Postcard from Vancouver BC | Springtime Past

Tulips along English Bay in Stanley Park I'm missing my planned visit to Vancouver, BC this spring -- always my favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming, the summer crowds haven't arrived and the city shines in all its vibrant colors. But not this year. In fact, the border closure between the US and Canada has been extended to June 22 due to the coronavirus -- and also closed between the US and Mexico. So in the meantime, I'll reflect on the good times I always have in Vancouver...
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Feds give green light to test incoming tourists, COVID-19 complicates hurricane response, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park opens some trails, libraries reopen book drops, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Downtown Hilo during Hurricane Lane 2018 file photo Hawaii Braces For A Dual Threat: Hurricanes And COVID-19. The pandemic will make Hawaii’s response to a natural disaster even more daunting, officials say. Civil Beat.State grapples with preparing for hurricane season amid COVID-19 pandemic. The National Weather Service is predicting two to six tropical cyclones over the course of the 2020 hurricane season in the Central Pacific. Hawaii News Now.Hurricane season could be complicated by c...
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Beyond Connectivity: Networks of Care — by APC, Rhizomatica

The online symposium on the value of Internet Openness at the time of COVID-19 is a joint outcome of the Internet Governance Forum coalition on Net Neutrality and Community Connectivity. This is the tenth article in the series. Read all the articles in the symposium here. By APC, Rhizomatica Near the end of 2019, the […] ...
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Time to stop ridiculous comparisons between Covid-19 and the Spanish flu

Panic porn.    I wish I could take credit for that characterization of the media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, but I can't, I got it from Bill Mahar.  But I like it, and I don't think its been copy written so I'm stealing it because its perfect.  That's what media outlets have been peddling since everything started back in mid March. And one of the best examples of panic porn is all the comparisons with the Spanish flu.  This is not the Spanish flu folks, not even close.   Comp...
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Skift survey on summer 2020 travel

In an ideal world, a pandemic would transcend politics. Name any issue you can think of — from immigration to the aesthetic value of garden gnomes — and you’ll probably find a political divide. It’s no surprise, then, that the coronavirus crisis is causing a gaping chasm between Democrats and Republicans, and that extends to its impact on tourism. Skift surveyed 528 US citizens — members of both parties, as well as Independents — asking them about their travel plans over the next several mont...
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Less inclusive travel post COVID-19

A world in which we can once again travel freely is creeping into view. Greece has announced its plans to welcome international travelers by June 15. Mexico’s Los Cabos and Quintana Roo, home to tourist magnets Cancun and Tulum, hope to reopen on the first, while St. Lucia intends to be the first Caribbean island to reinstate tourism. Iceland is similarly looking to ease restrictions in a matter of weeks, pledging to provide COVID-19 tests at Keflavik International Airport to determine if vis...
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The “New Normal” plans for traveling to Hawaii

It appears the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is approving a plan for testing visitors before traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. The agency has indicated to officials it will authorize the testing initiative to move forward. As Governor Ige hinted 2 weeks ago, “The Making Hawaii Safe for Travel” recommendations crafted by State representatives by Bob […] The post The “New Normal” plans for traveling to Hawaii appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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Japan may pay half your next trip

In the post-pandemic era, it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get people to feel comfortable enough to board a plane for an international trip. Airlines are spearheading new safety and sanitation measures designed to give travelers peace of mind, but destinations themselves still need to create incentives to visit. Japan might be making travelers an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse, potentially covering half of the travel expenses for your trip. In a Wednesday news conference, report...
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Golf Digest Ireland Top 100 Ranked Golf Courses 2020

Royal County Down is rated Ireland’s No 1 course by Golf Digest Ireland magazine Cork Golf Club, Slieve Russell Hotel & Country Club and the links at Ceann Sibeal in Dingle are the biggest movers in the Golf Digest Ireland Top 100 Ranked Golf Courses 2020.The top-10 remains unchanged with Royal County Down, Royal Portrush, Portmarnock, Lahinch and Tra...
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What is the Finnish concept of sisu

