Yarmouth My Home Town - Part 12

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Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas!

With so many people entertaining at home nowadays let me share with you some dinner party ideas and dinner party menus. From a fiscally challenged dinner party, a low stress Italian multi course menu, to a healthy afternoon tea to a forensic eating dinner party and Texan at home BBQ there's something for every taste and occasion!
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My analysis of the 6 November 2020 Concerned Lawyers Network letter

My early analysis of the Concerned Lawyers Network suggests that it is a very well researched piece. I commend Maria Rigoli, Jeff Tran, Russell Sumner, Shemarrah Davis, Tony Nikolic, and Liesl Tziolis and others who prepared it. — Sanjeev Sabhlok, Pope @Church of Reason & Liberty (@sabhlok) November 7, 2020 ==MY POST== Here’s the letter […]
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Covid-19 causes Acsa to dust off its begging bowl

The SOE has asked the government for R3.5-billion in extra support over the next three years to offset losses incurred because of the pandemic The post Covid-19 causes Acsa to dust off its begging bowl appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Namak Pare: Savoury Fried Cookies

It’s the weekend just before Diwali and boy are we excited! Hubby Dear and Little Dude have taken it upon themselves to set up the lights all over the house and I’ve retreated into my kitchen – just the place I want to be this time of the year. I have a few classic treats... The post Namak Pare: Savoury Fried Cookies appeared first on Hooked on Heat.
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Initial notes on investigation into China’s role in this pandemic

placeholder post A picture of one of the hospitals turned out to be an office building elsewhere in china. — Michael Tuck (@Michael54333358) November 7, 2020 Look into increase of Chinese export (masks and other medical goods) after March 2020. They had to refurbish passenger planes into cargo planes because they run out of planes. […]
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Guest Post: Anna Schlemma

  A day without Corey is like a day without sunshine.  I always begin my day with Sunshine.  I’ve been reading Corey’s “reflections” for many years, and am always deeply appreciative of her open-heartedness, talents, insights, and wisdom, and the beautiful way she IS in this world.  I’m delighted and humbled to have been invited to share a bit of myself here.  I will now attempt to distill and encapsulate a life for almost two weeks short of 72 years.          I was ...
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These Airports Now Offer On-Site COVID Testing

Air travel during the holiday season can be stressful, so if you have the option of flying out of or through a few different airports, you may want to consider their amenities before booking your flight. In any other year, this might involve looking into the availability of lounges, or checking out the restaurants in…Read more...
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Berlin's new $7 billion airport has finally opened after 9 years of delays, corruption allegations, and construction woes— see inside

The opening of Berlin's Brandenburg Airport. Maja Hitij/Getty Berlin's Brandenburg Airport opened on October 31 after nine years of delays resulting from faulty construction, design flaws, and corruption allegations. The massive consolidation to the new airport will see Berlin's smaller airports closed in favor of the sprawling new gateway.  EasyJet and Lufthansa operated the first flights into the airport with Qatar Airways inaugurating a new runway on Wednesday.  Visit Business Ins...
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Middle East pact a chance for region’s diamond trade to shine globally | Financial Times

Middle East pact a chance for region’s diamond trade to shine globally | Financial Times The diamond industry rarely sees developments that feel like a turning point. Yet the normalisation agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates — and the subsequent direct trade deal between Israel and Dubai’s diamond bourses — has the markings of one.  After years of discreet collaboration, the pact permits direct flights, and therefore direct shipping of stones, between the two countries. The ...
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Instant Pot Chole (Chickpea Curry)

To this day, almost 17 years in since we first met, Hubby Dear still relishes my Chana Masala with as much gusto as he did the first time I made it for him. I on the hand, cannot stand it as much. Although I do love chickpeas in other variations, Chana Masala does not quite... The post Instant Pot Chole (Chickpea Curry) appeared first on Hooked on Heat.
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#UAE businessman Sheikh Khaled agrees deal for Derby County | Financial Times

UAE businessman Sheikh Khaled agrees deal for Derby County | Financial Times Derby County has agreed a takeover deal with United Arab Emirates’ businessman Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nahyan.  The English club, which plays in the Championship, the tier below the English Premier League, said on Friday that it has agreed a deal in principle to sell the club to Derventio Holdings (UK), an entity ultimately controlled by Sheikh Khaled, a relative of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family which controls Manches...
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The grape leaves are falling fast now. Whole parcels are bare, others still have some leaves. I actually noticed one grower has started pruning already. Grape leaves on the ground. We're going back into a mild period, so I'm hopeful we'll get some more yard work done over the weekend. There are, not surprisingly, leaves to rake in the driveway. [Author: wcs]
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