Tax revenues expected to plummet, travel quarantine extended to June 30, Japan travel bubble considered, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Gov. David Ige and county mayors Zoom conference Newest projection: State tax revenues will drop by a jaw-dropping $2.25B this fiscal year. The state Council on Revenues on Thursday lowered its estimates on state tax revenues by a jaw-dropping $2.25 billion for this fiscal year and next. But lawmakers said the lower estimates will not require across-the-board furloughs or pay cuts. Hawaii News Now.Hawaii budget shortfall now projected to be $2.3 billion. There was a lot of guesswork invol...
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To Live What I Believe Without Fear

  I saw this on Instagram.  A lot of things I do not do but maybe would like to are not based on fear. Most have to do with not having the talent, or wanting to put my resource, or try to learn towards it. Fear is not often the reason I do not do something unless it is something like parachuting or bungee cord jumping. And you? After reading the rest of the Instagram post I saw that the author was directing the quote towards those who did not, or those of us who do not, respond when something i...
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Travel after changing Hong Kong laws

On May 28 , the Chinese government in Beijing signaled that it would press for and enforce new security laws in Hong Kong. Once enacted, which could happen as soon as June, Beijing will better be able to control the judicial system in Hong Kong, as well as curb anti-government protests and other civil liberties. Beijing deems the changes necessary to control dissent and threats to national security. The move has been widely rebuked by foreign governments, including the United States and Canad...
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Studio Ghibli film settings

HBO Max launched this week, adding to its catalogue nearly every movie made by legendary Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli. Now is the perfect time to binge these classic films, which are infused with magic and adventure, and celebrate the immense power of the imagination to bring not just joy but also refuge from fear and loneliness. The grand cities in which these tales take place might be fictional (in most cases), but their foundation is multicultural, drawing from the architecture a...
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How to avoid overtourism again

After being confined to our respective cities and towns, perhaps having canceled long-awaited travel plans, many of us are anxious to know when we can explore the world again. We’re listening with excitement as more destinations announce plans to welcome back travelers. But even with the world gradually opening back up, our options of where to go this summer have been dramatically scaled back. With every announcement of a reopened border, social media has been awash with commenters sharing t...
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Keep Calm and Curry On - 4 Quirky & Fun Things To Do in Glasgow!

Glasgow is a city with plenty to do including some things that you'll only find in Glasgow. From visiting the Necropolis to do a Haggis Pakora cooking class to eating a traditional Scottish meal Glasgow never disappoints!
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Canada Bans Cruise Ships Through Oct 31

Canada: No Cruise Ships Through Oct 31 The Government of Canada has just announced that they are banning cruise ships from its ports through October 31, 2020. This will create a problem for U.S. travelers hoping to sail Alaska in the summer and the popular color cruises in New England and Canada in the fall. Why?  The Jones Act requires that all goods (including passengers) that are transported from one American port to another American port be carried only on U.S. flagged ships. This is why ...
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US passport supremacy might be over

Telling Americans they can’t travel to Europe this summer is like telling a high school kid he can’t buy a ticket to prom because he flunked health science. Americans don’t take “no” very well. And why should they? The US passport grants access to 184 of the world’s 195 countries, and Americans have grown pretty comfortable viewing the world like a neighbor’s yard with no fence and no trespassing laws. Thanks to the US’s poor response to the pandemic, however, that reality is about to change....
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Airbnb’s 10 most wish-listed houses

Just because traveling this summer might look a bit unusual doesn’t mean people stopped bookmarking Airbnbs for their wish lists. In many countries around the world, Airbnbs are still up and running and will soon be welcoming international visitors. In a statement, Airbnb said, “While lockdown still prohibits us from holidaying beyond our own four walls, there’s nothing to stop us dreaming about the incredible places we’ll travel to once it’s safe to do so — and lots of people across the glo...
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Trump rules allow hunters in dens

The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama-era regulation that prohibits hunters from shooting animals in their dens. The 2015 order protected bears, wolves, coyotes, and their cubs and pups from hunters in some Alaskan national preserves, as well as in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Conservationists are alarmed by the new rule which they deem cruel. Jesse Prentice-Dunn, policy director for the Center for Western Priorities, told The Guardian that the rule change was “just the latest ...
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Uber launches hourly reservations

