george floyd, christian cooper, and when will this end?

The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers may be the most shocking  disturbing of any I've been aware of for a very long time, possibly since the murder of Amadou Diallo, way back in 1999. Police murders of unarmed, and often completely subdued, African Americans have lost all power to shock, piling up at such a fast rate we can barely track them all. When I saw the hashtag #RememberThemAll, I thought, we can't. No human can.The original New York Times story said George Floyd "d...
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What is Going On Today

  Maybe it is because nobody has come into our home since mid-March,  Maybe it is because it is very hot today, Maybe it is because I tossed and turned most the night, Maybe it is because I am missing the owl's nightly mantra, Maybe it is because I run a small part of my walking path for the first time, Maybe it is because I am wondering about the brocante.         Maybe it is because I pruned the tomato plants as Mr. Port taught me years ago, Maybe it is because my Mom's windows need to be...
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Lt. Gov. Green pushes for reopening, residents support Thirty Meter Telescope by 2:1 margin in poll, Honolulu mayoral race wide open, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Lt. Gov. Josh Green via Facebook live Lt. Gov. Green says Hawaii slow to reopen parts of economy. With the flattest COVID-19 curve in the nation, Lt. Gov. Josh Green said Wednesday that Hawaii should have reopened interisland travel and limited business activity 10 days ago. Star-Advertiser.Lieutenant Governor believes Hawai'i should lift 14-day interisland quarantine. On Wednesday Lieutenant Governor Josh Green said the state is being overly cautious about lifting the 14-day interislan...
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Animals that take hallucinogens

Perhaps, at some point, you’ve dabbled in the world of hallucinogens. Maybe it was at a high school party. Maybe it was at a music festival. Maybe it was because you wanted to make the most out of your night in watching The Lego Movie. Whatever your motivation, it wasn’t something exclusive to you as a human being. Ingesting hallucinogenic plants — both for recreation and medicine — isn’t uncommon in the animal kingdom, and as Joel Locke, the Primate Farm Keeper at the Great Plains Zoo in Sio...
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Mexico to welcome back US tourism

Good news for your tropical summer vacation plans. Like several European countries, Mexico is planning to start its tourist season in June. However, it will only be welcoming tourists to areas of the country that aren’t still in the midst of a serious coronavirus outbreak. Domestic travel will be encouraged first, followed by tourism from the US, Canada, and then the rest of the world. Since mid-May, some regions in Mexico have been allowed to lift lockdown orders and reopen essential busines...
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The anticipated joy of a Tokyo train journey?

Tokyo’s train network is truly wonderful, with the option to easily travel all over the capital the gift that really does keep on giving. Actually using the network, on the other hand, is often utterly awful, as overcrowding can make commutes more akin to a melee. Recently, of course, that has all changed, at least from personal experience it has anyway, as after years of taking almost daily train trips, it has now been none in two and a half months. However, with Japan’s state of emergency now ...
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US crude imports surge as #Saudi oil armada arrives | Financial Times

US crude imports surge as Saudi oil armada arrives | Financial Times:US oil imports surged last week, with almost half of the extra crude arriving from Saudi Arabia, as foreign producers took market share from the struggling American shale patch.The federal Energy Information Administration said on Thursday that Saudi supplies to the US jumped by almost 1m barrels a day during the week ending May 22, to 1.6m b/d, while commercial imports from all countries soared to 7.2m b/d, almost 40 per cent ...
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Roasted Zucchini Italian Style

If you have an excess of zucchini this recipe is for you. Not only does it produce a wonderful zucchini side dish, it works for large, flavourless zucchini too and uses up a lot of zucchini!
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Keep the Travel Dream Alive

The post Keep the Travel Dream Alive appeared first on The Roaming Boomers.
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Israeli archeological discovery

You might think that only professional archaeologists are capable of making significant historical discoveries, but this six-year-old boy proved otherwise. During a hiking trip with his parents to the Tel Jemmeh archaeological site in Israel’s Negev Desert last March, Elya picked up a small clay object with an engraving. The first-grader showed the discovery to his parents, who then contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The object turned out to be a rare and unique 3,500-year-old ...
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Portugal is reopening to tourists

