Hotel keys to keep tourists in quarantine, Ige backs off employee pay cuts, furloughs, Legislature divvies up federal CARES funds, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Waikiki hotels ©2020 All Hawaii News One-time use key among new methods for strengthening quarantine monitoring. One of the updates included a new method hotels are making sure their guests are following the quarantine. This is by giving them a one-time use room key. KHON2.Vacation rentals use loopholes to skirt quarantine. Vacation rentals, which have been ruled nonessential businesses statewide as government tries to stop the spread of COVID-19, are still drawing visitors to Hawaii. Sta...
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Twitter work from home announcement

Twitter may have once again changed the world. On Tuesday, CEO Jack Dorsey emailed the entire company (interestingly opting not to Tweet it) effectively telling all employees they could continue working from home, if they so desired, forever. Jobs that require people to be present — like server maintenance — will still need to come in. But by and large Twitter’s workforce will now be allowed to telecommute full-time, even in a post-pandemic world. Dorsey’s email was first obtained by BuzzFee...
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CouponzGuru Celebrates Their Arrival in UAE

CouponzGuru has now entered the UAE market and they took it to the press to announce the news. It is a daily deal and coupon aggregator site which aids easy access to genuine coupon codes and deals that are applicable to other e-commerce websites; coupon codes are one of the easiest ways through which any […] The post CouponzGuru Celebrates Their Arrival in UAE appeared first on Dubai Expat Blog.
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Homemade IRRESISTIBLE Chocolate Almond Bars With 3 Ingredients!

Want to try your hand making your own home made chocolate bars? These almond chocolate bars are crunchy and irresistible. Plus there are made with only three ingredients and there is no special equipment needed! This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!
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European Union summer 2020 tourism

Until recently , a summer European holiday sounded like wishful thinking. Now that EU countries are slowly easing restrictions, and appear to be flattening their respective curves, the prospect of a Eurotrip isn’t as grim as it once was. Tourism accounts for almost 10 percent of Europe’s economic output, so understandably, the union is eager to safely introduce travel. According to Paolo Gentiloni, the EU’s economic affairs commissioner, “our message is we will have a tourist season this summe...
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WhistleOut brunch video dream job

Sharing meals and happy hours with friends, family, and co-workers over video is the new normal. Sure, the food probably isn’t as good as it is at your favorite restaurant, and it’s far too easy to hear the loud chewers in the group, but it’s better than eating alone — especially now that people are feeling lonelier than ever in self-isolation. And now that we’re all doing it, it’s the American way to try and monetize it. That’s where WhistleOut, a phone plan comparison website, comes in. The...
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Moroccan gray wine

Known for its signature mint and Berber tea, Morocco is often overlooked by wine enthusiasts despite its extensive role in the viticulture of the 20th century. Although a Muslim country where alcohol consumption is not prevalent, Morocco is, in fact, the producer of a fine wine that can easily rival your favorite rosé. Meet gray wine, or vin gris. An extremely light style of rosé, vin gris is made from red grapes in a style most associated with white wine practices. After the juice of red gr...
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Moroccan grey wine

Known for its signature mint and Berber tea, Morocco is often overlooked by wine enthusiasts despite its extensive role in the viticulture of the 20th century. Although a Muslim country where alcohol consumption is not prevalent, Morocco is, in fact, the producer of a fine wine that can easily rival your favorite rosé. Meet grey wine, or vin gris. An extremely light style of rosé, vin gris is made from red grapes in a style most associated with white wine practices. After the juice of red gr...
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Best outdoor activities in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is known as the Port of the Moon, thanks to its position in the curved nook of the Garonne River in southwest France. For centuries, the region’s growth has been shaped by the reputation of its wines, which have been shipped out from Bordeaux’s flourishing port since Roman times. But this UNESCO-listed city has more to offer than just quaffing — from gentle river cruises to tough climbs up Europe’s biggest sand dune. So put down your wine glass and strap on your boots. It’s time to e...
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Future of travel post pandemic

While we are currently under stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions, it does not stop us from dreaming big for the future. If anything, having been stuck at home for weeks has made us even more eager to go out and see the world once it is deemed safe to travel again. Matador Network conducted a survey of 2,179 individuals around the world to learn more about their thoughts and behaviors toward travel, and the results provide great insights on the future of the industry. According to th...
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HSBC Sees Oil and Virus Turmoil Boosting Middle East Deals - Bloomberg

HSBC Sees Oil and Virus Turmoil Boosting Middle East Deals - Bloomberg:A historic crash in oil prices and fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate asset sales in the Middle East and open up a gap for sovereign wealth funds to make “opportunistic investments,” according to HSBC Holdings Plc.“Corporates and sovereign entities will need to look at their portfolios more closely during challenging times and see what is core to them,” Nabil Lahham, head of advisory and corporate finance c...