Travel in summer 2020 is a time to get creative with your trips. You might feel uneasy about hopping on a train or a plane for a lengthy trip, but now you can enlist Uber as your chauffeur without racking up an exorbitant fare. Uber is launching a new hourly reservation service, allowing users to travel up to seven hours away. The program will allow users to book an extended trip, complete with additional stops, for $50 per hour. This makes it easier for users to complete several errands at o...
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Great Smoky Mountains fireflies

One of the best light shows in the US isn’t created by pyrotechnics or lasers, but fireflies. Every year, swarms of synchronous fireflies light up the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, flickering among the trees and making the forest look magical. This year, that light show will look a little different. The annual firefly-viewing event has been canceled by the National Parks Service due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss the show. Discover Life in America will stre...
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Oil Prices for May 29, 2020: Brent Crude, WTI - Bloomberg

Oil Prices for May 29, 2020: Brent Crude, WTI - Bloomberg:Oil posted its biggest monthly advance on record, just a few weeks after prices made a dramatic plunge below zero.Crude surged about 88% in May, with U.S. futures on Friday rising above $35 a barrel for the first time since March, driven by massive supply curbs by producers across the world. Still, prices are well below levels at the start of the year, and demand that was crushed by the coronavirus crisis may need to show a sustained impr...
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Types of American cheese to try

American cheese is more often the butt of the joke than the centerpiece of a cheeseboard. It conjures thoughts of yellow squares in flimsy plastic — great for burgers and melting on sandwiches like grilled cheeses and tuna melts, terrible for nearly anything else. Instead, people in the United States often defer to European cheesemakers in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland for the fancy stuff. While those imported cheeses have an admirable reputation, homegrown American cheese deserves ...
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Turkish Airlines Rides Tailwinds for Peer-Beating Stock Recovery - Bloomberg

Turkish Airlines Rides Tailwinds for Peer-Beating Stock Recovery - Bloomberg:The aviation industry’s recovery from the devastating coronavirus pandemic is certain to be long and slow. But you wouldn’t think so if you based your view on the shares of Turkey’s flag carrier.Turkish Airlines has rallied by more than 60% in Istanbul trading from its lows in March, outperforming the 15 emerging-market airline stocks included in the MSCI EM Airlines Index. Shares in local low-cost rival Pegasus Airline...
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Appalachian Trail reopening

Sections of the Appalachian Trail started closing in mid-March, and after two and a half long months, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) announced the trail’s gradual reopening. The ATC collaborated with trail management partners and experts in outdoor recreation and medicine to create a set of guidelines for day and overnight hikers. Thru-hikers, who complete the hike in a months-long trek, are still being told to stay away. Sandra Marra, ATC president and chief executive, told The Wash...
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#SaudiArabia says it provided $40 billion to PIF from foreign reserves - Reuters

Saudi Arabia says it provided $40 billion to PIF from foreign reserves - Reuters:Saudi Arabia transferred a total of 150 billion riyals ($40 billion) from central bank foreign reserves to fund investments by sovereign wealth fund PIF in March and April, the finance minister said on Friday. Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan also said in a statement that the government would continue to implement development plans to diversify the economy, increase local content and support private sector growth. [Au...
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Jane Goodall itinerary Gombe Stream

When Jane Goodall first set foot in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park, neither the park nor the country existed. Tanganyika had not yet gained independence from Great Britain, and the protected forest on the shores of Lake Tanganyika was then the Gombe Stream Game Reserve. Goodall arrived in 1960 after accepting an invitation from paleoanthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey to assist him in studying chimpanzees. She was 26 years old and had no degree but possessed a curiosity that Leaky thought ...
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The Pandemic Is Ongoing, but Brands Are Encouraging Travel Again

How many Americans would travel to Las Vegas in the middle of a pandemic if their flight was paid for? Evidently, at least 2,000. With social distancing still the recommended course of action in the U.S., travel remains at a low. While some airlines have noted a small uptick in travel, Memorial Day traffic was...
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Britain left off 'safe list' of countries free to holiday in Greece

