what i'm reading: a new plan

As I've mentioned many times, I keep a running List of books. The List dates back to the mid-1980s. It's not a complete list of books I've read. I wish I kept track of every book I read, but because I didn't start this at the Beginning of Time, I can never start it. The List is also not a to-read list. If it were, I would be too overwhelmed to read a single word. The List is all the books I hear of or read about that sound interesting and attractive to me. The List is the universe of books that ...
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Cafe Bones, Leichhardt

Want to go to a dog friendly cafe for lunch with your pooch? Cafe Bones in Leichhardt in an outdoor cafe in a dog park. The menu has sandwiches, pies, drinks, ice creams and sweets and is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor and sunshine with your four legged friend!
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#Saudi Cut Oil Prices in Sign - Bloomberg

Saudi Cut Oil Prices in Sign - Bloomberg:Saudi Arabia cut pricing for oil sales to Asia and the U.S. for October shipments, a sign that the world’s biggest exporter may see fuel demand wavering amid flare-ups in the coronavirus.State oil producer Saudi Aramco is cutting its benchmark Arab Light crude more than expected and lowering the grade to a discount for the first time since June for buyers in Asia. It’s the second-consecutive month of cuts for barrels to Asia. Aramco will also trim pricing...
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The rise of private members' clubs, reimagined by a virus

SoHo Works members have access to work amenities like printers, phone booths, meeting rooms, and podcast equipment that they might not have at home. Soho Works Water Street Loft As people seek out safe, hygienic, and private places to work and socialize amid office closures and citywide shutdowns, private members’ clubs stand to be a rare winner on the current hospitality scene. Chateau Marmont, the André Balazs-owned LA hotspot, is being transformed into a members-only hotel. Zero Bond, f...
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Summary: IAMAI’s self-regulation code for Online Curated Content Platforms

On Friday, fifteen Indian streaming services and digital companies released the “Universal Self-Regulation Code for Online Curated Content Providers”. This is the third such code from the Internet and Mobile Association of India’s Digital Entertainment Committee; read the first code and the second code . Timeline In January 2019, nine streaming services in India announced a self-regulation code that settled on some “best practices” to avoid government-led censorship. Over that year, the go...
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Log on, chill out: holiday resorts lure remote workers to fill gap left by tourists

The Canary Islands join a growing list of destinations wooing ‘digital nomads’ to help replace business lost to the pandemicIt wasn’t the sun-drenched beaches or windswept dunes that first commanded Daniel Harry Jarociński’s attention when he arrived in the Gran Canaria town of Maspalomas. Instead, his early days in one of the Canary Islands’ most popular resorts were focused on securing a crucial aspect of his lifestyle: a speedy internet connection.For the past nine years, the 35-year-old mark...
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US court: Govt mass surveillance revealed by Snowden was illegal, possibly unconsitutional

A US court has found the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance via phone tapping of Americans, revealed seven years ago by whistleblower Edward Snowden, unlawful. The US Court of appeals for the ninth district on Thursday said it found the program unlawful and that US intelligence officials who defended the program were lying. The court said the US government may have violated the Fourth Amendment and did violate Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The ruling was made in a case ...
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#Saudi Aramco is rethinking its global ambitions - CNN

Saudi Aramco is rethinking its global ambitions - CNN:The coronavirus pandemic is upending the energy industry and pushing its top players to make big changes. That includes Saudi Aramco, the world's largest and most profitable oil producer.The dramatic crash in prices this year is weighing on Saudi Arabia's state oil giant, which relies on pumping crude to generate the cash it needs to pay dividends to investors and finance a big chunk of government spending. Now, Aramco may be forced to do wha...
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Cranky on the Web: Ch-ch-ch-change fees Go Away

For those in the Bay Area, I’ll be on KTVU this morning at 840a talking about change fees. American Airlines axes change fees on all but the cheapest tickets, following United and Delta – The Dallas Morning NewsThis is certainly the hot topic this week, as you’d expect. … Read the post
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Singapore: A Safe Refuge During the Pandemic

Singapore is ready to welcome back visitors, and the author finds there is no underbelly here, it's all peaceful, clean, strict yet relaxed.
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Positive Learning

                    [Author: French la Vie]
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Tarte aux pommes

I haven't made an apple tart in a long time, so here's the first one of the season. I've mentioned that we have a bumper crop of apples this year. There should be many more tarts like this as we move into fall. Tarte aux pommes, ready to serve! Under the apple slices is a layer of applesauce (made with sugar and a touch of cinnamon) to give the tart some body. I glazed the finished tart with plum jam that I pressed through a strainer before painting it on. This tart got cut into six pieces, de...
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Hiking: Plan Your Trip Well in the Pandemic Time

Planning your next hiking trip. It might be a little different in the era of COVID, so bring sanitizer, mask and make a good plan for a successful hike.
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Revealed: the impact of an expat exodus on #Oman's property market - Arabianbusiness

Revealed: the impact of an expat exodus on Oman's property market - Arabianbusiness:Lower oil prices and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to challenge Oman’s economy and real estate sector, according to experts.Real estate consultancy Savills said it expects to see increasingly challenging economic conditions and an acceleration of the exodus of the expatriate population.It said market conditions in both the residential and office space rental sectors in Muscat were already in s...
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Samsung Galaxy M51 : date de sortie, fonctionnalités, prix… On fait le point !

Le Samsung Galaxy M51 devrait débarquer sur le marché sous peu, et ses caractéristiques - notamment sa batterie de 7000 mAh impressionnante - devrait intéresser les amateurs de smartphone à prix raisonnables. L'article Samsung Galaxy M51 : date de sortie, fonctionnalités, prix… On fait le point ! a été rédigé par Mika pour NWE / NOWHEREELSE.FR.
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‘Everyone was drenched in the virus’: was this Austrian ski resort a Covid-19 ground zero?

At least 6,000 people say they caught coronavirus in Ischgl, dubbed ‘Ibiza on ice’, and their class action is gaining pace. Those who were there recall a terrifying weekIn the first week of March, Charlie Jackson had an argument with his wife. The recruitment agent, 53, from Pangbourne in Berkshire, was due to catch a flight to Innsbruck for a three-day “boys’ holiday”, skiing in the Tirolean Alps. Jackson’s wife, Carol, felt Ischgl, the resort booked by the group, was a bit too close to the par...
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The Transatlantic Cable

Transcript Today the world can communicate with text, images, audio, and video at the speed of light. Most of this is done via undersea fiber optic cables which connect the various continents to each other. All of this modern long-distance communication has its start with the first transatlantic telegraph cable. The first long-distance submarine communications ... Read more The Transatlantic Cable The post The Transatlantic Cable appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.
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Are you missing Hawaii?

[Author: [email protected] (Bruce Fisher)]
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