Living in the Country

    During the shelter in place, Sacha and I planted a garden or if truth be told a few vegetable plants. Zucchini, cucumber, tomato, green onion, green beans, and crooked neck squash. Nothing beats homegrown. I wish I could say we have an overabundance of vegetables but that is not the case with one plant each of the above vegetables. So far there have been seven green beans or as my mother said when I added them to a salad, "If you say so, but I did not see them nor taste them." I have plant...
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Starting August 1st, travelers with a negative COVID-19 pre-test can visit Hawaii without quarantine

On June 24, 2020, Governor Ige announced that a pre-travel testing program will be launched for travelers to Hawaii. With a valid negative COVID-19 test, visitors will not be subject to the 14-day quarantine. This process is due to begin August 1, 2020. Pre-arrival COVID-19 testing will need to be conducted within 72-hours prior to arrival. Details of this testing plan are still being determined. Visitors arriving to Hawaii without a COVID-10 pre-test will continue to be subject...
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pupdate: prison break, cookie style

I've been putting off the recall training. We have equipment, and we have advice, but we don't have a plan -- because we haven't made it a priority. Honking big flashing neon note to self: make it a priority.This morning I when called in both dogs from the backyard, only Kai appeared. And she appeared from behind some foliage. Hmm. I called for Cookie a few times, then followed Kai to the back fence.And there it was, well-hidden behind tall flowers. A tunnel.  You might not think our girl c...
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U.S. Justice Department challenges Hawaii's traveler quarantine, $70M in public worker raises despite economic shutdown, police reform back at Legislature, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands.

Honolulu airport in pre-COVID days ©2020 All Hawaii News Justice Department Says Ige's Quarantine Order Likely Discriminates Against Out-Of-State Travelers. The Department of Justice is backing a lawsuit filed by Mainland residents who are challenging the constitutionality of Gov. David Ige's mandatory 14-day quarantine. Hawaii Public Radio.Justice Department urges Gov. David Ige to lift out-of-state quarantine. The U.S. Department of Justice is the newest powerful interest pressuring Gov...
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Pina, Potts Point

Following the phenomenal success of Room Ten, the cult breakfast café in Potts Point, the team have opened up Pina just across the laneway at Llankelly Place. The menu at Pina is different although thematically there's an overlap and there are plans to open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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Stop calling durian stinky

The first time I tried durian, I was 13, sitting in the back of my maternal grandfather’s van as we drove around Manila. He had moved there with his wife, a Filipina woman, and their young son, and this was my second time visiting. Someone might have vaguely mentioned the smell of durian might be off-putting, but what I recall the most is hearing that durian is the most delicious fruit in the world — that what I was about to taste would change my life forever. So when a relative handed me spl...
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41-Year-Old Arrested for Violating Child After Meeting Her in Online Game

A 41-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of coercing intercourse with a 12-year-old, the news story sure to be weaponized by the usual suspects as it was detailed that the two got to know each other through an online game. Hailing from Saitama, the 41-year-old temp employee was arrested by police in Utsonomiya (a city […]
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6 Korean drinking traditions

In Korea , drinking is an essential element of socializing. It’s an important way to strengthen bonds between friends and unwind from the stress of everyday life, and work colleagues consider an invitation for a night on the town a compliment. It’s understood that, after a couple drinks, you’ll transform into a social butterfly, chatting up your colleagues and friends and maybe sharing a secret or two. One reason drinking is so popular in Korea is simply because alcohol is so cheap — soju is ...
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Oil dives over 5% as U.S. crude stocks hit record, COVID cases mount - Reuters

Oil dives over 5% as U.S. crude stocks hit record, COVID cases mount - Reuters:Oil prices tumbled over 5%, or more than $2 a barrel on Wednesday, after U.S. crude storage hit another record and coronavirus cases rebounded in countries like Germany and surged in heavily populated areas of the United States.The United States had its second-largest rise in infections since the pandemic began. Mounting infections there as well as in China, Latin America and India have unnerved investors and pressure...
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Instant Pot Dal Makhani

You know how there is always this ONE recipe that no matter how hard you try to replicate, you never seem to be able to hit it just right? Somehow, the taste of when you first devoured the dish still lingers on your palate, and even after a dozen of your experimented versions later, you still know that it’s not quite as close to the original. I have one too many of those, but a particular Dal Makhani, from a little nondescript restaurant in Kuwait, certainly tops that list! A few years ago, my M...
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BIPOC summer camps

