How does it Feel to Attend the Venice Film Festival during a Global Pandemic?

The Red Carpet behind the wall - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) How does it feel to attend the Venice Film Festival during a global pandemic? Mostly serene. Less frenetic. More European. There is a new system in place where every person with accreditation must make a reservation for every screening and every press conference, which is a good thing. In past years, it had become more like a competition to get in the door to the buzzy films, and attendees were sometimes forced to queue l...
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An Update!

    Hello everyone!  I haven't posted in a very long time but this past year has been SO busy.  I've had some readers ask me if I'm okay and the answer is definitely yes! We moved to Arizona from Michigan and between getting our house ready to list, Covid, quarantine and actually selling, packing and moving I was pretty much preoccupied! But we finally made it out here and hopefully life can start getting back to normal. There's still lots to do because we bought a new house and still h...
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Coronavirus infections trending downward in Hawaii, Oahu opens hotels to COVID-19 quarantiners, Health Department whistleblower speaks out, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Coronavirus epi curve as of Sept 10, 2020 Hawaii Department of Health DOH Reports Overall Decline in COVID-19 Cases Statewide. Hawai‘i is beginning to regain control of the spread of COVID-19 after nearly six weeks of elevated case numbers throughout the state. Big Island Now.DOH: COVID-19 case numbers appear to be declining. After weeks of increased COVID-19 cases, the state Department of Health said Thursday that Hawaii is beginning to turn the corner and regain control of the spread of...
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4 romantic getaway ideas to break the COVID blues

This pandemic season is hard not only on our physical and financial needs but also on our social and mental health. The continuous and unparalleled stress it gives us is indeed damaging to our lives. Those that we call COVID Blues experienced by many of us; yes, you are not alone in this situation. We all feel it, every one of us, and I am pretty sure you miss your significant others or family more now. So, here are some ideas of a romantic getaway that you might be useful to you when COVID is...
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What I Saw Today on my Walk

  A moisten path leaves glistening with raindrops, nature breathing after a long spell without rain. Snails.          This cabanon (cabin) that really wants me to come inside. I know it does. My name is on the door. I have never seen anyone around it except trees and vines inching their way cover it up.       Beauty's Rose without a Beast.           Saint Baume in the distance.                       [Author: French la Vie]
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Black Power: “One Night in Miami” Moves the Needle Forward at the Venice Film Festival

One Night in Miami (Venice, Italy) One night in Miami, on February 25, 1964, the brash 22-year-old Cassius Clay defeated the World Heavyweight Champion, Sonny Liston. Years later, playwright and screenwriter Kemp Powers would stumble upon a paragraph in Redemption Song - Muhammad Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties, a book by Mike Marqusee about the intersection of sports and politics. One paragraph mentioned how four Black icons had gathered in a hotel room after the fight: Cassius Clay, M...
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Nomadness Black travel survey

Travel lifestyle brand NOMADNESS Travel Tribe has launched a survey for travelers of color to help get their voices heard on a huge scale. The NOMADNESS Diversity in Travel Consensus seeks to compile input from diverse travelers across the diaspora to influence the industry and prove their spending power through hard data. The survey is designed to assess booking trends, influencing factors, and spending behaviors of travelers of color, and provide insights into the impact of COVID-19 on tr...
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Eye on Travel — New York — September 12, 2020

Read the full article on at - Eye on Travel — New York — September 12, 2020 On this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel, we look at three dates in September — September 9 (for laughs), September 11 (for remembrance) and September 30 (and what it will mean for U.S. airlines and the future of travel and transportation). Founder of, Gary Leff, gives his perspective on what’s at risk, including... The post Eye on Travel — New York — September 12, 2020 appeared fi...
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This Policy, Alone – Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 The modern world is different from the world of the recent past of, say, just 50 years ago. The nature of manufacturing, agriculture and services — the three broad categories of human enterprise — have been transformed in just a matter of decades. The biggest change has been that labor productivity … Continue reading "This Policy, Alone – Part 3"
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Small Talk Coffee, Dulwich Hill

