More Photos of Gabriel

The sun was out two days in a row! Chelsea sent me these photos of Babou.   oh how I could gobble him up no sugar added!   Gabriel loves boats. Now there is a debate. There is a boat blanket that Chelsea says Barbara made and I say Jennifer made it... which one of you made a blanket covered with red white and blue boats?                   [Author: French la Vie]
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What about Luc Montagnier’s claim that “vaccines are creating variants”

Someone asked: What do you think of this video? MY RESPONSE ‘m unable to spare too much time to research but this info was helpful: During the video, Montagnier said the antibodies produced by the coronavirus vaccines “enable an infection to become stronger.” Montagnier attributed that claim to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (A...
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Top 5 Lockdown Recipes!

These top 5 lockdown recipes are for any Dear Readers that are stuck in lockdown! These recipes are fast, easy and fun and don't require special trips to the shops. From creatively cut potatoes, fluffy coffee, decorative focaccia, fun home made noodles to banana bread these will feed your soul and are fun to make.
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More on my TOI blog post: Time for big tech to respect liberty or be forced to do so

This post is getting a lot of flak from libertarians. Some further thoughts: [On Telegram] Someone had concerns about my TOI article ( Social media is not like a private club. It must be regulated as a utility because of the sheer size of reduction in public welfare involved when people with certain views are […]
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A very negative view of covid vaccines by a doctor whom I have come to admire: Peter McCullough

Someone shared this video yesterday. I flicked through it – seems worth sharing. He says clearly that never has a vaccine that has caused so many direct deaths ever been allowed in human history. Vaccines are pulled from the market for far fewer deaths. And someone sent this email, which I’m also sharing. Note that […]
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Victorian woman banned from Flight Centre for 10 years after being given ‘prohibition notice’

Businesswoman Elmas Saliba denies behaving badly towards travel agent staff after seeking refund for Cook Islands holiday cancelled by Covid A businesswoman says she has been banned from using travel agent Flight Centre for 10 years after complaining to the company about a refund for a holiday cancelled due to Covid-19.Elmas Saliba, who had been a customer of Flight Centre for over 15 years, says she received the “prohibition notice” last week informing her she was banned from attending and tran...
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Scott Adams and Glenn Greenwald punch down at Just Jess.

Just Jess is a woman on Twitter with less than 10,000 followers, but she said something that got a reaction: So... turns out the new friend I went on vacation with doesn't believe there was an insurrection. So... vacation over 4 days early. Friendship way over. Mind blown.I can't tell what this "new friend" did. Did she think there was no breach of the Capitol at all or was she getting semantic about the word "insurrection"? Anyway... I thought it was interesting that both Scott Adams and Glenn ...
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Taiwan was named the best place to live for expats. Here's what 7 expats said about living abroad on the tiny East Asian island during the pandemic.

Until a few weeks ago, life in Taiwan during the pandemic has been "like COVID didn't exist," one expat said. Jia Chun Fàn / EyeEm Taiwan was ranked the best place for expats to live in a recent survey from Internations. Insider spoke to seven expats in Taiwan about what it's been like living there, both before and during the pandemic. Expats love the affordable healthcare and "underrated" local activities like eating at night markets and hiking through gorges. See more stories on ...
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May in Bourdeilles

 May in the streets and hills of Bourdeilles For all of you that really should be here with us!!           [Author: [email protected] (A Small Village in France)]
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Racing for Hydrogen: How Gas Giants Are Vying to Stay Relevant - Bloomberg

Racing for Hydrogen: How Gas Giants Are Vying to Stay Relevant - Bloomberg The global gas industry is in an existential race: either find a way to be part of the next generation of energy or risk getting supplanted by alternatives.BP Plc, Sinopec, Equinor ASA and Royal Dutch Shell Plc are among the producers looking to hydrogen to help secure demand that otherwise may falter as decarbonization speeds up. They want to utilize existing pipelines, storage tankers and fuel supply to make blue hydr...
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I flew on JetBlue founder David Neeleman's new Breeze Airways for $39 and found it was cheap and friendly but surprisingly basic

The inaugural flight of David Neeleman's Breeze Airways. Thomas Pallini/Insider Breeze Airways officially launched its first flight on Thursday from Tampa, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina. It's the fifth airline from aviation entrepreneur David Neeleman, who started JetBlue Airways, with a focus on hub-skipping leisure flights. Fares are as low as $39 with 39 new routes starting between May 27 and July 29. See more stories on Insider's business page. David Neeleman ...
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OPEC+ Talks to Offer Clues on Next Phase of Oil Supply Revival - Bloomberg

OPEC+ Talks to Offer Clues on Next Phase of Oil Supply Revival - Bloomberg For oil traders, the biggest question in the market is how fast OPEC and its allies will revive production later this year. Next week they may get some clues.When it meets on Tuesday, delegates said the alliance led by Saudi Arabia and Russia looks set to rubber-stamp output increases scheduled for the next two months.But more importantly, Riyadh and Moscow may offer insights on the next stage of their strategy: bringin...
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Brent ends at two-year high as demand outlook counters supply fears | Reuters

Brent ends at two-year high as demand outlook counters supply fears | Reuters Oil prices ended the week more than 5% higher, with global benchmark Brent edging up on Friday to settle at a two-year high, as strong U.S. economic data and expectations of a rebound in global demand outweighed concerns about more supply from Iran once sanctions are lifted.Brent settled 17 cents or 0.2%, higher at $69.63 a barrel, its highest close since May 2019. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude settled down 53 c...
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The most common wildflowers in our yard (aside from dandelions) are yellow renoncules (buttercups), blue véroniques (speedwells or veronicas), and white paquerettes (lawn daisies). They grow as part of our "lawn" and get mowed down a lot. But they thrive, especially when I can't cut the grass for a while because of rain. Wildlowers and grasses make up most of our lawn. Last weekend I was able to mow and cut all of these away. Since then, the weather has warmed up and the "grass" is growing aga...
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