Cracking down on tourists breaking quarantine, DOE plans for summer school, Honolulu ramps up COVID-19 testing, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii rainbow ©2020 All Hawaii News Recent changes have beefed up enforcement of the traveler quarantine. State lawmakers are pushing for tougher enforcement of the 14-day traveler quarantine, which has been extended through June 30. During the Senate Special Committee on COVID-19 meeting on Tuesday, law enforcement leaders detailed recent changes made to crack down on violators. Hawaii News Now.Senators concerned about visitors who violate quarantine. Senators questioned the Attorney Ge...
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Open Internet governance: The 6F framework and COVID-19 — by Alejandro Pisanty

The online symposium on the value of Internet Openness at the time of COVID-19 is a joint outcome of the Internet Governance Forum coalition on Net Neutrality and Community Connectivity. This is the ninth article in the series. Read all the articles in the symposium here. By Alejandro Pisanty Keeping the Internet open and effective […] ...
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Istanbul lockdown photos

Nothing is as emotionally confusing as looking at images of a city pre-lockdown. On the one hand, it’s nice to reflect on the days when large gatherings were a thing, people were out at markets, playing in the streets, and just generally going about their lives. It reminds us that “normal” wasn’t so long ago and gives us hope that it will return one day soon. On the other hand, it shows us what we’re missing. These memories are glimpses into a time we took for granted and a world that may nev...
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The Politics of a Pandemic - Everyone is doing the right things.....

Canadians, no matter where they live, can be assured of one thing in our fight against the novel coronavirus.  Whatever goverment is in place they are following the best advice of medical professionals and are being guided by the science, protecting the health and safety of citizens.    That's true federally where the Liberals are in power, in British Columbia where the NDP rules,  also in Ontario where Doug Ford's Prorgessive Conservatives hold a majority, as well in Quebec where its Françoi...
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El Jannah Express, Newtown

It's takeaway time and El Jannah Express in Newtown is the newest branch of the Lebanese charcoal chicken and garlic sauce chain. The Newtown store located in the thick of King Street has an abridged menu of all the favourites but with another addition - fried chicken!
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17-year cicadas emerging

After 17 years spent underground, Brood IX (9) periodical cicadas are getting ready to burst from the ground in the coming days and weeks. The emergence is expected to happen mostly in northwestern North Carolina, southwestern Virginia, and southeastern West Virginia. The insects usually appear in mid-May and continue through early July, emerging from the ground when the soil temperature reaches 64 degrees. While underground, the cicadas are digging tunnels and feasting on tree roots. The uni...
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This is the worst interference with personal liberty in our history – Lord Sumption

Melroy Fernandes sent me this, and I’m posting it as is, for it contains valuable info. Thanks, Melroy. ======= Here’s some more of Sumption for our con-sumption. Length: abt. 8mins Lord Sumption discusses Coronavirus lockdown on BBCR4 PM with Evan Davis •May 12, 2020 “This is the worst interference with personal liberty in our […]
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Covid-19: #Dubai May Lose a Third of Its Hotel Jobs in Crisis - Bloomberg

Covid-19: Dubai May Lose a Third of Its Hotel Jobs in Crisis - Bloomberg:Dubai’s hotel occupancy has plummeted since the outbreak of the coronavirus and about 30% of workers in the industry will probably lose their jobs, according to research firm STR Global.About 43,000 hotel rooms, about a third of the total, will probably remain closed until September as most owners channel reservations into fewer properties to save on operating costs, Philip Wooller, Middle East and Africa director at STR Gl...
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How to Successfully Fly Standby

Think back to the last time you were in an airport, waiting for your plane to board. (Remember airports? Remember flying?) You may have noticed a TV screen above the gate counter filled with a list of passenger names and heard a flight attendant calling those same names over the intercom. Those were the names of…Read more...
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Oil rises on lower U.S. stocks, firmer demand - Reuters

Oil rises on lower U.S. stocks, firmer demand - Reuters:Oil prices climbed over 3% on Wednesday on signs of improving demand and a drawdown in U.S. crude inventories, but gains were capped by worries over the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and weak refining margins.Brent crude LCoc1 settled $1.10, or 3.2%, higher at $35.75 per barrel while the new front-month July U.S. crude futures CLc1 ended up $1.53, or 4.8%, at $33.49. Both benchmarks rose more than 5% during the session.Last...
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Famously Happy Finland Is Revealing Its Secrets to the World

