Optii Introduces new technology offerings.

Optii Solutions, the leading authority on housekeeping operations has expanded its portfolio by Llaunching Optii Service and Chat with a fresh multicolored Optii logo and brand new website to mirror the new service offering and global expansion of the company. Both products have been designed to address key pain points in hotel operations, such as repetitive ad hoc service tasks and poor communications due to inefficient radios and language barriers across teams. Both modules aim to help...
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Applying for a Canadian scholarship as an international student.

 By  Eman Katem The process of applying for studies abroad can be very overwhelming—and expensive! To help you we put together the following list of Canadian scholarships available to international students interested in studying in Canada. The Canadian government and many post-secondary institutions offer international students possibilities for obtaining scholarship awards, grants, or bursaries to finance their education. Unlike a loan, money received from a scholarship program does not n...
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Ige unveils 4-phase Hawaii reopening plan, Maui to open hair salons, tax revenue down 1/3, famed Willie K dies, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Grocery shopping in the COVID-19 era ©2020 All Hawaii News Gov. David Ige unveils four-phase reopening strategy for Hawaii’s economy. Gov. David Ige unveiled today a four-phase reopening strategy for Hawaii’s economy with the state gradually allowing medium-risk businesses such as churches, gyms, museums, theaters, restaurants and hair salons to begin operations in June. Star-Advertiser.Reopening Hawaii, Governor Moves To “Act With Care” Phase. On Monday, Governor Ige presented his most t...
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Mushroom farm in Paris parking lot

One business in Paris is hinging its success on one unique aspect of biology: Not everything needs sunlight to thrive. The French startup Cycloponics is taking advantage of the 600 hectares of unused parking areas underneath the city by converting some of them into underground farms focused on cultivating organic mushrooms, micro shoots, and endives. After successfully pitching local authorities on their plan to operate underground growing spaces, the company is now producing food for local d...
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St. Lucia to open to tourists

Caribbean vacations have been indefinitely on hold for the past few months, but now there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. St. Lucia is the first Caribbean island to announce a definite date to begin reopening to tourists. On June 4, the island will begin a multi-phased approach that requires visitors and hotels to adopt new sanitation measures. Phase one of the reopening starts on June 4 and will require visitors to prove that they tested negative for the coronavirus within 48 hours ...
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Saturn 3

After kicking off my 1980 movie marathon back in February with the original Friday the 13th film, it’s taken until now to watch another movie from 1980, and for some reason I decided to start by watching something I had in fact never watched before. I definitely remember the VHS box, with that imposing robotic silhouette, and I did like sci-fi even back then, but I guess I was never interested enough to watch it (and it was considered a bad movie). So curiosity got the best of me, and I ga...
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How’s this for a double bill — after watching Saturn 3, I immediately followed-up with this. I guess I needed a silly comedy as a chaser, and Airplane does indeed fit that bill. I wasn’t expecting much from this re-watch, but instead was pleasantly surprised by just how much I ended up laughing — I feel like when I revisited a Naked Gun film recently, it didn’t feel as enjoyable. It’s maybe because I watched this film so many times as a kid, so the jokes felt like such a pleasant nostalgic...
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The best attractions in Kuala Lumpur

With more than 100 stations, Kuala Lumpur has the second most extensive metro system in Southeast Asia. The international airport has two dedicated lines that connect to KL Sentral, which is the largest train station in the region. The KTM Komuter and airport lines run on strict timetables while the LRT, MRT, and Monorail services run every five to 10 minutes, depending on the time of day. Operations generally start at 6:00 AM and end before midnight. While the system has come a long way sinc...
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Bike demand during COVID-19

The ability to calm a frenzied mind is among the many powers of the bicycle. Lock yourself in a tiny urban apartment for two months under quarantine, and this is merely amplified. So much of normalcy has been cast aside during the coronavirus pandemic, but the bicycle is having a long-overdue moment rivaled only by Zoom and the sourdough starter. Cities around the world are repurposing now-empty streets as bike lanes, and their cabin-fever-induced residents are taking to them in hordes, desp...
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Best art and culture in Perth

Located on the banks of the Swan River, Perth is the capital city of what is, geographically, Australia’s largest state: Western Australia. With a population of about two million, Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild, wet winters. It’s culturally diverse any time of year, with a mix of both modern and indigenous art alongside galleries and museums to rival Sydney and Melbourne, and its west coast remoteness means the city is far less touristy than the cities on Austr...
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The silence of suburban Tokyo bus stop seats

Tokyo is an extraordinary city with a lot of similarly extraordinary people, yet on the whole it’s the rather more regular, day-to-day sights and scenarios that appeal the most. A factor that has definitely made the last two months of locally restricted walks and bike rides more bearable. Among other things, there has been an old housing complex to document, a wonderfully bleak park and the terribly sad discovery of an abandoned little bar. On these almost daily excursions, I’ve also noticed the...
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Delicious & Healthy Eggplant Parmesan!

