State Health Department director, corrections chief retire amid COVID-19 spike, Ige announces possible vetoes, police transparency bill approved, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Can Hawaii ‘Reset’ With New Public Safety And Health Directors? Gov. David Ige insists the abrupt departures of Bruce Anderson and Nolan Espinda were voluntary. Civil Beat.Embattled health and public safety directors stepping down. Gov. David Ige announced on Aug. 31 that State Department of Health Director Bruce Anderson and Department of Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda are retiring. KHON2.State Health Director Bruce Anderson and Public Safety Department Director Nolan Espinda are leaving...
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Bread of Life

  Bread of life the source of our well being community commune together Bread: many hands, golden wheat, sweat, the beating of heart and sun. Breaking bread, shared labor, shared joy, shared.       Life's source food for the soul, feeding the need of our hearts, bodies, and minds.                   [Author: French la Vie]
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The Strasbourg Court Establishes Standards on Blocking Access to Websites

By Atakan Güngördü On 23 June 2020, European Court of Human Rights (the “Strasbourg Court” or the “Court”) delivered no less than four judgments against Russia (OOO Flavus and Others v. Russia, Bulgakov v. Russia, Engels v. Russia, Vladimir Kharitonov v. Russia) all of which concern the blocking of access to websites. The Court held that Russian authorities had violated the applicants’ right to freedom of expression on the internet, as well as their right to an effective remedy in all four cases...
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another blog, for anyone who is interested

I've decided to have bariatric surgery. I made the decision towards the end of last year, and I started a separate blog so I could write about it.Initially I wanted to keep this very private. I just wasn't ready to share it. But there's a lot of stigma around weight-loss surgery, and I like to poke holes in stigma whenever I can. I'm taking steps to improve my health. There should be no shame in that. If some people are judgmental or feel superior, that's not my problem.If you want to come along...
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Lions Are Less Likely To Attack Cattle With Eyes Painted on Their Backsides

An anonymous reader shares a report: The predation of livestock by carnivores, and the retaliatory killing of carnivores as a result, is a major global conservation challenge. Such human-wildlife conflicts are a key driver of large carnivore declines and the costs of coexistence are often disproportionately borne by rural communities in the global south. While current approaches tend to focus on separating livestock from wild carnivores, for instance through fencing or lethal control, this is no...
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All alone in a city of many millions

Quietly looking down at the lives of countless millions of people, he stood there completely alone. Or at least alone with his own thoughts.
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PERFECT Sourdough Crumpets!

Sourdough bakers, don't throw away the sourdough discard! Make sourdough crumpets instead! They're even easier to make than regular crumpets as the sourdough discard is already a perfect crumpet batter. Just add a little leavening and soon you'll be eating the lightest, holiest crumpets. These are never fail sourdough crumpets with lots of holes to soak up butter. It's also the perfect Father's Day treat and is a pushy recipe!
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Travel inspiration: 8 of Eastern Europe’s best UNESCO sites

Europe is a culmination of fascinating cities, ancient architecture and beautiful landscapes, so no matter what you’re after there will be something that blows you away. Naturally, such rich history and raw beauty is bound to produce some sites that are culturally valuable and thus have landed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Below are […] The post Travel inspiration: 8 of Eastern Europe’s best UNESCO sites appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Oil rises on strong factory activity, crude drawdown forecast - Reuters

Oil rises on strong factory activity, crude drawdown forecast - Reuters:Oil prices edged higher on Tuesday as better-than-expected U.S. manufacturing activity data spurred hope for a post-pandemic economic recovery, and as analysts forecast a sixth weekly drawdown in U.S. crude inventories.Brent crude LCOc1 futures settled up 30 cents at $45.58 a barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate futures CLc1 settled at $42.76 a barrel, up 15 cents.“Everyone is looking for a draw, of one degree or another, in...
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Why you shouldn't stress about getting the coronavirus from a stay in an Airbnb

A Rhode Island Airbnb. Airbnb Experts say the risk of catching COVID-19 during an Airbnb stay is low if the space properly cleaned.Viral particles can survive for a time on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, remote controls, and cloth fabric, but the coronavirus does not spread easily from surfaces.Some Airbnb rentals may be safer than a hotel, since guests don't share areas like lobbies or concierge counters.Airbnb has banned parties at all Airbnb listings worldwide. Visit Business Inside...
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Top 7 waterfalls of India