Most summers, millions of US children head off to spend a week, a month, or the whole summer attending camp, where they’ll enjoy the restorative power of nature, learn new skills, strengthen friendships, and hopefully build upon a lifelong relationship with the outdoors. The problem is, these camps are not representative of the country as a whole. “Only about four percent of campers in America identify as Black or African-American, even though we make up 13 to 14 percent of the population,” ...
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NY, NJ, CT visitor quarantine

Although US travelers are eyeing Europe’s border reopenings, we should also be turning our attention inward as certain states begin restricting travel. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut just issued a joint travel advisory Wednesday that requires people visiting from states with high COVID-19 rates to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. The quarantine will apply to states with a transmission rate of over 10 per 100,000 people, or 10 percent of its whole population, on a seven-day average....
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Get paid to eat cheese

If you’ve been sitting around your house since March eating nothing but cheese and waiting for bars to reopen, you’ve unwittingly been training for this dream job. Whisps, a cheese crisps snack company, is looking for someone to join the Whisps Cheese Board. If chosen, you will be paid $5,000 in cash and perks to eat cheese for a year. On July 25, National Wine and Cheese day, Whisps will select one cheese lover to join the board for a year. The lucky winner will be paid to partake in monthl...
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Segway vehicles no longer produced

Using a Segway as your primary mode of transportation was never cool, but the occasional Segway tour while exploring a new destination did have its merits. Now, Segways are about to become relics of the past. Segway has decided to end production of its original two-wheeled vehicle after nearly 20 years, due to a lack of demand and a history of safety issues. The vehicle was plagued by problems from the start. The initial price tag was $5,000, which was too steep for many consumers. Because th...
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Why 1000’s of Hotel Franchisees Are Fleeing

Advantage Hotels President & CEO, Patrick Mullinix, explains his observations and overall feeling when speaking with hotel owners daily.
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Rhode Island will drop ‘Plantations’

Following an executive order by Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island is dropping the later part of its name in an effort to distance itself from its controversial history. Rhode Island is officially known as the State of Rhode Island the Providence Plantations, and now, on state documents and websites, the “Providence Plantations” part will be axed. The state is removing the reference to show its support to the Black community and the fight against systemic racism, and to acknowledge its own...
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Beekeeper suits social distancing

Restaurant staff wearing hazmat suits as a safety precaution sounds like overkill, but beekeeping outfits in a botanical-themed bar might be the perfect balance of safety and absurdity. In London, the staff at Mr. Fogg’s House of Botanicals is donning protective beekeeper suits to safely (and hilariously) interact with customers. Photo: Mr Fogg’s Residence/Facebook The bar was inspired by the fictional travels of explorer Phileas Fogg, of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days novel. Mr....
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Gabon to decriminalize homosexuality

On Tuesday, Gabon took a major step forward when its lower house of Parliament voted to decriminalize homosexuality. In doing so, Gabon became one of the few countries in sub-Saharan Africa to reverse the law that made homosexuality a crime. The initiative was backed by 48 Parliament members, while 25 abstained and 24 voted against it. Although passage by the lower house is an encouraging sign, the bill must still pass the upper house of the Senate before the law is taken off the books and ho...
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Least-crowded beaches in Portugal

Half of Portugal’s outline is defined by the ocean. Spain sits to the east and north, sharing the Iberian Peninsula, while Portugal’s southern and western borders make one long scenic string of Atlantic coastline. There’s no shortage of beaches along this ocean-facing edge, yet it’s the same few that get swamped summer after summer. The Algarve, way down south, bears the brunt of this seasonal tourism while the beaches closest to Lisbon get their fair share of traffic, too. In between, Alente...
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Mukesh Ambani says after 'unprecedented' fund raising, RIL working to close Aramco deal - The Economic Times

Mukesh Ambani says after 'unprecedented' fund raising, RIL working to close Aramco deal - The Economic Times:Billionaire Mukesh Ambani has said that after the recent fund raising activity, which he refers to as an unprecedented event in Indian corporate history, the company is now moving towards closing its deal with Saudi Aramco.RelianceNSE 0.40 % Industries (RIL) raised Rs 168,818 crore in two months through the country’s largest ever rights issue and series of stake sale deals in its arm Jio ...
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Spain reopening on June 30

