Wearing a cloth mask? Don't be a Covidiot, do it right - Most do it wrong

I am seeing a lot of bad advice being given out by Covidiots of late, suggesting that all people need to do is simply put on a mask when entering a store and then to take it off when leaving.  Simple minds like simple solutions, but as with many things in life there is a lot more to it.  With places like Ottawa now moving to requiring the wearing of cloth masks indoors it is vital that people know how to properly wear, remove and clean their masks.  If people wish to keep both themselves as w...
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Top 5 Cheese Breads!

Two of the most delicious food groups combine into one to make cheese bread and it is amazing how this simple food can be so different! These 5 cheese breads will have your mouth watering. From a riff on a bacon and cheese roll, a bread boat filled with melty cheese and an egg, to an easy 4 ingredient pullapart loaf, stuffed Turkish pide and an oozy cheesy mozzarella and garlic loaf, there's a cheese bread to suit all tastes and skill levels!
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New Live Streaming Amalfi Coast Cooking Classes with Mamma Agata Live

If you’ve been missing the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, I have some exciting news. The Mamma Agata Cooking School has launched a series of live streaming cooking classes direct from their kitchen in Ravello! Since so many travelers are unable to make it to the Amalfi Coast this year, they’ve created a way to continue sharing their love for cooking with people from around the world. Now you can learn the secrets of preparing local recipes, handmade pasta, and even Neapolitan style pizza all ...
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How to Visit Alaska this Summer: New Travel Restrictions and Mandatory Testing

There’s a new saying here in Alaska, “Test Before Take-Off.”  That’s the easiest way to visit Alaska this summer with new Alaska travel restrictions in place.  Though cruise ships won’t be heading north to Alaska this season, tourists can still arrive by air or drive Read More The post How to Visit Alaska this Summer: New Travel Restrictions and Mandatory Testing appeared first on .
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How not to do Covid: Kazakhstan first country in the world to fully return to lockdown

Kazakhstan will on Sunday become the first nation in the world to re-impose a country-wide lockdown after its easing in mid-May of largely successful measures to counter coronavirus sparked a surge in infections. The central Asian country, which borders Russia in the north-west and China in the east, appeared to have contained the disease after a two-month lockdown with just a few thousand confirmed Covid-19 cases. But Kazakhstan, home to 18 million, embraced its re-discovered freedoms with gust...
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Squeezing the Toothpaste

                            I like to squeeze the toothpaste in the middle, I always have. I can't help it the plump spot just aching for a squeeze tempting me like a pinch to a fat baby's cheek. There are certain things we aren't supposed to do. Rules of life tangled up with meaningful purpose, strict and formal, stiff and sobering, dictating with a gnawing voice inside, "don't do it." Often, we might think we can't do something, though, in reality, we can, yet we don't, blaming i...
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Amber waves of grain

It's the Fourth of July, the national holiday of the USA. It sounds from the news reports that many celebrations are cancelled and that others will be more subdued than usual. But I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to risk their own and others' health to party like it's any other year. Sigh. The tall grasses in and around the vineyard are pretty, but they make walking difficult. They're often wet with dew and they're great places to pick up ticks. France will face the same issue i...
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Oppo A72 : présentation, caractéristiques, date de sortie, avis

On vous détaille toutes les caractéristiques du Oppo A72, un smartphone d'entrée de gamme polyvalent et doté de certaines spécificités techniques très intéressantes, notamment du côté des images. L'article Oppo A72 : présentation, caractéristiques, date de sortie, avis a été rédigé par Mika pour NWE / NOWHEREELSE.FR.
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