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Labuan Bajo and beyond: Exploring the beauty of Indonesia's dragon archipelago

Labuan Bajo, a bustling port town on Flores' northwestern tip, is best known as the jump off for UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park. Here's a look at what travelers heading to the area can experience when the country reopens to international tourism.
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CREAMY Tiktok Baked Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo!

Dear Reader, I'm so excited to share this Baked Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo, a riff on the TikTok baked feta pasta. This idea was suggested to me by a Dear Reader Allison P. after I posted my upgrade to the original Uunifetapasta by Jenni Häyrinen. This makes the creamiest, dreamiest mushroom fettuccine Alfredo sauce with very little effort! This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader, especially if you're a fan of Fettucine Alfredo!
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Oil Jumps Above $70 After #Saudi Arabian Energy Facility Attacked - Bloomberg

Oil Jumps Above $70 After Saudi Arabian Energy Facility Attacked - BloombergOil surged above $70 a barrel in early Asian trading after Saudi Arabia said an energy facility was attacked, with prices extending gains after OPEC+ last week said it would keep production steady.Futures in London jumped as much as 2.6% after rising 4.9% last week. The kingdom said a storage tank in the Ras Tanura export terminal in the country’s Gulf coast was attacked on Sunday by a drone from the sea. Output appeared...
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Out and About

I was out again in Paris and even though the sun was out there was a very chilly wind. It was still really great. This was taken from my bus thus the green shade. I am a fan of smooth water and light. Look! A bush is blooming. Such a good feeling. I am a fan of these metro entrances and that art nouveau vibe. The Concierge in the wonderful winter sun.
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Going anywhere: Australian mystery holidays are back from the 1990s

Novelty trips to unknown destinations have become a surprise hit for airlines and travel agents, as all travel remains uncertainThere’s a lot to consider when booking a holiday these days. Will state borders stay open? What restrictions are in place? Is it safe? Is it worth the risk?The uncertainty has many Australians staying close to home; it’s been a huge summer for regional road trips. But others are seizing new opportunities, strapping themselves into planes and hurtling into the great unkn...
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Collectivism, socialism, communism KILLS. The case of Venezuela

There’s a lot of info on the Venezuela disaster out there. Friend Melroy Fernandes has compiled some info – sharing below: Socialism the Road to Serfdom.  [ Road to Serfdom – Friedrich Hayek] Socialism leads to Communism leads to Fascism. Beware of anybody who promises “free” “sarvajanik” schemes for “the common good”. There is no […]
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The Cannonball Run

I loved this movie when I was a kid, and I’m sure I watched it countless times — at least, that’s what it felt like when I watched it again now. But wow, talk about being problematic. Jackie Chan plays a Japanese racer while speaking Cantonese with the odd Japanese word slipped in here and there? I did not remember that. It’s definitely a comedy film of the era, worts and all, but I’ll say that I still found a nostalgic satisfaction in watching it. And they really went all out with the Jam...
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Bank of #Israel Speeds Through Foreign-Currency Purchasing Plan - Bloomberg

Bank of Israel Speeds Through Foreign-Currency Purchasing Plan - Bloomberg The Bank of Israel bought $4.9 billion in foreign currency in February, adding to its record haul a month earlier in a bid to slow the appreciation of the shekel.Purchases for the first two months of the year totaled about $11.7 billion, or almost 40% of the $30 billion program of interventions announced by the central bank for 2021. That helped bring reserves to a record $185 billion, or more than 45% of gross domestic ...
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Do You Think He Likes the Swimming Cap?