UK fails to fit epidemiological profile demanded by Athens, which has kept Covid-19 in checkGreece might be high on the list of many people’s summer holiday destinations, but for Britons dreaming of getting away the country will be out of reach for some time yet. The UK was not included on a list of 29 countries released by Athens on Friday deemed to fit an “epidemiological profile” that makes travel from them relatively safe.  Continue reading...
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Paris Museums & Monuments Reopening Schedule

A few museums and château opened earlier this month, but as of June 2nd all museums and monuments are officially allowed to open nationwide as Phase 2 of the Coronavirus deconfinement. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually open on June 2nd, since they still have to prepare for the required safety measures. Here's the latest list of reopening dates announced below. No matter which one you visit, be sure to reserve your spot or purchase tickets online in advance and bring your face mask...
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Positive environmental news May 2020

This is The Climate Win, the most positive sustainability news around the world every week. Beginning in the 1970s, the United States and other Western countries began shipping recyclable plastic waste to China. China had the infrastructure, and the labor, to recycle the plastic and other cheap scrap recyclables like paper. But in January of 2018, the country began restricting the imports of these recyclables. In the months following the announcement, US recycling was thrown into chaos. What ...
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Greece reopening to tourists

Greece has been at the forefront of Europe’s effort to welcome tourists this summer, reopening its borders to international visitors from June 15. For weeks travelers have been keeping their eyes on the country as a potential savior of their summer vacation plans. On Friday, Greece finally unveiled the nationalities of the lucky tourists who will be allowed to visit this month, and spoiler alert: Americans did not make the cut. The tourists from the following countries will be allowed to tra...
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Magnuson Hotels’ April Room Sales Surpass US Avg By 16.7%

Magnuson Hotels, the fast-growing franchise alternative today reported its April occupancy (percentage of rooms sold in a hotel) surpassed the USA April average of 24.63% by 16.7%, as measured by STR (Smith Travel Research).
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Global DMC Partners Releases Latest Meetings & Events Survey Results

Global DMC Partners (GDP), the leading global network of independently owned destination management companies (DMCs) and creative event experts, today announced the results of its most recent Meetings & Events Pulse Survey, focusing on the widespread impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic to the MICE industry. Conducted April 27 through May 4, 2020, the survey polled 374 respondents from the meetings and events industry. Of these, 93 percent were planners versus vendors or suppliers.
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What Luxury Hotel Stays Will Be Like After Coronavirus, From Check-in to Check-out

As hotels cautiously reopen for the summer travel season, health and safety concerns are top of mind. Gifted with acres upon acres of land, sprawling luxury resorts — from wilderness retreats to private islands — provide plenty of space to feel comfortable without being crowded. And it's these properties that are in an optimal position to lead the way.
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Virtually drive through cities

If you miss your daily drive to work or just want to cruise around listening to your favorite radio station, tune in to this new app. The Drive and Listen desktop application immerses you in city life across the globe by following along a virtual driver while getting the latest local updates on the radio. You can make your way up Park Avenue rocking out to “I Want to Break Free” or bob up and down the hills of San Francisco while NPR informs you on the latest. While the 4K footage is pre-rec...
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Norway and Denmark drop mutual border controls - but exclude Sweden

Scandinavian neighbour barred for now because of higher coronavirus death tollNorway and Denmark are to drop border controls between the two countries but have excluded their Scandinavian neighbour Sweden, which has taken a lighter-touch approach to the Covid-19 pandemic and suffered a far higher death toll.The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, told a news conference in Copenhagen on Friday that restrictions on Norwegian nationals entering the country, as well as on citizens of Iceland a...
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Swiss companies must help pay rent

People who have always wanted to work from home are finally getting what they wished for, and the new remote workers that are located in Switzerland are even getting a little more than expected. Switzerland’s top court has ruled that companies who expect their employees to work from home are required to contribute to part of the rent. In a case of an employee who worked from home vs. an accounting company refusing to contribute toward rent, the court found that a monthly compensation of arou...
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Waste Not Want Not: Hilton Supports Fight Against Food Surplus and Feeds Those in Need

LONDON - Hilton has given social enterprise Open Kitchens a major boost by opening up enough kitchen space to accept deliveries of up to 10 tonnes of surplus food per week, enabling the initiative to double its output and provide 50,000 more free meals a month to those in need, using produce which would previously have had to be thrown away.
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