Small Talk in Dulwich Hill specialises in one main thing - Montreal bagels. If you've ever been to Montreal or North America chances are you've fallen hard for Montreal bagels. The Montreal version of a traditional bagel are boiled in honey water and baked in a wood fired oven. At Small Talk there are seven types of fillings from a Reuben style bagel or classic Lox and cream cheese along with daily pastry specials and puffy focaccia.
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Oil ends lower for second week as stockpiles rise, demand weakens | Reuters

Oil ends lower for second week as stockpiles rise, demand weakens | Reuters:Oil prices were little changed on Friday, but posted their second straight weekly loss as stockpiles rise around the world and fuel demand struggles to rebound to pre-coronavirus levels.Both Brent and U.S. crude lost about 6% on the week after a series of signals that showed markets still have an abundance of supply. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait cut official selling prices to Asia, U.S. stockpiles rose and traders are booking...
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What is Airbnb? What to know before becoming a guest or host

What is Airbnb? Part of the ‘sharing economy,' Airbnb offers you someone's home to stay in instead of a hotel, and allows for a variety of hosting options.
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Cabins and RV Rentals Carve Out Their Niche During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the travel sector, hitting the airline, cruise and hotel categories hard. But travel subcategories such as nature gateways and rentals of recreational vehicles are booming, and seizing the opportunity to grow. With people reluctant to travel long distances or in crowds, companies like Getaway, which connects people...
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OPEC Global Oil Trader News and Analysis: How Big Is the #UAE Output Breach? - Bloomberg

OPEC Global Oil Trader News and Analysis: How Big Is the UAE Output Breach? - Bloomberg:Just when OPEC seemed to have finally mastered the long-running problem of members breaching their oil-output targets, a new offender is emerging.The United Arab Emirates -- traditionally a loyal partner of group leader Saudi Arabia -- pumped a little bit over its agreed limit in July, according to OPEC data. It has admitted doing so again in August.Now, many traders are turning their attention to data showin...
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10 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Education

That’s what Earth is filled with. Just imagine this – you get to meander through an enchanting African village, camping out in the Canadian tundra, or even hiking through the vibrant Amazon rainforest. As humans, we all travel for various reasons – some for personal growth and self-discovery while others want to look at life through a new lens. Many, on the other hand, consider the world as a never-ending university and travel as it helps to develop their intelligence. Much of the education that...
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Fagioli all’uccelleto

Photo courtesy of Giallo Zafferano blog When we were on the famous vacation in Maine we bought supplies for cooking …Continue reading →
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Inflatable Paddleboarding and 7 Other Water Sports to Try While Traveling

Traveling is all about new experiences, adventure, and leaving stress from daily life behind. That’s why if you ever travel to a natural attraction and are feeling like trying something new you should consider one of the following water sports. they are the perfect way to take full advantage of rivers, beaches, or lakes near you. For some, you don’t even need travel guides, just equipment rental. I know that summer is almost gone but the countries near the equator offer warm climates combined wi...
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One third of UK hostels at risk of closure

Some hostels found success by operating like B&Bs this summer, but that’s not a long-term solution. Unless guests return, many won’t surviveFor most hostels across the UK a sunny September weekend would mean fully booked rooms and busy bars and lounges. But this week hostels have been processing cancellations in response to the UK government’s “rule of six” announcement – on top of a severely challenging summer that saw a drastic reduction in occupancy rates as owners adjusted to social distanci...
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Radio Guest List — New York — September 12, 2020

Read the full article on at - Radio Guest List — New York — September 12, 2020 On this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel, we look at three dates in September — September 9 (for laughs), September 11 (for remembrance) and September 30 (and what it will mean for U.S. airlines and the future of travel and transportation). Founder of, Gary Leff, gives his perspective on what’s at risk, including... The post Radio Guest List — New York — September 12, 2020 appea...
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Ghost Ships Turned Into Tourist Attractions