                 [Author: French la Vie]
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Qatari banks defy pandemic's impact on 2020 earnings | Banking – Gulf News

Qatari banks defy pandemic's impact on 2020 earnings | Banking – Gulf NewsThe combined results of the eight Qatari banks remained strong despite the impact of COVID-19 on operating conditions and rise in provisions, according to rating agency Moody’s.Aggregate profitability weakened marginally in 2020. The aggregate return on assets was 1.2 per cent, compared with 1.4 per cent in 2019. The banks’ combined net profit declined 12 per cent year-over-year to QAR20.4 billion.Five of the eight banks r...
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AmEx just opened the second largest of its famously luxirous Centurion Lounges - see inside

American Express's Denver Centurion Lounge. Thomas Pallini/Insider American Express debuted its 14th Centurion Lounge at Denver International Airport in February. The more than 14,000 square foot lounge is the second-largest in the Centurion Lounge network. Eligible patrons can use the lounge's two bars, dining area, and game room and not have to spend a dime. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. American Express opened a new Centurion Lounge at Denver International ...
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I flew on Delta's newest jet, the controversial Airbus A220-300, and it's my new favorite airliner in the US

Onboard a Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-300. Thomas Pallini/Insider Delta Air Lines is the first and only US airline to fly passengers on the Airbus A220-300.  The 130-seat cabin features a 12-seat first class cabin and 30 extra legroom Delta Comfort+ seats. Other amenities include seat-back entertainment systems, in-flight WiFi, and mood lighting. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Airbus' A220-300 is among the newest passenger aircraft in American skies, and it just s...
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#Saudi Stocks Turn Pricier Against EM Peers After OPEC+ Boost - Bloomberg

Saudi Stocks Turn Pricier Against EM Peers After OPEC+ Boost - BloombergSaudi Arabia’s stocks are getting more expensive relative to their peers, buoyed by the recent oil-price rally.Stocks in the kingdom have surged 7.6% this year, extending gains with oil after the Feb. 4 decision. That’s pushed the Tadawul index to 19 times its estimated earnings, about 27% higher than the MSCI EM Index.While the gains are a sign of growing confidence that Saudi Arabia’s oil-dependent economy may be on the me...
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OPEC+ Surprise Sees Oil Soar Past Gulf’s Budget-Balancing Levels - Bloomberg

OPEC+ Surprise Sees Oil Soar Past Gulf’s Budget-Balancing Levels - Bloomberg Brent crude now trades above fiscal breakeven prices for the four biggest oil producers in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia convinced fellow OPEC+ members to keep .The shock move by OPEC+ triggered a rally in Brent prices, which rose to almost $70 a barrel. That’s higher than annual average levels needed for the cartel’s largest producers, including Saudi Arabia, to balance their budgets this year.If oil prices stay ...
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European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #Kuwait #Israel #SaudiArabia close

European, Middle Eastern & African Stocks - Bloomberg #UAE #Kuwait #Israel #SaudiArabia close [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Egypt outperforms as most markets in the region gain | Reuters

Egypt outperforms as most markets in the region gain | Reuters Saudi Arabia’s stock market ended higher on Sunday, mirroring Friday’s jump in crude prices, while Egyptian shares outperformed the region as its COVID-19 vaccination programme was expanded.Oil prices gained about 3% in the previous session, hitting their highest in more than a year after a stronger than expected U.S. jobs report and a decision by oil producer group OPEC and its allies not to increase supply in April.Investors were ...
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Spring breakers spreading COVID-19 variants could 'spell disaster' for the country, expert warns

Spring breakers at Miami Beach, Florida in March 2016. Alan Diaz/AP Photo Spring breakers could increase the spread of the highly-transmissible B117 variant, CNN reported. Global health expert Dr. Peter Hotez has warned that these vacations could "spell disaster" for the country. Florida, a popular spring break location, has more cases of the B117 variant than any other sate. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Spring break, which begins for many colleges this month, co...
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KFC, Burger King, and Smashburger are all bringing food lockers to their restaurants. Here's why they're poised to be the next big thing in fast food.