How to Get a Visa

International travel involves a lot of moving parts:from getting a passport and booking your itinerary to budgeting your trip and learning the basics of the language and local customs. An additional component you may need to figure out is whether or not you need a visa. Thankfully, the United States has visa-free…Read more...
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#SaudiArabia, Russia See Oil Recovery While Cuts Take Effect - Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia, Russia See Oil Recovery While Cuts Take Effect - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia and Russia see signs that oil demand is recovering as countries around the world start to relax lockdowns imposed to fight the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.The Saudi-Russia statement comes as oil traders and consultants notice an increase in oil demand, particularly in Asia, driven primarily by rising gasoline consumption as citizens emerging from lockdowns opt to drive rather than use public transport.“W...
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Mannequins in empty seats

The Inn at Little Washington, a three-Michelin-starred luxury restaurant in Rappahannock County, Virginia, had big plans to open up on May 15, but there have been a few bumps along the way. First, Mayor Ralph Northam decreed that diners would have to eat outside in the first phase of restaurant reopenings. So the Inn’s chef, Patrick O’Connell, pushed the opening date back to May 29. Then the mayor announced another regulation: Dining rooms could only be filled to 50 percent capacity, which me...
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Beijing sesame sauce

At lunchtime on a regular weekday in October, the small restaurant in Beijing’s old Muslim quarter was extremely busy. I had to share a table with three middle-aged women, who were heatedly discussing real-estate flipping in crisp Beijing dialect. Their food came — meat pies, napa cabbage, and the restaurant’s famous baodu (blanched tripe). Soon every dish would be slathered in zhi ma jiang, or sesame paste, a condiment ubiquitous in Beijing cuisine. I first tried Beijing sesame paste as a ho...
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London’s urban forests

Any of London’s 3,000 parks offer a dose of nature. Forty percent of its acreage is open space, making the city one of the greenest major urban hubs in the world. Even more fascinating is that pockets of ancient woodland still exist within the capital’s boundaries. London is the world’s largest urban forest, all 388,400 acres of it. We don’t just mean a concrete forest, though there’s plenty of that, but an actual forest — made of some 8.4 million trees. Someone counted. That means there’s no...
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Earth-like planet discovered

Astronomers have detected a new planet 25,000 light-years away, and it appears to have Earth-like qualities. The discovery was published by a team of scientists from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in the Astronomical Journal. The rocky planet in question, named OGLE-2018-BLG-0677, is between the size of Earth and Neptune, and orbits a star — in the same way that Earth orbits the sun — that is one-tenth the size of the sun. One big difference is that this newly discovered planet...
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OPEC’s View of Oil Market Darkens While Gulf States Cut Deeper - Bloomberg

OPEC’s View of Oil Market Darkens While Gulf States Cut Deeper - Bloomberg:OPEC presented a bleaker assessment of global oil markets for the second quarter as the coronavirus crisis continues to drain demand, days after some of the cartel’s biggest producers pledged to make even deeper production cutbacks.The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cut estimates for the amount of crude it will need to supply over the three-month period by just under 3 million barrels a day, or about 15%, i...
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Goats escaped and ran, San Jose

Witnessing animal takeovers of cities during lockdown isn’t exactly an unfamiliar scene, but this incident is a little different. These goats weren’t taking advantage of lockdown conditions to wander empty streets — they boldly orchestrated an escape from a backyard and charged through a San Jose neighborhood. Terry Roelands has been using the goats to clear away the brush after the hill behind his home in San Jose, California, caught fire 15 years ago. On Tuesday, one of the goats tapped the...
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Drive-thru county fair food festival

State and county fairs across the United States have been put on hold, but nothing, it seems, can get in the way of our love for deep-fried food on a stick. Fair food festivals have popped up or are in the works across the country from the Northeast to the West Coast and every other compass-oriented region. And to maintain a safe social distance, these slices of Americana are relying on an old American favorite: the drive-thru. Food & Wine found a bevy of these drive-thru events in operation....
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7 Bragg Creek Hikes along Highway 66 in Alberta

