What to Know About Airbnb's New Halloween Booking Policy

Airbnb definitely does not want people to rent properties on their site for the purpose of hosting parties. First, they came out with a global ban on parties in August. Then, they instituted a policy that blocks people from making last-minute bookings in their hometown. Now, Airbnb has issued new guidelines for…Read more...
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The Unexpected Finds at the Brocante

  A glass mortar and pestle.       An ivory and coral choker. Incredible carving, a masterpiece but sadly not for the elephant, and far more beautiful roaming without fear than as an adornment on someone's neck.       Seconds after I took this photo I saw the dealer who I hadn't seen since January. We started talking and another dealer came up to us, a reunion (at a distance with masks) so happy I was to reconnect with everyone that I forgot to ask the price and walked away. But I walked awa...
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A Day In The Life - Part 8

pub-9166485404346800 [Author: Lynn Hemeon]
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The Dead Don’t Die

I had completely forgotten about this movie since being excited by the trailer when it had its theatrical release, and it came to mind yesterday and so I watched it, and overall I quite enjoyed it. I will say that the most enjoyable part of the movie for me was the first half hour, before any of the zombie stuff starts happening, when it just felt like a fun and quirky indie movie. The zombie stuff is hit and miss, but there’s still a lot to like, and the cast is of course amazing — and I ...
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Guest Post: Jackie Lantry

(photo old postcard found on the web)   I grew up in Whitney Point, New York, a dairy farming community where there were (literally) more cows than people. Everyone in our small village looked like me, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin sprinkled with freckles. The biggest difference was when someone had dark hair or brown eyes. Television was still shown only in black and white and programs were only in English, which further cemented my childish idea that the “microcosm” that was ...
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Crumbling and ultra modern Tokyo in a single 35mm frame

Lots of Tokyo’s older homes and businesses may well be disappearing, but thankfully many still remain, and for as long as they do, they’ll continue to provide fabulously contrasting scenes such as this one.
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SOFTEST Maritozzi Italian Cream Buns

Maritozzi are gorgeous Italian cream buns. A soft and light brioche style bun is filled with sweetened whipped cream for a treat that dreams are made of! If you miss travelling to Italy and Rome or if you want to recreate a wonderful delight, this a pushy recipe!
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I’ve always liked the art by Turner. His work is often very dramatic, full of emotion and especially wonderful light. I read that the fashion in painting when he lived was having black on the canvas and painting over that but he used white and I think it accounts for the fabulous look in his work. He was a strange man, as many artists are, very reclusive, very messy. The movie, Mr. Turner, gives you an idea of how he lived and painted. It was a pleasure to go to the André Jacquemart Museum to lo...
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NCB-Samba to merge into #Saudi banking heavyweight | Reuters

NCB-Samba to merge into Saudi banking heavyweight | Reuters:Saudi Arabia's biggest lender National Commercial Bank 1180.SE (NCB) has entered a binding merger agreement with smaller lender Samba Financial Group 1090.SE to create a combined entity with 837 billion riyals ($223 billion) in assets, NCB said on Sunday.Low oil prices and weak economic growth are pushing bank consolidation across the Gulf.Once completed, the NCB-Samba tie-up would create the Gulf region's third largest lender by assets...
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Digital Hotel Marketing A Paradigm Shift Towards Enabling New Travel Markets

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing hotels to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Travel bans, social... The post Digital Hotel Marketing A Paradigm Shift Towards Enabling New Travel Markets appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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Notes for (and draft of) complaint against Daniel Andrews to the International Criminal Court

This is a placeholder post and information will evolve as things develop. I prepared this and sent to two lawyers last night. As the complaint evolves I’ll add info. Please provide any info you wish to see included in the complaint either through the comments section or at [email protected] FRADULENT COVID DEATH CERTIFICATES? If true, […]
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The Haunting of Bly Manor