People associate India with Taj Mahal, Ganges, wildlife and food but very few know that India has some of the most spectacular waterfalls. These waterfalls complement the diverse flora and fauna of the country. Seeing the water gushing down into the valley and lush jungles of India is truly a magnificent sight. Nature and adventure enthusiasts can […] The post Top 7 waterfalls of India appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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25 Favorite Things to Do in Raleigh, NC (Our Locals Guide)

Okay, so this post has been a long time coming – like 14 years coming! Not sure why it’s taken us awhile to write a post on our favorite things to do in Raleigh, NC, but here it is. Walking across Boylan Bridge overlooking downtown Raleigh Long time readers will know we discovered our soul home here in Raleigh in 2004 after randomly being placed to teach at a school near here with an international teaching program called Participate Learning. Since then, we’ve fought long and hard...
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This Japanese airline is the first to test an 'elbow-activated' toilet door amid health-related travel concerns

Pascal Pavani/AFP/Getty Images Airlines are fighting to regain customer trust after shutting down nearly all flights in the initial period of the pandemic.Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) is testing a new door with an "elbow doorknob" for its airplane bathrooms, according to CNN.The doorknob allows passengers to open the door without touching it with your hands. It was first trialed in Haneda Airport in mid-June.For now, the prototype is being tested at Tokyo International Airport...
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Road Trips From Calgary to Places That Will Stir Your Soul

Maybe you had traditional late summer travel destinations you frequented each year, or you had to cancel plans for new locations to explore – but your adventures aren’t completely lost this year. We’ve got you covered with 11 road trips from Calgary you can do in a day (sometimes a long day!) that will stir your soul. These 11 adventures will have you socially distant, enjoying fresh air, lake-time, sand play, challenging yourself, filling your eyes with glorious trees, and taking in awe-ins...
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Israeli business seeks new chapter in #UAE trade after historic deal | Financial Times

Israeli business seeks new chapter in UAE trade after historic deal | Financial Times:For nearly a decade, Israeli businessmen chasing lucrative deals in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates would board a private jet in Tel Aviv and head instead to neighbouring Egypt, one of only two Arab countries with relations with Israel.A five minute layover — dubbed the “diplomatic stop” — at Sharm El Sheikh airport on the Red Sea would scrub the flight of its antecedents, and clear it to fly to the UAE.In re...
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Spend a Year in Paradise – Bermuda Reopens For Tourists and Business

Looking to go somewhere safe and beautiful in 2020? As of July 1, Bermuda has reopened for business and is welcoming visitors to the island. And, as of August 1, the Government of Bermuda introduced the Work from Bermuda Certificate. Imagine living and working in Bermuda for a year away from all the chaos and unrest going […] Read the original post Spend a Year in Paradise – Bermuda Reopens For Tourists and Business on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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The Best Things to do in Bermuda for 2020

Bermuda is open for business! Upon hearing that the Government of Bermuda introduced the Work from Bermuda Certificate for businesses and students to work and live in Bermuda for a year, we realized that we never wrote much about our time in Bermuda except for our experience at America’s Cup. But there are so many things to do in […] Read the original post The Best Things to do in Bermuda for 2020 on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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summer vacation (40/100)

When I was growing up, my parents were adamant about leaving home at some point during the summer, preferably to visit a different country. Since we lived in the Caribbean, these trips were sometimes exotic — to places like the United States, Canada (where my Dad has family) and once, Europe — but more often than not, they were quick trips to neighbouring islands. It was important to them that my sister ...
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By Ending Change Fees, U.S. Airlines Gain a New Marketing Tool

The airline industry's myriad fees have been a bone of contention with travelers for years, and the change fee--which charges fliers as much as $200 to take a different flight after purchasing a ticket--is one of the most hated. But this week, within a few hours of one another led by United Airlines, almost every...
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American Airlines pilots landing in Los Angeles spotted a 'guy in a jetpack' just 300 yards from their passenger jet

American Airlines pilots on Sunday reported a "guy in a jetpack" flying near LAX. Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/Getty An American Airlines jet landing in Los Angeles had an encounter with a jetpack on Sunday while on approach to land at LAX, FOX 11 LA first reported.Pilots reported seeing a "guy in a jetpack" hovering around 3,000 feet near the Runway 25L approach path around "300 yards" from their aircraft.No major disruption was caused to inbound aircraft and the FAA told FOX 11 that it refer...
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3 Reasons Businesses Are Flocking To Portugal