If you live in Bragg Creek you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking. Fortunately for those of us who live in Calgary, all of the trailheads for the Bragg Creek hikes described below are less than an hour’s drive away. All the trailheads are accessed off of Highway 66, with the Fullerton Loop and Sugar Mama hikes the first ones you reach, only 15 kilometres southwest of Bragg Creek. These seven Bragg Creek hikes are lovely – offering a mix of ridge walks and mountains. But for many...
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Stonehenge livestream

Just because Stonehenge is thousands of years old doesn’t mean it can’t adapt to the virtual age. The ancient, mystical site typically hosts one of the world’s most popular summer solstice celebrations, attracting thousands of people, including the druid and pagan community, on the longest day of the year to watch the sun rise behind the Heel Stone. This year, however, the usual celebration won’t be possible. The English Heritage organization, which manages Stonehenge, is asking people not ...
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Spain beach reservations

The summer of 2020 won’t be remembered for its casual sunbathing sessions. Cities and towns home to popular beaches are being forced to develop plans to accommodate both social distancing and a public hungry for beach time. Two towns in Spain are among the first to announce a formal plan to control crowds on beaches. North of Valencia, the Mediterranean town of Canet d’en Berenguer plans to allow just 5,000 visitors per day to its local beach, cutting the average daily use in half to accommod...
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Vietnam to reopen to tourism

With no virus-related deaths and only 270 detected cases, Vietnam has largely avoided the COVID-19 chaos that has hit other Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Singapore. The country has been largely open for domestic business since April 23, with commercial flights and trains in operation along with restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Now, it aims to become the first nation in Southeast Asia to reopen for international tourism, beginning with travelers from South Korea a...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Ease in restrictions boosts #Dubai; lender FAB drags #AbuDhabi - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Ease in restrictions boosts Dubai; lender FAB drags Abu Dhabi - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters:Dubai's stock market closed higher onWednesday after the emirate further eased coronavirus-relatedrestrictions, but the Abu Dhabi index was pressured by First AbuDhabi Bank on its exposure to in-liquidation agri-traderPhoenix.The United Arab Emirates business and tourism hub Dubai has allowed public parks to reopen and hotel guests to accessprivate beaches, state media said, as the e...
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Oil falls 3% despite surprise U.S. crude stock drawdown - Reuters

Oil falls 3% despite surprise U.S. crude stock drawdown - Reuters:Oil prices fell more than 3% on Wednesday despite the first decline in U.S. crude inventories since January, as markets were affected by a solemn address from the U.S. Federal Reserve chairman warning that economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic would take many months.The markets have rallied in the last several days on optimism that fuel demand destruction has bottomed out and producers have aggressively cut production to...
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With Travel on Pause, Airbnb Looks to Long-Term Stays

For a brand that started out renting air mattresses, Airbnb's business has grown substantially. It's best known for its accommodation listings, ranging from an apartment in Downtown Brooklyn to Barbie's Malibu Dream House. In recent years, it's also developed an experiences business, which sends travelers on activities like accompanying cattle herders in Kenya or stargazing...
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Best places to visit Bath, England

The Roman Empire isn’t immediately associated with Britain, yet the Romans conquered much of the island in the middle of the first century and remained until the beginning of the fifth century. During that time, they built a temple and public bath house dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva on the site of a natural spring in what is modern day Bath, England. The Romans built the temple and baths early in their occupation, between 43-76 CE. The site quickly became a bustling city named Aquae ...
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Get paid to watch Disney dog movies

A CBD company , Take Spruce, is offering to pay $1,000 to a dog-loving cinephile to binge-watch 10 Disney dog classics. The initiative comes in honor of National Pet Month. The company stated that the ideal candidate is detail-oriented and obsessed with dogs, with some film knowledge and proficiency in social media being a plus. The person selected for the gig will choose 10 out of the suggested 15 classics. The titles include 101 Dalmatians, Snow Dogs, Eight Below, Super Buddies, Frankenweeni...
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Important lessons from solo travel

At a hip hostel in Puerto Escondido, I showered, got dressed, got undressed, changed my outfit, and looked in the mirror. I screwed up my courage. “You got this,” I thought. I changed again one more time and, finally, I left my room. Following the rhythmic booms of heavy bass, I made my way alone to a loud party taking place at the hostel bar. It’s one thing to enter a party alone when you expect to see someone. It’s quite another when you don’t know a soul, are about a decade older than hal...
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