If Only Everyone Could, Would, How Different Everything Would Be

                      [Author: French la Vie]
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Is COVID-19 Forcing Hawaii to Reimagine Toursim?

[Author: [email protected] (Bruce Fisher)]
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Top 5 Roasts!

It's the season to do a roast and what better treat for a Sunday than one of these wonderfully easy roasts? From a wonderful pork roast with the most delicious stuffing, an easy lamb shoulder roast, a cult roast chicken recipe from San Francisco, sweet roasted pumpkin wedges or a classic roast beef with two amazing sides, your Sunday is sorted with these 5 roast recipes!
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Middle East Deals: #Oman M&A Up 145% Undisturbed by Covid-19 - Bloomberg

Middle East Deals: Oman M&A Up 145% Undisturbed by Covid-19 - Bloomberg:News of the global slump in mergers in acquisitions hasn’t reached the farthest corner of the Arabian Peninsula, where a string of potential $1 billion-plus energy deals is helping Oman defy the gloom.The value of announced or proposed transactions involving an Omani target has risen 145% in the last 12 months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That compares with a 6% fall globally, owing to the impact of the coronavi...
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Amalfi Coast Tourism Restarts

After months of being quarantined and a slow restart, earlier this month marked the reopening of travel between regions in Italy and, an even bigger step, the reopening of borders in the European Union. While we’re all happy here in Amalfi to see shops and restaurants opening again, it has been quite the transition from empty streets to seeing the piazza bustling again and people soaking up the sun on the beaches. I couldn’t say it wasn’t a bit of a shock for most people here after the unreal si...
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Abraaj Ex-CEO’s Theft Totals $385 Million, Liquidators Claim - Bloomberg

Abraaj Ex-CEO’s Theft Totals $385 Million, Liquidators Claim - Bloomberg: Arif Naqvi   Photographer: Vivek Prakash/Bloomberg Liquidators overseeing Abraaj Group’s insolvency now estimate Chief Executive Officer Arif Naqvi’s alleged theft to have cost the firm $385 million, an amount significantly more than what prosecutors claimed. Naqvi is one of six former Abraaj executives who face charges stemming from the private equity’s firm’s 2018 collapse. In court papers last year, U.S. pr...
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Gold Smuggling News: UN Says Networks From Congo to #Dubai - Bloomberg

Gold Smuggling News: UN Says Networks From Congo to Dubai - Bloomberg:Gold smuggling from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is costing the impoverished country millions of dollars in tax revenue and funding conflict and criminal networks that stretch across Africa and beyond, according to a United Nations Group of Experts report.Congo’s official exports of hand-dug gold bear almost no relation to reality, the group said Friday, with smuggled gold ending up in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, the Unit...
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Morning Routine with An Early Bird

    Barely had light fill the room my mother was purposefully clanking in the kitchen "Corey you can come to knead the bread" without unshuttering my eyes I asked was the yeast frothy? "No, but we can make the beds and you can check if there are eggs in the coop while we wait." Or I could roll over and sleep a few more minutes was my thought. The difference between a get-up and go person and someone like me is five minutes or so. I went for a walk while the sweetbread rose twice.  Chocolate chi...
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More vines

The growers with vineyard parcels out back have been working in the past week to trim the vines. They use tractors that straddle the rows fitted with spinning blades. The blades trim the tendrils on the sides and tops of the vines. The result is a neat rectangular row of green. The grapes themselves grow just above the woody trunks and are not in danger of being lopped off by the trimmers. Neatly trimmed vines and recently mowed grass between the rows. Yesterday I saw a deer and two rabbits in...
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The Hotel Industry’s Post-COVID-19 Recovery Could Look Like This - or Not | By David Eisen

COVID-19 dealt the global hospitality industry a vicious blow. A Chuck Norris roundhouse kick combined with a Mike Tyson uppercut that left it immobile.
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U.S. Travel Searches Indicate Initial Signs of Hotel Recovery

According to new consumer research from BVA BDRC[1] and supported by Expedia Group search data[2], Americans are increasing their intent to travel this summer, a positive indicator for the industry. While U.S. domestic and regional travel searches steadily dropped throughout March and into the first week of April, according to Expedia Group data, search has been steadily climbing over the last month in total volume. Expedia Group search data also showed that for domestic travelers who sea...
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The Future of IoT Is at the Edge | By Ian Millar

One of the most prevalent trends in almost every industry is the internet of things or otherwise known as IoT. What a few years ago seemed futuristic; it is now becoming a reality. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the inclusion of connectivity in everyday devices that do not usually count with those capabilities; it allows us to turn appliances "smart" by enabling them to receive, send data and communicate with each other. This will significantly increase the quantity of data availa...
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Top 10 stories of the week: June 8th to June 14th 2020

In no particular order, here are MediaNama’s top 10 stories of the week ended 14th June 2020 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: , for their support. Jio raises ₹5,683 crore from Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, brings total to ₹97.8K crore In its second investment from Abu Dhabi, Jio Platforms has raised ₹5,683 crore (~US$751.7 million) from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), giving the sovereign fund a 1.16% equity stake. Read it here The UK govt’s coronavirus data deals are pu...
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