The best eggplant parmigiana you've ever had is right here. Velvety soft eggplant slices are layered with a rich oven baked tomato sauce and a surprise layer of creamy bechamel with crunchy breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese on top! Best of all the eggplant doesn't use up soak up a lot of oil thanks to a tip for cooking your eggplant! If you're looking for a comforting, delicious vegetarian recipe this is a pushy recipe!
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Knowland Launches Free Interactive COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Dashboard

Knowland, the leader in group hospitality analytics for hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, conference centers and other meeting venues, announced today a free interactive dashboard providing actionable insights on COVID-19 hotel recovery. These insights will enable hoteliers to see their position in the rebound compared to local and/or national markets and make informed decisions to accelerate recovery. Knowland is providing free unlimited access to the Dashboard from the Knowland we...
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‘The Last Dance' documentary

When I started watching The Last Dance, the majority of my basketball knowledge revolved around seeing Space Jam in theaters when I was six. I’d see Larry Bird or Patrick Ewing pop on screen and turn to my partner and incredulously ask, “Wasn’t that guy in Space Jam?” Sure, I had watched the Warriors and Cavaliers face off a few times — enjoyed it even — and I had followed the controversy around LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland with fascination. But the 1998 Chicago Bulls? Never heard ...
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Under The Bridge

On our first real excursion since confinement we went to Pont Alexander III. I seldom go underneath but that is where we met a friend to stretch and then start a walk. The boats on the river get the best view. Pretty sculpture. Maybe a salamander. Side view. At first I thought this door was a storage entrance but it turned out to be the entrance to RER C, the train that goes through Paris and then to the outskirts of Paris.
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How to Travel When You’re Broke

Travel is at a halt, and with the current pandemic reshaping the world’s economy (and your personal finances) the mere idea may not be as glamorous as it once was—which isn’t to say we don’t miss it. Your wanderlust may be alive even as your pockets are emptying, but that doesn’t mean you have to remain homebound…Read more...
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In ‘In Her Shoes,’ a teen from Mumbai’s Red Light Area defines empowerment

In Her Shoes has been honored for Best Diversity & Inclusion Video in the 24th Annual Webby Awards. Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet. Filmmaking is always collaborative , but with In Her Shoes, our story has really come full circle. We are the team behind the film, Doree Simon (direc...
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The Boutique Hotel Crisis Guide to Travel | By Frances Kiradjian

BLLA held a digital forum recently on the subject of The Boutique Hotel's Crisis Guide to Travel. Leaders in the Travel Industry discussed the current crisis of COVID-19 and how travel restrictions are currently affecting the industry as well as what the future might look like. Facts, figures and reality will be discussed were presented. 
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Link between climate change, storms

Climate change’s facilitating extreme weather events is no new revelation, but new research confirms that human-caused global warming is making hurricanes more powerful. A study by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Wisconsin at Madison found that the chance of major tropical storms, which includes hurricanes and typhoons, is going up each year. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study estimates that the...
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Most popular types of German sausage

Here in America , if we don’t have an opinion on where to go to dinner or what color shirt to buy, we say, “It’s all the same to me.” If a German guy doesn’t care what the office wants to order for lunch, he might say something like Das ist mir wurst, which translates literally to, “This means sausage to me,” but really means something closer to, “It doesn’t matter to me.” The sausage talk doesn’t end there. In Germany, in fact, a great many idioms are based around the sausage. “Everything ha...
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COVID-19 lockdowns lower emissions

There aren’t many positive ways to spin the coronavirus crisis, but there’s no denying that it has been good for the environment. A historic reduction in travel, with people around the world staying at home, global carbon dioxide emissions have declined at unprecedented rates. According to an international study of global carbon emissions, published in the Nature Climate Change journal, global daily emissions between January and April 2020 have declined by 17 percent compared to the same tim...
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Doing More with Less, How Hospitality Management Teams Take Advantage of Touchless Technologies Now