A customer gets her breakfast orders from an automatic locker of Freshhema Pick'n Go, an online breakfast order service, in Shanghai, July 17, 2020. Xinhua/Fang Zhe via Getty Images Food lockers could offer restaurants a new lease of life during the pandemic. The lockers are temperature-controlled and often unlocked via an app or with a pin code. Automats could also make a resurgence, as people look for contactless ways to collect food orders. Visit the Business section of Insider for ...
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Pope Francis prayed in ruined churches destroyed by the Islamic State during a historic first Papal visit to Iraq

Pope Francis (R) seen in front of the ruins of The Syriac Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in Mosul, Iraq, on March 7, 2021. VINCENZO PINTO/AFP via Getty Images Pope Francis prayed to crowds in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday, calling for peace and tolerance. Many of the city's churches were destroyed by IS during the occupation, which ran from 2014 to 2017. More than 1 million Christians have fled Iraq since the start of the 2003 Iraq War and the rise of IS. Visit the Busine...
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Easter and Holy Week in Rome and Vatican City

Easter season is one of the best times to visit Rome. Here's how you can visit the Vatican virtually in 2021 and how you can plan your future visit.
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Weekly Top Posts: 2021-03-07

I Wonder Who He Learned From ... The Tender Dance After a Lifetime of Uncomfortable Antique Sofas In Paris with this Little Beau Unafraid
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Saturday was pizza day

It took decades, but I finally learned to make pizza crust without using a rolling pin. I stopped using the pin about a year ago and my pizza crusts are much better than they used to be. I think using the pin squished a lot of the air out of the dough, so my crusts were a little more dense than they should have been. Now they seem light and airy (but still crispy on the outside) and they're much easier to shape. The first of two Saturday pizzas. I topped yesterday's pizzas with our home-made t...
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One Year Later...

 One year ago, we started a nationwide lockdown here in Italy. That first week of March brought a lot of apprehension of the unknown and we still have a lot of apprehension around the world as to the future course of this pandemic. There have been ups and downs as we have gone from complete lockdowns to free movement across Europe with limited restrictions. The term “lockdown” has a slightly different meaning here than what we see and hear from the US – in the strictest sense we could ...
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Tellimer's Malik on OPEC+, Soaring Oil Prices, and the Delisting of Public Companies in #Dubai - Bloomberg video

Tellimer's Malik on OPEC+, Soaring Oil Prices, and the Delisting of Public Companies in Dubai - Bloomberg Hasnain Malik, Head of Equity Research at Tellimer, discusses OPEC+, soaring oil prices, and whether Dubai risks driving out investors as public companies delist. He speaks with Manus Cranny and Yousef Gamal El-Din on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East." (Source: Bloomberg) [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Aramco $75 Billion Payout No Problem as Oil Recovers, BofA Says - Bloomberg

Aramco $75 Billion Payout No Problem as Oil Recovers, BofA Says - Bloomberg The rally in oil prices has all but expunged any likelihood that Saudi Aramco will fail to meet its $75 billion dividend payout next year, according to Bank of America Corp.Far from missing the payment, the company may even boost it in 2022 as it increases production and benchmark crude prices head back toward $70 a barrel, the bank said.Aramco’s pledge to pay an annual $75 billion to shareholders during its first five y...
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#SaudiArabia's Hydrogen Hopes - Bloomberg video

Saudi Arabia's Hydrogen Hopes - Bloomberg [Author: [email protected] (Rupert Neil Bumfrey)]
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Al Ramz's Shurrab on OPEC+ Alliance, Soaring Oil Prices, and #Dubai's Emaar Properties - Bloomberg video

Al Ramz's Shurrab on OPEC+ Alliance, Soaring Oil Prices, and Dubai's Emaar Properties - Bloomberg Marwan Shurrab, Senior Vice President/Head of HNW and Retail Equities at Al Ramz, discusses the OPEC+ alliance's keeping oil output in check, soaring oil prices, and Dubai's Emaar Properties' plan to delist its malls unit at a 36% discount to its 2014 IPO. He speaks with Manus Cranny and Yousef Gamal El-Din on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East." (Source: Bloomberg) [Author: [email protected]
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#UAE's Shuaa Capital to sell over 28mln treasury shares | ZAWYA MENA Edition

UAE’s publicly listed financial services firm Shuaa Capital is expected to divest more than 28 million treasury shares.The company’s board of directors has just passed a resolution approving the sale of 28,107,748 shares, subject to the approval of the Securities and Commodities Authority (CMA), the company said in a bourse filing to the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) on Sunday.No further details were disclosed regarding the sale.The company earlier said it is expected to boost its financial resu...
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