This pandemic is really tough. But we have the inner strength to get through it. If you doubt that, look to Finland. They know how to prevail through tough times, and they have a word for it: sisu. “Sisu is a word that has been around for hundreds of years, so it’s very integral to the Finnish vocabulary and the Finnish cultural vertebrae,” said Emilia Lahti, who has pioneered research into a concept that many Finns see as a core element of their cultural identity. People have described s...
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Racism a public health crisis

In Franklin County , Ohio’s most populated county, officials passed a resolution on May 19, 2020, declaring racism a public health crisis. The new declaration is part of the Rise Together Blueprint for addressing poverty in Central Ohio. It comes just one week after the Franklin County Board of health also declared racism a public health crisis. In a statement, Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce said, “Racism has been a pandemic long before the current coronavirus pandemic. Our declaration today is i...
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Aurora, Colorado, restaurant scene

Suburbs aren’t often thought of as travel destinations, particularly when the nearby urban core has come into its own. But Aurora, the big and noisy suburb east of Denver proper, is finding its place as a travel destination through the diversity of its food scene. Aurora has long been an arrival point for immigrants in Colorado. Of the city’s 375,000 residents, 19.9 percent — nearly 75,000 people — are foreign-born, according to US Census data. Aurora is a less expensive alternative for peop...
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A faded, 1960s concrete UFO playground

Presumably built in 1965 like the government housing buildings in the background, this concrete structure in the aptly named UFO Park was designed to celebrate unreal, and utterly unknown alien visitors. Now, more than half a century later, it’s taped up and out of bounds because of an all too real, but sadly still not fully known invader.
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Third Climate Win for May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a resurgence of home and urban gardening that some say harkens to the Victory gardens planted during World War II. An increase in home gardening is positive on many levels, not least because raided store shelves and the panic-buying of chickens for homegrown eggs have exposed how fragile our food systems are. To sustainably feed the estimated 10 billion people that could live in cities by 2050, however, the world must think large-scale. Decimating rainfore...
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José Andrés' World Central Kitchen

Nobel Peace Prize-nominated chef and philanthropist José Andrés and his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, sprang into action to make sure vulnerable communities and front-line workers have enough to eat during the pandemic. World Central Kitchen is currently set up at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn feeding the staff with food trucks, and it delivered meals to farmworkers affected by the pandemic in California. The organization also headed to Midland, Michigan, where volunteers are serving ...
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Shuttering schools is not how you keep children safe....

Its hard to think straight when you're scared, and many Canadians are terrified of the novel and mostly benign coronavirus.  Its said that a drowning man will grab at an anchor if its thrown to him, such are the decisions one makes when in a panic. We've been grabbing a lot of anchors in our efforts to slow down the spread of this virus, and now Ontario (among others) has decided that vulnerable children can also be sacrificed, along with the people who've died from having needed surgeries de...
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#SaudiArabia remains an attractive investment, says BlackRock exec - Arabianbusiness

Saudi Arabia remains an attractive investment, says BlackRock exec - Arabianbusiness:Saudi Arabia remains an attract investment even amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, according to a senior executive from global investment management corporation BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.In a webinar on Tuesday, Terrence Keeley, global head of the official institutions group at BlockRock, said that “the kingdom is an attractive investment on both relative and absolute levels.” “International ...
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Pac Man Mask during COVID-19

An Israeli company went public with a curious invention this week: a mask with a face opening that allows you to eat without removing it. The mask is one potential solution to the ongoing debate over how to safely dine at a restaurant in a post-pandemic world — but it has some pitfalls. According to Reuters, the mask is operated by remote control. Simply squeeze a lever and the mask’s mouth opens, allowing the wearer to pass food through the opening. This mechanical opening and closing motion...
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If Sunetra Gupta is right, then Sweden, UK and Spain are close to herd immunity

Sunetra Gupta of Oxford emphases the issue of significant innate immunity and immunity from common cold. Since Unherd has issued a copyright strike against SBP’s youtube channel I’m not sharing on Youtube (as I’d normally do), but have shared the relevant extract on social media. Depending on your preferred medium, you can click on either […]
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#Qatar Petroleum to slash spending by 30%: CEO - Reuters

