been married for almost seven years and have yet to change my name. I didn’t really choose to keep my last name, it’s just that every time I thought of changing it, the task seemed almost insurmountable. I’m a bridal designer and own my own company and the thought of changing all ...
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STR: U.S. weekly hotel performance update

Each week, STR analysts provide a deep-dive into U.S. hotel performance. The most recent video, highlighting performance for 26 April through 2 May, is linked below.
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Venice Royal Gardens Reopen (Again)

Iris Dalmatica - Photo courtesy of Venice Gardens Foundation (Venice, Italy) Tomorrow, Saturday, May 9th, Venice's Royal Gardens come out of quarantine, ready to welcome Venetians back into its lush embrace. Since its conception back in the times of Napoleon, the Gardens have faced many challenges, but like true royalty, they have always managed to bounce back, more charming than before.The Royal Gardens had only reopened on December 19, 2019 after undergoing a dramatic restoration headed...
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Public art installation in VA

Alexandria, Virginia , sits on the Potomac River south of Washington, DC. Alexandria’s historical canon tells the story of a prosperous trading port, but like many US cities, its African American history is not widely known. Alexandria was in fact inextricably tied to the domestic slave trade, housing the largest slave market in the United States. To address and bring awareness to its dark history, in 2012 the city council adopted a policy to use public art installations to reflect Alexandria...
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Robot gorilla records wildlife

Infiltrating a pack of Silverback Mountain gorillas might seem like an impossible task, but a team of filmmakers did just that with the help of a robot baby gorilla. Nicknamed “spy gorilla,” the lifelike replica recorded never-before-seen footage of apes singing, fighting, and even farting in the jungles of Uganda. Photo: John Downer Productions/Facebook The project, an initiative of John Downer Productions, is a part of the Spy in the Wild series that is airing on PBS. The gorilla is jus...
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Contactless Check-In/Check-Out and Keyless Room Entry Now Available to Hotels Via the Fuel Mobile App

Fuel, a leading provider of guest-facing hotel software solutions and digital marketing services for the global hospitality industry, has expanded the digital-key functionality of its industry-leading mobile application for independent and boutique hotels. Enabled through a successful integration with ASSA ABLOY™, the world's largest provider of hotel locking systems, the newly incorporated technology allows hotel properties with the Fuel Contactless Mobile App and ASSA ABLOY™ locking sys...
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Hotel Asset Management – In Good Times and Bad | By Hank Fonde

The practice of asset management for hotels entering the third decade of the 21st Century has evolved into an intricate process of analyzing layers of data and operating results, and then acting based upon the conclusions. The process requires great focus. Asset management is the practice of managing the value of the owner's investment. And now that process becomes more urgent, but also more important than ever before.
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