Properties are working with minimal staff to keep the doors open during today's slow down; but what about tomorrow? Travel will quickly ramp up as CV-19 restrictions are lifted. Many operators are preparing for the restart now, implementing technologies, hotel software, and processes that will support social distancing guidelines and enable more efficient operations as staffing levels slowly return to meet higher occupancy demands.
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Oil Prices for May 19, 2020 - Bloomberg

Oil Prices for May 19, 2020 - Bloomberg:Oil gained in a day of choppy trading as investors weighed supply cuts and a demand rebound against an ominous economic outlook from the Federal Reserve.West Texas Intermediate crude for July delivery rose 1%. Output cuts by the world’s largest producers are whittling down a supply glut while oil consumption is recovering as economies around the globe emerge from lockdowns. Citigroup Inc. said the oil surplus weighing on the market in the second quarter is...
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Hobby Lobby Sues Christie’s, Wants Us to Feel Sorry for Them

In March, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby and President of Museum of the Bible, plans to return 11,500 illicit Iraqi and Egyptian artifacts currently owned by the company or museum to their countries of origin. Among this vast collection of undocumented items that the museum was voluntarily returning is the Gilgamesh Dream Tablet an ancient clay tablet that, among other things, records part of history’s oldest creation story. One detail Green ...
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UPDATE 3- #AbuDhabi sells $3 billion in bonds with April re-opening - Reuters

UPDATE 3-Abu Dhabi sells $3 billion in bonds with April re-opening - Reuters:Abu Dhabi sold $3 billion in bonds on Tuesday with a tap of dollar bonds issued last month, a document showed, as governments in the Gulf seek extra cash amid the coronavirus pandemic and a slump in oil prices.Oil-rich Abu Dhabi issued in April $7 billion in bonds due in 2025, 2030 and 2050, just after a jumbo $10 billion bond sale by Qatar.Considered among the best credits in the region, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the U...
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Etihad Airways announces job losses 'across several areas' - Arabianbusiness

Etihad Airways announces job losses 'across several areas' - Arabianbusiness:Etihad Airways has confirmed that it has been forced to make redundancies as a result of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.A statement from the Abu Dhabi-based carrier confirmed that jobs had been lost, although there were no specific numbers announced.A spokesperson said: “We are incredibly proud of our world-class workforce, however, we have had to make redundancies across several areas of our busine...
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MIDEAST STOCKS-Markets lifted by global rally and oil prices - Reuters

MIDEAST STOCKS-Markets lifted by global rally and oil prices - Reuters:Major Middle East stock markets closed higher on Tuesday,tracking a rise in global equities and a recovery in oil prices, with SaudiArabia leading gains on the back of oil giant Saudi Aramco.Global equity markets surged on Monday and Asian shares extended gains onTuesday after data on Moderna Inc's COVID-19 vaccine, the first to betested in the United States, showed it produced protective antibodies in a smallgroup of healthy...
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As States Start to Reopen, Travelers Still Feel Safest in Their Cars

When Americans are willing to travel again, whether the specter of Covid-19 is lingering or not, they'll be doing it by car, and not traveling nearly as far as they used to. That's according to an ongoing survey taken by the U.S. Travel Association, which has taken a biweekly survey among 1,200 U.S. residents who...
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Aramco Is First Oil Major to Regain Pre-Price-War Stock Level - Bloomberg

Aramco Is First Oil Major to Regain Pre-Price-War Stock Level - Bloomberg:Saudi Aramco is the first major global oil producer to see its stock recover to the level it traded at before the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.Aramco climbed 3.1% in Riyadh on Tuesday, advancing for a record sixth day alongside an extended increase in the price of crude. The stock has gained each session since the company announced it would retain dividend payouts, despite a drop in first-quarter profit. Aram...
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Whale calf rescue in Queensland

This good Samaritan’s experience in Queensland, Australia, will make anyone think twice about doing a good deed. When a man (who wishes to remain anonymous) saw a whale calf caught in nets off the Gold Coast, he immediately went to the rescue. He dove off his small boat into the waters of Burleigh Heads, and used a knife to free the baby whale’s pectoral fin from the net that was cutting into its flesh. He told reporters, “I saw the whale and I thought, ‘That is pretty cool.’ Then I saw he...
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