Portugal will be one of the first European countries opening their borders to tourists this summer, vowing to welcome overseas tourists as soon as June. Unlike many other countries, which require visitors to undergo a two-week quarantine upon arrival, Portugal is waiving that requirement, making it easier for people to travel to the country. Some health checks will nonetheless be introduced at airports. The country has now specified which countries will be welcome in Portugal, and it’s good n...
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A bit of color seen around my neighborhood in Paris. A florist by the name of Happy is also happy to be back. I bought some peonies which opened almost immediately. It makes me so happy just to look at them. Closeup. So beautiful. Spring berries for sale. I was looking at the sunset when I saw one of those long cargo boats go by. There weren’t any for a while but they are starting up again. Street traffic is picking up again too.
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France Deconfinement "Phase 2" Announcements

On Tuesday June 2nd France will be taking another step towards freedom from the Coronavirus confinement measures that have been in place since March.  Today Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (sporting a progressively whiter asymettrical stripe on his beard) laid out the plans for "Phase 2" of deconfonement, starting with the announcement that all of metropolitan France is now in the “Green Zone” except for the Ile-de-France (including Paris), which is still “orange”. That means some things ar...
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Japan's rollercoasters ban screaming

If you’ve ever been on a scary rollercoaster, you probably know that when the fear and adrenaline kick in, screaming is the standard reaction, and it’s not one that is easily controlled. But if you decide to spend any time in a Japanese theme park these days, you’re going to have to reign it in. Japan is lifting its state of emergency this week, and theme parks will be allowed to reopen after being closed since February. But to remain vigilant and prevent the spread of coronavirus via droplet...
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Can Americans travel to Europe

The recent news of countries ending their lockdown and lifting travel restrictions is undoubtedly bringing a smile to our face. Portugal has announced that it will be welcoming international tourism in June, Greece has set a June 15 date for opening its borders to overseas visitors, and even Spain and Italy — two of Europe’s hardest-hit countries — plan to kickstart their tourism season next month. Portugal has just become the first country in Europe to announce that US travelers will be welc...
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BlackRock Lures Top Asset Managers, Wealth Funds After PNC Exit - Bloomberg

BlackRock Lures Top Asset Managers, Wealth Funds After PNC Exit - Bloomberg:BlackRock Inc. attracted some of the world’s largest institutional investors and sovereign funds when a major stake was sold this month, illustrating chief Larry Fink’s connections with deep sources of capital in the U.S., Middle East and Asia.Existing shareholders Wellington Management, Capital Group Cos. and Fidelity Investments were among those that bought shares when PNC Financial Services Group Inc. sold a $14 billi...
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Cheap houses for sale in Scandinavia

If you’ve been stuck inside an apartment in a city for the past two and a half months with little to no access to nature, even from your windows, then you may be rethinking your urban lifestyle. And no other place on the internet will make you consider a move to the middle of nowhere like the Instagram account Cheap Nordic Houses. Created only seven weeks ago, the account is packed full of beautiful houses located in idyllic settings in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and Swede...
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Sustainability among distillers

Sustainability is all the rage in the craft world. In the realms of craft spirits, in particular, there are common sustainability practices that distillers worldwide boast about — using recycled barrels and existing lightweight glass bottles as opposed to custom-produced bottles, for example. Distillery owners can power their distilleries on renewable energy and encourage sipping from the glass instead of through a plastic straw. But from the consumer’s standpoint, how does one tell if what ...
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Morgan Stanley not given advisory role on Aramco pipeline sale: sources - Reuters

Morgan Stanley not given advisory role on Aramco pipeline sale: sources - Reuters:Morgan Stanley (MS.N) has not been given an advisory role on the potential sale of a stake in Saudi Aramco’s pipeline business, a deal worth over $10 billion, two sources told Reuters.The U.S. investment bank, which has previously advised the world’s largest oil company, was originally looking to be part of the advisory group on any deal, the sources added.However, Aramco has mandated JP Morgan (JPM.N) and Japan’s ...
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Oil rises as higher U.S. refinery rates offsets surprise crude build - Reuters