Spain just announced that it will open its borders to tourists from outside the European Union and Schengen area on June 30. Spain was one of the countries most severely impacted by the coronavirus, and its imminent reopening is an encouraging sign that the country is getting back on its feet. The announcement shouldn’t excite international tourists too much, however, as the EU is about to issue recommendations for member states regarding which visitors should be allowed to enter. According ...
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Amazon announces 15% carbon rise

Whether it’s the rainforest or the online shopping company, things haven’t been good for Amazon in the news lately. The company reported on Tuesday that its carbon emissions rose 15 percent last year over 2018, according to the Associated Press. Its emissions from fossil fuels rose by 18 percent. This data uncovers an ugly truth of modern convenience — just because the customer isn’t driving to the store to make a purchase doesn’t mean that the environment is spared the harm of pollution. The...
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‘Covid-19 to deepen inequalities in education’ — report

A report from Unesco highlights a lack of access to online learning: only 12% of learners in sub-Saharan Africa can connect to the internet at home The post ‘Covid-19 to deepen inequalities in education’ — report appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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NMC administrators consider sale of international fertility business: sources - Reuters

NMC administrators consider sale of international fertility business: sources - Reuters:The administrators of hospital operator NMC Health are weighing the sale of the company’s international fertility business, which could be worth more that $500 million, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.Administrators from Alvarez & Marsal were appointed in April to oversee NMC Health after months of turmoil over its finances.NMC, founded by Indian entrepreneur B.R. Shetty, is the largest pri...
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MIDEAST STOCKS- #Saudi index retreats on haj curbs; Egypt outperforms - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters

CORRECTED-MIDEAST STOCKS-Saudi index retreats on haj curbs; Egypt outperforms - Agricultural Commodities - Reuters:Saudi Arabian shares ended lower onWednesday, following the kingdom's decision to bar visitors fromabroad from the annual haj pilgrimage due to the coronavirus,while the Egyptian bourse advanced with broad-based gains amongits constituents.Saudi Arabia's benchmark index was down 0.7%, hurtby a 1.9% fall in Al Rajhi Bank and a 1.4% decline inpetrochemical firm Saudi Basic Industries....
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Endangered smoky mouse found alive

Following the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires in Australia, the endangered smoky mouse was feared to be extinct. The fires burned 13.6 million acres of land, and is estimated to have put over 100 threatened species at risk. Before the bushfires, the smoky mouse was only found in small numbers in western, southern, and eastern Victoria; southeast New South Wales; and the Australian Capital Territory. So when over 90 percent of the mouse’s habitat was destroyed by the fires, researchers were af...
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Revenue Matters and MPA Digital Merge

In an ambitious drive to maximize revenue for current and future hospitality clients, Revenue Matters, with its unique, holistic approach to revenue management is proud to announce the merger with MPA Digital, a firm with over 30 years of CRM and loyalty marketing experience serving independent properties.
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TrustYou Reveals the Hospitality Community’s Top Strategies for Navigating the Crisis in New eBook Resource

TrustYou, the company dedicated to making listening to feedback easy, powerful, and actionable, announces today the launch of its latest eBook: "100+ COVID19 Power Tips and Ideas for the Hotel Industry". The eBook is a shared resource, based on survey results from TrustYou's partners, a range of international hoteliers in charge of both independent and chain properties, on how they are approaching the crisis. TrustYou defines the eBook as a comprehensive and well-rounded resource with tri...
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What is kabaddi, what are the rules

Sports in the United States are a perennial revolving door of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, and even though we love them, that rotation can get a little stale. Fans are increasingly turning to European soccer and rugby to introduce some fresh action into their lives, and, for die-hard sports fans, foreign sports have a certain allure. If you’re looking to expand your athletic horizons even further, you need to check out kabaddi, the exciting Indian sport that’s bound to turn you...
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Tripadvisor Is Rolling Out a Safety Filter for Traveler Searches

Tripadvisor, the online review and booking site, has added filters to let travelers search destinations based on safety and sanitization. The filters allow business owners (who advertise on the platform) the ability to add their own safety measures and sanitization procedures, like whether mask policies are enforced, and ask travelers to validate their own personal...
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