Returning to The Great Game in Venice

Line to enter Cartier-Bresson exhibit in the lobby of Palazzo Grassi - Photo: Cat Bauer (Venice, Italy) What is life like inside Venice, Italy these days? It depends on which section of town you go to, and at what time of day. It depends on whether you talk to someone who owns an eatery, or rows a sandola, or works in a hotel, or someone whose livelihood does not depend on the tourist industry. It depends on what your interests are. Some people think Venice has never been more beauti...
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A (not so) private garden

This private garden is walled off from the street, but it's in full view from the ramparts of the Cité royale in Loches. Whoever owns it did a really nice job. I wouldn't mind a place like this in the middle of the city. I wonder how much it would go for. Bird's eye view of someone's back yard. Loches, May 2006. We're expecting a high temperature of 18ºC (64ºF) today. The one thing I want to accomplish outside today is the pruning back of our hydrangeas. They're planted under the deck on eithe...
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The Silver Dark Sea

  The Silver Dark Sea   "We carry them with us... We breathe for them, sing for them, soak up stories they cannot hear. We think, “They would have loved this...” And we smile for them, on their behalf. And someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And then for the second time in the history of the world, humans will have discovered fire. And when the angels ask me to remember, I will tell them I remember you..."   Susan ...
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Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes!

5 Minutes prep? No problems! These easy and delicious recipes require just 5 minutes of prep freeing you up for things that you'd rather be doing! From the most delicious sticky salmon, stuffed mushrooms, crazy rice, pasta carbonara or yum cha prawn rolls, you'll be enjoying your time eating rather than cooking!
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MSC Cruises' newest ship will have a robot bartender that can make any drink you want - meet Rob

Rob the robot bartender. MSC Cruises MSC Cruises' new MSC Virtuosa ship will feature Rob, a robot bartender. Like any human bartender, Rob can create custom drinks or one of its 16 signature cocktails. The spaceship-inspired bar and its robot bartender took almost six years to create, MSC said.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. We've seen robot smoothie makers, hamburger flippers, and salad crafters. Now, MSC Cruises has unveiled Rob, a humanoid robot bartender.Many ...
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No, it is FALSE to claim that SARS-Cov2 doesn’t exist or has not been isolated

COMMENT FROM A SCIENTIST WHO STRONGLY REFUTES SUCH CLAIMS The statement “Covid-19 is the disease which has been attributed to the SARS-Cov-2 virus, which has never been seen (except on TV) or isolated in vivo or in vitro.” is untrue. The virus is real alright, the sequence has been isolated both in vivo and in vitro many times, and grown in […]
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U.S.- #Iran Standoff Shows Difficulty of Salvaging Nuclear Deal - Bloomberg

U.S.-Iran Standoff Shows Difficulty of Salvaging Nuclear Deal - Bloomberg The Biden administration sought to extend an olive branch to Iran in order to entice the Islamic Republic back to talks on resuscitating the 2015 nuclear deal.Leaders in Tehran quickly made clear it’s not going to be so easy.After the U.S. said Thursday it was ready to meet with Iran along with other participants in the accord that former President Donald Trump quit three years ago, Iran signaled that there would be no fas...
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#Saudi Tadawul approves government debt instruments listing | ZAWYA MENA Edition

Saudi Tadawul approves government debt instruments listing | ZAWYA MENA Edition The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) has approved to list the debt instruments from a class already listed, issued by the Saudi government at a total value of SAR 3.16 billion.The listing request was submitted by the Saudi Ministry of Finance, according to Tadawul's statement on Thursday.The increase in the issuance of 12 January 2021 by SAR 1.23 billion will be listed to reach a total value of SAR 2.11 billion.Meanwhi...
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In your dreams … where travel writers are yearning for

The Arabian Sea, Russia’s far east, lunch on a sunny Balearic beach? Our experts can’t wait to get on the move againWhen I moan (increasingly) about how desperate I am to go to Ibiza, I think people imagine I’m planning some massive rager in a superclub once I’m off the Covid leash. And OK, yes, fine, after a year and whatever of being trapped inside with my kids, the idea of a wholly responsibility-free night in a room full of happy, sweaty strangers doesn’t repulse me. Continue reading...
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