Bench Events partners with the Trusted Executive for third episode of Hospitality Tomorrow

Dubai, UAE. 6 December 2020: Following the success of the first two episodes of Hospitality Tomorrow, Bench Events has released details of the third episode set to take place on 15 December 2020 from 11:00am to 6:00pm GMT.
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Top 5 Christmas Dinner Menus!

It's time for a bit of Christmas menu planning! If you're hosting Christmas or simply bringing a dish, take a peek at these complete Christmas menus. There are Christmas recipes for all climates from chilly to warm!
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JetBlue is revitalizing its popular Mint business class as the airline prepares for its European debut - here's what to expect from Mint 2.0

A JetBlue Airways Airbus A321. Philip Pilosian / JetBlue Airways is expanding its Mint business class product across its route network, including to London in 2021, and just announced major upgrades to the service. New food and beverage offerings crafted by the Delicious Hospitality Group will be featured with menu items inspired from NYC restaurants including Charlie Bird, Legacy Records, and Pasquale Jones. Passengers will also receive new noise-isolating headphones, "we...
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Airbus' new $260 million answer to Boeing's 787-8 Dreamliner just began flying passengers but it's already looking like a flop

A Kuwait Airways Airbus A330-800neo. Airbus The Airbus A330-800neo entered service with Kuwait Airways in November after being delivered in October as Airbus' newest passenger jet. It's the smaller variant of the A330neo family but still boasts an impressive range of 8,150 nautical miles and greater efficiency thanks to new Rolls-Royce engines.  With only three airlines publicly placing orders for the aircraft, however, it's likely to be a flop. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more s...
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Gabriel Riding in the Mountains

  My son in law, in French they say Beau Fils which literally translates as: Beautiful Son, often bundles Gabriel up for a bicycle ride. As we live at the base of an the extraordinary mountain which is known as Saint Baume where there are miles of unending trials  through wild nature, lavender, rosemany, big skies, ruins, and grapevines Gabriel benefits a feast for his senses. My Beautiful Son Martin packs a picnic, extra supplies and heads out for hours they take breaks, naps, explore and come...
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Another view

Still walking the paths between the wheat fields down in the river valley. Our usual route takes us around this field. We're walking to the right, then will loop around and come back toward the left just inside those woods you see in the background. I'm looking in the opposite direction from yesterday's photo. Another field planted in winter wheat this year. I think I'm going in to town this morning to see what's going on with the market schedule over the holidays. Saint-Aignan's normal market...
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Column: OPEC+ to boost output as oil market tightens - John Kemp | Reuters

Column: OPEC+ to boost output as oil market tightens - John Kemp | Reuters OPEC and its partners have agreed to raise their collective production by 0.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in January, with output to be reviewed and adjusted at monthly intervals thereafter.The increase is much smaller than the 2 million bpd scheduled last April, but marks a significant shift from the start of November, when the group seemed poised to leave output unchanged for another three months.The shift responds to...
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#Kuwait’s Economy in Crisis a Sideshow as Nation Goes to Polls - Bloomberg

Kuwait’s Economy in Crisis a Sideshow as Nation Goes to Polls - Bloomberg Kuwaitis get another chance Saturday to do something rare in the Arab Gulf -- elect lawmakers with a real say in how their country is run.Yet it’s hard to detect much enthusiasm. The parliamentary election comes at a make-or-break moment for an economy reeling from lower oil prices, the pandemic and stalled reform. But rescue efforts are stuck as a government appointed by Kuwait’s ruler and lawmakers with enough power to p...
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Australia's Great Barrier Reef Status Lowered To 'Critical' and Deteriorating

The health status of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has officially declined from "significant concern" to "critical" for the first time, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced this week. CBS News reports: It said climate change is now the biggest threat to natural World Heritage sites, including the world's largest and most spectacular coral reef. According to the new report, one-third of the 252 natural World Heritage sites are now threatened by climate change. Prev...
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My journey around India in 80 trains

Monisha Rajesh had a complex relationship with her parents’ homeland, until she saw all of Indian life played out on the country’s railwaySix-people deep, and growing by the second, the crowd tensed. A single knuckle pressed into my back and betel-nut breath filled my nostrils as a steady beat rose above the din. Against the peach pink of Mumbai’s evening skies, the commuter service curled into view, passengers hanging from the sides like moving livery. Braking with a wail and grind of metal, th...
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