I quite enjoyed last year’s The Haunting of Hill House, and so it was a no brainer that I was going to watch this sequel series. I’ve only watched the first episode, but I already prefer the setting — nothing like a big ol’ manor in the English countryside. I’ll of course need to watch a lot more before I can say if I really enjoy the series or not, but I think it’s off to a good start, with a great cast, and some already pretty spooky and creepy moments. It’s definitely great to have this...
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My business trips now include testing, empty airports, and lonely takeout dinners — here's a look at how work travel has changed

An empty airport. Alan Kearl Alan Kearl is a beauty industry executive experienced in operations, finance, and strategy. After losing his job during the pandemic, he was sheltering in place in Maine. So he had mixed emotions when he was offered a consulting gig that would require travel. Overall, he's felt safe traveling, but has noticed a lot of big changes in airports and hotels. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As a C-level executive in the beauty industry, having wor...
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This Boeing 727 lets passengers experience zero gravity by flying crazy maneuvers, and it's now on tour across the US

The ZERO-G Boeing 727 aircraft. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider "G-FORCE ONE" is the name of a converted Boeing 727 that offers customers the chance to float like astronauts in a zero-gravity environment.  Zero Gravity Corporation is sending the flight across the country for flyers to experience weightlessness for a few minutes, though the price tag is quite high. Extra precautions are being taken during the pandemic including requiring face masks, disinfecting the airplane before each fli...
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Looking To Travel In The US? Here Are The Travel Restrictions By State

(CBS13/CNN) — With the Covid-19 pandemic in near-constant fluctuation in the United States, the 50 states are having to adapt rapidly with their rules and regulations. If you’re planning a family vacation or simply wish to travel from California to another state, it is important to be updated on the latest statewide regulations. While some US states — like California — have no statewide restrictions on travel, all their sites have important Covid-19 safety information, including possible face ma...
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #Kuwait #Israel #SaudiArabia #Qatar close

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg:Updated stock indexes in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Get an overview of major indexes, current values and stock market data in Europe, UK, Germany, Russia & more. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Despite Grim Case Numbers, the U.S. Wants to Open a New York-London Travel Corridor by the Holidays: Report

The U.S. is not going to let grim coronavirus numbers, which are still among the highest in the world, rain on its transatlantic travel parade. A new report in the Wall Street Journal states that Trump administration officials are working on creating a travel corridor between New York City and London “as soon as the…Read more...
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Libya Gets Ready to Pump More Oil as It Reopens Biggest Field - Bloomberg

Libya Gets Ready to Pump More Oil as It Reopens Biggest Field - Bloomberg:Libya took a major step toward reviving its battered oil industry by reopening its biggest field, presenting a new headache for OPEC+ as the alliance of major producers tries to curb global supplies.The National Oil Corp., Libya’s state energy company, lifted force majeure on the western deposit of Sharara and instructed its operator to resume production, according to a statement on Sunday. The field will initially pump 40...
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Telecom giant Zain #Saudi to cut capital by $360mln to offset losses | ZAWYA MENA Edition

Telecom giant Zain Saudi to cut capital by $360mln to offset losses | ZAWYA MENA Edition:Mobile Telecommunications Company Saudi Arabia (Zain KSA) has decided to cut its capital by nearly a quarter or 1.35 billion Saudi riyals ($360 million).The move to reduce the capital from 5.8 billion riyals to approximately 4.5 billion is intended to write off the telecom firm’s accumulated losses, which were estimated to be at 1,444 million riyals as of June 30, 2020.The company is 37 percent owned by Kuwa...
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QNB nine-month net profit falls as it books more provisions | Reuters

QNB nine-month net profit falls as it books more provisions | Reuters:Qatar National Bank's QNBK.QA net profit in the nine months ending in September fell to 9.5 billion riyals ($2.61 billion), down 15% from a year earlier.The Gulf’s biggest lender set aside additional loan loss provisions of 1.9 billion riyals, it said on Sunday.Operating income in the first nine months of 2020 rose 1% to 19.2 billion riyals. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#AbuDhabi hospital operator NMC gets $325m to pay off salaries and make $65m credit payment | Banking – Gulf News