Amid the daily deluge of depressing headlines that Covid-19 has brought people around the world, Finland wants to lighten things up. In a new campaign, the famously happy Nordic nation is sharing its secrets with the world, all while reminding travelers that when the world is safer, Finland has the room to roam. Titled "Rent...
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Pollution from face masks and gloves

Now that people are on board with wearing masks in public, a new issue has reared its ugly head: disposing of those masks safely and properly. With more and more local governments mandating mask-wearing, there are more face masks littering our communities than ever. Single-use masks and latex gloves are being discarded haphazardly, and finding their way to beaches, oceans, and public parks. Since masks are made using plastics like polypropylene, they aren’t biodegradable and can pose a sever...
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Las Vegas natural attractions

Las Vegas is an oasis of indulgence in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and most who visit this air-conditioned fantasyland stay within the casino-lined, four-mile length of the Las Vegas Strip. What many are beginning to realize — and locals have long known — is that the nearby deserts, dunes, and mountain ranges are a jackpot all their own. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, off-roading, and even skiing are all possible within an hour of the Strip. The beauty of the surroundin...
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PTSD sports treatment for veterans

Bill Geiger’s wife had reached her breaking point. After the Army MP returned home from deployments to Guantanamo Bay and Iraq, he had become a different person, removing himself into depression and often screaming at their children. And in the fog of readjustment to life at home, somehow he’d missed that there was a serious problem. “My wife left an email open on our computer to our pastor saying, ‘If I knew he was going to be like this, I’d never have married him,’” Geiger says. “It was the...
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The most underrated American BBQ

No one style defines American barbecue. Ask anyone where to find the country’s definitive barbecue, though, and they’ll likely point you toward the South. Four destinations in the southern United States make up what’s known as the barbecue belt: There’s Texas with its brisket, Memphis with its pork ribs, Kansas City with Missouri’s best burnt ends, and the Carolinas with their competing takes on pulled pork and slathery sauce. Barbecue is a loose concept, however. It typically refers to mea...
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'Kitchen Confidential' anniversary

I was 26 when I discovered Anthony Bourdain. I’d never heard of him until I pulled a battered, well-worn copy of Kitchen Confidential off of my partner’s book shelf. On the cover, a young Bourdain, who openly admitted that he wasn’t a very good chef, has two swords tucked into his white kitchen apron, one arm draped protectively across his body. Like many who pick up that book, I was intrigued and a little bit in awe of the man who looked audacious yet oddly shy. I had just been hired at a ma...
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Nara deer under the cherry blossoms

Seeing Japan’s Nara Park full of deer isn’t exactly an anomaly, but those deer having the park entirely to themselves is a much rarer sight. Nara Park is famous for the more than 1,000 sacred deer that roam the 1,204-acre grounds. The deer typically share the park with large crowds of tourists, who are allowed to give them treats, but these are quieter times. Amid Japan’s COVID-19 lockdown, the deer are finally enjoying some peace and quiet. While locals are still allowed to visit the park, ...
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Traveling to Perth, Australia

What to do in Perth, Australia? Find some unmissable tourist attractions in Perth for all types of travelers, including the best foods to try in Western Australia.   Perth is known for being the most isolated city in the world for its size. The nearest major Australian urban center is Adelaide, over 1,300 miles away. … The post Traveling to Perth, Australia appeared first on LL World Tour.
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Yankee Stadium drive-in festival

With live sporting events still on hold, Yankee Stadium, in New York City, is going to be put to different use this summer. Starting in July, the stadium’s parking lot will be transformed into a drive-in festival venue featuring concerts by local artists and movie screenings with a side-car dining service. The initiative, called Uptown Drive-In, is a new creative project by the MASC Hospitality Group — the organizer of the Bronx Night Market and the Bronx Beer Festival. Scheduled to take plac...
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NZ could implement shorter work week