Read the full article on at - Ghost Ships Turned Into Tourist Attractions So where are all the cruise ships? Most are at anchor, off the coast of England, Malaysia, Florida and the Philippines. And these empty ships — called ghost ships — have ironically become tourist attractions. You’ll find the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria moored out in the English Channel as... The post Ghost Ships Turned Into Tourist Attractions appeared first on Peter Greenber...
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Nothing to See Here

March (iPhone+Filters)/September (Fuji) In March, I started taking a selfie once a week. Okay, I really started taking selfies back in November, 2019 (literally a hundred years ago, right?) when I signed up for . Selfies are the currency of online dating and I needed good ones if I was going to play that game. Then Corona came and dating is an impossible task. But I kept taking the selfies. At first, I was trying to get used to the idea of the mask. I was teaching myself how to make them and...
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Lessons from COVID-19: teaching hospitality during a pandemic

We spoke to Ian Millar, who teaches at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Technology and manager of the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC). Ian specializes in hospitality technology and is expertly placed to engage with students about new developments and where the industry will develop.
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Furloughed airline pilots are taking jobs flying private jets. Now, they have to adapt to a reality of carrying wealthy passengers' bags.

Private aviation is expanding and more pilots are required to service the growing fleets of aircraft operators. Juice Flair/ Former airline pilots are turning to private aviation for flying jobs as the airlines prepare to furlough thousands. Though the basic job of flying an aircraft is the same, the workload for a private aircraft pilot is far and beyond that of an airline pilot due to the personal nature of the business. Airline pilots transitioning into the private side ...
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Six Course Meal: Spain

Read the full article on at - Six Course Meal: Spain Are you still stuck at home… not traveling? To help ease the pain, we present a different kind of travel writing — fictional accounts of great travels with great — and real — food experiences. The author — Zoe Messinger — has done everything from running food trucks in Milan and Amsterdam, to cooking in two... The post Six Course Meal: Spain appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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The History of the Dollar as a Currency

Transcript The currency in the United States is the dollar. You probably already knew that. It is also the name of the currency in over 20 other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. What is a dollar exactly, and why is that the name of the currency in these countries?  Learn more about ... Read more The History of the Dollar as a Currency The post The History of the Dollar as a Currency appeared first on Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.
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STR: U.S. weekly hotel performance video

Each week, STR analysts provide a deep-dive into U.S. hotel performance. The most recent video, highlighting performance for 30 August through 5 September, is linked below.Key highlights:
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UK-Japan agree to trade deal that bans data localisation

The new trade deal between the United Kingdom and Japan puts a ban on data localisation while preserving “high standards of protection for personal data”. This is the first major trade deal for the UK post Brexit and was announced by UK’s Department of International Trade today. The United Kingdom and Japan have agreed “in principle” to the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement that has also committed to uphold principles of net neutrality. Under the deal, British businesses will...
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Wildtype is opening up a pre-order list for select chefs as it focuses on lab grown, sushi-grade salmon

Wildtype, the startup making lab-grown salmon, is opening up a pre-order list for select chefs. Although the company is as much as five years out from commercial production, according to founders, the company is looking to partner with select chefs around the country who want to incorporate their sushi-grade salmon product into their menus . “We’re not launching right now. We’re releasing the news that we have the next iteration of the product,” said co-founder Justin Kolbeck, a former US dipl...
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Aloha Friday Photo: Sunrise view from Kauai

Mahalo to Becky Kipfmiller for sharing this nice sunrise shot with is for Aloha Friday Photos. Becky took this photo while visiting Kauai in April of 2019. Happy Aloha Friday! The post Aloha Friday Photo: Sunrise view from Kauai appeared first on Go Visit Hawaii.
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Facebook launches college-only service Campus in select US universities

Social media giant Facebook has launched a new product called “Campus”, designed specifically for colleges, where it can be used as an internal social media platform. Campus has been launched at only a certain US-based universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Brown University and Johns Hopkins University. Interestingly, Harvard University, on whose campus Facebook was founded in 2004, is not in the list of universities that will have Campus. With Campus, Facebook ...
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