Oil rises as higher U.S. refinery rates offsets surprise crude build - Reuters:Oil futures rose about 2% on Thursday as a steady improvement in U.S. refining activity offset a surprise build in crude and diesel inventories and on worries that China’s new Hong Kong security law could result in trade sanctions.Brent for July rose 55 cents, or 1.6%, to settle at $35.29 a barrel on its second to last day as the front-month. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose 90 cents, or 2.7%, to settle a...
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Conducting a Japanese tea ceremony

Green tea is connected to Japan in more ways than its cuisine: The beverage has its roots in the nation’s history, spiritual practices, art, and architecture. One gateway into understanding the importance of green tea in the country is to experience a traditional tea ceremony, which is a centuries old practice that emphasizes a strict set of guidelines and an elegant choreography all centered around preparing, pouring, and drinking matcha. The Japanese word for tea is cha, while the tea cere...
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Best places for bioluminescence

Witnessing displays of bioluminescence is often a happy accident. You’re vacationing at a lovely coastal location, taking an evening stroll along the beach when you suddenly witness the rare, ethereal phenomenon of glowing blue waters. Being lucky enough to see bioluminescence is like adding chocolate to an already delicious strawberry — but it doesn’t have to be all luck. Although bioluminescence might look magical, it’s actually a biological phenomenon you can plan ahead to see, so witnessi...
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"...the risk of death from COVID for people under 65 is 0.006 per cent".

The subject line is a quote of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney taken from an article in the Calgary Herald, the full story is available here: [Author: [email protected] (Gordie Canuk)]
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Hyundai and Tastemade Are Producing a Digital Series About Road Trips

Thirty-five million Americans have never left the state in which they were born--and as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to suppress travel across the country, that number likely won't drop in the near future. But in a show of aspirational advertising, Hyundai is helping some of those 35 million Americans cross their state lines in a...
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Cookware startup Caraway raises $5.3M as it eyes new product categories

Caraway, a direct-to-consumer startup selling ceramic pots and pans, is announcing that it has raised $5.3 million in seed funding. Founder and CEO Jordan Nathan (previously a brand manager at e-commerce holding company Mohawk Group) told me that he became interested in cookware after burning a Teflon pan and learned more about the dangers of Teflon poisoning. In fact, although nonstick materials like Teflon are used most of the cookware sold in the United States, it turns out that that there ar...
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Tia Health gets over $24 million to build a network of holistic health clinics and virtual services for women

Tia Health, the developer of a network of digital wellness apps, clinics and telehealth services designed to treat women’s health holistically, has raised $24.275 million in a new round of funding. The company said that the financing would support the expansion of its telehealth and clinical services to new markets, although co-founder and chief executive Carolyn Witte would not disclose, where, exactly those locations would be. Co-founded initially as a text-based tool for women to communicat...
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rest in power, larry kramer

We activists like to paraphrase the legendary labour activist Joe Hill by saying "First mourn, then organize". Larry Kramer, who died yesterday at the age of 84, defined the phrase. He taught a generation -- he taught an entire culture -- how to use grief as fuel, how to channel anger into action. How to use a nearly constant state of mourning to propel an entire movement into the next phase of liberation. As if that wasn't enough, Kramer was a talented and powerful writer. Kramer's play ...
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE close

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg:Updated stock indexes in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Get an overview of major indexes, current values and stock market data in Europe, UK, Germany, Russia & more. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage with Guests Online

Countless hotels have been forced to close their doors in the recent months, but now the opportunity of welcoming guests again has become a reality for many. At The Hotels Network, we've been using our data to closely monitor the evolution of hotel bookings trends around the world and update daily our dedicated COVID-19 in Hospitality page. As restrictions have begun to loosen up, we're clearly seeing some signs of hope for recovery. Markets where hotels are opening already, such as Germa...
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Deutsche Hospitality to reopen hotels in Austria from 29 May 2020

Yes, we are open. As travel restrictions begin to ease and many countries gear up to celebrate the Whitsun holiday, the Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof in Vienna and the Steigenberger Hotel & Spa Krems will both be reopening for leisure travelers on 29 May. They will be followed by the IntercityHotel Vienna and the MAXX by Steigenberger Vienna, which will start receiving guests again on 2 June and 1 July respectively. Some of Deutsche Hospitality's Austrian hotels have been using the break ...
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