New Zealand has earned praise for its swift handling of the coronavirus, effectively eliminating the virus domestically. In addition to a shift toward working from home as a consequence of the health crisis, New Zealand workers might also be able to look forward to a four-day workweek. Jacinda Ardern, the country’s prime minister, floated the four-day workweek idea as a way to stimulate domestic tourism while borders remain closed to foreigners. In a Facebook video, Ardern said, “I hear lots...
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History of Russian dachas

If you ever decide to visit Russia, you’ll likely be inclined to visit the well-known urban hubs, such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. And while these cities will definitely give you a large sampling of the nation’s culture, you’d still be missing a key slice of Russian life: the dacha. Dachas are not just a type of building in Russia; they are a cultural institution. These cottage-like holiday homes often exist in tiny villages or colonies, in both suburban and rural areas. Dachas are not def...
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United Airlines Teams Up With Clorox for CleanPlus Cleanliness Initiative

After telling investors that the worst of travel's Covid-19 woes may be over, airlines are continuing to formalize their new cleaning initiatives to earn traveler confidence. This morning, United Airlines announced a new sanitization and cleaning initiative called United CleanPlus that will include a partnership with the cleaning products company Clorox. United's program is similar...
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Break the “Unwritten Rules of Upselling” | By Jos Schaap

We are now in the midst of a pandemic, the likes of which few alive today have ever experienced. COVID-19 has spread to every corner of the globe, causing health care and economic devastation. The hospitality ecosystem has been particularly hobbled, with hotels being one of the hardest-hitsectors. Due to travel and social distancing restrictions, the movement of people has come to a standstill in much of the world as countries close their borders to visitors. A recent Pew study found that...
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Drive-in art exhibit

Starting on June 18, art lovers in Toronto, Canada, will have the chance to be fully immersed in the impressionist world of Vincent Van Gogh at a drive-in exhibit cleverly titled “Gogh in your car.” The digital art show will be held at a 4,000-square-foot warehouse and will admit 14 vehicles at a time. The show is designed to be a mesmerizing experience, as guests will be surrounded by paintings, evoking the sensation of floating in a sea of color. Visitors will remain in their cars througho...
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The Return to Profitability – Old Sales Strategies Will Not Work

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC - Hotel business will be different in the post-CV world. Corporate account players will change. Execs and meeting planners you did business with might be gone; furloughed, or let go. In their place are new hires and managers doing multiple jobs. They will be unfamiliar with their predecessor's relationships and the events their company cancelled in March. Their group's meeting decisions will be based on value and their own criteria; not on a past relationship or what th...
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Healing Hotels Hosts Master Class On The Future Of Hospitality

Healing Hotels of the World will host a 45-minute master class to explore the role of healing in hospitality, and why consumers are seeking transformation today more than ever. Hosted by celebrated New York radio personality Valerie Smaldone, the session will feature expert insight from Healing Hotels Co-Founder Anne Biging along with Claudia Roth, Founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury and Co-Founder of the Healing Summit.
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Sphero appoints new CEO, spins off robotics startup for first responders

Sphero just announced that it has spun off another company. Once again, the new startup has a decidedly different focus from its parent company’s core of education-focused products. While still a robotics company at its heart, the underwhelmingly named Company Six will create robotic systems designed for first responders and other humans whose work requires them to put themselves in harm’s way. Also snuck into the press into the press release almost as an an after thought, is the appointment...
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Cybersecurity insurance startup Coalition raises $90M Series C

This morning, Coalition announced that it has closed a $90 million Series C. The funding comes around a year after the cybersecurity insurance startup raised a $40 million Series B that TechCrunch covered at time. The startup’s new, larger funding round was led by Valor Equity Partners and included participation from Greyhound Capital and Felicis, along with “existing investors,” per the company. Coalition told TechCrunch that its Series C was raised at an $800 million pre-money valuation, makin...
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Why micromobility may emerge from the pandemic stronger than before

Since its inception, shared micromobility services have been in a precarious position — one supported by millions of dollars in venture capital. But the COVID-19 pandemic has brought even more turmoil upon an industry that has long struggled with unit economics. It has led to mass layoffs, operation shutdowns across several markets and more consolidation. Despite the struggles of individual operators, micromobility as technology will come out of this stronger than before, industry analyst Horace...
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