Move to another country. Start a new life. Set up a business. Sounds scary? Sure. But living your dreams means taking risks, moving out of your comfort zone and leaping… Read more » The post 3 Reasons Businesses Are Flocking To Portugal appeared first on
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Key takeaways from Delhi’s Peace & Harmony Committee hearing: ‘Facebook complicit in Delhi riots, chargesheet should be filed’

The Delhi State Assembly’s Peace and Harmony Committee on Monday said it has found prima facie found Facebook guilty of aggravating the Delhi riots in February. Committee chair and AAP MLA Raghav Chadha said Facebook representatives would be summoned to present their version in the next hearing. Chadha also said that an independent investigation is needed, and suggested that a supplemental chargesheet be filed against Facebook in ongoing cases related to the riots.  The Committee held its second...
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Funds focus on oil refining margins: Kemp - Reuters

Funds focus on oil refining margins: Kemp - Reuters:Hedge funds continued to rotate their positions from crude to fuels, especially gasoline, in light trading during the summer vacation period in North America, Europe and the Middle East.Hedge funds and other money managers sold the equivalent of 10 million barrels in the six most important petroleum futures and options contracts in the week to Aug. 25.Those sales reversed purchases of 12 million barrels the week before, but the overall position...
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Delta and American ditch change fees in a new bid to lure back fliers, less than 24 hours after United started the trend

The three largest US airlines will be losing a chunk of tax-free revenue as they eliminate change fees on domestic flights. Thiago B Trevisan / United, American, and Delta Air Lines are all doing away with change fees and select other optional fees.United and American will also allow passengers to fly stand-by on earlier flights for free and offer other complimentary perks for elite status holders.The US airline industry is still falling short of 1 million daily passengers ...
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New “Safe Travels” application required for all visitors to Hawaii

  Starting today, September 1, a new “Safe Travels” application becomes mandatory for all trans-Pacific and inter-island travelers to/in Hawaii. The application can be found at The following video provides a basic overview of the process: So, what is this application? It’s a digital/online app that collects required health and travel information and creates a way to keep in contact with travelers. It replaces the previous paper process and is supposed to save time f...
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Mohegan Sun Adopts Wireless eTray Technology by Bartech to Provide Guests With Convenient and Safe In-room Purchase Options

Las Vegas — September 1, 2020 — Bartech, the leader in automatic minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, has partnered with the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort to implement its advanced eTray solution, an innovative platform that allows hoteliers to sell non-refrigerated products within the guestroom without the need for an existing minibar. As reopening properties face the need to adapt services to address guest concerns over potential health risks, Mohegan Sun's adoption of t...
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Hotel G San Francisco Adopts BeyondTV GuestCast™ by Hotel Internet Services to Maximize Competitive Edge in Guestroom Entertainment Content Personalization

SAN FRANCISCO — September 1, 2020 — Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions, has announced the successful implementation of BeyondTV GuestCast™ at Hotel G San Francisco, a trend-setting lifestyle hotel located in the heart of San Francisco. Also offering a simple and relaxed design within each of its 153 guestrooms, Hotel G San Francisco provides its guests with a home-away-from-home experience that now with the implementation of BeyondTV ...
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Hotel Operations Have Changed, But the Importance of Communication Has Not | By Andrada Paraschiv

There is a radical change in the way the hospitality industry is operating compared to the last decade. From shifting guests away from the front desk and favoring mobile check-in to new sanitization regulations that call for constant vigilance, it can be a lot for any organization to process and maintain consistency ― particularly right now as guidelines and state regulations are subject to abrupt changes. The need for communications is increasing tenfold between hotel leaders, employees,...
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Maestro PMS Offers 24/7 Guest Engagement and Outreach with Integration to Fetch Feedback App

MARKHAM, Ontario and TORONTO - To create instant and ongoing communication between hoteliers and travelers, as well as internal staff operations, Maestro PMS, the leader in cloud and on-premise property-management system solutions for independent hotels and luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups, has partnered with Fetch to provide a digital hub to enhance guest engagement, communication, and operations. Using Fetch, hoteliers will have another thi...
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Richard Sprecher to Head Meyer Jabara Hotels Development Effort from New Chicago Office

Meyer Jabara Hotels (MJH), a multi-branded hotel management and ownership company, has appointed Richard Sprecher to Vice President of Development. The 40-year hospitality veteran will focus on growing the company's third-party hotel management contracts, as well as structuring joint venture agreements, obtaining hotel receivership assignments, and identifying hotels the company should acquire.
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