Abu Dhabi hospital operator NMC gets $325m to pay off salaries and make $65m credit payment | Banking – Gulf News:The money is in the bank… all $325 million of it. That will be enough for NMC Healthcare to meet short-term payment priorities, including salary obligations for its 13,000 strong workforce and operational expenses. With the new funds flowing in, the majority coming from ADCB, it also sets a marker for what is going to be an extremely complex corporate revival plan. This could see NMC...
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Dipladenia vs. diplodocus

I jokingly refer to our dipladenia (mandevilla) plants as "diplodocus" because at first I could not remember their name. So, just for the record, here are images of both so as not to confuse you. First off, you can find dipladenia in our back yard (even though it's native to the Americas). Dipladenia in the real fake well. You probably won't see diplodocus in our back yard. They lived in North America at the end of the Jurassic period, between 200 and 145 million years ago. Diplodocus, an il...
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Covid-19 Is Big Oil's Asteroid Strike - Bloomberg

Covid-19 Is Big Oil's Asteroid Strike - Bloomberg:Covid-19 may do for Big Oil what the Chicxulub asteroid did for the dinosaurs when it struck Earth 66 million years ago.Much like the “terrible lizards,” Big Oil was already in decline before the novel coronavirus hit. The world in which they thrived is changing around them and they face multiple threats to their future health. But the outbreak’s impact has accelerated the process. The pandemic has slashed oil demand, taking prices down with i...
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #Kuwait #Israel #SaudiArabia #Qatar mid-session

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg:Updated stock indexes in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Get an overview of major indexes, current values and stock market data in Europe, UK, Germany, Russia & more. [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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#UAE News: #Dubai Business Conditions Improve as Coronavirus Cases Spike - Bloomberg

UAE News: Dubai Business Conditions Improve as Coronavirus Cases Spike - Bloomberg:Business conditions in Dubai improved for the third straight month in September even as a renewed spike in coronavirus cases poses a threat to the city’s recovery.Non-oil private sector activity in the Middle East’s business hub fared better amid a rise in activity and new business, according to IHS Markit. Its Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to 51.5 last month from 50.9 in August, remaining above the 50 mark that...
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Potential questions for MPs of Victoria to ask in the Parliament – 2nd list

First list here. This a second list of questions/ relevant info. I’ll keep updating as I find others questions people have sent me or things that are worth asking. 1. Why are we carrying out widescale testing for Covid even when the test shouldn’t be used for those purposes because it is a PCR test that […]
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Shuaa launches $200 million Financing Opportunities Fund | Markets – Gulf News

Shuaa launches $200 million Financing Opportunities Fund | Markets – Gulf News:Shuaa Capital on Sunday announced that it has launched a $200 million ‘Shuaa Financing Opportunities Fund’ targeting special situations in the GCC. The fund has already attracted a total of $68 million in commitments from investors.Following Shuaa ‘s recent success in the private credit space in deploying and returning in excess of $250 million to investors and generating mid-teen returns of about 15 per cent in addit...
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Mideast Stocks - Major Gulf markets mixed; petrochemicals aid #Saudi shares | ZAWYA MENA Edition

:Major stock markets in the Gulf were mixed in early trade on Sunday, with gains in petrochemical shares helping the Saudi index.The kingdom's benchmark index rose 0.6%, with petrochemical maker Saudi Basic Industries advancing 2.3%, while Saudi Electricity Company leapt 3.7%.A worsening global oil demand outlook will prompt OPEC to reverse a planned easing of oil cuts in 2021 with Saudi Arabia offering deeper cuts below its current quota, J.P. Morgan said on Friday in a research note.Dubai's ma...
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Weekly Top Posts: 2020-10-11 Guest Post by Rebecca Carvin aka RebeccaNYC Guest Post by Denise Moulun Pasek
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