Qatar Petroleum to slash spending by 30%: CEO - Reuters:Qatar Petroleum will slash its spending by around 30% this year in the face of the sharp drop in oil and gas prices due to the coronavirus epidemic, its Chief Executive said on Thursday.Speaking during a webcast organised by the U.S-Qatar Business Council, Saad al-Kaabi however said that plans to sharply expand Qatar Petroleum’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity by the middle of the decade remain on track.“We are going through budget rev...
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Brent at highest since March on U.S. stock draw, recovering demand - Reuters

Brent at highest since March on U.S. stock draw, recovering demand - Reuters:Global benchmark Brent rose more than 1% on Thursday to its highest since March, supported by lower U.S. crude inventories, OPEC-led supply cuts and recovering demand as governments ease coronavirus restrictions on people’s movements.Oil has slumped in 2020, with Brent hitting a 21-year low below $16 a barrel in April as demand collapsed. With fuel use rising and more signs that the supply glut is being tackled, Brent h...
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Slow Braised Romano Beans

These Roman or Romano beans are a real treat and are very seasonal. These delicious, flat, sturdy beans are currently in season and if you see these beans, grab them and make them into this wonderful slow braised roman bean dish!
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Giant Kazakhstan oilfield threatened by surge in coronavirus cases | Financial Times

Giant Kazakhstan oilfield threatened by surge in coronavirus cases | Financial Times:One of the world’s largest oilfields has been threatened with closure by local health authorities following a surge in coronavirus infections among its workers.The Tengiz field in Kazakhstan, which produces about 500,000 barrels of oil a day, is being developed by an international consortium headed by Chevron, which said it was taking steps to minimise the spread of the virus and that production had not been aff...
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Why we need sports more than ever

Sometimes, when I get a little cabin fever after too much time in my apartment, I think back to a fall night three years ago at Hard Rock Stadium. The University of Miami Hurricanes were, for a brief shining moment, a relevant football program again. We were welcoming the hated Notre Dame Fighting Irish to town for our biggest home game in over a decade. It was all that mattered in Miami. We throttled them 41-8, with 70,000 people jumping, cheering, and holding up our turnover chains like we ...
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Cross-country train trip on Amtrak

There really is something about traveling by train. Softly moving side to side while the world whizzes by your window, reflecting upon the wonders of nature. Or, if you have free WiFi, knocking out some emails and scrolling through social media. Whatever your train-bound activity of choice, it’s a magical way to see places you never would by car and typically only see from above in an airplane. It’s also a fantastic way to see all — or almost all — of America as trains can take you to all fo...
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How to Set Up Flight Alerts on All Your Devices

Even the most well-traveled among us have missed a flight or experienced the heart-stopping feeling of realizing you’re at the wrong gate and have three minutes to find the right one. But this never has to happen if you’ve set up flight alerts, which will help to ensure that your travel is as seamless as it can…Read more...
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What is time famine and how to avoid

Some days, our to-do lists feel more like trick candles: Huff and puff as we might to get everything done, our daily tasks just seem plain inextinguishable. Other days, two more chores seem to crop up in the time it takes to complete one, like some beastly Greek mythological joke that we’re the unfortunate, overwhelmed butt of. We’ve all been there. The feeling of having more to do than you have time to do it is a universal phenomenon. And it even has a name: time famine. What is time famine...
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Heading Home

After our walk I headed to the bus stop to get back home. First I crossed Pont Royal which is loaded with a gazillion locks. ( That’s the Orsay Museum in the background. I hope it can be opened soon. The obelisk from Egypt in the middle of Concorde. It is actually the oldest sculpture in Paris. This fountain is usually running with water and it’s hard to get near unless you like getting wet. This is a popular spot for a photo as the Eiffel Tower is in the backg...
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Greece may open to tourists in July

International holidays might sound like an ill-advised idea right now, but in just a few weeks, Greece will begin welcoming back tourists. The country, which enforced a strict and early lockdown, is considered a coronavirus success story. Previously, the prime minister had expressed his wish to welcome back international tourism by July 1. Now, that date is being advanced to June 15 — but don’t pack your bag just yet. Prime Minister Kyriakos Misotakis announced that starting June 15 only visi...
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